Report from Rena - Richard Stallman in Buenos Aires

Before I start with the account / report of what the event was, I want to apologize for the delay of this coverage report of the event, but what happened is that the videos were filmed in high quality, one of them weighing 134 Mb, and the other 195 Mb ... so uploading them to the FTP to later be edited took a long time ...

On the other hand I introduce myself ... I am Renato [aka: renaissance] and I was the LXA press correspondent! at the event ... since I'm here, I take this opportunity to thank the boys (and girl: P) for letting me do the report, and for the good vibes with which we related to coordinate the coverage of the event.

Once that situation is clarified, let's get down to business:

I left the terminal Mar del Plata to about 07:00 in the morning and I arrived at Buenos aires city around 13:00 pm on Monday ... the day the event would take place ...

After meeting my friend and giving us an unnecessary and unplanned subway ride that lasted almost 3 hours (read: we didn't even know where we were standing xD) we finally reached the Congress of the Nation.

As soon as we got to the site of the event (around 15:50 p.m.) we noticed that the first impatient were already arriving, being able to count about 15 or 20 people waiting for the start of the event ... we went to the press section, and after some evasive maneuvers (?) we managed to enter the event (at 16:05) ...

If they look at my flickr… You may notice that there are some photos of the organization of the event .. and even some

photos of the arrival of stallman at 16: 30.

As soon as it arrived Richard, The first thing he did was ask for some caffeine and sugars due to his great fatigue ... which was also noted throughout the presentation .. as he himself commented before the start of the talk, for several days he had not slept more than 3 or 4 hours on the occasion of the tour he was carrying out ... obviously they offered him Pepsi ... since I don't want to imagine his reaction to offering him Coca-Cola (since he hates monopolies).

Between one thing and another, it was 17:50 p.m., at which time the doors were opened to the public and it began to fill with people ... after 10 minutes no one entered the place, and according to what I heard from the mouth of one of the organizers of Via Libre, between 150 and 170 people were unable to enter the conference [wow!] (and that many people passed by and sat on the floor once the seats were finished) ...

One fact that caught my attention was that they had put 256 seats in the room ... a very geeky detail to be honest (^ _ ^) ... the truth was that I did not get to corroborate this information, but that was what the organizers were saying.

During the course of the talk, Richard let out his characteristic sense of humor and grace, making the lecture truly very bearable.

First he spoke a little about why Free software, its advantages, differences with proprietary software, and differences with Open Source... He also stressed on more than one occasion the fact that GNU is the system and Linux it's just one of his kernel.

After the aforementioned introduction, he talked a lot about some really interesting points ... among which the following stand out:

• Free Software in Education
• Free Software in the Economy
• Free Software in the State

Once all the topics to be discussed had been discussed, he made the comical representation of Saint IGNUCIUS, a character that makes you laugh out loud ... more than anything after a while of a "serious" talk (in quotes because he always puts a bit of humor between topic and topic)

After his presentation, which lasted approximately 2 and a half hours, stallman He got ready to answer a round of questions, which were very varied and touched on various topics ...

Regarding your notebook, I remember that f sources he wanted to know what it was like and what brand he used ... so there is no better way to find out than coming from his own mouth ... as I comment: until July he used only one OLPC, at which time he found out that negroponte He was also going to make them with Win, so he abandoned said netbook and bought a notebook of Chinese origin that is still in the process of lowering costs for its massive sale (the brand named it but it was completely unknown since it is not dedicated to the computing in the international arena) ... as he commented, said notebook works with a system other than BIOS (an architecture MIPS modified), so a system never Windows could work on said machine ... (in contrast to what happened with the OLPC)

After about 12 or 15 questions, they closed the cycle and with a loud applause the event was ended ...

But it doesn't end there ...

After that, everyone came to take photos with the Guru and ask that said character sign all kinds of objects ... from laptops but also shower curtains xD

To conclude, I can say that the event was spectacular ... basic topics were discussed for beginners who attended the event, and the most important thing is that he gave a very interesting talk about the use of Soft Libre in education, economics and politics... It was a very instructive and informative talk.

Finally, I want to highlight a detail: as we were informed to the press representatives, the notes for radio broadcasting and television will be made this Saturday, since Richard was very tired and the next day he was leaving for Uruguay to continue with the tour.

I hope you like the report and it is complete enough ... if you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments and I will answer it without any problem.

If you want to see more photos, there are a flickr group which was created exclusively for all attendees to upload the photos they took ...

Greetings to all, and many thanks to the guys at LXA! for giving me this opportunity


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  1.   Alejandro Diaz-Caro said

    Hi! Where can I download the videos you said you uploaded to FTP?
    Thank you.

  2.   I am said

    Hello Alejandro. The videos for my problems have not been uploaded anywhere. But you can see or download the entire conference from vimeo:

    There are two down there.

  3.   I am said

    If you are from BsAs, there you had the friend rena. For the next one, we organize a trip between LXA users, so no one is embarrassed to go alone.

  4.   Alejandro Diaz-Caro said

    Thanks esty!

  5.   thalskarth said

    Hello, very good report… I was lucky to be there and the talk was excellent ..

    A question, the videos you comment ... are they going to post them to download them? since I would like to pass them on to people who were not like that, they also have a chance to hear what Stallman said ..

    thanks :)

  6.   ReNa said

    For the next one, what Esty proposed seems very cool:

    «For the next one, we will organize a trip between LXA users, so nobody is embarrassed to go alone.»

    Very good idea: D: D

  7.   I am said

    Juan C: for that you would have gone. For the next one, we will organize a giant screen in the Patio Olmos de Córdoba where everyone can follow the transmission live. Rena, next time we will make a direct link.

    osuka: I think not, so he goes to Uruguay or Paraguay, and on Saturday he returns to Argentina to give a press conference.

  8.   Nadius said

    I can't believe what I missed ... sorry, because otherwise I would have tried to go, although in reality it wasn't going to go alone ...

  9.   Ford said

    Yes it gave to go alone. I went alone and I really enjoyed it, also maybe I knew a geek girl (which did not happen) haha. But it was very good, it far exceeded my expectations and I also cracked up laughing.
    Question: Does anyone know where I can get the photos that Richard took with the audience? The ones that a photographer took.

  10.   Juan C said

    Many superficial details and little diffusion of Stallman's message.

  11.   osuka said

    They do not know if he comes to Mexico? :(

    I investigate but nha ..

  12.   bachi.tux said

    Good for ReNa. Excellent report ...

    The people of Cordoba always look at how the most important events are held in the "Office of God" ...

    And where is Federalism?

  13.   Gabo said

    Federalism is in Buenos Aires, as appropriate ...

  14.   Caesar Salad said

    Excellent Rena! Thank you for the report!!! And the generosity to share it.

  15.   Paul said

    The event was great. Maybe it would have been a great idea for them to organize it in a bigger place. But well as always, the point is that I am unlucky not to be able to sit down to listen to the conference well, but it was still great.

  16.   Ford said

    I finally found the photos that the photographer took us with Ricardito Stallman. Rena appears too.

    And here the people of Vía Libre posted the complete video, with questions and everything.