LiveCD - an excellent option

After carefully reading the post from sources, you will have noticed that if we want to see Linux in operation, we can choose from a very wide range of distributions (some easier, others not so much… it depends on how young you are).

Let's try one distro X then.

Okay, I'm going to select a distro.

But I don't want to install anything ...

Nor do I want to take up space on my disk ...

I also do not want to lose data or modify absolutely anything of my fantastic installation of Windows.

Basically, I don't know if I want to install Linux, I just want to try it and if I like it, we'll see.

Well, what you need is a LiveCD.

Let's look at Wikipedia.

Un Live CD o live dvd, more generically Live Distribution, (sometimes translated as Live CD or Standalone CD), is an operating system (usually accompanied by a set of applications) stored on removable media, traditionally a CD or a DVD (hence its names), which can be run from it without having to install it on a computer's hard drive , for which it uses RAM memory as a virtual hard disk and the medium itself as a file system.

Perfect. Just what we were looking for.

To get hold of him LiveCD of the distribution we want, a few simple steps:

* download the distribution package from where applicable. By entering the search box of any browser and testing xdistro + download they're going to see a fair amount of download options. Once the file is downloaded, you will see that its extension is . Iso. This gives us the guideline that this file is a image.

* FUNDAMENTAL! If the file that we download is an image, it must be saved as an image. If you try to burn it as a data cd or in any other way, I can assure you that it won't boot at all. I have about 5 cd's on my desktop that test it :(

In this case, they can download (if they don't have one, they probably do) some software that allows the recording of iso files. They select the file they downloaded, we look in the program for an option similar to Save as Image, and ready.

Once this is done, they can explore the CD they burned from Windows.

Tip:: If when entering the CD and once it is read we do not see a descriptive logo or some splash screen, something in the recording did not go well ;)

If everything is correct, we just have to restart our PC without removing the LiveCD to use it. If the restart does not load the LiveCD, restart again, select in the BootMenu (pressing F8 or F11, whatever corresponds on their PC's) and there they choose the cd / dvd drive to start. Once this is done, we make sure that we are booting from our cd.

We already have our LiveCD running and we accessed a very practical way to test Linux without touching our record or breaking anything.

My recommendations:

* navigate the interface, the applications, try to locate yourself on the desktop. A distribution or operating system will be good for us as long as it is useful and intuitive to us.

* take some time to learn how to handle it

* generate documents, save them, create folders. All distributions have built-in file browsers. It is useful to create some simple documents and record them to understand the layout of the most common folders.

* browse the web (sometimes this is achieved without configuring anything at all, other times not).

* Try modifying the basics of the interface and making the desktop your own, modifying the background, fonts, themes ...

* none were born knowingIf you can't find the trash in the first 30 seconds, it's not the end of the world. It takes another 30 seconds.

* play, change, modify !!!!

Needless to say, modifications to the desktop, files created, downloads, etc. they will be lost once the pc is restarted.

This is, in my opinion, one of the greatest facilities that Linux provides us: the possibility of testing it thoroughly without installing anything, or invading our PC. Take advantage of it. We can have as many LiveCD's as we want, use them as many times as we want, give them away, lend them, break them ...

Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to use a LiveCD of the distro that is. On Windows not achieved;).

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  1.   I am said

    Yes, they had told me that things get slow, but it is understandable, since we are working from the cd.

  2.   N @ ty said

    And yes, you have to wait a bit, you can't have them all in favor either: D

    Big bachi !!, and yes, we are the only ones ...

  3.   Miguel Gastelum said

    It is important to mention that not all distributions are prepared for LiveCD, it is important to first investigate so as not to have a plop !! If the only thing we are looking for is to know the distribution, the most common and striking are those that regularly have Live CDs, and if you want to mount an OpenSuse or an Ubuntu 8.04 with 256 Ram I think it will frustrate you a bit, and as they say for the renegades, something they will probably never see in Windows, they will not risk trying it before they can buy it this way !!! If you want to Lower ISO's, I recommend Torrents, which in these things are totally legal !!!!

    Very simple and straightforward

  4.   Miguel Gastelum said

    aaa by the way I am interested in installing OpenSuse and I even have the DVD and I have started the process but for some details I do not finish installing it besides lack of time, so the only ones are not created !!! hahahahaha

    Greetings again !!!

  5.   N @ ty said


    Let's make a mini-club.

    We are looking at the distros with LiveCD, an excellent suggestion for a little list or something similar.

    A hug :)

  6.   bachi.tux said

    And how does Linux not physically break into our hard drives? (more than one will wonder ...)

    As easy as using ONLY the RAM memory, where it completely dumps the data.

    And well as n @ ty says: LiveCDs distributions are the best to EXPERIENCE (it means breaking, playing, exploring, testing), because NOTHING is on disk, EVERYTHING in RAM.

    I add (I hope it doesn't bother N @ ty) that those who "look for the fifth leg of the cat" will notice a certain slowness from the boot of the PC to the desktop of our "virtual" distribution. This is because a tri-communication is established between Reader-RAM-CPU. They are running something "without the Hard Drive", and the startup speed on a LiveCD depends PURE AND EXCLUSIVELY on the speed of the three parts in play that I already name.

    Well, I extended… sorry, N @ ty, I wanted to add that…

    Greetings and very simply explained! ;)

  7.   bachi.tux said

    N @ ty, it seems that we are the only ones who use SUSE… hehe: D

  8.   Rana said

    I have a question ... I am new to this, but I need to edit video and photography, I have been told that I can work in linux with photoshop but can I work with the other adobe products? I need to have at least the after effets and the adobe premiere ... but I don't know if it can be done, please help

  9.   Nacho said

    Rana, yes, you can, there are a couple of tutorials on the forums on how to emulate (Be careful, emulate) the patatochop in Linux. In itself, it is copying the installation folder from a win partition and installing the registry entry with wine.
    Now if you really "need" to use that, and you want to have linux, make a partition.
    The patatochop in linux is not that fancy (Unless you have a machine) and it is also a pain in the ass to go about installing windows stories in linux.
    The premiere… I doubt it, more than anything because it requires a lot of power to function, and wine uses almost 10 times the necessary power.
    I do not know what you do, I was with the paintshoppro and when I switched to linux I sent it for a walk and I learned gimp, which I get the same and above all I do not have to go pirating, and the premiere ... well you have a couple of good alternatives.
    Now, I said, if you need it, make a partition or use the virtualbox (If you can find the fucking vboxdrv module, that's another).
    Anyway, greetings

  10.   Rana said

    Aaah ok Nacho thanks, if they had already mentioned to me about making the partition, I think that if I will try, right now I decided to try with the Knoppix distro although I'm having problems installing it hehe, but thanks =)

  11.   Gabriel said

    Livecd always consume more memory than the system already installed on the hard disk, also since they only depend on memory, it means that if we have little ram we cannot try some things

  12.   mxkro said

    Well, before trying wubi, I used the LiveCD version and I was discovering things, lost in a new world for me .. :( but learning ...

  13.   Miguel Gastelum said

    @Rana before entering the world of GNU / Linux I think you should investigate more about distributions, maybe Knoppix does not solve your concerns since I see that you are more oriented to multimedia and this is a stronger and harder distribution, maybe because of Being German, I don't know, but in my opinion I think you should start with something simpler an Ubuntu, where there are many applications for the development of images and video editing and other things, I recommend you try the subversion called Ubuntu Studio, which is a Simple Ubuntu with all the accumulation of applications for Multimedia already integrated, you will not have to go looking for which one will serve you for what, here they are already installed, I hope and this information will serve you.