RoboLinux 11: A Very Advanced Distro You Should Know About

RoboLinux 11

RoboLinux is one of the most advanced and complete GNU / Linux distributions that exist, although it is not a project as well known as others. Now, with the arrival of the new version RoboLinux 11.13 it's even a bit better than previous releases, with some cool updates you'll love.

RoboLinux is based on Ubuntu, so it has a great base from which to start, as the Canonical distro has become one of the most widespread and acclaimed. But unlike others, it is not just a retreaded Ubuntu, it is much more than that.

At first glance, its desktop stands out, which tries to imitate Microsoft's operating systems, making users who come from this operating system feel more comfortable. In addition, it incorporates a version of Windows 10 within the system and fully functional. This is how you can run native software for the Redmond system on this implanted virtual machine. That is to say, in a way, it is the WSL counterpart of Windows 10 that includes a Linux subsystem within Windows. Only in this case it would not be a subsystem, but a VM.

In addition, by including that MV (called Stealth VM) you will be able to run a multitude of software without problem, and without having to do anything. It is very transparent to the user, so it could even be a wonderful option for companies who want a Windows-> Linux transition, but are still dependent on certain programs.

Stealth VM It is also available separately, in case you want to install it on your Ubuntu distro, Linux Mint, elementaryOS, etc.

Includes pre-configured configurations of Windows XP, 7, and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit to make it compatible with a multitude of software, both new and older apps, as well as video games. An alternative to WINE and the like ...

If you like to choose the desktop, you should know that RoboLinux 11 can be chosen with three different environments, such as Cinnamon, Xfce and MATE. Previously, LXDE, GNOME 3 and KDE Plasma were also offered, but in the new releases they have been reduced to the three mentioned above.

Under the hood is included a Linux kernel, as well as a multitude of pre-installed packages so that you do not miss anything (even some exclusive extras such as Robo Untracker to avoid being tracked on the Internet by changing the MAC address, etc.). It has even been supplemented with drivers for the latest hardware, such as AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, providing performance, reliability, security and good support for the latest components.

More about the project and downloads - Official website

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  1.   arangoiti said

    It must also be said that all that glitters is not gold. Robolinux brings several paid features, among them the virtualization of that Windows 10. The developer calls it a donation, but it is mandatory and a minimum of 30 dollars. Not that I'm against it, but you have to tell everything. Greetings.

  2.   Rafael said

    It is clear from this article that it is an "advertisement" disguised as "news." As another reader has said, it is $ 45 what it costs to finally have this "miracle" without viruses and with who knows if malware. I don't trust anything at all. I advise anyone to buy a Windows 10 OEM license for € 10 (legal and official), install "VirtualBox" and install it. Much cheaper and safer than the "LinuxAdictos" proposal, of which by the way, it is already clear to me that either they have been sold for this article or the one who has written it obtains some additional benefit for putting this distro as the panacea that it is clearly not GNU / GPL.