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If you are interested in improving your working condition, or want to know what programming languages You should learn to get a job, we are going to show you the trends for this new year 2019 that we have started. Every year the trends tend to change in part, although some languages ​​remain fairly stable year after year due to their importance. However, technology is very changeable and depending on the needs there may be some that rise in the ranking or that new languages ​​arrive ...

Here we show you a list of the programming languages ​​that will be trending this 2019. Some time ago we also published a similar article on this blog, and now we update this information again. If you remember that article, one of the languages ​​that we recommended learning was Ruby for ROR, since there was a lot of demand from professionals at that time for this language. If you want to know which is the most demanded now, I encourage you to continue reading:

  1. JavaScript: It is one of the most demanded languages, although it is not the best by any means. But its characteristics have made it quite a popular language for programming a multitude of applications, especially in web environments. Therefore, knowing how to program in JavaScript is a wonderful idea to work with. In addition, as you well know, there are several frontend / frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, etc., which it would be interesting for you to know as a complement, in addition to Node.js.
  2. Python: It is a fairly easy language to learn, it is a good language and has an acceptable performance if we consider that it is interpreted. Its simplicity and many things that can be done with it for its flexibility, have positioned it very high in the ranking. There are projects written in Python of all kinds, from security tools, to other mathematics, utilities of all kinds, etc.
  3. Java: Another language that has become very popular by allowing applications written with it to be run cross-platform, since it is not platform dependent, it simply makes use of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for its execution. In addition, Android has apps written in this language, so if you think about writing apps for mobile devices, Java is a great option to learn.
  4. C#: the next in the ranking is this language that will interest you especially if you plan to work with Microsoft platforms.
  5. C and C ++: C is a very powerful language, with excellent performance and, due to its characteristics, it is called a mid-level language, since it allows programming at a high level, and also work with some low-level features. This makes it especially interesting for creating high-performance or scientific applications, and for operating systems. In fact, most of the current operating systems are created with this language, especially the UNIX ones (the Linux ernel is an example). As for C ++, it is an evolution of object-oriented C that also currently has a multitude of applications and has managed to position itself very high in the ranking.
  6. Others: apart from these, we can also look at other languages ​​that are also very important and that are in great demand.
    1. E.g. bash-scripting, since it is a command interpreter widely used in Linux and other UNIX-like systems that are present in many machines such as servers, mainframes and supercomputers. It would be interesting for your administration to meet you ...
    2. SwiftIt is an emerging language, you already know that it was created by APple and that it is being used a lot to design the new apps for its platforms (Mac and iOS) to replace Objective-C.
    3. HTML5, CSS, PHP, without a doubt three interesting concepts to learn about for the web world.
    4. Ruby and the framework Ruby on Rails (RoR), we rename it because it is very interesting.
    5. Go, this language comes from the hand of Google, and that you should know too.
    6. Rust comes from the hand of Mozilla, and it is not a bad alternative to learn ...
    7. Elixir, Another language that appeared in 2011, and although it is not so well known, it is very interesting and has gained some popularity lately in the world of developers.

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  1.   Manuel Otzoy said

    I wonder why it is so difficult to find a good IDE to develop in these languages, years ago I programmed in Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro and it was all more enjoyable to work with. I'm probably wrong or out of date, anyway if you can write something about it I'll thank you.