Solus 4.3 comes with Linux 5.13, desktop environment updates and more

The release of the new version of Solus 4.3 which comes shortly after five months of development and continues with the 4.x “Fortitude” branch offering new updates to the desktop environment, software stacks and more.

For those who are unfamiliar with this Linux distribution, I can tell you that in it package management uses the eopkg package manager (a fork of PiSi from Pardus Linux), which provides the usual tools for installing / removing packages, searching the repository, and managing repositories. Packages can be classified into thematic components, which in turn form categories and subcategories.

In addition, another component that stands out from this distribution is its "Budgie" desktop environment that is based on GNOME technologies, but it uses its own GNOME Shell, panel, applets, and notification system implementations. To manage windows, Budgie uses Budgie Window Manager (BWM), which is an advanced modification of the base Mutter plugin.

The distribution adheres to a hybrid development model, whereby significant releases are released periodically, offering new technologies and significant enhancements, and in the interval between significant releases, the distribution is developed using a rolling model of package updates.

Solus 4.3 main news

In this new version that is presented from the distribution as already mentioned the development of the 4.x branch continues and the kernel is now offered Linux updated to version 5.13 and with which not only various aspects have been improved but it was also updated to include VIRTIO SND, CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CHECKSUM to improve compatibility with lxd and X86_SGX_KVM to create SGX enclaves on KVM guests.

While to improve the performance of the JACK sound server, the RT_GROUP_SCHED setting has been disabled and they added new drivers, including platform support Dell X86, ASoC Intel Elkhart Lake, Jasper Lake, Tiger Lake, Sony PS5 controllers, SemiTek keyboards and Microsoft Surface devices.

On the graphics stack side, these have been updated to the Mesa 21.1.3 version. and with which sand added support for AMD graphics cards Radeon RX 6700 XT, 6800, 6800 XT and 6900 XT and also the RADV driver for AMD graphics cards adds support for the adjustable bar technology provided on the PCI Express interfaces to speed up data exchange between the CPU and the GPU.

Regarding desktop environments, it is mentioned that GNOME has been updated to version 40.0 and now GTK theme changed from Silver-noir to Materia-dark, which is similar in design but adapted for GNOME Shell 40 and GTK4, while the MATE desktop environment ships with version 1.24, to which the accumulated fixes have been carried over.

In the version of KDE Plasma has updated the environment to version 5.22.2, KDE Frameworks 5.83, KDE Applications 21.04.2, and Qt 5.15.2 with backported patches. Distribution specific changes include the new SolusLight light theme, which looks like Breeze Light but matches the style of the SolusDark theme, the SolusDark theme has improved support for blurring and adaptive transparency. Plasma-Systemmonitor is used by default instead of Ksysguard and the konversation IRC client is transferred by default to the server with TLS encryption enabled.

And for the part of the distribution environment that is Budgie this has been updated to version 10.5.3 and in which the support for the GNOME 40 stack is introduced, as well as various changes in Mutter, in addition to gsettings-desktop-schemas and gnome-shell (if you want to know more about this version of the environment, you can consult the details In the following link).

Finally of the system parcel, we can find the updated versions of programs and system components, including bluez 5.60, ffmpeg 4.4, gstreamer 1.18.4, dav1d 0.9.0, Pulseaudio 14.2, Firefox 89.0.2, LibreOffice, Thunderbird 78.11.0.

If you are interested in knowing more about it of the new version, you can check the details in the following link.

Download Solus 4.3

If you want to get the new version of Solus 4.3, you just have to go to its official website and in its download section you will find the links for each of the different versions of the Solus desktop environment.

The link is this. 

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