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Best Telegram bots

In mid-August, Telegram He launched a "new" feature: the ability to make video calls. I have put it in quotes because it is something that we could already do even with WhatsApp, but Telegram intends to improve it and make it more secure. Unfortunately, in countries like Spain WhatsApp is the most used messaging app, although it is not the best nor is it close to being so. For example, you don't have the telegram bots, and it is something more useful than we could think before we started using them.

But what are Telegram bots? Basically and quickly and badly explained, they are a chat with a robot that will be designed to perform a task. A very popular one is the one that I have included in the header capture, but it will be one that I will not include in the list because it takes time to learn how it works to create other bots. In the following list you will see Telegram bots that we can take advantage of from the first moment.

Telegram bots that are worth it

Before we start talking about them, we must talk about a possibility: that a bot is "inline". This will mean that we can use it within chats using its at sign, as long as we have a private chat open with it. Something that I also find important to explain is that sometimes bots crash, or even stop working. The ones I have added here work in September 2020. With this explained, the best I've tried are these:


The IFTTT bot (@IFTTT) will serve to connect our Telegram with the service If This Then That. If you do not know it, it is "if this, then that", which means that when in one service we do "something", another service will do "something else" automatically. For example, when you send a photo to the bot, it will upload it to a social network, such as Twitter.


My Tracking (@MiTrackingBot) has been created by a Spanish developer and is one of my favorites. If you have used services like Parcel You will know what I mean: we add a tracking code and the bot will automatically check if there have been movements. If so, you will notify us with a message. Unlike Parcel and other services, the use of this bot is free, so it is worth it.


As you can guess, this bot (@GmailBot) is used to manage our Gmail accounts from Telegram. It is especially interesting for use with child accounts, although this is not a written rule. Gmail Bot offers us many functions and we could use it perfectly with our main account, but that is now up to each of us.

Twitter Video Downloader

To download a video from Twitter, one option is to do it from services such as, but if we have Telegram, we can use this bot (@TwitterDownloaderBot). It is especially useful on mobile devices, because we can use the share sheet to send a link to the bot and it will offer us the possibility of downloading it in different qualities. Once you have it ready, simply send us the video to the same chat and we can download it like any other video.

F1 info

This bot will inform us about F1 news, but personally that is not why I use it. F1 Info (@ F1InfoBot) is your best friend if you want to find out about training sessions or when an F1 race is going to start, something that it will do an hour before and minutes before the start of the session. You have more options, but this is how I left it.

Twitter Screenshot Bot

Twitter Screenshot Bot (@TwitterScreenshotBot) is a simple bot that will take screenshots of the tweets we send it. Yes, making a capture is something very simple, but the good thing about this bot is that it will also serve as a folder or storage location for all our Twitter captures. Also, we can make them in light or dark mode.


This (@YTranslateBot) is a bot that helps us to translate texts. Google also has one, but it fails more, something that contrasts with the web versions. We just have to configure which language it will translate to and send any text to it for instant translation. Logically, it is best to forward messages from users who speak in another language.

Text To Speech Bot

Text To Speech Bot (@TextTSBot) is a bot that will voice any text we send it. We can configure 4 different voices and it will read us whatever we send it.


The opposite of the bot above, HearForYou (@HearForYou_Bot) will text any audio we send to it, as long as it can be understood. This is especially good at night, or simply if we are listening to music and we do not feel like stopping to listen to an audio message. The good thing is that we can send you WhatsApp audios and it will also transcribe them.

Spotify Bot, FlacStoreBot and VKM Bot

I put these three in the same section because they serve the same purpose: to download music. Each one uses its own sources, such as Spotify, Deezer and more, but they allow us to download songs or even complete discs. The bots are @ spotify_to_mp3_bot, @FlacStoreBot, and @vkm_bot, and I recommend you try all three of them to see which one you like best.

Mirroring Bot

This is a simple bot to protect our privacy. Sometimes, when forwarding a message, the name of the person who wrote the original message appears. This is avoided if we first forward it to a bot as simple as this one, since when forwarding the message the name of this bot (@mirroring_bot) will appear and not that of the original user.

Cloud Convert Bot

In Linux we can convert files to other formats from the terminal quickly and "easily", as long as we remember the commands. But CloudConvert You can do it for us from your website, or we can also use one of the Telegram bots with which we will shortcut. Cloud Convert Bot (@cloud_convert_bot) works with certain limits if we do not add a key with its API, something totally recommended.


This (@Stickers) is one of the most used official Telegram bots. If we send you an image, even if it is not compatible, it will tell us what we have to do to make it compatible. I already tell you that we have to create a package, give it a name and publish it and then send images that have to be in PNG format and with the largest part of 512px. It is very worth it and having stickers created by yourself greatly improves the Telegram experience.


Simpler Telegram bots than this there are few. When we want to share images in forums, for example, we can use the tools of the forum, but sometimes it is worth uploading the images to Imgur. This bot (@imgurbot_bot) will return a link to Imgur of any image we send it.

Wikipedia Search

This is an inline bot that will allow us to consult wikipedia within any chat, including the bot. We just have to put your name (@wiki) and a search to show us the options to choose from. If we choose one, he will send it to the group.

Yandex Image Search

Another inline bot with which we can search for images in Yandex Images to share them in any chat. His name is very easy to remember because it is a photo in English (@pic).

Fake Mail and Drop Mail

I also put these two bots together because they serve the same purpose, but each one works in a different way. They are to get temporary emails, which can help us to register on websites or for whatever we imagine. Its users are @fakemailbot and @DropmailBot.


Like Wikipedia, the RAE bot (@raebot) is an inline bot from which we can ask for definitions.


FancyChars (@FancyCharsBot) is not one of the Telegram bots that will save our lives, but it helps us to decorate our texts. ???????? ????? ?????? ???? ????.

TikTok Downloader

Like the Twitter video downloader, this one (@TiktokDl_Robot) will help us to download videos from TikTok.

YouTube bot

Another inline bot (@youtube) in which we can search, but in this case of YouTube videos. Also take a look at our subscriptions.

Image To Text (OCR)

With this bot (@imageToText_bot) we can convert any image that contains text to text, which is known as OCR. For example, if you send us an image with Russian text, we can send it to this bot and send the obtained text to Yandex.Translate.


This is a bot with which we can search files for viruses. It is worth using it when we have doubts, lest it happen to you as happened to the brother of a server when, from Linux security, I downloaded a program to burn CDs that was infected and, well, it had problems. Its use is very simple: we send a file to the bot's chat (@DrWebBot) and it will tell us if it is infected or not.

CodeScan - QR & Barcode Reader / Generator

With this bot (@CodeScanBot) we can read or generate QR codes. All we have to do is send you a QR code or a text to do its magic.

Amazon Tracker

Prices on Amazon vary a lot. The same product can now be for €100, in one week it will go down to €50 and the next week it will go back to €100 or even raise that price. For this reason, there are services to follow the prices of Amazon items. But since this is about bots, we have to add @amazonTraker_bot here. As they explain to us when opening a private message and starting it, its operation is very simple: we send you a link with a price (without the € symbol) that would be the maximum we want to pay for the item. When said product drops below that price, the bot will notify us of the discount.

Do you know Telegram bots that should be on this list?

As you can see, the Telegram bots they allow us to do practically everything. These are the ones that I think are the most useful, but do you know any that should be on this list?

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  1.   cobalt said

    @filetobot to have your pendrive in telegram with folders, ordered the files by type, unlimited

  2.   Cyrus said

    @filetobot to have your pendrive unlimited, you can make folders, see your files by types, etc.

    1.    Trublux said

      @MisCofresCRBot to check your next chests in Clash Royale.

  3.   Sheyla said

    @aemetbot to check the weather in your location or receive the weather on a daily basis

  4.   bishops said

    It is not a bot as such, but a channel where the bot that I have created is to publish all the news that Netflix brings every day, updated daily.

    You can enter the channel here: @NuevoEnNetflix

    1.    Dredd said


  5.   pilfer said

    @detectivepikachubot to handle pokemon go raids.

    With endless functions.

  6.   Francis Cascales said

    I did the article «Program a Telegram bot using PHP»:

    I also included a number of very simple bots:
    @cifrasletras_bot - Convert figures into letters.
    Configuration: euro, female or male
    @matematicas_bot - Mathematical calculations.
    Options: is prime, factorial, factorization, fibonacci, power of 2
    @codigo_bot - Code calculation.
    Options: iban, nif

  7.   Luis said

    Excellent and necessary article. There was an extraordinary one for ebooks, it stopped working a few weeks ago, someone knows if they replaced it with another. Thanks.

  8.   Js said

    @Meming bot to create your meme and send it

    1.    choroy said

      @StreamRadarBot - It tells you on which streaming platform movies and TV series are available.

  9.   Kike said

    Meetup, great for organizing meetings.

  10.   Raul said

    I leave you one to get the best discounts on Amazon Spain: chollakoBot, it sends you notifications of price drop of the products that interest you.

  11.   José said

    Very good post, I knew most of them.
    If you allow me, I would like to be able to recommend my own bot: @La_Ruleta_de_la_Fortuna_bot
    It is a bot with a game (2 to 5 players) of the roulette of luck, and also, every so often (hours), it asks random questions, with a ranking per group.
    It's fun, people are liking it.
    Greetings and thanks!!

  12.   Victor said

    Hello! I would love for you to try mine: @amazonTraker_bot you can put an amazon product and the price at which you want to buy it and it will notify you when it stays at that price or lower. I have already tested it and the results are satisfactory. Thanks!

    1.    pablinux said


bool (true)