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30 seconds of pure truth first ...

I love it!
The week before, if you recall, I left you to complete a little survey on safety (and how seriously we take it). I do not know if there are correct or incorrect answers, what there is is true answers, in all cases. Let's see which of these responses denote a concern about the security of our data and equipment:

1 C. Interesting to note that the security of our equipment is not the antivirus, but the same used conscientiously, in case you use Windows and you need it;)

2. b.

3. a. Why save junk emails? To the bin and that's it.

4. Here they could be a, b or d. I must admit that I am a disaster at passwords and I tend to forget the new ones, so I tend to always use the same ones ... A shame ...: razz:

5. Here security is on the user's side, in addition to the browser. If we get really paranoid about security, I think that using Mozilla Firefox with no-script is a good option, as this prevents user-side code from being executed, yes, but it prevents the execution of malicious code and also benign code ... Personally, I would say that it is option c.

6.a. It's fundamental! and to think that sometimes to save a nanosecond of waiting we do not do it correctly ...

This leads us to draw two very short conclusions:

Is security the responsibility of the operating system?


We will not fall into the eternal discussion about which operating system is more secure: how insecure is windowsWell, we all know it.

What I would be interested in rescuing is the following: there are more secure OSs, and others less. The shortcomings and advantages of each will be evaluated at the time of choose the OS you want to use.

The logic would indicate that the OS's should be secure, that the developers evaluate the threats to which the potential users of their product will be exposed and anticipate the possible forms of attack and how to counteract them. We would like that.

We also know that hierarchical levels of users with different possibilities and responsibilities are established in the OSs that concern us. It is a good way to protect security, and here we get to the heart of the matter ...

Is security the responsibility of the user?

Yes, yes and yes. I have no doubt. Yes.

If not, take a look at this example: my dad has no idea about Windows security or insecurity, therefore after long and repetitive discussions regarding web browsing and messaging we came to an agreement with the following terms .

* not accept people we don't know into the messenger;

* not accept files sent to us by the people we have in the messenger if they have not previously notified us that they are sending us something;

* Do not open emails from people we do not know, especially if they have attachments;

* For more posters of "You won a million dollars" or "You are the visitor 999.999" that appear to us when browsing, it goes without saying that we have not won anything;

* there is no good reason why I should enter my credit card details anywhere;

* be suspicious of absolutely everything.

You will realize that all I did is generate fear (and a bit of paranoia) When browsing so that, at the slightest hint of strange behavior, my father flies off the page and immediately informs the security officer of the machine he uses (read: my brother). What have I accomplished with this? That the same errors that generated inconveniences and complete reinstallation of the OS in other opportunities are not repeated.

Now, it would be ideal if users (like my father) had at least a general idea of ​​the security policies of their operating system. To the know the tools we choose (or that we must use in some cases) we can choose to implement the security measures that we consider necessary. I think that today a PC with an internet connection and Windows as an OS without antivirus and complementary software for spyware would be inconceivable. I estimate that in less than a week everything should be reinstalled again.

Therefore, and until most PC users use GNU / Linux or insurance, the safety of our machines will be in our hands (and here there fuand Windows That it's worth).


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  1.   N @ ty said

    @Nitsuga: it can't be, it's impossible for me to believe you. Weren't you sailing? Were you just looking at the screen while you were playing minesweeper?

    "Stupid antivirus" is an unfortunate phrase, really ...

  2.   N @ ty said

    But it seems to me that there are several interesting contradictions ...

    common sense

    Two terms from there are already putting you in contradiction, because to download at a logical speed with the eMule you have to restrict the Firewall in some way.

    Friend mistake, and a threat is not one that eats your files, it is a botnet, it is malware, it is data theft ...

  3.   I am said

    Nitsuga uses emule ??… ..and to download things under what license ??? : D

  4.   nitsuga said

    I think that today a PC with an internet connection and Windows as an OS without antivirus and complementary software for spyware would be inconceivable. I estimate that in less than a week everything should be reinstalled again.

    That is not true. I have spent months without antinada and in windows, and nothing happened to me. As I always say, the best antivirus is common sense.

  5.   nitsuga said

    Ahh by the way, with constant and active internet connection. And to have common sense, you need to know how a computer works. And most people don't know. In stupid antivirus. And a lot

  6.   nitsuga said

    But of course he was sailing! it was what I did (and do) the most, besides downloading things from eMule.

    I repeat: The best antivirus is common sense, plus a firewall.

  7.   f sources said

    When I was using Windows, and even though I had an old PC and a fairly restricted Internet connection, I had to download all kinds of programs to prevent my PC from filling up with viruses, I was not a great player or even a fan of it. emule or torrent, and suffered with viruses because it was infected relatively easily, especially with spyware and from time to time with something else that annoys the browser.

    I had an antivirus, an antispyware and several other things and even though I was quite conservative in my use of the Internet, it infected me anyway.

  8.   Paul said

    I agree with what they say at the beginning. There are ways to make windows safe. But the user depends a lot in the first place.

  9.   zamuro57 said

    You are very right, my friend Pablo, as I said to the friend sources in the forum, it is the responsibility of the user to keep his system consistent and safe, what I mean by it, not only to pass the antivirus, or to switch to Linux because the file system that it handles is different from the viruses that affect windows,
    The operating system of your machine has to be like your vehicle, not only do you turn it on and drive it, you have to handle a security protocol that many users find boring, tedious, but if they did it, they would save a lot of discomfort and a lot of money in technical service

    When you drive a vehicle before everything you check the lights, brakes, direction, adjust the seat to your anatomy, the same happens when we go to our computer,

    we check the firewall, we put a proxy to our browser, we use pgp to encrypt and protect our important emails, we verify our antivirus, in the case of linux we verify that the kernel is updated, we control the management of the pc if someone comes to ask us for the machine we place a guest session for that person, or we emulate a system for that person in our virtual machine,

    If we make that a protocol like a pilot with his plane before taking off, we will not have so many conflicts with our system whatever it is.

  10.   Francisco Beronio said

    @Nitsuga: I don't know what country you live in, but at least in Argentina a PC without AV takes less than 5 minutes to become infected, with any internet provider. Still, even without browsing anything ... and as far as I know that happens almost everywhere in the world. So, either you are a teenager who thinks that there will always be some fool willing to believe his fantasies or you can upload, in any case, a demonstration video to YouTube with your PC browsing and using the net, without the AV activated ...

  11.   Francisco Beronio said

    @nitsuga: On the one hand, the important thing in participatory blogs / forums / portals is to read well before posting, otherwise, everything is chaos and the threads are lost in ramblings about what was misunderstood.
    On the other hand, I do not agree with what you say about "If it takes 5 minutes to get infected, it is because of the user, not the connection."
    Clinuqeá on the name and you will see what I / we do. That is, it is not true since without AV and Firewall any PC takes less than 5 min. to get infected. That's why I said without the user having browsed anything, that is, user + pass of his connection and voila, the bugs began to enter.
    Obviously that with GNU / Linux does not happen, but generally the most problematic users are under Windows. That is why I invited you to upload a video to Youtube since I find it difficult to believe ...

  12.   N @ ty said

    @Nitsuga: I do not believe you, I did that experience and it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to use emule, do not use antivirus and nothing is infected.

    A soft antispyware there, and a bag of common sense !!!!

  13.   nitsuga said

    @ N @ ty: Can't I open the corresponding port on my software firewall While using UPnP to forward ports on my hardware firewall?

    @ffuentes: So it seems I was lucky! I am not very conservative with the internet, but I used Firefox and did not enter any link that was in any forum.

    @ N @ ty: After that time (I don't know if it was a month and a half or two months), when I got another license for the antivirus (this time not pirated, but borrowed: P) it did not detect a single infection. Then my PC got slower than normal, and not because of a virus but because of the antivirus. That was one of the things that made me switch to GNU / Linux

    @Esty: under license NPPNSDQ. It is natural, if you are on Windows, you will hack!

    @pablo: It seems that I did it;)

  14.   nitsuga said

    Fix: The license is called NPPNSDC

  15.   Francisco Beronio said

    @Naty: that's why I asked her how old she was !!! ;-)))

  16.   nitsuga said

    @Francisco Beronio: I didn't see your comment, so I'm going to repost. I live in Argentina. And I am a teenager. And I was watching YouTube, but not those guarangadas: P. I still prefer Vimeo. If you look at the forum, you realize that I am a fan of high definition. If it takes 5 minutes to become infected, it is the fault of the user, not the connection. Think how long it has been since the little sign on your pc slower… A lot of? Then your PC is safe, and you can deactivate it without problems.

  17.   Francisco Beronio said

    @Naty: anyway I don't think that the infection is directly related to the burrito -I mean the one with the emule… ;-P - except, calro, that it has a Trojan that uses that port to attack the computer, so It is not the fault of the E-mule but of the lack of protection ... I still don't know if it makes much sense to continue with this boy ... the sky is clear, it is blue ... but for him it is purple ... anyway ...

  18.   nitsuga said

    Ota go!
    @Francisco: Excuse me, I did not understand your comment. Now I read it again and I understood if I remember I make a video and upload it, ok?

  19.   nitsuga said

    I can't believe they don't believe it, it's true! : '(

    Tomorrow when I have time I record myself for 10 minutes with the antivirus deactivated, browsing and the emule open. And even if I do, I'm sure they won't believe me.

  20.   I am said

    Uuu… .would we have a secure and reliable proprietary software? .. uuu !!!!

    That license, the NPPNSDC, I don't know what it will be but I can think of the following:

    - Not By Bitch I Sail Without Cancer Dice.
    - I Can't Miss California's Social Nanotechnology.
    - I could never think or dream sideways.
    - I don't pay because they don't realize it. (This was thrown by N @ ty).

  21.   N @ ty said

    No Por Puta No Must Marry ... or stop using antivirus!

    @la threw Nitsuga

  22.   bachi.tux said

    The topic gives much more…

    In Windows, security depends 50% on the user and 50% on the Operating System, just because the issue of permissions is not yet prepared, as it is in Linux, where ONLY the Root decides to destroy the System or not.

    If WIndows handled permissions in the same way as in Linux, things would be different, I think ...

  23.   N @ ty said

    @Nitsuga: are you using Windows 7?

  24.   N @ ty said

    I was saying it because of Windows NT, that's how Windows 7 is identified.

    Don't take it so hard, I'm going to do the tests with my virtual machine to see if it gets infected….

    A kiss, and record yourself, this is how we see your face: razz:

  25.   Nacho said

    Do Not Hack Causes Not To Be Delinquent Hick: PPPP

    Let's see, I've also had the av deactivated in Windows times and nothing happened to me ... browsing, downloading, etc ...

    Can be done.

    But that does not mean that you reach levels of paranoia never before reached, of course ...

    Total: Use linux. If you are computer savvy and are bugged by viruses, use linux. If you are a cazurro and you have no idea, use linux.

  26.   nitsuga said

    @esty: pass the maouse on NPPNSDC… You will see that it is No Payment Because They Do Not Realize! It was not invented by N @ ty!

    Now .. Look up there huh! About to do the * # $ 5 & 7 video

  27.   nitsuga said

    How weird .. It says Windows NT!

  28.   nitsuga said

    @ N @ ty: Well yes, it is the only windows I have left. Is the video made with win7 not valid :(?

    As for viruses, does the little sign that your pc is getting infected (the one with the antivirus) appears every 5 minutes? I think not, plaster is enough to show that it is not so unsafe not to use it.

    @Nacho: Word!

  29.   nitsuga said

    @ N @ ty: No thanks, I don't like showing myself on the internet, if you want to see me here you have my address, alarm code, phone number, school, and brand of clothes I wear:: P