Testing Haiku OS: Another Linux Danger?

Haiku-tan (alpha version) Wallpaper

It will not be Linux but it is open source, a recreation of what was the little known BeOS And that today comes up at a strong pace, we talk about Haiku OS that yesterday I had the opportunity to try.

As long as there is a weird operating system, there will be geeks who will try it and it occurred to me to try this operating system mainly because it is not really difficult to mount, so I did not test it in a virtual machine, but I put it directly on a USB.

Some context:

Haiku OS is the heir to BeOS, an operating system from the nineties oriented towards multimedia and non-computing users in general. For years they were developing the system that was never very popular until Palm bought them and their few users were left without any support.

Since the beginning of the last decade, attempts have been made to recreate this operating system and today we have the first results of it.


  • It uses the same type of microkernel from BeOS and is unique to Haiku.
  • It is oriented to the desktop.
  • It has a command line, it's called Terminal.
  • Much of their software is free and even GNU.
  • It is compatible with current programs such as the Firefox browser or the VLC.
  • The installation of programs is simple, simply by extracting the ZIP somewhere, preferably in the folder destined for the programs, as they recommend themselves (I did not install anything)
  • Currently it is possible to test it as a LiveCD or install it permanently

The result is a fast system that works fine even on a pendrive and starts up the first time without configuring anything. The result is brilliant and the best thing is that it is only an alpha version.

What I appreciated when starting the system was something very similar to this, look:

All this leads me to wonder if it really can be a competition for GNU / Linux, which is undoubtedly more advanced than Hurd himself.

If it develops more strongly, personally I would not hesitate to use it, have it on my pendrive and take advantage of it anywhere.

It's a danger?

The image illustrating this article is Haiku-tan by Vadim Bobkovsky

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  1.   thalskarth said

    Haiku really promises a lot and has had a very active development lately. Hopefully they continue like this, since as an alternative he seems like a very good candidate;)

  2.   psep said

    I've always said it, microkernels, by their capacity are the future, maybe it's not Hurd, maybe it could be Haiku OS, who knows, but that's where it goes.

  3.   Caesar Salad said

    Interesting. It does not seem to me to be "a danger" to Linux. Diversity can contribute a lot to this of the OS and more if they are free. I would like to try it. Besides being open source, Linux can also take advantage of its advancements and Haiku in the same way.


  4.   chupy35 said

    excellent post congratulations, I love these freaks

  5.   nitsuga said

    In free software there is no danger because some independent project appears. It's all evolution. What we are sure is that in the future GNU will use a microkernel. It could be Linux 3, Hurd, or perhaps Haiku, but the existence of this development does not endanger our operating system, but rather the opposite.

  6.   Juanman said

    I don't think it's a danger for linux ... Haiku is a very interesting project, I once saw a talk from one of the developers who was in La Plata ... Likewise, I don't think it happens to be a freak, like Hurd, reactOS or dragonfly ... We'll see how evolves ...

    "What we are sure of is that in the future GNU will use a microkernel."

    I'm not so sure ... It is quite difficult to develop a microkernel ... And carry all the drivers ... And do all the testing that Linux has on top of it ...

  7.   nitsuga said

    I'm not so sure ... It is quite difficult to develop a microkernel ... And carry all the drivers ... And do all the testing that Linux has on top of it ...

    And what does it have? That doesn't make it impossible to do. At least you already have all the reverse engineering done, because creating all the drivers that are already created for Linux would have been a thousand times more complicated than porting them to another kernel. The microkernel is the future, you just have to wait for someone to come out with an efficient implementation. and the monolithic linux we know will be extinct.

  8.   Nacho said

    I use microkernels, or xxl kernels, nor pajolera, but the truth is that I have tried it and it looks very interesting (Except for the fact that setting up a usb modem based on wvdial makes me lazy).
    Maybe it's just one more freak ... but the truth is that, if that's what we are going for, almost all Linux users are geeks, and if, in beta, it supports flash, codecs and the odd game, it would not matter to me for my little one ^^

  9.   Josep said

    Funny that today I read two quite different articles about Haiku. One here and the other: http://diegocg.blogspot.com/2010/05/opinando-sobre-haiku.html

  10.   bachi.tux said

    The more variety and diversity, the more effort to be the best of the developers and the best products for the user we will obtain ...

  11.   sk said

    Try it more often and you will see how cool it is.

  12.   Sandman dante said

    I already use it when I want to start my pc at full speed, listen to music or surf the internet in very specific things, it needs to be used every day but it can be used interleaved is my third Os after linux (which I hate every day more) windows 7 (which is becoming loved ... then he asks me to activate it) haiku which I love and understand with patience and so far it has managed to evolve and begins to satisfy my basic needs day after day.

    1.    marianxistent said

      Love it when wifi, sound, input .. Video

  13.   Dan @ KenSei: ~ $ said

    …danger?? Diversity always leads to improvements for the end user, especially when it comes to free software. It is possible, even probable, that Linux as we know it ends up disappearing over time, after all Linux is a monolithic kernel and that, although it gives it certain advantages, also makes debugging and scalability difficult. Is that bad? No, it's called evolution, and sooner or later Linux will probably be replaced by something faster, more powerful, more flexible ... better. The really important thing is that free software is "alive", and personally Haiku seems like a great advance that, if it is completed beyond an alpha version (and especially, depending on its software and hardware support) could become in a new escape route for Windows users without much technical knowledge, of those who despair with the problems that Windows gives them but are even more desperate trying to configure their ATI Radeon in a gnu / Linux: P

  14.   July said

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  15.   July said

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  16.   July said

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  17.   July said

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  18.   Learn Seduction said

    Beos is in alpha phase and at the moment they are focusing on making it stable! Let's not order pears from the elm! It is a very small development team, with a little time they will put ornaments and pijadillas on it.

  19.   Suana Jimenez said

    I want to learn Linux, but it seems more than a waste of time to learn so many distributions,
    It doesn't bother me to learn Java, Python, XHTML, etc, but the best thing would be to perfect myself in Java, Pyton, XHTML, etc. That wasting time with endless distributions, even two or three, is wasting time. Doesn't it take a lifetime to perfect yourself only in Java, or phyton.
    I want to learn to hack. Which distribution would you recommend, Debian, Slackware, or which one. They tell me that backtrack, but backtrack is a version of debian, it would not be better to use debian. Others say Ubuntu but it is another version of debian, it would not be better to use debian.
    I don't understand why they say that Linux is the best OS in the world. If so, for reason, its programs and even Linux itself is incomplete, for example,
    The Microsoft office is, let's say, 100% complete, and the open office is 25 and even less.
    Another example photoshop is 100 percent complete and I think it's called Gimp much less than 25 percent, it doesn't seem like a waste of time, it wouldn't be better to learn Photosop than Gimp.
    I understand that they say Windows is for those who have money to spend. But I don't think money is an excuse to have a good operating system. I understand that it is not virus free. But it seems to me far superior to Linux. I would pay 1000 dollars or even much more, as long as I have a good operating system.
    I understand that the blue screen exists, but learning to reload the Windows 7 software solves the problem. The hard drive is not ruined, you can load it as many times as you want.
    It is too annoying a software in which most of the programs that are too indispensable and important such as matlab, spss14, cs4, well I think 100 percent of the software, or 99 percent, do not run. And another thing, it doesn't take a lifetime to learn how to handle spss14, or matlab, or all the cs4 packages. AND LEARNING TO DRIVE MORE THAN ONE SO, IT IS A LOT MORE WASTE OF TIME.
    I read that in a computer counterattack, Windows is defenseless, and it would be fried like a coffee pot, what they mean could you explain to me.
    I want to be a hacker, how should I begin what should be my primary instruction, what should be my first steps to become a hacker.
    I'll appreciate your prompt response.

    1.    Z3r0-C00L said

      to be a jacker you have to have very advanced knowledge of systems and networks ... for that there is only one solution .. STUDY! xD an igenieria of computer science or teleco for example. But come on, from what you have written .. you have no idea so start with the most basic, to use the keyboard and mouse hahahaha;)

  20.   Computer networks said

    Oops! Too bad, I'm just getting hooked. Greetings.

  21.   David said

    It is no danger, it does not have drivers for Wifi, and less for a USB mixer, it does not have any program similar to Mixxx, there is no possibility of setting the menus as in OSx (appmenu-indicator in debian and derivatives, come on, danger? ?, none

  22.   jose said

    If you don't have the linux nonsense of using command lines to install anything and when someone complains about how idiotic they are, they tell you "you are structured with windows", it is surely a threat

    1.    diego valley said

      What you call bullshit is a very useful tool that you can use or not.
      And yes, it's on Haiku and I'm going to give you some news that will make your hair stand on end: IT'S ALSO ON WINDOWS.
      Although in these systems it is little more than a toy.

  23.   Paul said

    The truth is I always liked beos and well, haiku, I have been updating it in a virtual machine to test it, no, but at any time I install it on a disk that I have Linux

  24.   Alberto Garea said

    I spent a few years working on occasion computing and it would certainly have been quite a hoot. I do not remember having seen something so light and with such graphic capacity and simplicity. of those I had to do pirouettes with windows me or xp to get them to disk or to keep ram consumption at bay ...

  25.   diego valley said

    It is very easy to install it in a virtual machine, but I have tested it on two real, orange computers from China.
    It's beta 3.