Ubuntu installer + crack

In this opportunity, I am going to tell you about two situations regarding Windows and Linux that caught my attention.

Situation 1: In the course of Databases (basic concepts and management of relational databases, with Microsoft SQL Server of course)

Classmate: - Ayy I'm not walking!
N @ ty: - You have to install the .NET framework ...
Classmate: - And what is that?
N @ ty: - Aahh ehh… I'm not sure, but Windows needs it to install the SQL Server.
Classmate: - Oh look. And what is Windows? Where does it come from?
N @ ty: - It is an operating system and it is bought ...
Course partner: - Sure, the one that comes with the PC.
N @ ty: - No no, not always, some PC's come with Linux.
Classmate: - And what is that?
N @ ty: -: shock: Another operating system.
Course partner: - And does it come with Windows?

I have to say that despite my best efforts, when I got to work I laughed a lot. Then I dropped out of the course, and surely I missed many other interesting questions. A fool, that course was a gold mine: razz:

Situation 2: In the "Moderators School" of Forobloggers with esty (who was in charge of teaching me).
esty: - There I left you some posts for you to moderate, make sure to cite the rule that is being violated and put down the way in which you should act.

N @ ty: - Ok, ok ...

And among the posts I find something similar to this:

Che, I just downloaded Ubuntu, does anyone have the crack to pass me?

Once I could stop laughing, I edited it for breaking the rules, and ridiculous on top of it. A crack of Ubuntu. What a funny thing.

All this came to mind after reading one of Ricardo's comments in this post; I quote you:

«... I was looking for hours an Ubuntu installer and I could not find, I must say that I do have patience, come on, years using windows exercises anyone's patience with all the problems it gives you; on the other hand I will tell you that I am downloading in linux mint 5 that finally convinced me and even brings its installation manual, I will install it, learn and give my opinion ... »

Which led me to wonder how ingrained the culture is windowser among us.

The idea of ​​the installer is logical and understandable, because since we started using the pc (in Windows, obviously) we know that the software we want will be obtained in 4 simple steps:

  • Get installer;
  • Run installer;
  • Enter crack of the program (very sad the latter ..);
  • Next-next-next-next countless times without reading absolutely anything, total, it's all done there.

I've come to realize that, for many people, Windows is what makes the pc tick. Any game, application or benefit that can be obtained from it will be hosted in the vast universe of Windows. Other life forms on the computer will be considered valid if it is under windows, in any other way something is not right.

And now that I think about it, something is not right.

Search in Google "ubuntu installer»And seeing this arise is not right:

Leaving aside the easy joke: razz:, let's get back to the real bottom line.

How can people not know that Linux is an operating system, even though they may have heard it named? How is it possible that it is not known that Ubuntu does not need a crack, or an installer like the ones in Windows? Is it really intended to create an operating system that is for everyone, or is it going to be the benefit of a few forever?

Therefore, together with esty and sources really only with sources, we try from our small place to reach as many people as possible an access simple to Linux, without complicated terms or explanations only understandable by mad scientists, geeks or computer scientists. Linux in everyone's hands and PC's. So that these misunderstandings and preconceptions that we bring ingrained from Windows get lost along the way.

To stop being windowsers and to be finally free.

And what vices do you still have in Windows?

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  1.   Rena said

    N @ ty, the post is barbarous, I think what you wrote is very cool, although it is very sad that people reached such a point of stupidity (there is no better word to describe it) ...

    however I want to highlight one thing .. maybe out of context:

    It seems to me that if we want to spread a free culture, we have to support it 100%… it is useless to speak well of something and yet use the opposite…

    I mean "You have to lead by example" ... it saddens me a little to see that none of the 3 people who write in this blog use a free operating system, and only one of them uses a free web browser ...

    With respect to the previous comment from sources: The console is the thickest thing that can exist, what happens is that windows (us) spoiled, and then we do not see anything productive if it is not graphically nice, or if it does not have buttons with transparencies ...
    I assure you that, beyond having to learn a little to use it (because Windows users never used a console except for an ipconfig), it is wonderful, it is really very productive ...

    And I don't even tell you if you get into the subject a bit and learn to make bash scripts ... there you will notice the difference;)

    Another thing: they talk about free software when they only name GNU / Linux, which is an OS ... it would seem barbarous to me if they also talk about another type of free software ... eg OppenOffice.org or Gimp ... which are also usable under window $, like this You could gradually get into what is the freedom of code, if you do not want to jump so suddenly (both for the posts of this blog, and for your daily life .. seeing that 1 of you uses ie 6: |)

    Greetings to all .. I hope the post is not offensive .. I just say "put the batteries" .. use free operating systems .. you have to overcome your fears, and the sooner the better;) »

    Very good blog as always :)

    Greetings: D

    PS: I invite you to visit the gulBAC forum if you have any questions [gulbac.usla.org.ar]

    It is just a constructive criticism ... the blog is very good and the initiative to explain linux for the most noobs seems to me barbara!

    Salutes ...

    - // ReNa // -

  2.   I am said

    Rena: unfortunately it will have to be explained every day. Ffuentes is at work, where they use Win. N @ ty at work too, and Open Suse at home. I windows anywhere, but with firefox, and I don't care if it is free, I care that it works well.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3.   N @ ty said

    Thanks ReNa, it's as esty says, we use both in the case of sources and mine, and esty is declared windowser… A kiss! I wonder how you fell here ...

    Let's go with that Prode eh !! JJAJJAJA

    @esty: don't fight me with ReNa who is a company from the facu and has big friends: razz:

  4.   Rena said

    @Naty: I really don't remember well how I got to the blog because it was a while ago ... when they released it ... now I read it from the feeds ...

    I think I came here through your blog, that I saw it when you signed up for gulBAC ...

    As I said .. the post was cool, to be a constructive criticism, anyway I apologize because I did not know about the work :)

    @Naty: you use OS X at work: | ... it's the first time I've heard that (vah, in this case I read)

  5.   I am said

    Actually, you don't have to be dogmatic, it's all nice, all beautiful, but nothing serves 100% purposes. I am still of the idea that Linux is in prehistory. And that you have to use both OS, unfailingly

  6.   I am said

    Pablo:… ugly joke ?.
    Ricardo: I applaud you, that's what I've been saying for a long time.
    esty: I support you 100%

  7.   N @ ty said

    I'm actually browsing with Chrome, that's why the OS and the browser break ... weird thing: |

    You're welcome Ricardo, it's hard to get rid of vices, right? I still can't drop my Windows ...

  8.   f sources said

    Remarkable! Teacher!

    I still wait (as a good little girl that I am) that a wizard appears to me to do the things that I am supposed to configure and I get down when I search the Internet and it appears: «Enter the console and type the following command» Aaaay.

  9.   Miguel Gastelum said

    Everything comes from a bigger background, the problem is not that people do not know what GNU / Linux and Free software are, the huge problem is that they do not even know what an Operating System is, that's why so many questions about what if a executable that if a crack, I think there is a lot of own initiative needed for although we are Windows users we know that this is an Operating System there I believe that everything starts and it is very important to know it, if not even if you give them a formal presentation they will understand what you are talking about , everyone thinks that windows is a universal program that came to earth to save us,


  10.   f sources said

    Look, I use Linux wajawaja

  11.   Ricardo said

    Hello everyone, thanks to N @ ty for mentioning me in this post, which I will say, quite right to N @ t and the way we interact with a PC is how windows taught us and got used to, on the other hand, they are people like Rena To whom I do not understand, why do you suppose that not knowing how to use free software is synonymous with stupidity? I say this because not all people can take time to unravel the mysteries of free software because it is not our field, for example I am musician and sound engineer, I am very good at using software applied to audio processing, recording and mixing, if I want software that does that, I look for one that has recently come out and I install it in windows in a simple way, as you explain by clicking on the next button, next, next ... I don't have to wonder whether or not this software is compatible with my operating system and look for an alternative one that may not meet my expectations, or if I buy a new sound card, I don't have to do this r solving drivers and controllers problems, I don't know if I let myself understand, the thing is that windows is functional and practical when it comes to software specialized in certain types of work, why would this be synonymous with stupidity as Rena says? I believe that the common and wild user wants things to work, regardless of whether the system is free or not, in my case I am installing linux on one of my machines because I was attracted by the idea of ​​not having virus or fragmentation problems disk, have a stable system without crashes and above all that the PC is supposed to run faster with linux, I'm not interested in the dramas of free or not, that the code is open, I'm not a programmer or developer .
    Greetings to all.

  12.   Pablo said

    I think it is true that many do not get too hot in knowing that there are many alternatives. They die in what they have and for that reason they lose a lot the taste to learn much more than they can. I also think that it is something ugly to find a joke as well as the crack for ubuntu

  13.   Juan C said

    I still would not like to uninstall windows, because of the programs specialized in certain tasks, which I may not find in linux. Hopefully one day I can get rid of that fear because wn vista home premium, which is the other one I have, takes up twice as much space as mandiva, what a waste of space.

  14.   LJMarín said

    How is it possible that it is not known that Ubuntu does not need a crack, or an installer like the ones in Windows?

    Well N @ ty if there is an Ubuntu installer and it is for W $, it is Wubi what you do not need is a crack: D although you probably already knew that.

    Here's a Debian one

    If you said at the university that you use linux, they will surely give you a bad eye and they will even think that you are a little crazy, at least it happens to me all the time; D

  15.   f sources said

    @LJ Marín: It is obvious, it is an educational problem generated by the software transnationals but it is not that people are stupid (as you imply). Although on the Internet Linux users make themselves known, out there most of the people do not know anything about free software because nobody ever told them.

  16.   bachi.tux said

    Without offending anyone, it is incredible how day by day we continue to discuss the same thing. Although it may not seem like it, if we make a deep breakdown of most of the comments, we will see that we are still in dispute between us: if linux is better than windows, if Photoshop is better than Gimp, that there is no "good" software for this in linux, etcetera etcetera.

    I do not share what esty says: "I continue to be of the idea that Linux is in prehistory." But, is windows the rule to measure Operating Systems? On what grounds can we say this? It is VERY TRUE that most (if not ALL) base users of an Operating System measure others with the "windows rule", as I call it:

    1. Install everything with Next -> Next -> Next. If it is not done that way, it is not acceptable.
    2. ALL the Software works in Widnows, if it doesn't, it won't work.
    3. You have to use cracks, it is the only way to install software. Crack-free software does not exist.
    4. Everything that is not "Windows" is not technological, far from it, stable like Microsoft.

    ... And I could name many more ...

    Let's not try to deceive ourselves and to deceive others. Each one has its pros and cons, but if it were from prehistoric times, many Google servers would not run with Linux, or Novell would not give it importance as it does, or IBM would not invest a lot of money in projects and so on, or Bill himself Gates wouldn't care SO MUCH about a bunch of hackers who invented a kernel for an Operating System. In addition, the invention of one and the other is not far from decades, if not a few years. Remember that people are given what makes money, not something else.

    I use Windows at work (as you will see in the "comments tip"), but at home I use Linux, but that does not indicate that I use 100% Free Software. And something is 100% logical and irreproachable: He who never uses Linux does not know what it is, and he who never uses Windows, who calls me that, I give him a million dollars.

    So please, let's not use the "windows rulers" to measure others. It is like you are sitting in a golden chair, and you have the right to judge the poor. If we do not live in poverty, it is difficult to know what it feels like.

    Windows is an Operating System, not a unit of measurement.

    Excellent posting, as always n @ ty. Greetings to all!

  17.   Sergio said

    Unfortunately ignorance regarding computer issues is too common. Several times when we organize installfests, a lot of people come who don't have much idea. Even many arrive believing that Linux is just the console, or that it is a program that is installed in Windows to turn a cube.

    Personally, I think Windows is part of everyone's culture, that's Microsoft's greatest achievement. That is why when we want to test Linux, it is best to do it little by little, to get used to it without forcing a migration.

    On the other hand, to join the discussion of the comments, I think that not using free software is not synonymous with stupidity. Anyone who knows free software, and still continues to use proprietary software, is because they exercise their freedom to choose and keep that option. Those of us who try to spread free software what we must do is make this wonderful development philosophy known to those who ignore it, and allow them to be free. It is sad to see that many of us who believe ourselves to help Linux grow, do nothing but put the brakes on it, attacking anyone who chooses otherwise. There are friendlier ways to spread free software and to motivate people to use it.

  18.   CIX said

    Greetings to all, I found this blog by chance, I have read the different topics, and particularly this has been the one that caught me, since I was one of those people who used (I still use it) Windows thinking that the operating system was called MsDOS Of course I was a teenager, and at that time I was just learning to use the internet, ... if you can laugh, I admit that it was a great stupidity but for fear of asking or instructing me well and not being a little machine that does everything by heart and easily ( JA follow the next… next… next).
    When I heard about Linux and they made me see that it was only for Nerds who like to use commands and that everything was done on a black screen, it is something that is mentioned in many places ... obviously it discouraged me and then I did not care about it, no it was not until I went to a conference, free entry by the way, about this OS, I was encouraged, today I use both OS, as I read on some pages of which I inform myself ... until some time of adaptation passes ... use the open ... or maybe just use windows when necessary, (with your virtual machine ... the virtual box) yes, for those little programs that are not compatible in linux (matlab, matcad, visual and other electronic programs).
    I know you will be glad that at the university where I study using Ubuntu is already becoming "fashionable", although most are attracted by the fact that it is virus-free, but it is an important step to see that there are more options apart from the usual used Win ... We have already many newbies interested in knowing more ...
    I will be watching this blog, I know it will have good contributions,


  19.   N @ ty said

    @Reoba: «I think that is why people do not know about Linux, since to begin with they do not know that they are using an OS, for them they are simply using their computer.» Totally agree. If I press the power button, after the illegible little letters those colored squares have to appear or else… the computer broke: |

    I keep repeating, over and over again, that many people know what Ubuntu is (even by hearsay) but NOT what Linux is. That really worries, that this more widespread a distro than the idea about what Linux is, free software, the desire that everyone makes to improve and share ... it seems to me that the issue is there, there are few who can share ...

  20.   rheoba said

    I, from the experience that I have had with my acquaintances, I think that it all comes down to the fact that people do not know about computers, they simply use the computer without wondering what it is and if there are alternatives to something.

    I think that's all; Many of my acquaintances simply use their PC thinking that all the computers in the world are like theirs, they do not even imagine that they use an OS and that there are others.

    I think that's why people are unaware of Linux, since to begin with they do not know that they are using an OS, for them they are simply using their computer.

  21.   I am said

    "Windows is an Operating System, not a unit of measurement."

    Bachi, that I will remember forever, you are very capo.

  22.   Paul said

    the topic for discussion was: And what vices do you still have in Windows?

    and I'm going to answer that ..

    I from 8 years (year 2000) to 15 (year 2008) use windows, at first to play, then to read and finally to navigate the entire web and learn graphic design and programming of web pages

    but the issue is: what is left of windows?

    I think the biggest vice is the issue of a slow pc, I was afraid to open FIREFOX, BANSHEE, GIMP AND THE EMESENE AT THE SAME TIME FOR fear that the machine would lock up and have to restart it

    but when I open all that my computer does not suffer a slowdown, that is the custom that I have inside windows

    i have ubuntu 8.04

  23.   Nacho said

    esty, I would not even say that it is an OS, but I suppose that for tastes ... there are dislikes xD

    Let's see ... about the people who ask in my work "What do you wear what?" I already have it assumed ... but the merit that your boss, recognized windowsero, allows you to install kubuntu on the computer of the laburo ... when it is multinational and EVERYTHING (Even the server ... what a waste) is windows ... it is great.

    His words "Ah, it seems easy" and those of another boss when he saw the compiz at full throttle "Is that Vista?" (My laughter still resounds xD) ...

    Linux isn't great just because it's free, or because it's, like Ubuntu, free.
    It is great because it is another way of looking at something as beautiful as computing.
    If everything is seen with a blue BSOD filter then it is clear that the rest of the colors are lost. Linux only tells you: "Look, here are the rest of the colors, and not only do I not charge you to see them, but you mix them as you please."

    And for me, in addition, using something that is 100% free and legal (That goes for me) is a declaration of principles.

    Now, if I have any windows vice ... nope. More than anything because after 3 years of using only Linux, you lose bad habits.
    I do not defragment, I do not clean the registry, I pass viruses, and I have learned to solve my problems or find solutions, which in Windows is "sigh and format".

    For another band, a great song.

  24.   f sources said

    That of installing linux to the boss seemed remarkable to me

  25.   Kal said

    Well N @ ty, in fact I found this paragraph which seems very true regarding Linux as an Operating System

    Linux is not an operating system. No, at least in the strict sense. Linux is just a kernel. As such, it does not include tools such as command interpreters, compilers, editors, libraries, graphical interfaces, etc. »


  26.   Nacho said

    Extracted from wikipedia

    «Linux (also known as GNU / Linux) is a Unix-like operating system that is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), that is, it is free software. Its name comes from the Linux Kernel, developed since 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It is widely used in servers and supercomputers, [1] and is supported by corporations such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems. "

    If we are going to look for definitions ...
    Surely the wiki will also have a link to the microsoft SI (Inoperative Systems) xD


  27.   zamuro57 said

    Well, really, the customs of entering windows are few since in 2 years I learned to replace all its functions with free applications
    and stop depending on windows just to enter learn about its faults and functions to solve problems for friends and clients who still depend on it

    Well, in my case, Linux has taught me in a more profound way to learn to use an operating system and to give each system and each application the treatment that it should be given.
    you learn to see what murphy says in his law that the real problem with computers is the users and the treatment they give them

    Linux has already taken away certain tricks that I used to have if I want to listen to music I have countless songs on songbird or last.fm therefore I no longer download as much music as when I was on windows
    if I download some song that are few I do it by frostwire or by the aforementioned songbird

    If I want to manage emails I do it through thunderbird that gives me the freedom to send several at the same time, burn a cd that I really have to admit that in linux I only use the dvd cd reader to watch the rest of the movies it is unused because everything It is downloaded by the package manager but I also have nero in its version for linux or brasero

    windows for my personal use I only use it through a virtual machine to work with photoshop from time to time but I am already providing its services as well because all the design work I do more than everything in the powerful Gimp, scribus or inkscape in case of vector images and blender or blue fish or the editor htlm / xml sbreem to layout in web pages

    eye I have nothing against windows or criticism or I see as inferior and not very wise who uses it because with windows I have also learned many things that have helped me along the way
    I also congratulate those who use it and understand it
    and I have learned not to laugh at those who do not know what is beyond
    Well, if something is true, it is that
    windows is made up of people who know for people who don't necessarily know something
    and linux is made of people who know for people who know something
    That is why you see those cases of people who forge the paradigm of whether linux needs a crack or if it is a windows application
    or they see compiz fusion and they think that it is something of sight
    the difference in that question will be your response of conscience and teaching to those who ask it
    teaching that linux is free software and like those who want to continue with windows also teach them that they can use free tools within it as well and stop depending on serial crack's and daemon tools
    so they will also stop depending on certain customs that are often unnecessary
    I hope my comment is not offensive to you, greetings

    Excellent page guys I congratulate you

  28.   Gabriel said

    the console doesn't have to scare

  29.   legalize it said

    Actually the thread says

    Title: ubuntu serial
    Post: does anyone have it? Why did I download it and tell me that it is a trial, does someone give me the crack to have it full?


  30.   I am said

    aaaaaaaaa, flavio .... you can see that folder in the forum ... aaa, those old days teaching moderation ... what times.

  31.   GUARUS said

    HAHAHA !!, the truth that this post made me laugh a lot, I tell you that thanks to God and Linux here in Venezuela according to decree 3390 issued by the president, all public institutions must migrate to free software, and according to my experience in several Public institutions I believe that 50% of the institutions have already migrated, and the other 50% are about to migrate since the cause of their delay is having some administrative applications in proprietary software or that is, they necessarily depend on Windows. The distron that are used the most here in Venezuela are ubuntu and its derivatives and debian

  32.   Tom said

    Unfortunately, this level of ignorance is very common because there are still high levels of technological illiteracy. Without going too far, it is quite normal to see someone point to the IE icon and say that this is the Internet, not that it allows you to surf the Internet but that it is the Internet.

  33.   I am said

    Sorry GUARUS, your comment went to spam and I just saw it.

  34.   Nacho said

    No, I think that IE has a very basic flaw, and that's when you tell the windowsero to at least use opera or firefox, that its security level is very adjustable and reliable, and they tell you "What for? If I already have antivirus ... »¬¬U Ok ... if you say so ...

    The other day my girlfriend asked me exactly what I used the computer for ... and I did not understand that for me to be in front of the virtualbox installing a gentoo (which attracts me a lot that system, as they should) to see how fast it is, is part of what I like it, that looking at photos and videos is great, but getting tangled in the guts of the system and breaking my horns to see how something works is fun.
    For those people, I used to try to make them understand that Linux works just as well, or even better ... now it's over.

    They want windows because they don't think so. Well, obviously when there are system failures I do not fix one, even if it is simple. "Sorry but i use linux, i'm not from microsoft support."

    It may seem against the GNU free spirit and all that, but it is exactly the same as explaining to a pillbox why electronic "music" is not music. They do not understand it, nor do they want to understand it.

    Hotmail, IE, facebook, wmplayer and some other idiocy. From there you do not move them.
    And do not tell them about freeware, that they pirate the programs, it would be missing more ...

    So… what for? It is not illiteracy, if it were, education would be a means. It's denial, which makes it even worse.

    And therefore a uselessness.

    I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but honey is not made for the donkey's mouth, maybe we should use the mac tactic, instead of trying to convince the user that linux is better, let people continue to swallow the shit of Microsoft while those of us who use Linux continue to live happily.

    And laugh with the next «blaster», of course ... xD


  35.   Executor (Pepe) said

    Hi, I'm from Mexico and I agree with what Rena says, I have been using a GNU / Linux distro for some time, I'm not a great expert, but I think we should also name things as they are, I mean Linux (currently) is not An operating system, there is a distro with that name but it is not, before when it was invented if it was an operating system because it interacted with a console and for a while with few graphics, but when GNU arrived (which are the applications and the console), It is no longer operating system, what I want to make clear is that if we call Linux to a distro "x" we are wrong, we will have to say GNU / Linux and if we know the name of the distro, say something like "the name of the distro + linux », I hope not to offend anyone but I rely on this since in Richard Stallman's page it comes like this and in highly respectable internet definitions….


  36.   Uvazquez (Ubuntero) said

    Very good post. And I've read quite a few.
    I just had a discussion very similar to the one you had with your classmate WITH A COMPUTER TEACHER.

    Obviously he had some idea anyway, the point is that he kept saying that WINDOWS WAS EASIER. I was not even aware that the maq server that supported the network I was using was running a DEBIAN.

    Even though I knew Linux was an OS ...

    Leaving this aside, the application installation system (through packages) and application execution (without routes, only commands), added to the ease of the APTITUDE (I use the console, it seems much better than the graphical environment) totally leave aside from the installation + cracking that windows requires. In fact, I am even surprised by the amount of free software that meets my needs.

    However two things that linux does not cover yet are:

    1) Corporate use. It is not possible to obtain a technical service (at least in my country) that understands a lot about linux because of the "window section" you mentioned. I mean only at the corporate level, massive support in terms of huge information networks.

    2) One of the most important uses of the computer: THE GAMES. The most important games (many are run with wine or cedega) do not run natively on Linux. The only company that I know of that has made .run files to run their games without emulating them is ID Software. In this the developers should work a little more (it is just adding a .run file and another text file with instructions about which files to copy to the disk folder, as I have installed the ID games).

    At this point I think it is something to be lost. The proprietary software is very good and when it is used massively, compatibility is lost in linux systems, that is why the Wine tool, If instead they developed those run files or their .rpm or .deb or .package packages, it would be solved (it is not necessary to show the sources to compile since that would make it open source and it would not make sense to sell it), and thus cover more market.

    They miss it, but so do we.

    I congratulate you again for the post.

    from ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

  37.   psep said


    I already missed the Naty's newsrooms, congratulations xDDD

  38.   Matthew said

    Linux is excellent, the truth is that I started in 6 months ago and it has gone great, although I am still tied to windows because I cannot use AutoCAD and Civil CAD in linux T_T
    But outside of that, I use much more linux, in fact I have come across programs that did not work with windows 7 (I tried to run them as administrator and in win xp compatibility mode) but in wine they did work XD
    a great victory !!!

  39.   Maximiliano said

    I have the vice of a free program that works adequately with DWG; that PDF can be edited, that I can handle my GANTT diagrams, and that the spreadsheets can be filtered with the power of excel ……. I'm getting caught with this linux mint dog !!!! how the hell uninstall my win 7 LPM !!!