Ubuntu abandons Convergence and Unity in favor of Gnome

At the end of yesterday, the founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, announced through the Ubuntu blog, the abandonment of Unity as the main desktop of the Ubuntu distribution. So Ubuntu 18.04 will have Gnome as the main desktop.

In addition, along with this abandonment, Ubuntu and Canonical abandon the development of their famous Convergence, a process that has been widely discussed not only by Canonical or by development teams but also by companies such as Apple or Microsoft.

Unity 8 will no longer reach our mobiles or our computers

This means that Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Touch will stop being developed or at least it seems that way, as one of the main missions of these projects was to bring Ubuntu Convergence to end users. What's more, Unity was the main desktop of Ubuntu PhoneTherefore, since it does not have this desktop, it is not possible that there are new versions or at least it seems that way according to the words written by the founder of Ubuntu.

This noticia It has been a real boom because it is something that nobody expected. Unity 8 and MIR development was slow but seemed to keep going. On the other hand, the Ubuntu Convergence was also on the right track and only the scarcity of devices limited its use.

However, Ubuntu IoT and Ubuntu Server are two areas that will move forward and that they will bring the best of this free software to projects such as robotics or IoT technologies. These areas will continue to be worked on by Canonical. This means that we will see more free software related to the cloud world and the IoT world since Ubuntu forces will focus on these areas and no longer on developing Unity 8 or managing Convergence.

Will have to see really the reaction of Ubuntu users to this news, but surely those mobile users with Ubuntu will not have been very happy and even less the developers Do not you think?

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  1.   fernando said

    Ugh yet another lurch from Canonical. I think that the research is very good but you have to be very clear about things to launch them, as for example happened with Ubuntu TV or Ubuntu One. Without going any further I lost all my data for the simple fact that the formulas that Ubuntu gave for downloading the files contained in Ubuntu One did not work for me. As you say, Ubuntu Phone users will not be very happy. This twist, yes, will help many return, or return, to Ubuntu and in my case it was not because I did not like Unity, I must be one of the few, but because my laptop, the poor grandfather, could not pull it. Anyway, let's hope it's for the better. Good article. All the best.

  2.   leillo1975 said

    It hurts me personally, as an Ubuntu and Unity user to see everything that is happening. Let's see now which desktop I choose, because Gnome 3 doesn't quite convince me.

    1.    Lukas said

      but whoever said gnome was lighter, it will surely be gnome shell like ubuntu-gnome.

    2.    Daniel Medina said

      Try KDE Neon! Look for videos on youtube, this one of 10.

  3.   Gregory ros said

    I am sorry for Canonical, it is one of the companies that currently contributes the most, but I think it made a huge mistake by forcing the implementation of Unity as the main environment. In particular, I gave it many opportunities, almost one per version, and I never quite got through, on the contrary, I don't see much sense out of touch screens. I don't quite like Gnome either, I confess that I am more of a classic desktop and now I confess myself a Cinnamon user and lately I am looking askance at Mate.
    In any case I hope that Unity remains as an option, there are many users who like it and it would be a shame if all the work that was done was lost.

  4.   San Juan said

    What a disappointment, in my case I always liked Unity, even when I was a fan of KDE and Plasma. and I hoped one day to achieve glory with a mobile terminal with Ubuntu Phone. but it seems that I will not have that happiness. I say the same as leilllo1975 from Gnome3, I am not convinced I prefer gnome2 (mate)

  5.   Julio Antonio Garcia said

    I also quit Ubuntu because of Unity.
    It's funny how having invested the resources they threw in unity and convergence in ubuntu one, they would have been the first to have a cloud-oriented OS and now it would fit perfectly with the new strategy.
    I don't know, I don't see them very capable of setting long-term goals, I don't know if I'll come back after having done so well with linux mint mate ... (I don't like Gnome shell either)

  6.   Internet user2000 said

    Until when are we going to continue installing this garbage on our machines ... Ubuntu is shit and good, nothing more similar to windows from the manufacturer's point of view ... we have available any number of wonderful distros to install on our machines, with everything last of linux and without errors ... until when we are going to follow a brand that only gives traspiez and simply prefers to become the Muslim of linux when it suits him.

    1.    Gregory ros said

      I think there are ways to express opinions without insulting. If you don't like Unity use another environment and fixed. Everything else is left over.

      1.    Mauricio said

        I have used Ubuntu a lot in the past (currently I use Debian testing) and it would never cross my mind to call it 'garbage', on the contrary, I think it is one of the best free operating systems out there. For many years he has been the head of the spear to make known to the world the existence of something called Linux and he has done it in an effective way, because there are tens of thousands of current GNU / Linux users who arrived precisely through Ubuntu. Not knowing the value of Ubuntu is for fools or prejudiced, people incapable of impartially weighing the value or merit of something. If today the WORLD regards Linux desktop systems with respect and more and more public or private institutions are opting for free solutions, not little of that merit lies in Ubuntu.

    2.    Wire said

      Canonical's hit is a drama for the entire community. But seeing the kind of characters that are part of the "community," I'm beginning to rejoice in the years of misery that lie ahead in the Linux ecosystem. In short, intelligence is as rare a good as education. It is obvious.

  7.   ramiro said

    Unity never seemed practical to me. That application bar was annoying, slow, did not give much information. It lacked more creativity. On the phone I never saw future, mainly because of the annoying and ugly bar.

  8.   Francisco Sanchez Tineo said

    I was a user of ubuntu and kubuntu years ago, now I use archlinux, it cost me the change, but at the moment I am sticking with archlinux. Since I installed until today, about 4 years, I have not lost a single file or data, I have not reinstalled the system, and I have not had any software that has resisted running on my PC. Ubuntu was and is good, but in stability, there are better distributions.

  9.   eduardo inda populist said

    unity is a horror

  10.   Mauricio said

    It is not a popular measure, but it works for a company like Canonical, which is not very large and must maximize the performance of its resources. Mark is a visionary, but he is also pragmatic and although he personally likes the idea of ​​convergence a lot, he realizes that he is not going to make $ cash with it… so… bye nice idea.

  11.   George said

    The only mistake is having spent too much time on the experiment. 2 years would have been more than enough. I tolerated 6 or more of the graft. Ubuntu is great and Unity got me to know more Ubuntu distros and flavors and it was never comfortable or light. Ubuntu in general did a lot for the community and managed to bring Linux to the end consumer.