Richard Stallman: more on the case of his resignation

Well, the news about the Richard Stallman's resignation from his post at MIT and the FSF I think it took everyone by surprise. Even I was unaware of the Epstein case, because I don't usually follow TV or other media a lot. I was totally unaware of what happened and wanted to create an article announcing the news but without getting too wet as I did not have enough data to comment. But now, some comments (which I appreciate) and information that I have been able to gather on the case has given me a better view of the case.

What happened you already know, but now we are going to the extra information that I did not know, but that I think is important as a complement to my other article so that you understand everything better. Here too I leave the link of the article that asked for the resignation of Richard Stallman of his charges for the emails that had been leaked about the opinion that the rms himself had on this case. So you can see the original source of that information that triggered all this ...

Supposedly, the girl took internal emails from MIT in which Richard Stallman gave his opinion. She says Epstein asked her to had sex with an MIT member who passed away in 2016 (Marvin Minsky). And Stallman would come to Minsky's defense by claiming that his colleague had never had sex with a girl knowing that she was coerced. A witness who was at the scene assures that the girl approached, but that Marvin rejected her.

Make it clear that Jeffrey Epstein did get tried, convicted and convicted of child trafficking, and flagged as a sexual predator. In the jail where he was, he tried several times to kill himself. And it seems that he finally got it. On August 10, 2019, his dead body was found in the cell and everything pointed to a suicide, although some more conspiracies have pointed to other causes ...

It is true that some statements by Stallman taken out of context may feel bad or misinterpreted. And this may be the case. It is also true that throughout history Stallman has done statements about sexuality who have gone changing by his way of seeing things and recognizing when he was wrong. In short, in these comments he says that:

  • A person is ready to have sex as soon as he reaches sexual maturity (puberty). And that there is nothing wrong with a person of the age of having sex who is a minor having sex with their consent with an adult. [In fact, this happens frequently in society]
  • After a conversation, he realized that it is not only about the physical, but there is also the mental section. Therefore, consider that a minor (even in his sexual maturity) has sex with an adult because it can cause psychological harm to the minor. [He is not in favor of rape, or pedophilia, or anything like that]
  • Later, he goes further and recognizes that it is not right for a minor to have sex with an adult under any circumstances. Even with your consent.

Where is the key?

Having said that, I go back to the main story and his resignation of the positions by those pressures. More specifically to the intercepted emails that have been used against him for commenting on the Epstein case and others. What was said in those emails about the case I mentioned before Minsky was:

  • «[…] The term 'sexual assault' is somewhat vague and slippery […] she presented herself to Minsky fully prepared.»Responding to a thread of emails from MIT to some students who asked on a social network for a demonstration to protest what happened. But, if it is true that there was a witness who saw it all and it happened like that, Stallman could be right.

All for the case involving the late Marvin Minsky He was charged with sexually assaulting one of Epstein's victims. And the words "sexual assault" are too strong for Stallman, since it seems that the victim was forced to do so by Epstein himself and not by Minsky. Perhaps the objectionable thing here would be to think that a coerced person considers himself to be "totally ready" to do something, since it may seem that it was out of his own conviction and it is not. I personally think that it is all there the key to misunderstanding.

Stallman was judging by the term itself, not the facts. Anyone who knows Richard's story and what he is like personally can understand his ways. It is said that he has Asperger's Syndrome, and I am not making that as an excuse. But personally I have some traits on the autism spectrum and it's fucking sometimes to understand certain things that others understand easily.

In any case, Stallman is now in the limelight and making headlines for a few statements. I want to make it clear again. In no case did he commit the crime (He only gave his opinion), I said it in the first article and I say it again here ... That is why he has recognized that all this commotion has been due to «a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations«.


I'm not saying it for this case, or for any one in particular. I consider myself a feminist, but please, some women call themselves feminists and they are really doing a lot of damage to real feminism. Real feminism is one that wants gender equality, not the empowerment of women over men. That would be "Hembrismo" or "misandría" and it should not be confused as feminism, because it is not. And please don't use the word feminazi either.

Regarding the sexual issue, I want to make it clear that I consider rape as one of the most serious crimes that can be committed, along with murder. But there is something just as disgusting that someone who has committed it is not convicted and pays for it, and that is that someone who has not done it and is innocent is convicted of it ... I repeat, I am not referring to a particular case, but It seems serious to me.


More data and information on this topic, so that you can draw your own conclusions (It is in English, but it is worth reading, even if it is translated if you do not know English, because it has very interesting information, especially the second article):

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  1.   Deborah said

    I totally agree, I know Richard and over the years he has proven to be a person of integrity who gave his knowledge to society in solidarity and taught us to see the world in a different way, someone yesterday said that it should be a day of mourning The day Stallman left the FSF and I identify with that comment, it deserves our respect and thanks.

    1.    Gregory ros said


  2.   Hiko seijuro said

    I consider that indeed Stallman's words often tend to be misinterpreted by the general public since they do not take the time to know his trajectory, and although it was only an opinion that was far from exercising the crime, it seems to me something horrible that a «Heroine Feminazi» discredits and only spews poison for simple fashion and in search of fame since with all the respect that feminists deserve, but they never think about ... «And if instead of a man it had been a woman who would have said those same words? " I don't think they were making all that scandal before they would seek the means to defend and justify it. In reality there is a lot of circus, theater and hypocrisy for a simple misunderstanding. And the worst ... When people hear songs like this they act like a hungry pack of wolves without even looking for who Richard Stallman is and what he really is like.

    1.    Gregory ros said

      +10 Very much in agreement with your comment, it sucks so much moralistic that it only looks for publicity.

  3.   Gregory ros said

    And everything in a society that boasts freedom of opinion, sends eggs xD !. It seems absurd that he is forced to resign because of this, if I have a trusted friend to change my opinion about him, they first have to prove me otherwise. If you also have something of asperger, I understand that it costs you to catch them with seconds, the same thing happens to me, do not come to me with prolicomed beings that swarm through the liquid element, say fish and let's stop the bullshit.

  4.   Gregory ros said

    By the way moderator, the box to check in "I accept the privacy terms" is so small that sometimes it goes through a period. It will be a matter of self-absent-mindedness, but a little bigger would facilitate the process for clueless people like me.

  5.   Manual said

    Personally I think there is actually a cat locked in all this! I think what was being sought with all this circus was to separate RMS from the FSF !! Gross movement of ex officio politicians!

  6.   JVare said

    Seeing what is being said on the issue, there were many who were willing to dismiss Stallman because they do not agree very much in his views on how to defend Free Software.
    This gaffe in a comment was the opportune moment to jump on it.
    Anyway, it is to be appreciated his posture of resigning and separating the person from the project that he has been defending all his life.

  7.   fsforce said

    Against sfconservancy, we ask Stallman to STAY at his place in the free software movement.

    Richard Stallman has firmly and flawlessly defended free software for decades with a rigorous and strict adherence to free software, without drifts or nuances, code artist, FOSSista or the like that many people and groups in the free software environment fall into, and this (and not other things) is what should be assessed to judge whether a person does well their role of leading an idea or movement. We may or may not agree with your personal statements about topics other than free software, but we have always seen you make it clear when you talk about free software as a reference person on the subject, and when you speak like a common person named Richard on topics that they are not free software, avoiding mixing the personal and the professional.

    In addition, accepting their resignation means agreeing with those who believe in “perfect people” and idolize people whom they later come to hate if they do something wrong, a dualistic perspective of people (the good and the bad) that feed nefarious discourses of groups facing each other, source of conflicts and wars. Considering the current unfortunate trend of judging a person's role on one issue, by personal statements on other issues, this sets a bad precedent. As there are no perfect people, then no one can be a person of reference on any subject. We publicly criticize the unfortunate role that the Software Freedom Conservancy has played in this.

    We are clear that much of the controversy has been promoted by those who yearn to be people / organizations of reference in the world of free software seeking to introduce the ambiguity of open source in the field, something that they can only achieve if they discredit and eliminate from the scene to who have firmly defended free software for decades and thanks to whom we have achieved so much in this time.

    We also criticize the role played by the Free Software Foundation, its management team has uncomplished the resignation of a person who made an unfair decision as a result of an unfair persecution (they have not even released a minimal public statement showing their regret or discomfort about about the topic). Moreover, the Free Software Foundation has not broken but maintains the relationship with the Software Freedom Conservancy that has promoted the persecution against Richard Stallman, even the current Executive Director maintains his public support for the Software Freedom Conservancy. Such a Free Software Foundation does not deserve our support. With this, the Free Software Foundation has not only lost who was its president, they have lost all the people who support Richard Stallman. If the Free Software Foundation says goodbye to its president in this way, we say goodbye to the Free Software Foundation. We will continue our work to promote and disseminate free software, but we will not do it under the acronym of those who have put themselves in profile while this was happening to a person who has done as much for the cause as Richard Stallman.

    We call (seeking to organize) all the people who defend free software as it is, without ambiguities or slippery slides, as Richard Stallman has defended for decades, people who are mature enough to understand and defend that there are no ideal or perfect people. , that with each person you share some things and disagree on others, and that people who act as representatives of an issue should only be judged by their adjustment or not to the cause they represent while playing the role of representatives.

    Thank you so much!