New year's projects and programs that can help you achieve them

New year projects

A new year is coming and with it the new year's resolutions. Whether you want to lose weight, learn a language, quit your job to be your own boss, or some other possible or crazy dream, you will always have an open source program that can be of use to

Let's see, for example, the three things that the Cuban poet José Martí pointed out that every person should do throughout his life: Ewrite a book, plant a tree and have a child.

New year projects

Write a book

As far as I know, the poet does not clarify the type of book we should write. Nor if blogs count as books. Anyway, in the repositories you have all the options you could need.

Let's look at some programs for creative book writing. It is important to note that these programs,Although in many cases they have basic word processing functions, they are basically idea organizers. In them you can have cards with the biographical data of the characters, write the review of the general plot of the book and determine what will happen in each chapter.


The o is for open. Like many other open source projects it is a fork of another that no longer exists. The last version Available at the time of writing this is 25/12/20 so its development is still ongoing. It is written in Java and has versions for Linux (DEB, RPM) Windows and Mac OS X.

oStorybook not only allows you to organize your novel, It is also ideal for planning short stories, feature lengths, essays and movie scripts.

The program is almost all translated into Spanish, but the documentation is in French. One particularity is that if you want to create a new file, you must choose the option Open an existing file.

Apparently it is possible to use an external editor. At least the option is. But, in the documentation it does not say how or what type of editor. In the frequently asked questions, what he recommends is to copy and paste from the word processor.


This is programto write novels that follow the model that we see so many times of a basic free version and a paid version with additional featuress. The basic mode allows the creation of characters, locations, scenes and chapters in addition to exporting to pdf, .doc and txt. The supported mode has a suggested price of 15 euros (which is much less than the proprietary payment alternatives) incorporates advanced text editing functions, diagrams such as lines of texts and relationships and a dark mode.

Plant a tree

Technically you can plant a tree using free software. It would require using loads of Arduino modules and quite a bit of Python programming. It would surely be a lot of fun and when you have a garden, you will probably give it a try. It could be one of my new year's projects for 2022. What I can offer you at the moment is some program suggestions for planning the garden.

Open Garden

Let me take a paragraph from Wikipedia

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and economic, political and social design principles based on the patterns and characteristics of the natural ecosystem.

In other words, it is about selecting what is grown taking into account what is best for the environment.

opengarden is a French software for the management of a garden under the philosophy of permaculture. It allows the interactive management of the cultivation plots, with annual planning and crop rotation over 5 years.

Among its tools, it offers the possibility of creating a plan with the representation of plots, crop sheets, an annual planning table per plot, and a table of crop rotations over 5 years for each plot with the visualization of crops. previous colored according to the botanical family.


Martí doesn't say anything on the subject either, but once you've made the effort to plant the tree, you probably want to keep it alive for as long as possible. In this case, what I am going to recommend is not a program but a site which Contains instructions on how to create your own automatic garden watering and monitoring system. It is based on Arduino modules and is under development.

Have a child

Frankly I was hesitating to include this category among the new year's projects. It is a very sensitive subject for many people and it is very easy to fall into bad taste. But, considering that this information may be useful to someone, here we go.

Periodic Calendar

This program is in the Ubuntu repositories (I assume it comes from Debian) under the name pcalendar. I could not find a website so I do not know if it is available for other distributions or operating systems.

This software developed by women allows you to track menstrual cycles and determine which days are most likely to occur. Also monitor the pregnancy, calculate the stage, determine the probable date of birth and write personal notes.

Obviously all this without guarantees.

Whatever your New Year's projects, we would like to know if you achieved them and what software you used to achieve them.

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  1.   Delio G. Orozco Gonzalez said


    José Martí was not only a Cuban poet, he is also the most universal, transcendent and beloved of Cubans. He is considered by them as the National Hero and I call him the Spiritual Father of the Cuban Nation.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      I had no intention of detracting from Martí's merits. I wasn't writing about him.

      1.    Delio G. Orozco Gonzalez said


        I do not criticize him, on the contrary, I am pleased that the distinguished Cuban has inspired him. I just wanted to elaborate on being from Marti.