Types of users in Linux.

Clarify that I did not do statistical studies or anything similar, nor do I personally know someone from each group. In the short time that I have been a linuxer I have seen linuxers of all kinds.


Here is a list that I have made and you probably have some more detail to add or feel identified with a group in the classification.

1. New, let's see how this is.

Motivated by mere curiosity and probably driven by yourself, you are curious to try other other systems. Not necessarily because I hate others, Linux is used because Windows is hated, I really think that few do. He approaches with curiosity, without knowing much what it is like, to see if he likes it.

2. Converted by a friend.

If it is newly converted, what you will probably be looking for is that it looks good, that the applications you use are or more similar to what you used in Windows and what you have heard. He doesn't know much and whoever converted him takes care of any problems that may arise. If you are not very convinced, this story can end badly. And if it convinces you, it will continue.

3. I started recently, I like this and I will try to learn what I can and as soon as possible.

He's someone who recently tried it out, loved it, and is now eager to learn fast. Participate in forums actively, read, learn. Ultimately, you really want to learn and fast, you want to integrate into the Linux world.

4. It takes time but I like the ease of use and / or I don't have time and I use it to work.

It is someone who uses the computer for what they use it, probably any activity that has nothing to do with configuring the system. It takes time, so you know a lot but you prefer what works the first time to start doing something now. It is usually someone who knows well, you will see it with a simple distribution.

5. I like to experiment but I am not an expert.

The one with the motto "curiosity killed the cat" tattooed on his forehead? Now seriously, he is someone who, not knowing much, tries to try and improve himself. Sometimes they make real disasters, but at least they learn something along the way. They can be people who know a lot or not so much.

6. I like to experiment and I know what I do.

Is it the guru? Seriously, not necessarily, but he already knows a lot and he's an old Linux player, from several years ago.

I identify myself with a mixture of point 4 and 5. And you, with what point would you identify? Or would they add something?

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  1.   isengrin said

    Here's a 6.: 3

  2.   ssorgatem said

    mmm has made me comment twice because I thought it had not been published ... xD

  3.   isengrin said

    @ssorgatem Rather, those of us who consider ourselves 6 are not because we lack curiosity or think we know everything, but because we know what we are capable of, including continuing to learn. :3


  4.   jojo said

    I think those are the relatively new users, I think I am in group 5, if you want to include all users, they are missing:
    -the radicals: no windows, no wine, no blobs, no ubuntu, no opensuse
    -the super-skilled: slackware, gentoo, bsds. They do not come down from arch -or already in one extreme, from debian-, they can despise the users of simple distros and staunch defenders of theirs
    -the consoleros: no graphical interfaces, everything from the command line. Extreme users of Screen, links and mpd, only in extreme cases use ratpoison or windowmaker or a very light wm and with zero eyecandy
    -desktop lovers: almost always gnome or kde users, criticize the other environment because it looks like windows or because its libraries are horrible or because it is pure effect or because they have not updated it twenty years ago with new things ... however you see them cheating using gimp, amarok, k3b, etc etc, sometimes I go through that stage (obviously on the kde4 side and I don't use almost anything with gtk + or gnome anymore)
    -The crazy people who install firefox or operate with wine, kde for windows with wine, wubi with wine, and even cygwin with wine (I had a time like this)
    -the loyal users of mac4lin, vista7paralinux and things that make them look like linux to a windows or mac (I also went through that)

    missing masssssssssssssssssss

  5.   Laura said

    I am realizing that I did a classification more in the style of «level of experience», jocho what it has done is another different classification, in the style of «classes of flames» almost. xD Very good.

    @ chanklor, it is not a survey, but you can answer anyway, as if it were xD (in fact that is why I put numbers, to facilitate the answer)

    @ ssorgatem, I identified myself with your comment # 5

    @Isengrin, xD xD

  6.   chanklor said

    I am a 5
    mmm I think it would be a good idea to do a survey right?
    mmm and if someone is already more interested, they could do a TEST type to find out exactly what type of Linux is each one ...
    I mean, as a suggestion ...

  7.   ssorgatem said

    I was evolving, 1-> 3-> 5 And in some things maybe 6. I think it is the logical evolution from one, if it reaches 3. I see the step from 2 to 3 more improbable.

    I honestly don't think there are too many people who consider themselves 6. People are more likely to consider them 6 and they consider themselves 5 xD. There will always be things where you'll be a 5

  8.   ssorgatem said

    I went from 1 to 3 to 5. Although many 3 consider me a 6… I am also a creator of 2 xD.

    I think the logical evolutions are 1-> 3-> 5-> 6 and 2-> 4, because the step from 2 to 3 is more unlikely (I have never seen it happen ... and I know many 2).

    I don't think many people consider themselves 6. Not out of humility, but because those who are curious and want to learn will always find something that they have no idea about and that they start fiddling with, and in that it will be 5. Another thing is that another people consider them 6 ... xD

  9.   Walker said

    I'm 4, actually I did the win-lin switch until I made sure I could do the same.

  10.   Paul said

    I don't really think it's the one they mention there. But I would love to be 5. I've been with this computer thing for years. And the idea of ​​starting with gnu / linux would not have made it possible if I had not found a great friend who showed me how to solve my first problems with this new operating system for me. Then see that while you were learning something else, I saw that there is much more to learn. It kind of primes me. And now I love it.

  11.   f sources said

    @jocho: They are different classifications as Laura told you.

    I consider myself a 4 and maybe I was a 5 a while ago but it was too much.

    I'm a 4 and don't get me out of there xD

  12.   cmllamale said

    I evolved via 2-3-5. It was a friend who installed me Kubuntu, and taught me how to use apt-get, and that's it. It is true that I was motivated to want to learn Linux. After that I took off and went to Debian, the most reckless step I have taken but without a doubt the best.

  13.   seth said

    I think I started as a mix of 1 and 2 and now I'm between 3 and 5
    I started because I wanted to, but if they didn't talk to me about Linux, I wouldn't
    the 3 and 5 thing is because I experiment and break things, but I also started recently and try to learn

  14.   Nacho said

    I'm 5. I learn by 5's and don't take me out of 5 because I'm a 5 xD!

    Laura, you are missing the group of "inept" users, who have linux and windows, linux for when the visits come and the rest of the time they use windows xD
    That which is called a 3-quarter lick;)

  15.   carledu said

    Well, I started recently, so I am in phase 1. But due to my lack of time (and laziness the few times I have free time) I have not advanced too much in learning GNU / Linux, and for that reason I am worried about moving on to phase 4 and stay there.
    I am also entering a stage where I am interested in trying other distributions, since Ubuntu does not convince me 100%.
    On the other hand, as I have liked GNU / Linux so much, I have recommended it to others, and the results have not been good ... and I never installed anything on someone else's computer.

  16.   olovram said

    The 5th I have: D

  17.   vincegeratorix said

    well, I am from the group of those who entered linux (directly to debian, I don't know why some say that debian is impossible for a newbie, obviously I investigated before ...) and I have win elsewhere ... 99, x% use debian ... I like to browse, and I consider myself a geek, but I am lazy and in fact it took me a few weeks to configure the printer (having the .ppd) for lazy….

    I basically like to discover things, but I'm lazy… XD

  18.   Nacho said

    @Vincegeratorix: It is impossible or not depending on your hardware. If it doesn't cover it, half the time you depend on recompiling the kernel, and that's impossible for a newbie. It is all depending on your computer.

  19.   KRLOS said


  20.   Darhak said

    Well, I also did the evolution 1> 3> 5 and now I'm trying to be a 6 .. but always being 5 seems more fun haha ​​because there are usually some accidents haha

  21.   vincegeratorix said

    @ Nacho
    but in case of having to install a module, there is the module-assistance that is enough to have the repositories and make a module and install it ...
    well, in my case the only thing was nvidia, something apart ... but I had no problems, my brother had problems (he used ubuntu) with his wi-fi atheros, but as I say, you can install modules with module-asistance

    well ... in any case, it depends on the investigative spirit of each one, that is, to those who know that it is linux and know that I use GNU / Linux (Debian), I generally tell them not to use GNU / Linux ... because if it goes wrong They are going to be traumatized, and I am not the one with the free support or the pringao ... to those who do not know what GNU / Linux is, well, guess, if it is not their thing, I am not going to recommend it, for a very simple thing :
    -if I recommend GNU / Linux and they try it, it happens:

    - They like it and recommend it to another person, it fascinates them ...

    - They don't like it, they get angry, and then they don't even want to hear the word linux, when someone names them they'll say it's bad because blah blah blah ...

    So, who cares, well, if not, no ...

    I do not know if there is a topic of that, about whether they recommend using GNU / Linux or not, or nobody knows if they use it, or what ... XD

    Besides, nobody 'recommended' me to use linux, on the contrary, my cousin told me that it was not worth it, that it was good for networks and servers (he is network admin)

  22.   LJMarín said

    As ffuentes said, a 4 = xD

  23.   toxrn said

    @vincegeratorix: totally agree.

  24.   toni said

    I think it would be a 3. I spend a lot of time reading documentation and going through forums, mostly reading (still not enough to "generate" content).

  25.   Nacho said

    Sure, what if your kernel doesn't support that module yet?
    You can always make excuses, if that's what we're going to do. Although the truth is that since the last attempt I have not tried to install debian.

    I guess it's a matter of desire xD, now I make my 5's in a virtual partition, that I am tired of destroying my system of use.

  26.   Alex said

    Hybrid between 3 and 5. I've only been around for a few months, but I already "manage" myself. Install, repair, etc.

  27.   MonikaMDQ said

    Point 6;)

  28.   Uvazquez (Ubuntero) said

    I think I belong to types 1, 3 and 5 (all odd), and made several friends type 2.
    Maybe if I use Linux because I hate Windows… I don't know, it's better for my Linux. And not just anyone (I tried Mandriva, Mint, and Debian but Ubuntu is still my favorite).

  29.   Rodolfo said

    I don't know if you need other types of users, already suggested above, and it is those who use Linux for strictly professional reasons. Among them you can include everyone who has taken the network administrator courses; but also now to officials who have been forced to use GNU / Linux, as happened in the Junta de Extremadura, or the French policemen, or the administrators of the University of Costa Rica, etc.

    Many of those people who had never considered using GNU / Linux in their lives, but for work reasons, they have had to. Is there anyone out there who knows of a case of this type of "linuxero"?

  30.   Raul hugo said

    Well, why are most of them 5? I think there are many levels between 5 and 6 I myself am not a guru but if I know enough I consider that I am 5.4 we could say.

    But those who use Ututo, Gentoo, Slackware I think they are at level 10 because that is another level.

  31.   vanderbeer said

    Looking for tutorials on html I came across the websites of Daniel Clemente and Lady Benko where I learned about the W3C standards and, by extension, Free Software. That was about 5 years ago, I have been a ubunter since Feisty.
    I identify myself with points 3 and 5.
    Greetings from Mexico.
    PD above all I like to learn.

  32.   George said

    me with the 5y6

  33.   nitsuga said

    I am a mix of 5 and 6 (at least following these descriptions). I know a lot. I have used Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Arch, old distros, console only distros, Mandriva, etc. When I need a program and I don't have the version in the repositories, I compile the sources. I also tried to build a linux from scratch, but it's not worth it, it's a lot of work. What does not agree in me with a 6 are these things:

    1) I started using linux on 6/08. I am amazed at what I learned.
    2) I keep breaking things. I don't think it will stop at some point, because when there were few things in / etc to break (and there still are, but I haven't found them yet), I started to break by testing compile switches and modifying makefiles.
    3) I keep using Ubuntu for day to day. It is my favorite, because I have no problems of any kind. For problems this / dev / sda2 (with other distros) and / dev / sda6 (with other distros, but in development state)

    That's what separates me from a full 6.

    I went from 1, on 6/08, when I installed Ubuntu with wubi. I was delighted because it was something different. And a while ago I was looking for something different. I quickly went to 3. I was learning the basics. Until it broke. I bought another hard drive on 9/08 (incidentally to have more space) and installed ubuntu there. It's still installed, and I'm still using it. I continued to gain knowledge at the speed of light, I learned to program in python and to make shell scripts. I installed fedora and tried it, and thanks to that I went to 5. Admiring the differences between the 2 distros helped me understand a lot of things. Then I switched to Debian, which seemed like a "light" Ubuntu to me. I liked the idea, so I kept using it, but then I installed mandriva above. Because? very simple, Ubuntu was easier to use and manage, and that's what I need for everyday use. Mandriva was an interesting distro, I also learned a lot. It was the way to 6. There I installed Arch. I understood the folder structure in /, I learned how to compile and the added value of doing it (that is, useless if you have a package for your architecture), etc, etc, etc. And here I am, with less than a year of using this and being an expert. I still have a long way to go, to get to what Raul Hugo says for example

  34.   Laura said

    @MonikaMDQ welcome… the 6th, really? ha ha

    @ Rodolfo yes those users exist, they don't make so much noise but they do exist. Thanks.

    @Raul Hugo, yes there can be several levels between 5 and 6. You can propose. Oh and the types are a classification, I used numbers but could have used letters: abcd and so, they are not "grades" from 0 to 10 :)

    I think I will never consider myself 6, as ssorgatem said in comment 5, mostly because "I just know that I don't know." I will never know "everything" :)

  35.   Yo said


  36.   Yo said

    This is about Linux but I enter from Solaris: S
    well, there you can see the 5 xD

  37.   esauLd said

    Someone else started on Arch?
    / O \