Ideas to do in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS after installation

Ubuntu 16.04 launcher Unity 7.4

Canonical released Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as you know and how we reported from LxA, and now many of you have surely installed it on your machines to see the news it brings. Although there have certainly been some complaints about certain issues that this distro has started, the updates to correct them have not taken long. As we already explained, the changes are not too showy or radical (obvious since it is an LTS), but they are important evolutions.

After installing our favorite Linux distro, We must do a series of things to get it ready, at least from my point of view, since others may have other tastes. Well, the first thing you should do after installing, obviously, is to analyze and see the news that is presented in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS after Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. For example Unity Dash that does not include default search features and other technical and visual changes.

Another thing that you should, and it is highly recommended after installing, is update the system. See if there are any updates available, as this will improve the system, fix some bugs, and strengthen security. To do this you must go to the Software Updater (Update Software) that you can search for it from the Dash. If you want to have a better performance for your video games or graphics in general, it will surely come for you to install the proprietary drivers of your graphics card. Especially if you have Steam to play ...

You can also enhance multimedia with the installation of the media codec to play audio and video in formats like mp3 and mp4 respectively. Other things you can do is enable the Minimized by one click from the Unity Tweak Tool (install it if you don't already have it), and from it you can also move the Unity launcher to the bottom, in the purest OS X style. you don't want to install Unity Tweak Tool to move the launcher bar, type:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom

Another good option is to install some new GTK and Icon theme to change the look of the interface if you wish. For example, you can make it look more like Apple Mac OS X (now that you've moved the launcher to the bottom of the screen) with themes for this purpose. There are also themes for Microsoft's Windows 10-like view and other themes. If it bothers you where the app menus appear in Ubuntu and they disappear after a few seconds, you can also modify this from System Settings -> Appearance.

As you may already know, the Ubuntu Software Center it was very neglected, with little updated programs and therefore Canonical has decided to get rid of it. Now you can see the new GNOME Software Center, with quite up-to-date and similar-looking software. Therefore, you will have no major inconvenience in using it, only now the programs will be the order of the day. For me one of the most anticipated changes. Of course, as you enter to see it, install your favorite applications.

You can also sync your cloud account if you have it, to upload or download content from Dropbox, OneDrive, OwnCloud, Insync or Google Drive, among others, since as you know, Canonical abandoned its cloud a long time ago. And I do not know whether to recommend it or not, due to the tremendous and recurring security problems, but you can install Adobe Flash so that all the content of the webs is visible. Of course, be sure to update this software to cover the vulnerabilities that are emerging ...

In System Settings, scroll to Privacy & Security, there you can do certain things to improve these themes. For example, enable or disable the online search options of Unity Dash, change how the directories and files appear in the Dash, change the error reporting settings to Canonical, etc. Of course making backup copies is very important, especially with the ransomware that we are seeing lately and that are reaching users through an email from the Post Office.

More things you can do is put a desktop background and a nice appearance, in addition to modifying the screen brightness to a suitable value so that it does not bother your view. If you wish, you can use the f.lux software for this. To keep the system always on point, you can install some system cleaner like BleachBit, which will make your system go more agile and by the way free up some space on the hard disk, and even clear browser caches, histories, temps, memory dumps, logs, etc., which is also good for your safety.

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  1.   Gregory ros said

    I don't quite like Ubuntu 16.04, I have given it another chance after a little over a year using Linux Mint and the truth is, it seemed to me to be half finished and Unity continued without swallowing it. Now I am in doubt to see how Kubuntu is or to return to Mint, which I am very comfortable with.

    1.    Ecchi said

      Mint is VERY good !! Of my favorites, one is simply amazed. Lately I have been using the Pink KDE… Also (and as soon as I can replace a damaged HDD) I will try the new Ubuntu.

  2.   federico said

    I always recommend Xubuntu. It seems to me by far the best performance-quality distro (configurable in various visual aspects). On very old hardware I use Xubuntu as the base system and Fluxbox in the graphical environment.

    I agree with the majority: the 16.04 versions did not go well with the 14.04 versions… What's more, I am wondering whether to downgrade…: D

  3.   leoramirez59 said

    I had Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity but working daily seemed a bit complicated. I decided to install XFCE and holy remedy, a simple, fast and easy-to-use interface.

  4.   eljorge21 said

    I love Unity, but my notebook is a real crap, with an amd c70 processor, I never quite like xubuntu, but good! It was the one that was most fluent, not to mention Lubuntu that was the one that performed the best but, as I said, I don't really like them. Now I'm testing Linux Mint Rosa, xfce / cinnamon, and at times when you want to do more things at the same time, it starts to freeze until it reacts again .. but if it achieved good performance in Unity, I don't doubt it since it is the best distributes the space on the screen to me.

  5.   aldo lamboglia said

    I continue with Ubuntu, neither xubuntu, nor another fork .. because the only one that brings the drivers up to date and allows installations without problems on new computers is Ubuntu. Like it or not it is the best in that sense. Mint is very nice but it has given me a lot of problems on notebooks. So there is no choice, install Ubuntu and make it nice, to your liking, or go for another distribution. And the latter "NO"

    1.    yukiteru said

      Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, EVERYONE, have the same repositories, ergo, they have the same software, the same updates and everything the same. I do not understand the reason why you say what you say?

      1.    yukitero said

        You are not heavier because you do not train Yukiteru

  6.   Rafa G. said

    Yukitero +1

  7.   edo said

    Undoubtedly Ubuntu is in the lead as a distro, but with xfce in my opinion, it is the perfect combination. After all, most of us look for speed in an OS

  8.   lemuart said

    Hi, after so many years using windows xp, I have switched to Ubuntu 16.04 with lubuntu. I have no experience with it. I decided with lubuntu because looking on the internet they were the one that said that I needed few resources and for my netbook I saw that it was the best.
    After all this stuff I would like to know how I can change the interface and the desktop to my liking (or I do it with a small tutorial or have it sent to me). The interface would be that of SAO (Sword Art Online), it is worth a freak but I liked it. Thank you very much in advance.

  9.   Carlos Suarez said

    Hello, can someone give me a hand, install ubuntu 16.04 and then I put the cinnamon on it, it is cool, but the option to share the desktop disappears, also the option to connect through terminal service and even to pass something through ftp
    Even though the packages are installed, I even check with the package manager, but I can't activate them visually.

    Thanks in advance for the help