Top 7: What is the most beautiful Linux distribution?

prettier linux distro


Sometimes, many users search what is the prettiest linux distro, and the truth is that there are many Linux distros that are really beautiful in terms of their desktop environment, themes and aesthetics in general. If you are one of those who let yourself be carried away by appearances, to choose the best distros, here you can see a list with the 7+1 most striking distributions:


Garuda Linux, most beautiful Linux distributions

Garuda Linux is based on Arch Linux. Although it is a fairly new distro, it offers a very good experience and is not complicated, and comes with everything you need to get started. You can download it with KDE Plasma and GNOME desktop environments, along with a variety of different window manager editions.



externOS, the prettiest Linux distro

The following distribution is not very well known, but it is a very nice operating system on a visual level. eXternOS it is a system that has been maintained until recently, although the last news in December was that they needed staff in the community, and their development was somewhat slowed down.


Zorin OS

ZorinOS, most beautiful distros

Zorin OS is another of the most beautiful Linux distros, and is among the most popular. It was launched in 2008 and after a long development, it has managed to be a fantastic alternative for Windows from its looks. It's based on Ubuntu, it's well supported, it's stable, the user experience is very polished, it's solid, and it comes with the default WINE compatibility layer for installing Windows software.


Solus OS

Solus OS rolling release prettier distributions

Solus OS wanted to differentiate itself from the rest of the distros precisely because of its appearance, with a minimalist, modern, and simple approach. All thanks to the increasingly popular budgie desktop environment. It is based on GNOME, but does not include its shell. Plus, it's based on Ubuntu and includes a ton of developer tools, so it can be great for developers.


Fern OS

FerenOS, most beautiful Linux distribution

The next pretty operating system is Feren OS, a distro based on Linux Mint with a modified Cinnamon environment. The modifications are intended to improve the experience and aesthetics, for users who come from Windows or macOS. In addition, it has an intuitive Windows-like start menu and taskbar, its Theme Changer tool allows you to change settings, background, icons, etc. quickly and easily, and offers other innovative solutions.


elementary OS

elementary OS

Of course, in a list of beautiful Linux distributions, elementaryOS could not be missing. A system based on Ubuntu and with a desktop environment called Pantheon with similarities to macOS. It is light and efficient, and the experience it offers is very well thought out, so it can be good for beginners as well.



Deepin, prettiest Linux distro

In China, another distro of those that made an impact due to its visual appearance was also developed. This is Deepin, with its own desktop called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment that is very minimalist and attractive. A pleasant and easy-to-use environment, in addition to coming with Deepin Store, a store of its own apps in which compatible Android apps have also begun to be included.




Finally, and as a bonus, there is also Chrome OS, an operating system Google's Linux that, although it cannot be considered a GNU/Linux distro like the others, it is another nice system to take into account. It is based on Gentoo, and is compatible with native Android and web apps. It is very robust, secure and stable, and has cloud services seamlessly integrated (with synchronization).

ChromeOS (Chromebooks)

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  1.   Administrator said

    Deepin is very nice, but it fails me sometimes, the last thing the keyboard stopped working for me.

    I have tested and worked on many distros, so if you want a good looking and stable distro choose between Kubuntu and Manjaro, they are good choices.

  2.   Thomas Mario said

    I used deepin for a long time, because it was robust, stable and beautiful, but indeed, the hardware failed sporadically, in addition to window management. I switched to Feren and was very happy until bugs in the menu made it unusable. In the end I ended up using Zorin and it is still my favorite distro, it is stable, robust, it is updated often and it is very beautiful.

  3.   Victor Pereira said

    I think that more than being ready distributions with a ready-to-use environment, the important thing is that GNU/Linux has that which favors it over other operating systems, its ability to adapt to each user and level of customization, which even allows you to create your own desktop with its own needs, the good thing I've seen lately is that we now have great advances in terms of emulating software that is different from and that are proprietary in addition to the adaptability for the common user, especially with the fact that many software are now web's


  4.   Jordi said

    There is an error in the article.
    Solus is not based on Ubuntu, on a distro based on Linux from scrat, which makes it a standalone distro.

  5.   halfmer101 said

    Solus is not based on Ubuntu, it is a standalone distro and Feren no longer uses cinnamon. It uses KDE and is based on Ubuntu.

  6.   user15 said

    I suppose that the ranking is of which are, according to the author, the most beautiful with the default configuration (without changing the initial settings). Be interested in selection, there are some that look showy and that I did not know like Feren or Garuda.

    Anyway, most Linux users tend to modify the appearance (tune) of their system to leave it to their liking, so the default appearance of the distros is not usually, in many cases, a determining factor to choose one distro or another. In my case, I use Linux Mint cinnamon, which seems horrible to me in its default aspect, but with the intensive tuning that I apply to it, I see it more beautiful and showy than any of the ones you indicate

  7.   dhouard said

    Of course, the prettiest is… mine.

    The good thing is the ability to customize and leave everything to your liking. In my case, I use openSuse with Plasma which gives me an infinite variety of styles.

    But, if I have to choose between those on the list, Deepin seems to me the one that is more visually refined.

    A greeting.

  8.   chiwy said

    I would be interested to know why they say that ChromeOS is safe? Can we trust Google with our security?

  9.   qtrit said

    Zorin Os Pretty? but if it's the flattest, ugliest, austere, bland and visually unpleasant thing I see, it looks like a Windows 95 from the 90s

  10.   JeudyMTC said

    DEEPin is the one I want and I choose because it's the prettiest I've ever seen :'Vnoryjuanitaybismarkcito:D

  11.   Gustavo Fuentes said

    I load these publications copies of copies of copies of copies of other pages could change the comma of what is written... the distros that are mentioned there do not reflect reality...
    external. That project no longer exists, it's off many years ago and they're still posting the same thing