Peppermint 8, the lightest distro of all, is now available to everyone

There are many light distributions, but when it comes to working with them, only a few are rescued and used despite the existence of others that are lighter according to the documentation. Peppermint is one of those light distributions that although it is not the lightest, it is the most used.

Peppermint 8 is the last stable version of this distribution. A version that is based on Ubuntu, on Ubuntu 16.04.2 but that has some additions and modifications that makes it a light distribution compared to other official Ubuntu flavors.

MATE is the default desktop for Peppermint 8 But it does not come with all the MATE or Ubuntu applications, but its developers have chosen the best and worst of each software to combine everything in Peppermint.

For example, Firefox has been discontinued and replaced by Chromium, so users will continue to have flash available without needing to make changes in the web browser. Linux Mint's X-Editor and XViewer Image will replace the Pen and Gnome Eye programs that older versions of Peppermint had.

But it is Ice, the web framework that has the distribution that has changed the most and the most important thing about the distribution. Peppermint 8 works similar to Chrome OSIn other words, many applications run on the server side and not on the client computer. This means that many resource-poor computers have a lot of power to do everyday tasks such as playing videos, browsing the web, or editing texts.

The changes of the version in extensive detail can be found in the official website. Also, in the download page of Peppermint you will find the installation ISO image of this new version.

Peppermint 8 is a great version and a version that fixes many bugs and problems in the distribution as well as updating the basic software. But the user experience remains the same and it is certainly worth a try.

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  1.   Viktor said

    Is there no way to make my Linux Mint applications run server-side instead of client-side so I can make it as lightweight as Pepermint?

  2.   Long live the Second Republic Project! said

    You head the article "Peppermint 8, the lightest distro of all, is now available to everyone." But then you say: "Peppermint is one of those light distributions that although it is not the lightest". They were?
    I tell you with good vibes: before writing an article, inform yourself better about the subject. Do not write to write. You already made a fool of yourself with the WannaCry thing.

    Lighter and "work-friendly" layouts are plentiful. I don't know where you got that this Peppermint 8 is the most used. It would be helpful if you argued with sources rather than invent.


    1.    Luison said

      Zas en toda la boca.
      Well said

    2.    Gonzalo said

      Peppermint OS Minimum Requirements:

      * Processor based on Intel x86, x86_64 or amd64 architecture
      * 512 MB of RAM
      * At least 3.8 GB of available disk space

      If that's not light for you today, tell me what is light

  3.   Julius bello said

    Can it be installed on a Raspberry PI Zero ??

  4.   arangoiti said

    But what a fucking mania with discrediting the work of others when it is done with all the good faith in the world, so the world is clear. On the other hand you (Long live the Second Republic Project), who are one of those who launch rockets at the moon every day, come yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat least to work quietly for the non-profit people trying to inform the community. By the way, I am not a friend and I do not know the person who wrote the article, but I am up to the same number of engineers in the world.

    Well nothing, greetings and long live GNU / LINUX

    1.    Long live the Second Republic Project! said

      You can have good faith, but there is also something else called responsibility. When someone writes in a media that intends to inform a community, they have to know about it. In the case of WannaCry, this same editor made it clear that he did not understand anything, which would not be a major problem if he did not transmit his mistakes to readers who do not know about the subject but are looking for information on pages like this.

      I have no idea who Joaquín García is and I have no intention of discrediting anyone. Honestly, I made the comment from before with good intentions towards the editor. Sometimes a slap on the wrist or a wake-up call comes in handy.
      The boy is discrediting himself with his permanent contradictions, his lack of sources (which a historian should know how to handle) and his articles that seem underhanded advertising and that cast doubt on the so-called "non-profit" you mention.

      Regarding the rest of your comments, I think they are over and do not deserve to be answered.

      All the best

  5.   chencho9000 said

    I stopped believing in light distributions when I realized that they hardly have applications for them and you have to download libraries at the tip of the bucket and everything ends up being slow and heavy

    1.    Gonzalo said

      Is that to be light they just have to have applications, but how are they going to be light? If you want to have an operating system with everything: 60 applications and 20 games, you will have to download many libraries
      If you want the donkey to go light, can't you carry it?

  6.   Victor said

    They should not speak ill of anyone but if it is necessary that they have sources or their own proven experience