RoboLinux: the distro that can run software for Windows

RoboLinux desktop

RoboLinux is a Debian-based GNU / Linux distribution and that as a peculiarity allows to run native applications for Windows without using Wine. Undoubtedly something very attractive for users who want to use software designed for the Microsoft platform in this distro.

In addition, RoboLinux does not use Wine to run such non-native Linux software. So where is the secret? Well, the software for the Redmond operating system can be added without any difficulty thanks to the use of an internal virtual machine that is responsible for making this software work.

In addition, the latest version of this distribution has also undergone changes and integrates a suite of security tools that can help more experienced users. And of course with enhancements to your Stealth VMIn other words, the virtual machine that runs in the background and is practically transparent to the user in order to run Windows software.

Es another alternative to Wine and very interesting that we now know thanks to the fact that the developers have revealed the open “secret” of RoboLinux. If you are interested in trying it, you just have to access the project website and download the ISO image. But on the web you can not only download the distribution, but also Stealth VM for other distros such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu and openSuSE.

Remember with Stealth VM you can be safe running Windows applications, since being a virtual machine, security problems and viruses will not affect your system. And all fully integrated into this successful Linux distribution.

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  1.   Mr. Paquito said

    Interesting it is, of course.

    But I, of course, did not manage to download Stealth VM for Ubuntu. Either you have to go to the checkout (at the moment I just wanted to try it) or it is that at the moment there is only the ad ... or I have not known, that I do not rule it out either.


  2.   Victor Juan Gonzalez placeholder image said

    I agree with Mr. Paquito the download link for ubuntu is not displayed

    1.    Isaac PE said


      Are you looking here?


  3.   Mr. Paquito said

    Right there, but all the download buttons lead to other sites, and the most I managed was to start a full ISO download with XFCE.

  4.   itmailg said

    if I'm not mistaken, the website from which to download the iso is this

    but it is not for unity

  5.   Mr. Paquito said

    More than the ISO, I was looking for the virtual machine for Ubuntu, which is what would interest me a lot, not for me, but for people who are reluctant to migrate to Linux because of an X program on which they depend.

    If this virtual machine works and the resource penalty is reasonable, it could be what a lot of people needed to move to Linux.

  6.   Mr. Paquito said

    From what I'm seeing, there doesn't seem to be a way to download it without paying. It's not that it's expensive, but I would like to try it first. You will have to download an ISO to test it in the native version.

  7.   Rurick maqueo said

    What I no longer understood is if it works with the virtual machine in the background and when opening a program it runs as if it were Linux (wine style) or if when I want to use something from windows I have to be entering the virtual machine ( which would make it no different with virtual box) besides that it cannot be tested without going through the box

  8.   Louis Dleon said

    Without donation, no tests can be done on Live, it is a robbery ... Linux

  9.   Ismael said

    The article is almost as sensational as the RoboLinux website itself. In which it seems that they have done something new, cutting-edge and spectacular, when the only thing it offers are some scripts to facilitate the handling of a virtual machine for novice users using Virtualbox in which a Windows installation would be executed (xp, 7, etc. ..) I do not want to detract from them but the truth is that for me the guys from the winehq project have much more merit and credit who can affirm that they run Windows binaries on GNU / Linux and also without performing an emulation, which allows that in some scenarios may be faster to run Windows binaries on GNU / Linux than on Windows itself.
    I particularly prefer a thousand times more to use wine, and only bet on a VM when there is no other choice.
    Regarding donations as a source of income for delivering the scripts, it seems totally legal and I do not consider it a robbery, OpenSource is not synonymous with free and programmers and developers also have to eat.

  10.   Mikel garin said

    Yes sir Ismael! You're right. If someone believes that they should charge for their work or service, that is totally legal. Or is it that those of you who call these people thieves do not charge for your work. How badly accustomed we are to not paying for anything, to pirating, to just copying and not valuing the work of others. Somehow they will have to pay for the web, the media, salaries (if any), facilities etc. I prefer to pay a reasonable amount than to be spied on, filled with malware or advertising ...