Ubuntu 24.04: news and downloads of all official flavors

Ubuntu 24.04

Today, April 25, was marked on the calendar as the day of the release of Ubuntu 24.04, and we knew it since last october. It is a new LTS version, and its codename is "Noble Numbat." Ubuntu is an operating system and there are already 11 official flavors. Although the main version uses its name without any surname, they are all "Ubuntu", but each one has its own customization and its reason for being and existing.

The betas were available for two weeks, seven days late due to the problem with XZ. With that already solved and the date fallen, you can now download all the official flavors, or we will be able to do it soon. Although the releases are usually synchronized, it is always possible that one of the teams takes a little longer to upload the ISO images or update their website, but we are not going to wait any longer and we are going to publish the most notable news for each flavor.

Shared news of Ubuntu 24.04 Noble Numbat

As we just explained, Ubuntu is the operating system from which all official flavors start, and therefore they are the same at their heart. Among the new features that all official flavors share, we find:

  • Linux 6.8 of Core.
  • Supported for longer, 5 years for the main version and 3 for the rest (if they don't decide to change anything).
  • Python 3.12.
  • Firefox 125.
  • Thunderbird 115.9.0. Now only the snap version is offered.
  • LibreOffice 24.2.2.
  • systemd v255.4.
  • AppAmour 4.0.
  • Netplan v1.0.
  • GCC 14.
  • binutils 2.42.
  • glibc 2.39.
  • OpenJDK 21.
  • LLVM 18.
  • Rust 1.75.
  • golang 1.22.
  • .NET 8.

In order not to make this article longer than necessary, we link to related articles in many of the points. Downloads are/will be available from their official websites, at Ubuntu cdimage and in the buttons at the bottom of each block.

What's new in Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu 24.04

The core edition is the one developed most directly by Canonical, and uses the GNOME desktop. The most notable new features are:

  • New installer. Among other things, there is now a screen to configure accessibility options (more images in our article about the beta).

6- Install or try Ubuntu 24.0

  • GNOME 46.
  • The software center is now Apps Center or Application Center. It has been updated compared to the previous version, among other things with a new icon. It still doesn't support flatpak packages (it never will...).
  • The app drawer now has the Ubuntu logo.
  • Many performance tweaks and improvements.
  • Many UI improvements and new visual elements.
  • Increased support for disk encryption.
  • Memory usage optimization.
  • System monitor adapted to GTK 4.
  • Advanced features for the ZFS file system.
  • Improvements in container and cloud integration.

Oficial web page.

Kubuntu 24.04: same Plasma, more stability

Kubuntu 24.04

Kubuntu 24.04 is perhaps the flavor with the least new features of all. The reason is that KDE remained in plasma 5.27 from February 2023 to February 2024, at which time they released Plasma 6.0. Noble Numbat is an LTS version, and it would be very risky to use a desktop with major changes in which many bugs are still being fixed. Therefore, and for the third time in a row, use plasma 5.27. I would also use the same wallpaper if I hadn't changed it to the one in the previous screenshot.

Among the rest of the new features, most are those shared by all flavors, but there is one that really stands out: has switched to using Calamari as an installer.

Oficial web page.

Xubuntu 24.04 presents new "minimal" ISO

Xubuntu 24.04

Xubuntu 24.04 includes many new features, such as a new "minimal" ISO with only the essentials. Besides:

  • XFCE4.18, which leaves most of the improvements. Also includes components from GNOME 46, GTK 2.24.33/3.24.41/4.14.1 and MATE 1.26.
  • GNOME Software has given way to the Application Center (Snap Store).
  • Now use the new Flutter based installer.
  • Pipewire (and wireplumber) are now included in Xubuntu.
  • Mosaic, the grid-filling puzzle, has been added to SGT Puzzles.
  • MenuLibre, the Xfce-friendly menu editor, has been updated with several quality-of-life improvements. The new command editor takes the guesswork out of building complex application launchers. Help dialog boxes make it easy to learn each supported feature. Separators are displayed in the application list for easy viewing and reordering.
  • Visual improvements, including updated themes.

Oficial web page.

Lubuntu 24.04 releases optional themes

Lubuntu 24.04

Lubuntu 24.04 arrives with new features related to the desktop, LXQt 1.4.0, but also with something else. When you start Live mode, it will ask you what language you want to use and if you want to connect to a WiFi network. The installer, which is still Calamares, now offers three options: a basic one without desktop or snapd (barebone), a normal one with a set of project applications and a complete installation that also includes software such as Element, Thunderbird or Krita.

Among the rest of the news:

  • New desktop icon for the installer.
  • Improvements in the Bluetooth manager.
  • SDDM Configuration Editor.
  • New optional themes (in X there are a sample).
  • Experience improvements in the energy manager, something that is in development.
  • Updated the battery icon.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu Budgie 24.04: new desktop looking towards Wayland

Ubuntu Budgie 24.04

Many new features in Ubuntu Budgie 24.04, especially considering that its release notes include all the changes introduced since 22.04. The highlight is that he now uses Budgie 10.9, new version of the desktop that takes more steps towards Wayland. Among other news related to the desktop:

  • Many improvements in applets and mini-apps.
  • New distribution logo, a little bird that is seen when starting the operating system and in the app launcher, among other parts.
  • Changes in Control Center, with screen sharing removed by changes in GNOME, support for fractional scaling improved, and screen refresh rate now displayed in BCC Displays.
  • Redesigned the Bluetooth applet.
  • Improvements to the workspace applet.
  • The watch applet no longer displays a link to a calendar app.
  • Complete redesign of the built-in Budgie theme.
  • The task list icon no longer supports ungrouped apps.
  • The Media Player widget now has a more compact design.
  • You can now click the icons in the header of the Sound Input and Output widget to mute the corresponding device.
  • You can now disable day names in the Calendar widget.
  • There is now a new Raven widget called Usage Monitor. This is a minimalist widget that shows CPU, RAM and Swap usage.
    Notifications are sorted from oldest to newest.
  • Budgie Desktop now includes a native screenshot capability – look for the icon in the menu – or simply press print screen / alt print screen etc etc.

The image for Raspberry Pi does not arrive on time, we will have to wait.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu MATE 24.04: inheriting a little more from GNOME

Ubuntu MATE 24.04

The MATE edition of Noble Numbat arrives with MATE 1.26.2 and, in addition to the shared changes:

  • New installer.
  • GNOME Firmware replaces Firmware Updater.
  • App Center becomes the software store, replacing Software Boutique.
  • Removed Ubuntu MATE Welcome
  • Celluloid 0.26.
  • Evolution 3.52.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu Unity 24.04: new installer and preparing ISO with Lomiri

Unity 24.04

This Ubuntu Unity 24.04 competes with Kubuntu 24.04 to see who introduces the least new features. Joking apart, still using Unity 7.7, partly because they have focused more on the image with Lomiri. He didn't arrive on time for 23.10, and it looks like he won't for Noble Numbat either. Yes there is one to try this link, and soon we will write an article talking about that option.

What they have done has been change the installer and switch to using Calamares. If my accounts do not fail me, there are already 4 flavors that reject the Canonical installer.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.04 with the newest version of the desktop.

Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.04

Ubuntu Cinnamon 24.04 arrives with Cinnamon 6.0.4, as the most notable novelty. Also, now use the Flutter based installer.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu Studio 24.04: same desktop, renewed multimedia experience

Ubuntu Studio 24.04

The Studio edition has also been affected by the lack of updates in Plasma, but in this case it doesn't matter so much. The reason for Ubuntu Studio's existence is its multimedia metapackages, and this Numbat comes with (maybe something more updated in the last few hours):

  • PipeWire has continued to be improved and can now be used in professional environments. The version is 1.0.4.
  • Ardor 8.4.0
  • qtractor 0.9.39
  • OBS Studio 30.0.2
  • Audacity 3.4.2
  • digiKam 8.2.0
  • Kdenlive 23.08.5
  • Chalk 5.2.2

Oficial web page.

Edubuntu 24.04 releases new image for Raspberry Pi 5

dubuntu 24.04

Edubuntu 24.04 arrives with the same GNOME 46 as the main edition. In fact, it is basically Ubuntu with metapackages for education, but in this Noble Numbat there are some more changes. For example, that the accent color has changed from the previous red to a more purple one close to eggplant.


Among other news:

  • Image for Raspberry Pi 5. Nothing mentioned about previous versions, but it might work on the RPi4. The tests have only been done with the RPi5.
  • New metapackage for music education.
  • New applications included:
    • Gradebook: a way to track grades for students.
    • Included in the teaching tools metapackage:
      • qzw - An advanced crossword puzzle construction tool.
      • Auto Multiple Choice: a multiple response test generator.
    • Included in the Music Education Meta Pack:
      • fmit: a tuner.
      • gnome-metronome: A metronome.
      • Solfege: an ear training tool.
      • Pianobooster: Piano teaching tool with MIDI option.

Oficial web page.

Ubuntu Kylin 24.04

Ubuntu Kylin 24.04

We will update this article with more information when it is published, but we have already downloaded an ISO and we can say that, like other flavors, most of the new features of Ubuntu Kylin 24.04 are in its graphical environment. We have been able to verify, not without difficulty – the installation has failed – that it uses UKUI 3.0.2, at least in the live session.

Oficial web page.

to enjoy them

Updates from the operating system will be activated soon, unless you are on an LTS version, whose activation will be done later. Now that they are available, enjoy them.

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