Programmer OS: the new operating system for programmers

Programmer OS

I have already commented in many articles that for Help the community Of free software and open source, it is not always necessary to know how to program and contribute code to projects, we can also collaborate in many other ways such as creating documentation, making translations, or publicizing new projects and helping them grow. Well, today is one of those moments that I like so much and we are going to present a young project whose objective is to create a definitive operating system for programmers.

El project is called Programmer OS And if you are a developer, it is sure to be your favorite GNU / Linux distribution. Basically it is an Ubuntu system to which a series of features have been added to make it as friendly and practical as possible for programmers. If you are interested in downloading the ISO image of this project or learning more about it, you can access the Official site from our friend Joman who heads this project.

Programmer OS provides users with all the benefits of Ubuntu along with multitude of development tools of applications, websites and video games, even for the implementation of new interfaces. All in one so you don't have to spend time searching for and installing the necessary packages to start developing. Among the packages that we can find are some widely used programming languages, text editors, and development environments or IDEs. To cite a few examples, we find Subime Text 2, NetBean, etc.

And if that seems little to you, Programmer OS saves some details that we invite you to reveal, such as an exclusive programming language and IDE ... In addition, it can be downloaded as totally free, although to collaborate with the project I encourage you to donate some money. From LxA we want the project to meet its objectives and become the preferred system for developers, taking away from MacOS and Windows.

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  1.   Javier said

    Great news! I'm going to download it and try it! Thank you. Greetings.

  2.   Save said

    Well, honestly, the idea seems a bit silly to me; I explain. What's the use of having n ides and text editors installed if one is usually enough for you? If you tell me that it comes with a tool during the installation where you tell it that you want to install (IDES, editors, libraries, etc ...) It would look great, but this seems to me to waste space

    1.    patricio rodriguez said

      I find your comment interesting. However, current machines usually bring a lot of storage space with them, and the idea that the new OS incorporates multiple tools is an advantage, as it helps to investigate other languages, etc.

  3.   Miguel Gonzalez said

    Some time ago I tried a called SemiCode OS, if someone tries both (semicode and this one) publish your experience. I am going to look for the ISO of semicode to place what features it has.

  4.   Oscar said

    I do not see advantages ... Each one will have to adapt their environment according to what they want to develop.

  5.   monolinux said

    Having multiple ideas would be a waste of space, but I'll try. Greetings

  6.   Enrique said

    I think that the distribution has nothing to contribute, in any case it is better to use Ubuntu and install only what you need, but anyway

  7.   JcCanez said

    Will there ever be support with dot net? I dream of developing web aps without having an ide like Visual Studio consuming a lot of resources. I'm addicted to c # entity framework and mvc

  8.   Daniel vera said

    I do not see an advantage, it is too silly to have installed tools that are not going to be used, because as a developer you normally choose an IDE which you adapt with plugins and macros for feature support.

    Besides that it is silly to have to waste space, memory and time with Ubuntu. On the other hand, a good developer is not one who has the most expensive IDE or editor, the coolest editor, or who has many IDES and tools on their system. A good developer is someone who knows how to apply software engineering and under context decides, plans and designs wisely.

    It is enough to have any system (Windows, Mac OS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu) and adapt it to everyone's taste. If this new system allowed scaffolding and the choice of which packages based on the type of development to be done then it could be said that it has a slight advantage, as if they made YeoMan an OS.

    By the way, for those who want to develop .NET on Linux, for a few years now .NET can be developed on Linux, check Microsoft's .net core.

  9.   George said

    I find it a bit presumptuous to call it OS because it is simply a Linux with the development tools installed. On the other hand, I adhere to who says that there is not much use in having all the current languages ​​preinstalled ... in fact there are times when you need a JAVA 6 and a JAVA 8 (for example) ... with which you will also have to reconfigure the Linux to support both versions.

  10.   Severiano Ballesteros said

    Another nonsense distro, a developer creates his own toolchain under the system that is most comfortable for him, this is like the time when Latin panchis only released modified versions of Windows XP and a queue of fools gave my ten, good contribution, going down ...

  11.   KimeraCSS said

    It is as if you installed Cyanogen mod on android, you put a few apks in the system, you will create a backup of the system with the changes made and ready to flash, you change the boot splash, the icons, the background etc. And you share it, hahaha, it's the closest thing to using systemback hahahahaha

  12.   Killmaster said

    The official site is down… I am a big fan of exploring Linux distros, even when the critics say they are very bad or inutlies… there is nothing like my own experience.

    1.    Carlos said

      The link is not working ...

      I agree with your comment ... nothing like my own experience ...

      Personally I am very happy with Arch, however I like to explore other distros to see configurations and more specialized things… I use virtualbox to emulate the distros and if I see a program that I like I add it to my distro… the same with the configurations.

      I would not say that it is useless or that it does not contribute anything ... it brings experience and perspective, the fact that we are used to doing things in a certain way does not mean that we cannot improve ...

      You can innovate without inventing ... simply discovering new features.


  13.   MrGus said

    The official page is down, could someone download it?
    I really like to test all the new or different distros, to test the differences in usability, of the packages between apt, rpm, yum, now I am with a debian 9, and fedora, but I tried everything ...

    If someone has where to download the iso from, it is very helpful

  14.   Jose Miguel Moreno Soto placeholder image said

    link down and I can't find to download it anywhere

  15.   Jose Noriega said

    Too bad that LinuxAdictos has promoted this distro virus, which now has its domain suspended. That you fall under LinuxAdictos.

  16.   Marcelino said

    In my opinion, I think you can work on any OS according to the needs of each person or as you like.

  17.   mike said

    There is one that, if it is a distro and not a virus, is called semicode os and it is very good

  18.   Alberto said

    I do not know, it seems to me an almost unfortunate promotional article, I do not see bad that there are distros "focused" on development, but it is that any decent average distro with good repos and a minimally dedicated community has the packages mentioned here available. unique, what is said about the exclusive language and an exclusive IDE too, that I don't know to what extent it is not for people to download and try. I personally develop and use both Arch Linux and Manjaro Linux, totally happy with both, I am not going to use another distro, less an Ubuntu based one, because I feel less comfortable with it. But I would like to know if anyone can load the official website of the distro / project, because it does not load me, I get a web of domains, as if to say that that domain does not exist, and that they say if they have been able to test it, that IDE and what language and IDE exclusive to this distro, out of curiosity.

  19.   Beto VL said

    The article is reduced. The page is more. He's kind of suspicious.

  20.   Walilynux said

    As long as they don't tell me anything in particular, I can't think that this is anything other than a good hook to advertise the distribution, it only tells me that it has all the tools but…, it doesn't say anything about how it is programmed. There it says that you don't have to be a programmer but they don't tell me anything about it, and most likely I will download it, install it, test it ... and find myself lost with many programming languages ​​and interfaces without being able to make a miserable program that says «hello world"

  21.   Inukaze said

    I'm going to create a derivative called "Pendej OS" xD. that has apt, pacman, yum, zypper, dpkg, rpm, slackpkg, etc. . .

    It comes with themes like Mac OS X (called MaCacOS X) and other Windows types called "Wirus 3.11", "Wirus 95", "Wirus XP", "Wirus Longhorn", "Wirus Vista", "Wirus 7", "Wirus 8 ~ 10 ". with systemd, already preinfected, security flaws, malware, and more.

    so they can see how everyone installs it without understanding the operating system at all xD