User Accounts in Windows: Responsible Administrators?

Let's be honest: despite Windows it has multiple shortcomings, one of the most serious security problems it has are its users. Yes, the users.

We all know that the network is insecure, that virus, spyware, adware and all the spam that is hanging around the world Wide Web it can reach our pc if we don't take care of it. Now the problem is who is responsible for taking care of the poor pc.

We will not fall into the commonplace of saying that users Windows are black and do not take care of their computers O well Viruses come in by themselves and I don't even know about it! because it is clear that most of the security problems are generated by the users themselves, whether by opening emails with attachments from people they do not know, downloading programs from anywhere, leaving accounts open, using insecure software (such as Kazaa ... no no people, Kazaa is BAD) or running anything.

Windows allows, as we know, to define user account with different privileges that define what each person can or cannot do. Very generally, the types of account tend to be:

* Administrator: it is the user who can (obviously) carry out important changes in the system, install and uninstall software, create the other user accounts, access all files, change passwords, etc. There is always at least one Administrator type user in the system, which is the one who should be responsible for the security of the computer and that of the other users, of course.

* Limited: you can access all the programs installed on the system but not install new ones (epa! an interesting restriction). Nor can you create new user accounts, only modify the style (password and image) of your account, not its type or name.

* Guest: You can not create accounts, or modify them, or modify your guest image, or make changes to the system, or ... anything. You cannot do more than use the programs available on your computer. It is interesting to say that these types of users do not need a password. In other words: I could tie someone in front of the pc or just let them watch, and it would have the same effect and privileges as having this type of account.

Therefore, with great care, Microsoft engineers and developers have evaluated the basic profiles of some users who can use Windows with a responsible administrator behind ... widely portrayed in the images we have seen. All home pc's clearly They are managed by administrator users who are not very suitable to care for, evaluate, protect and optimize your equipment and operating system.

As a conclusion we could use the saying or saying that they usually use in my town:

It is not (all) the fault of the pig, but of the one who feeds it

Windows is insecure, yes, but users don't help either ...

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  1.   atylium said

    The fault is also of the turnips that we reinstalled the machines without question.

    Why are they going to worry about the "security" of their computers, if after 3 days they are crying for you to reinstall the XP, because it is "slow", or their machine is filled with viruses.

    Let's stop scratching the pork loin !!!

  2.   f sources said

    I ask a question: Why in Windows do we have a hard time using a "limited" user when Linux works like this forever? Would that serve to avoid more infected computers?

  3.   Morpheus said

    Let's see who installs someone a Windows with a limited account, because after 10 minutes they are calling you that they cannot install their programs or that they cannot do such a thing.

    And if you try to explain to them that it's better to have separate accounts, they don't even listen to you and don't even care (or they say "You do that because you know computers, but I don't").

    The best thing about Linux is that the programs that you can install are "only" those that are in the repositories. And the day Microsoft does something similar, it will be worth it; too bad that it goes against their type of business and that they would still have to improve the security of their system.

    A greeting!

  4.   I am said

    but my XP has not formatted it for 2 years and it's great…. year…
    Chr, but you're seriously going barbarous !!.

  5.   bachi.tux said

    There are people who with a "little" idea, format and reinstall their XP, with its drivers and all the goodies.

    And I think that those same ones are the ones who care little about the security of their OS They are not interested in the least, because they know that Windows is insecure, that it has many security holes and that without antivirus it is like jumping blindfolded into a minefield.

    And I found the post interesting, because from what I see no one has joked about "damn, I went to Linux", or this or that. Therefore, it relaxes me to know that users admit that Windows is a security-suicidal OS.

    Logically, let's wait for the next comments, where more than one will say: "but my XP has not formatted it for 2 years and it's great." On my office PC, it has been 1 year since not all the OS and I use XP for work reasons, but thanks to whom ?: 3 Firewalls, an Antivirus managed by a Server, and an Antispy running constantly.

    But I stick with what N @ ty says, and I emphasize:
    Many times, the Operating System does not have some faults, and the others where the user is the liar ...

  6.   I am said

    I always say it to that, if your xp is wrong, it's your fault. It is an urban legend that xp is worse than anything, for me it is still the best that Microsoft brought out.

  7.   osuka said

    but it is well known that when you want to install a program you can run it in administrator mode, it is simply to right click and run as (I think), then you will install it as root xDDDDD

    even so I stay with the star penguin: P

  8.   LJMarín said

    Until the last day that I used XP, I never installed an antivirus, it only had a firewall other than win and an anti-spyware, once a week or two when I was in the mood I would scan it with panda on-line or kaspersky.

    And it never came out that I had viruses, spyware yes, but I think it is almost impossible not to catch them.

    I really don't complain about XP, it always worked very well for me and I don't remember any blue screen, I left it for other reasons, not because it was wrong.

    So if you have a super slow XP or with a virus, it is most likely that it is user failure xD

  9.   spayder26 said

    Naty, even a guest user can be infected with a worm such as Blaster because they also act as rootkits, in addition, you have avoided that FAT32, a file system used by many, does not have user permissions, and it may be because NTFS is problematic as per For example, use invisible folders in the file system that can take up a lot of space).

    A lot of security holes in the aforementioned have to do with the escalation of privileges, and for that it does not matter if you have Guest or the computer turns off ... ehm ... well, not off.

    A greeting.

  10.   Alberto said

    Like the viruses for windows handle permissions of administrators or, even more, of super users; it doesn't matter if you have restricted access, it still installs.

  11.   Kal said

    I agree with you N @ ty, one of the great means that malware creators use to distribute malicious programs is the connections established through Peer to Peer programs, many users download the first file they find.

    The same on the World Wide Web (a very good term used since the Internet refers to the physical connections between networks;)), spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans, etc., are not downloaded to the computer for the simple fact of surfing the net (except in rare and unlikely cases, in which there is a very great vulnerability in the browser), users are tricked into downloading these files, making them believe, for example, that they need some codec for a video, or an activeX to view a page, when they actually download malicious programs. They even trick them with fake virus detections into downloading a fake antivirus, which turns out to be a spyware.

    This makes a lot of money for the creators of malicious code, since Spam generates money, a lot of money, and they use Trojans to create zombie networks also called botnets, they control computers and use them to send Spam.
    The last largest botnet detected was the so-called "Storm" which had (or has) approximately one million infected computers on its network, and users of those computers ignore it. In addition, with all those computers at their disposal, they can carry out Distributed Denial of Service (Ddos) attacks and crash servers, in addition to carrying out attacks on banks, which produces more money.

    Y..uff, that's a lot of text for a comment :)

  12.   moxel said

    There is no sure way to limit limited users, if you get a good virus, we all know the result, even though I block my brother, he always finds a way to ruin my installation hours, and although I am fascinated by slackware, I cannot leave my win for many reasons.

    I read that the only difference between a virus and Windows was that the former did its job.

    Greetings from Mexico…

  13.   zamuro57 said

    I have always believed in the phrase of murphy that says that the biggest problem with computers is the users but the fact of most of the problems in windows also results in the bad breeding with which the system accustoms users to give to next next accept finish
    Now download how many programs you will use one day on the internet and then forget that same culture is seen a lot in messaging clients and in social networks so and so wants to enter your contact list, so and so sends you such an application for him hi5 or facebook, so and so invites you to join sexi or not
    You have 100 contacts in your email but you only chat with 7 or 10, you have 300 programs but a day you only use 5 at most
    Come to see the majority because as friends say here there are isolated cases of users who use the computer for an intelligent purpose or with caution
    But think about how many times you have repaired someone's computer, how much trial program or garbage you do not see on the desktop without counting inside the machine.
    I think that until the user is cultured and the way to use the computer, not only install and debug the problem but also raise awareness until that happens, we will have more and more frequent cases

    Well, it only takes a person with little interest and knowledge to press a key and spoil thousands of lines of code that revealed many programmers that is like a butterfly effect

  14.   ilacho said

    zamuro and esty are right, most of the times that we have problems with our xp it is our fault, the vast majority of users load a lot of information that is not valid on the pc and leads to storing viruses etc etc… inadvertently.

    I think there is something to change one day and that day the advice is coming for bill not to go into the water. The penguin comes here but with teeth;

  15.   Dark_Knox [DK] said

    Haha, very true the difference between viruses and windows haha, but it is not only the fault of Gill Gays or the "dumb" users but that of the users must be solved because it bothers me that they want everything served without being interested as It works, but everyone has their taste, although if they learned to use the PC well, many things would be provided to them, although you don't like it, it's good to know the basics at least;), where was it? oh yes, since most use windows, most malicious code programmers program for this platform and the same would happen if most used linux or mac, something I like about linux is that it is not for idiots, because the following does not exist , next, next or it is less present if you have a linux distro you have to know how to use it the same as it was in the days of PC-DOS that only the geegs used pcs because it was difficult and you had to know them all.

    Salu2, [DK]

  16.   Alvaro Saldarriagaj said

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