Transform Ubuntu 16.04 into Windows 10 with ChaletOS 16.04

Image ChaletOS 16.04

This is what the new version of ChaletOS 16.04 looks like, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and with an appearance that tries to imitate Windows 10

Dejan Petrovic has just announced the availability of a new version of ChaletOS, specifically the version ChaletOS 16.04 that we already have available for download.

ChaletOS 16.04 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 (hence the numbers match) and basically it is an Ubuntu modified to resemble the Windows 10 operating system, something that despite not achieving at all, if they get a system quite similar in appearance.

This new version also copies Ubuntu when it comes to support, sharing the same LTS support as Ubuntu 16.04, also relying on the same kernel, also long-lasting support.

Regarding the appearance similar to Windows 10, ChaletOS achieves this appearance using the Gnome desktop in combination with a series of GTK2 and GTK3 skins, along with a custom icon pack.

Although most Linux users may find it absurd to imitate the appearance of Windows (since that is why you install Windows), it does have a reason for being. Some users who have been using Windows t for many yearsThey are afraid to install Linux because of the great change it entails, so installing a linux system that looks like Windows can make the change easier.

ChaletOS is also ideal to install in educational centers, so that children who have grown up with Windows can take their first steps in Linux without having difficulties or fears. Once they have gotten used to ChaletOS, they can now move to other operating systems with a linux, let's say more pure and traditional.

How could it be otherwise, the operating system comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. To download the ISO images of this system, we will do it from its official page clicking here.

Well ... What do you think of ChaletOS? right idea or instead do you think it is unnecessary a system that mimics the Windows interface?

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  1.   Robert Barajas said

    Not Xfce?

    1.    Amir Torrez (@amirtorrez) said

      Sure enough, that's XFCE.

  2.   Walter Omar Dari said

    It seems to me to taste, who likes Windows uses Windows, it does not make sense to install a different OS and then decorate it similarly.
    I don't think there are many users interested in such a distribution, maybe I'm wrong ...


    1.    Marco said

      It depends on the use you want to give it. For example, in my work, for legal reasons we use Linux because it is free software, since win10 would have a very expensive investment (12 Licenses). So this option falls by the wayside for those who are not used to the linux interface.

      1.    Mariano Bodeán said

        For those who are not used to other environments and have little or no computer skills, using something like this may mean using a distro or not using it and continuing with MS. I recently installed my mother on her ubuntu desktop with cinnamon and a very well achieved theme, believe it or not, after a while of using it myself for microseconds I forgot that it was not win10 :), all options are valid for me .. ! greetings from Argentina! (Now that I think about it, I don't know where Linux addicts are from)

  3.   klaus schultz said

    Well, I do not see the resemblance to Windows 10 anywhere ... On the other hand, installing a GNU / Linux distribution and giving it the appearance of a consecrated system like one of Microsoft or Apple does not seem unreasonable, since both corporations have enough experience to interpret what the common user expects from a desktop. Beyond that, I think that you can do very interesting things with most distributions, although I think that it is not always something that is within the reach of any "foreign" user and that goes against the expansion of the systems sponsored by Tux.

  4.   Wolf Assault said

    I have an identical desktop using Xfce: x

  5.   Sheldon Cooper said

    From my point of view I think that its appearance is more similar to Windows 7, it should be noted that it is quite successful in that regard, having Ubuntu itself in its guts or core with all its features, however I think it can trigger disparate positions in the sense that on the one hand if I can be attractive to conventional users of the Redmond system, however on the other hand, it is just one more adaptation from the visual interface that can be done with any other distro, especially with the based on the XFCE environment, for its unique configuration capacity in its class, so perhaps from that aspect, this distro only extends the list of others that were designed with the same purpose as being for example Zorin OS, anyway and In summary, the principle of the GNU / Linus systems predominates, which is to offer users freedom of choice and use to be more impartial in the conclusion of my analysis. why is the fate of this peculiar distribution.

  6.   Carlos said

    What I like the most is the freedom to do almost anything possible. There are all kinds of needs and tastes ... and why not satisfy them? Another thing is whether it has a host or not… it will be seen… I have tried it in ViretualBox and it seemed very complete to me.

  7.   Omar flores said

    Does anyone know what those icons are called and where do I download them?

  8.   Bill said

    I don't know why they want Linux to look like windows.
    Because MAC users do not pretend to look like windows, and if in lots of forums and linux pages there are "help" on how to look like windows. because we don't have a bit of personality and we accept our distributions as they are.
    Because we don't free ourselves once and for all.

  9.   Ernesto Manriquez Mendoza said

    The way I see it, obviously no enthusiast will install this. Windows 7 skins and systems that mimic Windows 7 (no, no one wants to mimic Windows 8 or 10) have only one recipient: enterprising Linux users who want to enable cybercafes where computer-bound people expect to find, no longer Internet Explorer, but "the arena with the blue e that serves to navigate the interne."

    If it is for that; perfect. All I had seen of imitation Windows were very old distributions with IceWM or KDE 3 skined, so this gives a good few years of advance to these Linux startups.

  10.   kimera said

    I have been using Linux for several years now, one of the main characteristics of the Linux system is the enormous capacity for adaptation and customization of its interface. I have tested this specific system and it seems very stable, it also has one of the program emulators most complete and efficient windows that I have tried.
    Aesthetically very curious and also there is always the possibility of using other themes and settings that do not resemble the windows environment

  11.   Lorenzo Jimenez (@lorenzosjb) said

    Why, if Windows will soon bring Linux? LOL

  12.   Walter Omar Dari said

    Sometimes I don't understand that people can get so confused or disoriented on a Linux desktop. What is the big difference? The start button?
    If there is not a bit of will to interpret it, it can be understood, but even the menus are better ordered in Linux than in Windows, since the first groups the applications by type (graphics, Internet, office, etc.) and the second as « they are falling ».
    I find it so nice to waste time on people who do not want to spend 2 seconds learning that the start button is in the same location as in Windows only that it has another "figurine" ...


  13.   Sentry void said


  14.   I imagine said

    I'm 50 years old. I approached computer science in a VIC-20, and I have gone through OS's that some do not even know (such as the CP / M, a system that IBM was about to choose for its 16bit processors instead of MS-DOS, as al end chose). I have had 8086, 286, 386 computers ... the first ones without a hard disk, I loaded MS-DOS on a 8 »floppy first, then 5 1/4, then 3 1/2. The first windows on 3 floppy disks, it was a graphical extension of MS-DOS; I have gone through version 2.03, the first with overlapping windows; 3.1, 3.11 (networking), 95, 98, 2000; I skipped a version like 98SE or Millenium Edition or 3002. I tried NT and stayed with XP as long as I could until I had no choice but to go to 7, I am reluctant to jump to 8 or 10. And all this to coming?

    Well, it comes to say that I was not just born yesterday in this world, and although I have approached Linux several times (the first time it took me a weekend with a bridge to start, I do not remember which version on a desktop PC) I never I have felt comfortable enough to stay in it and leave Windows.

    You explain to your 8 and 11 year old children that the laptop in their room has a lemon pear system, much better than that Windows shit that their friends have that turns blue sometimes ... while they look at you with a strange face and you they show the CD with educational games that they have brought from the library, and that it works on their friends' Windows shit and it doesn't work at home ... 11 years a child does not want to be original, he wants to be THE SAME as his friends. And believe me, parents with children, potential users of a PC, we are millions and millions in the world.

    What do we have now? An OS that, being Linux, looks like Windows and on top of that you can run programs created for Windows (some)? Well, I understand that Linux addicts don't like it, it's not funny ... but if the pizza smells like Windows, tastes like Windows and looks like Windows, I don't give a damn if the dough is Linux. And on top of that, it's free and easy to install! That is truly what can convince many, including myself and my children, to switch to Linux. But if it doesn't look or taste or smell like Windows, it may already be Iranian caviar, what I want is pizza. I have been used to junk food ...

    A greeting.