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This being the last day of the year, you cannot miss a report about Distro Watch's Top 10 Linux Distributions of 2017. For those who do not know this famous portal I will tell you a little although it is a website that compiles news, links with analysis, screenshots and update information, releases or developments, and establishes a popularity ranking.

Taking the information that this website offers us from the history of all of 2017, I can tell you that within the most popular distributions we find 3 systems in this ranking where we find Debian, Fedora and Arch Linux, the latter does not appear in itself, the others are systems based on these.


Although I only have to say that this information is based on what was collected from the aforementioned website, without further ado we begin.

10 Zorin OS

Zorin OS 12.2

In the tenth position we find Zorin, this operating system is based on Ubuntu which in turn is based on Debian. Zorin It is characterized by being a system focused on being a system similar to Windows, so it has a repertoire of applications without overlooking its own desktop environment that has been modified by its developers to have the most exact appearance of Windows 7.

Without a doubt this is a distribution that it is worth recommending for those who are migrating from Windows to Linux And don't have much trouble getting to know and familiarize yourself with the Linux environment.

If you want to download this system I leave your link here.

9 Elementary OS

Elementary OS Freya

In the ninth position we find another Ubuntu-based system. Elementary OS initially started as a set of themes and applications designed for Ubuntu, after that its developers ventured to create their own system, along with its own desktop environment which is called Pantheon, which from my point of view has a good design.

If you want to know more about this system I leave your link here.

8 fedora

Fedora 26

In this position we find Fedora, which it is an extremely rigid and robust system that has a large community behind this distribution which entails great support.

This distribution is backed by Red Hat, with which together they seek to make Fedora stand out and be a leader in the technological field.

If you want to know about her I leave you this link where I explain how to install its latest version.

7 only

DIstro Solus desk

Solus, formerly called "Evolve OS", is an independent Linux distribution created and developed by Ikey Doherty. It is a free operating system for personal computers and focused on ease of use.

This distribution adopts the Rolling Release system where the motto is one installation, only updates.

Solus has its own desktop environment, which over time has become quite famous, many will have heard or already know Budgie desktop, although the system also gives us the option to choose Mate or Gnome Shell in addition to its desktop.

If you want to know about this distribution I leave you its link.

6 openSUSE

opensuse tumbleweed

In this position we find openSUSE, a flagship Linux distribution with a great history to back up its popularity, previously this system was known as SUSE Linux which was not open source, so that with the passage of time was acquired by a company called Novell, which opened the doors to the development of SUSE and the system adopted the name of openSUSE.

This system like Fedora, it has the support of handling rpm packages, in addition to this, it offers the following:

  • AppArmor - Grants permissions to apps based on how they run and interact with the system.
  • YaST - An application that openSUSE uses to administer the system and install software.
  • Xen: virtualization software.

If you want to know more about this system I leave your link here.

5 Previous


Already approaching the most valued distributions at this point we find Antergos, this is an Arch Linux based distribution, which was previously known as Cinnarch. This distro is based on Rolling Release.

Antergos is characterized by giving users the freedom to choose between different desktop environments and mounts.

If you want to know about this distro I leave your link here.


Ubuntu 17.10 screenshot

In this position I am surprised to find one of the most emblematic and beloved distributions by many users, Ubuntu. Talking about Ubuntu is probably not necessary, but for those who do not know it.

Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian, this distribution supports deb package system, it has a great community and great support, it is a fairly rigid distribution and it is usually one of the distributions that those who migrate from Windows to Linux adapt.

If you want to know about her I leave your link here.

3 manjaro

Already being within the 3 best distributions of all of 2017 we find Manjaro, a great Arch Linux based distribution. Manjaro as it is based on Arch Linux se based on its Rolling Release upgrade system.

I can understand why Manjaro is in this place, because without a doubt andIt is one of the best alternatives to know Arch Linux without dying in the attemptSince this account with Calamares which is an installation wizard, unlike Arch Linux the user must do the installation on their own.

That is why many users do not venture to use Arch Linux as they consider it a distribution for users who already have a little knowledge of Linux.

I leave you here the system link.

2 Debian

debian lxde

In the place of the silver medal we find Debian. This Linux system is super rigid and stable so, as I mentioned before, Ubuntu is based on this system. and from there are born more distributions based on this system.

The characteristic of this system are its code names, which are baptized with characters from one of the best known films in the children's world, Toy StoryThe name Jessie, Wheezy, will sound familiar to you ... Well, they are names that have been given to some versions of the system.

If you want to know more about this system I leave you the link.

1 Linux Mint.

Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon

In the first place and taking the gold medal, we found living proof that the student outperforms the teacher. Linux Mint is a distribution based on Ubuntu, this distribution is widely known for its famous desktop environment "Cinnamon".

Which is a fork of gnome, which gives us the perspective of trying to be friendly and familiar to users arriving from Windows.

Despite its ups and downs, referring to his famous hack where they introduced a backdoor to the system ISO and no one had noticed it until later. Linux Mint ranks first.

Without further ado I leave you the link of this distribution.

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  1.   Che said

    "The characteristic of this system are its code names, which are baptized with characters from one of the best-known films in the children's world"

    Berry that you have found the key point of the success of this distro ...

    1.    Carlos Espino said

      Berry? He did not know that it was a fleshy fruit with seeds surrounded by pulp.
      By the way, as a New Year's resolution you could write one of the types of: «It is not necessary to make unpleasant comments on blogs, it is much better to enjoy (and value) the work that our colleagues who are passionate about free software do. Although sometimes they are much less intelligent than us (or so we suppose) they at least try to share their knowledge ».
      You think?

      1.    Che said

        Well then, you should take a spoonful of your own advice, you are smart and never make mistakes.

        For my part, it seems wrong that in a serious article that tries to highlight the virtues of an operating system like Debian, the relevance of their names is mentioned.

        It's like highlighting how "adorable" the name Puppy is in a distro.

        1.    leonardo ramirez said

          The article at no time intends to delve into the reasons why they have such a position. It only makes a brief synopsis.

  2.   fatty said

    How can you put fedora on the list of the 10 best distros, being such a rigid distribution that you cannot even substitute systemd?. Unless it is a selection based on popularity and not on the quality of the final product.

  3.   digger said

    good post, but where do you leave Archlinux :( haha