Superb in Linux appears once again in order to support Windows 7

Pride in Linux it manifested again. This time the excuse was el End of Windows 7 support. But, it shows in the treatment of new users and their doubts. Or, in the use of words like Hasefroch or Winbug $.

All the replacement proposals for Windows 7 that I read agree on something. Must recommend easy distributions. Those who come from Windows do not want something new since they can only use something similar to what they know. And you don't have to tell them anything about the terminal.

Let's not ask what they need either. Let's not include distros that we don't like. We we know better than they what they need.

They are lucky to have us.

Most will be moving to Windows 10. Or, they will continue to Windows 7.

Pride in Linux and what we need to change

The Royal Spanish Academy is clear:

1. f. Haughtiness and disorderly appetite to be preferred to others.
2. f. Satisfaction and puffiness at the contemplation of one's own garments with contempt for others.

Linux users usually boast of the 4 freedoms of free software. That most of us cannot read code and that it does to the 4 decorative freedoms is irrelevant. Others believe themselves superior because do not use graphic installers or other facilitators. They leave out the fact that they are just following a tutorial. You take them out and they are lost.

La major concern from the creator of Linux this week It wasn't like easing the transition for Windows 7 users. He was very entertaining arguing over a minority file system.

Among the communities in charge of open source projects, we were from Guatemala (A meritocracy with programmers as absolute kingss) to Guatepeor (The dictatorship of political correctness where eIt's more important to be from a minority than the contributions you make)

Let's look at lto list of projects of the Linux Foundation. All focused on the great trends of the Nothing aimed at creating the next Facebook or iPhone.

We are Linux, we are based on the GPL and we comply with the 4 freedoms of Free Software. Who cares if a video card runs at half capacity for lack of a decent driver? Why aren't they using us?

They don't use us because we don't know who they are and what they need of us.

Microsoft saw that the programmers wanted to use Python and not Visual Basic. That Silverlight could never replace Flash, but HTML5 and that in the cloud customers preferred open source solutions. The company is worth more on the stock market than when it was a near-monopoly.

Just yesterday, January 17, the open source appeared with a competitive alternative to Office 365 and Google Docs. Is about Nextcloud Hub, a self-hosted platform that allows collaborative document editing, calendar management and photo management with geolocation.

While we continue to release forks and more forks from PC distributions, Microsoft is testing its desktop operating system in the cloud. For now it is only available for the corporate field, but it will not take long to extend to common users.

And, it is no longer necessary to buy a license to have Windows 10. The Insider Preview program allows you to use it for free (I have been doing it for years and although it is a technically unstable version I never had problems). Or you can pay a monthly fee for W10 and Office 365 without having to worry about updates. The system takes care of everything.

What the user wants

A couple of days ago on social networks I asked the inverse question:What distro would you recommend to steer users away from Windows 7? Leaving aside those who did not understand the question and the prejudices, the winners were Arch Linux, Gentoo and Linux From Scratch. All distributions whose installation requires the heavy use of the command line.

But i know Windows users who use the command line all the time. In fact. PowerShell, MIcrosoft command line tool has Linux version and can be installed as snap package. On the other side there Linux users who want to just press buttons and have the system take care of everything. Distributions such as Linux Mint or Manjaro were made for them.

Perhaps, if we put aside prejudices and decide to leave the ivory tower, Let's make it the year of Linux somewhere.

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  1.   JBL said

    The pride is that a Windows update takes the personal files of users before it and that it is minimized because it has "only" affected 3% of its users.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      If I wrote for Windows Addicts I would have talked about it. And about how when the language support had been loaded they suggested that we copy and paste the ñ and the stressed vowels.
      Thanks for your comment.

      1.    zoharis said

        It would be very wise to change the name on the blog to Windows addicts, I have long noticed the tendency to favor Windows and scare Linux users with viruses that, unlike Windows, require that they be granted certain permissions for their execution.
        It is not surprising that a blog that is supported by advertising favors those who maintain it. I have long lost credibility to your articles, if it were because of the outrage of a friend at such infamy, I would not have bothered to read it.
        I sincerely hope that they really change the name of the blog, it's time to be honest. I know that the Windows blogging niche is saturated and some choose to use Linux to position themselves, but it is a real disrespect for blogs that really go out of their way to promote and support Free Software.

        1.    Joseph said

          EXCELLENT ARTICLE. even linus tourval says "I wish we had only one desk!"
          They have to stop the 100000 distros that are modifications of ubuntu only that they change the browser and the theme.
          And there would be more sense of improvement and cooperation linux would come forward without hesitation since there is a lot of potential…. But at half speed ...

          1.    Ch1nga Tu C0l4 said

            but what nonsense, he is right, the reason why linux or GNU / Linux (if you are a purist) is not reaching its full power is because indeed when talking about Lunux for those who come from win7, "free versions are recommended "Which are as effective for countries as the" ultra right "should give priority to the user and not to feel superior just because they know how to use" command lines "that is why there is a 3% market barrier, which makes me I like the "open" code is that the decision to use proprietary code is "mine" and not that of a fat and filthy programmer (mostly, not all of them, so if you feel or feel offended it is because they are). He's saying what I should and shouldn't use to continue in his line of morality

  2.   Justme said

    Well, I took the whole article, translated it into English and spent 24 hours putting it everywhere, related to Linux of course, it seems to me that many of the world should read it, opinions like this can help to change the mentality a bit in Linux, But it would be a bit superb to believe that an article like this post only here, helps too much, that if, the last 3 paragraphs I saved, although it is true that there are users in Windows who use the terminal, myself for example, Most of them do not use it and I strongly agree with not recommending Arch Linux, Gentoo and Linux From Scratch, as an entry-level installation to the Linux world, if increasing the user quota is what we are writing about, if the aforementioned users After trying Linux they are a little interested in this world, they will discover everything related to distributions by themselves and in a very short time and they will already choose if they need or want to switch to another.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      Thanks for your comment

    2.    Pepe said

      I agree, first for the basics, then whoever likes to go deeper because he likes "mechanics and not just driving" will be able to do it.
      Everything in life begins with the basics. Rare is that someone in programming to put a simile starts studying OOP, the most normal thing is for the basics, and the same thing about the SO

    3.    Grog said

      Look, kid, you install an initially free base system and the system itself lets you choose between installing the rest of the free components or being able to install the proprietary components you want. This is how it works on practically all GNU / linux distros.

      The article has no where to pick it up. It is a little boy tantrum, from a Win7 user who sees his system abandoned. Well, blame Microsoft and go to win10. Or pick a linux distro.

      It's a lousy article, full of misconceptions.

  3.   William Roche said

    Do you really use linux at the moment? There are no graphics that go to 50% as you say, in distributions like Ubuntu (of the few that has said "now windows 7 has no support, you can come") ALL the graphics go as in windows, and more if it is old hardware that goes on windows 7.
    You criticize the defense of the free software community for defending their freedoms, which do not matter to the normal user because they cannot exercise them according to you, well leaving aside that only one can only be exercised as a programmer (you have really read them ?), apart do you associate these to the linux foundation that nothing to do, who is in charge of defending the freedoms of free software is the FSF, the linux foundation was created solely and exclusively to defend the interests of linux in the industry, here or click nor short.
    Who has been in charge of creating accessible environments for people who do not know about computers? canonica, the community of manjaro, of mint, those of zorinOS, also the programmers of GTK, QT, those of gnome, kde, mate and many others, that you do not mention in the whole article and that a server allowed to start using linux in 2012 without even knowing what a terminal or partition was until years later. In short, you criticize things that have nothing to do with it.
    What is arch, gentoo and linux from scratch recommended to those who come from windows 7, where do you get it? I repeat that the only companies / communities that have made "publicity" (and not very blatant) to Windows 7 users have been for easy-to-use distributions.
    The truth is that you are exposing a face of the community that does not exist, I do not understand this criticism of the community that does not exist on the internet, at least in official forums or telegram, if you knew the arch or gentoo community you would not say nonsense like their users recommend these distributions to new people, and linux from scratch? WTF? Nobody uses that in their day to day, just to learn or to start projects, not to use it at home. What has called you to write this? Do you hate GNU / Linux and its community?

  4.   Autopilot said

    Good article!

    I got to know Linux as an alternative to Windows (cracks, viruses, drivers) and I stayed with the GPL; the guarantee that I was not going to waste my time to end up in another Guatepeor. I think people see Linux as a religion when they really are for free, which is what it sells.

  5.   Ubuntu Peronist said

    Dear Diego German Gonzalez from Todos Los Santos and Acevedo, those of you who have arrogance and to spare ... you are the ones who publish these types of articles, those of your ilk, because you cannot be defined otherwise, you should dedicate yourselves to another little thing, to play Fortnite, Pokemon, etc, you know, those little things that you are good at.

    As they tell you above, the blog should be called WindowsAdictosYTontos.

  6.   Leonel Ivan Saafigueroa said

    GNU-Linux users, we are not free support for Microsoft customers ...

  7.   Inukaze said

    Good, a kernel for an operating system lacks pride, pride comes from some of its users.

    In my facebook group of <> if we would ask those who have just joined or interested in joining, what they need from the operating system to know whether to recommend migrating or not

    For example, if what you want is to play all the triple A video games on the market, my recommendation will always be that they better stay on Windows 7, until they manage to leave Windows 10 decent enough, Now if on the contrary you are more interested in Retros and / or Indies videogames, so if I recommend migrating to Liñux in case you don't even want to open the terminal then I will always suggest starting with OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 since there is a lot of documentation for this version.

    But it also depends a lot on the equipment at the hardware level that a user specifies and what they want to use the operating system for and how much knowledge they have, and that they say if they really want to migrate, because remove the customs to which many have adapted and how they are adapted to that, that is what is comfortable, it does not mean that Liñux is a bad operating system. But neither can we deny that there is a great variety of hardware that cannot be 100% profitable in Liñux.

    That something has a GPL license does not mean that it is <> since those of <> may also be using this license but its 10 relevant points against the 4 points of Free Software makes Free Software very scarce mainly because its own rules they cause a paradox wanting freedom, it just causes too many limitations and that is why most developers prefer to use <> instead of <>. There were already cases like Asesprite or GzDoom that had GPL licenses but had proprietary components, in the case of GzDoom FMod EX. It is the only one that I remember, but in the long run the community complained about it since this reduced compatibility with other systems such as FreeBSD.

    <>: It is as simple as that the user only wants and needs to install an operating system, stable, fast, with an environment as complete as Plasma 5 from KDE (KDE is the name of the development team), and then simply turn on their computer , and start using it, and that the updates do not screw the system.

    I say this because yesterday I updated one of the various Liñux distros that I have installed, Slackware64 14.2, and I don't know which moron they left in charge, but when updating to Linux 4.4.208 the keyboard, mouse, network connection and driver nvidia proprietary, they stopped working.

    Which distro would you recommend to someone migrating from Windows 7>

    OpenSuSE Leap 42.3 or Slackware 14.2 if you want something stable or Slackware-current if you want updates more often.

    OpenSuSE since the mid 90's has always been focused on being a simple solution for the end user, and so was Madrake. I would not recommend to someone new things like Debian, Ubuntu, LinuxMint, ZorinOS, ChaletOS, Deepin, KDE Neon, much less things like Linux From Scratch, Sorcerer Linux.

    Because if that person does not have enough technical knowledge and understanding of what he is doing, he will not understand anything, in distros like those directed for intermediate users [Debian, Ubuntu, Manjaro, ZorinOS, ChlaetOS, Gentoo] and advanced users [ArchLinux, Linux From Scratch, Sorcerer Linux]

    1.    Autopilot said

      So your solution to the end of support for Win7 is, openSUSE 42.3, which is also not supported?

  8.   Aradnix said

    The premise of the article is interesting, but as one progresses the reading, one will notice how the pot goes away with a lot of things that you list that are either half truth or seem to be rather personal frustrations with what happens in gnu / linux.

    I consider it futile to delve into it when the previous messages have done quite well.

    The truth is that as a gnu / linux user and in my experience helping others to make the leap, I do not agree at all with that arrogance that you say. I am of the idea that people should go from less to more, and in that sense Ubuntu and derivatives seem to me to be good options (but not the only ones) for many people, especially those who are married to the visual logic of Windows and not willing to learn anything else, there distros like Mint or ZorinOS are very useful.

    Regarding what you say that there are users who want to limit themselves to pressing buttons and that for them there are Mint or Manjaro, I differ with that idea. Sometimes one does not have time to fiddle and fight with controllers and to be lifting the shit and a half that is needed to carry out the pending, and a distro with very good hardware support like Mint can save you time that you do not have to spare and for That's so.

    It doesn't bother me that there are distros like this, nor others like gentoo (in the words of a friend, so easy that anyone who can read it can install it), slackware or arch, and if there are others like Elementary, Ubuntu, Manjaro, Mint, etc.

    Nor do I think that much fork is bad in itself and you do not recognize all the work and development of many teams that have made graphical interfaces quite comfortable, intuitive, useful and stable, less limited than the existing one in Windows since its version 95.

  9.   Juan Augustine said

    A few days ago, I installed Linux Lite on a lady's laptop. The reason, very simple, was an old laptop that covered all his needs, internet, music, and little else. And all of a sudden it was out of support, with intermittent prompts to move to Win10. Tried it, with the 32bit version. Win completely refused to work with that wifi card or with lan. There was no way to accept, no matter how many drivers I tried to use.
    I tried with long-lasting LTS distros, since at the time I told him that sooner or later he will have to change computers. I tried Lubuntu, Debian, Tumbleweed, all of them failed on the graphical side, an old Nvidia GeForce Go 7300. Neither Debian offers support anymore, and Nouveau, we already know, does not work. Things as they are.
    If now, with the retirement of Win7, we are able to say that the best option for a newbie is Arch, or Debian, or Linux from scratch, we are crazy.
    Pride exists, without a doubt. But it is to have less than half a finger in the forehead if I advise someone novice or who does not know anything about Linux, those distros.
    Ideally, start with one that is as friendly as possible, and encourage searching, testing, the bug that prompts you to want to know more.
    I've been using Linux for more than 15 years, I stopped using Win more than 10 years ago, I've tried loads of distros, I defend myself with most of them. If they put me in front of a Debian or derivatives, an Arch, a Fedora, or an Opensuse, I will know how to deal with their commands and their differences.
    But that is acquired over time. And the new user must be given that: time. And teaching you that Linux requires a little bit of effort on your part. Which is like learning what a new mobile phone can offer. At first it costs, we are too used to our old mobile, but we have the base, and it is the same for everyone.
    Here that goes too. He won't know commands, but he knows how to use a mouse, keyboard, a processor, surf the internet, and Google. The rest goes little by little.

  10.   Andy said

    «And, it is no longer necessary to buy a license to have Windows 10. The Insider Preview program allows you to use it for free (I have been doing it for years and although it is a technically unstable version I never had problems). Or you can pay a monthly fee for W10 and Office 365 without having to worry about updates. The system takes care of everything. "

    If you are so happy with windows, what do you come to say shit against GNU / Linux and its users? Linux is not superb. Things lack human qualities. In any case, some of its users will be superb. Those users who behave the same as you. You only had to say: "and it is also a system that no one uses and blah, blah, blah ..."

    50 percent cards? … I don't know, Rick, it seems fake…

  11.   anonymous said

    Once again trolling… .everyone looking for his life.
    Let them do what we all did, try until we find what we feel comfortable with.
    It is the problem of many, of wanting to change the world ... that each one change
    and the world will change.

  12.   Magdalena said

    I entered this place to read in Spanish about Linux. After reading this article, they are totally out of my spectrum.

  13.   Alex said

    The point of view of free software is that everyone makes the decision. If you want to continue with W7 is fine, upgrade to W10 fine and if you want to switch to Linux choose the distro that you like the most, according to its use. The level of use of Linux is also your decision. If there is pride or arrogance in this, I do not know

  14.   Baphomet said

    I have never read such a bad article on a site like this ... besides the story looks fanciful and silly, I think that if someone recommended Arch to a "newbie" (which I highly doubt) it would have to be a troll (who there are on both sides) or another "newbie" who does not know what he is talking about.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      You should check out my list of articles. I've written worse. Of course, have a little more reading comprehension. Arch's recommendation paragraph reads as follows
      «A couple of days ago on social networks I asked the inverse question, what distro would you recommend for Ward off Windows 7 users? Leaving aside those who did not understand the question and the biases, the winners were Arch Linux, Gentoo and Linux From Scratch. All distributions whose installation requires intensive use of the command line. »

  15.   Grog said

    The general tone of the article is unpleasant to me as a GNU / linux user. You have a fairly skewed perception of what the "community" of Linux users is (if there is an individualized entity that can be called that).
    You look more like a wounded Windows 7 user because you have to leave the system you've used for so long. Well, boy, I'm sorry, go cry to Microsoft for ditching you and go saving for an update to Windows 10, which is what hits you according to what you write.
    And leave Windows users who want to migrate to Linux alone. And advise linux users as they please to windows users.

  16.   pedro said

    Hello, sincerely are 800 or more linux distributions necessary?
    I had Fedora installed with the KDE desktop but I had problems with the graphics (AMD) and while I got the one I bought, I installed Kubuntu. Apart from the commands to update, install or delete a program I do not see any difference or almost no difference.
    I come from looking at google and the Linux market share is 2%. I think that if there were lesser distributions and they focused more on drivers it would be perfect. I have been using linux and windows for many years. The problem I always have with linux is the graphics driver, never in Windows. I am very amused by the one that says that windows updates make you lose files, I would in all modesty advise you to take care of your Windows if you use it. I take good care of it by installing only what I need because I had many more problems with updates with Linux than with Windows.
    Greetings and now you can shoot