We celebrate our 1st anniversary!

And well, we didn't think we'd get that far. You know, we are not your typical Linux blog and we do not leave easily.

Do you remember the "Ladies and Gentlemen"? It was our welcome article and we wrote it on August 9, 2008. We celebrate it on August 10 for everyone to celebrate with us.

With a formula of only original articles and medium, even long charged to the conversation, ideas are slow to come out, along with a policy of posting every week religiously in order.

But we have arrived here and things have worked:

  • We write 260 items counting this one.
  • We have received almost 5.000 comments and we are about to arrive.
  • We are read by 400 or so subscribers according to the fickle FeedBurner.
  • Several of our articles have been Menéame cover
  • And on our birthday, Wikio surprises us by naming us on its list of the top 10 blogs about Linux in the last month, next to blogs of great depth and many more years like Free Life, Caesarius o Very Linux.

But behind the blog there are always people, but in the case of LXA! is even more important because we are 4 people those of us who have taken it all this time, let's see what each one thinks of their experience this year:

N @ ty:

From my experience as a writer at LXA! I can only say two things: growth and friendship.

The growth I had as a writer, as a transmitter of an idea, a conviction or a thought was deeply enriching. The good thing about writing in LXA! is that there are no filters, you have the freedom to express your opinion and express your beliefs knowing that on the other side you will find incredibly respectful commentators (who are already like friends). That's invaluable, and one of the things I miss most about my days as a copywriter.

A great joy and pride to have been an active part of this blog, and now as a member of the great community that is the LXA blog! I wish you our readers, esty, ffuentes, Laura and Tux a very happy birthday! Kisses for everyone, and now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to celebrate ...


I came to this blog, I confess, searching on Google, among so many detractors, for some "defender" (to call it that) of Ubuntu. So I fell into one of the articles: Little girl distros and sources man distros.

After reading the «About Us»And some articles I started to read more often and to comment. I liked how they treated the issues and, above all, the debate. Some time later, although I already had a Linux blog, I agreed to write when they suggested it to me.

My experience here. This is a bit of a "self-improvement exercise" since sometimes it takes a bit of thinking about what to talk about. But I have always liked how the conversation is generated with the readers afterwards. And deal with the topics that I like. Glad to have you as readers and also to write for LXA! (and why not, also having met sources: D)


Finding out about this Wikio ranking, Ffuentes explains to me that they are not based on user votes or anything like that, but rather on the authority of the blog, that is, on the incoming links that each blog receives, the VIA. That is perhaps why it makes me feel so proud to find LXA there among the top 10, as it shows me that we have been able to generate opinions for a year, we have been able to make them think, make them read, make them think, and spread the word.

I cannot give myself a single credit in this achievement, since I doubt I have created something serious and interesting for LXA in all this time, I can only speak about what I know, and what I know is little. The ones who get the credit are the bloggers who generated so much interesting content all this time, and the credit goes to all of you my readers, who see LXA, a good Linux blog.

Over time I have become quite materialistic on the subject of blogging, however LXA is here as always, without generating absolutely a single dollar, but creating an increasingly larger community than like us, it is convinced that there is peace between Linux and Windows, there are grays, and not white or black.
Finally, thank you all for staying there.

f sources

The idea of ​​LXA! From the beginning, although afraid of failing, it was doing something well done, to the extent that our knowledge allowed us. But beyond a well done project I got a lot more things.

I discovered teamwork, I learned to dedicate time to a job, to be constant, I met remarkable people on the staff and also among the commentators. Well, and I also fell in love without looking for it with a beautiful girl and very geek, I mean ... linuxera with whom I hope to be very happy.

So you can see that for my LXA! it means too many things that cannot even be expressed.

To finish

We are celebrating one year thanks to you. Will we be celebrating more? XD

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  1.   gaboelNew said

    I was going to congratulate them, I couldn't shut up when I read the post in my feed ... Congratulations, keep going!

  2.   tinoro said

    Congratulations LXA!

    I'm not a fully converted Linux user, but I tend to fornicate from time to time with Ubuntu and DSL.

    Media like you are valuable!

  3.   gentleman said

    Congratulations!! For their first anniversary, they really are not the typical Linux blog, they are much more, and they create quality articles, with a clear and simple language, I hope they continue in this way.

    . The great style is born when the beautiful wins the victory over the enormous. Nietzsche

  4.   jojo said

    congratulations for the year !! This blog really breaks it, keep up the good work!

  5.   toni said

    Congratulations! Tremendous how they run the blog. I especially like the diversity of topics they put in and how open they are to different ideas.

  6.   Duck said

    Congratulations a little late… :)

    To celebrate, this time I'm not going to drop one of my "cobblestones": P

    On to the second year!

  7.   Carla said

    I invite you to read a note about women and free software by clicking on this link

    Greetings and thanks!

  8.   Ivan lasso said

    Congratulations on this new year and many more to follow!
    And above all, congratulations for the balance you maintain in the topics and the courage with which you touch certain matters that can be tricky.

  9.   Nacho said

    Well that, congratulations, slap on the wrist to everyone, now for the second!

    PS: No birthday present? I don't know, a troll or something like that ...: D

  10.   layman said

    Congratulations! I hope you continue to celebrate years and years and more years, I hope the blog continues until this old man, xD. Thanks to LXA! I learned many things, I found out when I was bored, and laughed at the jokes of those 4 authors.

  11.   X3MBoy said

    Congratulations friends of LXA linuxadictos.com

    A year of very good material and excellent discussions through the comments.

    I wish you more success and continue publishing.

    "Internet is not the means of communication of the future, it is the means of communication of the present"

  12.   Andrés said

    Congratulations. May this great first year multiply for more.

  13.   gallolinux said

    I congratulate you with a celebratory phrase:


    Congratulations to all!

    We want cake CAKE CAKE….

  14.   zamuro57 said

    Felizzzzzz LXA anniversary from the heart my best wishes for you continue to improve every day, giving us this space to share and learn, and as they say in the regions, long live LXA, they are the best boys never change;)

  15.   Alejo_4002 said


    This blog is wonderful.

  16.   Absent said

    I did not know that the blog was so new.

  17.   vincegeratorix said

    I comment before my connection flashes again because of stepping on the damn cable XD
    (I have a short cable with which the connection goes, but I use the 10 meter one (type 5e), because it is not a notebook, so sometimes I read and do not comment ...) XDDDDDDDDD

    congratulations, a good blog.
    I met him when I wanted to switch to linux (at the beginning of the year) and walking on wikipedia and pages that gave me real and objective information I came here xD

    congratulations, what I like the most about here is:
    -no trolls (or they disappear without a trace)
    -the inputs are humanized (you can see that there is a "normal" person behind XDDDD)

    PS: at the time of writing, the damn connection blinked 2 or 3 times XDDD, so I apologize that I do not always comment, although I always follow them (worth the redundancy)

  18.   nitsuga said

    Congratulations on the first anniversary! LXA is a very unusual blog. They treat controversial topics with humor and with a very good semi-neutral point of view. Congratulations to all the staff of Linux Addicts

  19.   bachi.tux said


    You have to celebrate for the dedication and how all this came about. I remember when we talked with Esty that it was not his thing, and that he was looking for people to count on for the publications!

    My congratulations to him, Ffuentes, N @ ty and Laura.

    For many more years!

    A faithful reader ...

  20.   Emanuel said

    Many hugs and congratulations to those who maintain this blog with such dedication.

    I hope to continue learning from you, because I just read you from the beginning, almost also my conversion to linux.

    Thanks for the effort! : D

  21.   rheoba said

    Late but arrive: P

    Congratulations, as I always say again, LXA is unique among Linux blogs.

    As long as there is life I am sure they will give for many more years, the readers here will walk as always.


  22.   Marcelo said

    CONGRATULATIONS PEOPLE !!!!!! This faithful reader wishes you a very, very Happy Birthday! And I hope we can toast many more. Greetings and hugs for the whole team.

  23.   Caesar Salad said

    Congratulations!!! It has been an excellent year for this blog. Good articles and good discussions. I hope to continue reading them for a long time to come. A hug to each of the editors for the achievement of forming this community around the blog.

  24.   Flavio said

    congratulations guys! they do an excellent job!

  25.   Eduardo Diaz said

    when I saw the LXA logo I thought it was

    X = SuX
    A = Abnormal

    Really really!
    Now I read this blog and it is interesting to me .. it has varied and suitable things!

  26.   LJMarín said

    Very good, very good….

    Keep it up, Congratulations.

  27.   Darhak said

    Congratulations on a great year of "work" and that the effort does not wane, it is sad to see how so much blog is abandoned.


  28.   deby.nqn said

    I toast the blog, the creators and readers!
    for a year as good as the past and with the advantage of experience ... cheers!

  29.   Caesarius said

    Congratulations! it is always a pleasure that more and more people join the Free Software and GNU / Linux community… congratulations!

  30.   bamboo said

    Congratulations, congratulations and long life to LXA. Greetings from Anotherhost, when we grow up we want to be like you xD