Phosh 0.38 has already been released and these are its new features


Phosh is a graphical user interface designed for mobile and touch devices.

It was recently announced release of the new version of Phosh 0.38, and in this new version visual improvements have been implemented, as well as some performance improvements, support improvements in components implemented since Gnome 46, bug fixes and more.

For those who do not know about Phosh, you should know that is a shell initially developed by Purism as alternatives to Gnome Shell and are now part of the unofficial Gnome projects and are used on several platforms, in addition to Librem 5, such as postmarketOS, Mobian.

phosh uses Phoc composite server on Wayland and it has its own on-screen keyboard called a squeekboard. Phosh and phoc implement the standard GNOME desktop interfaces, allowing them to run gtk+3 and GNOME applications without modification.

What's new in Phosh 0.38?

In this new version that is presented of Phosh 0.38, shell base updated to wlroots version 0.17.2, which involves improvements and fixes to the Wayland composition backend, plus More cleaning and internal fixes were made which provided an improvement in stability and performance by composer Wayland. Also another important update is bump to the new version layer-shell 3.

Regarding the improvements in the visual aspect, now in Launcher lock screen launcher entries show count and progress, which provides visual information about ongoing actions, such as downloading updates, and improved handling of devices with rounded corners.

Another change that stands out in Phosh 0.38 is that added support for data:URI in media player, allowing playback of media files directly from external sources and created GObjects from subsurfaces and popups, which can improve the rendering and management of elements on the screen.

They were also carried out OSD improvements (On-Screen Display) for cases in which there is no level, in addition to now in Phosh 0.38 the views are always allowed to be visible, which can improve accessibility and user experience

Regarding the error corrections, the solution to login problem with gnome-session 46 and that problems related to scaling images in the background were corrected.

Of the other changes that stand out from this new version:

  • Customers can now check if a keyboard is connected (hardware).
  • Fractional scaling corrections were made to ensure proper interface rendering on devices with different screen densities.
  • It is now possible to move to the corner using key combinations.
  • Added 25 new available wide shapes, expanding design options to better suit user preferences.
  • Moving icons more towards the center is now allowed if rounded corners would obstruct the UI
  • Fixed different key layout on the wide and base shapes of the German layout.
  • Moved to a more up-to-date development base (Debian Testing).
  • Cleaned up design files to make it easier for advanced users to understand and customize.
  • Added properties to track progress
    Default icon size and minimum padding are provided in the top panel

If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can check the details in the following link

How to install Phosh?

If you are interested in trying Phosh, you should know that Fedora currently offers a Spin dedicated to this environment, so if you are a Fedora user or plan to try Fedora it may be a good opportunity to do so. Now, if you are in Ubuntu, just open a terminal and in it you will type the following command:

sudo apt-get -y install phosh

If you are a user of Arch Linux or one of its derivatives, you must type the following:

yay -S phosh-git 

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