Munich prepares to vote to abandon Linux

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Munich was one of the pioneers in this switch to free software -more specifically to Linux- and that example later was followed by numerous sites throughout the world. But after a few years of peaceful coexistence with Windows, some voices they began to rise in pursuit of focusing on a single platform - using arguments at least debatable - and unfortunately this was Microsoft's.

The main reason for this anti-open source move has been the economic cost, mainly that related to the fact of maintaining two platforms that still according to his vision are not completely simple to integrate. And to this they add the fact that some of the main tools are not always available, or if they are, they suppose the expensive licenses outlay which are similar to what their Windows counterparts cost.

Worse still they argue, many times it is necessary to opt for Windows applications that are not the best but are the most compatible with those available for Linux. All quite debatable arguments as we said at the beginning, especially if we take into account a report presented by the consulting firm Accenture, which has determined that a large part of the increase in the operational cost of this project was given by the approach offered by the Munich City Hall, which in Accenture's judgment has been quite inefficient in terms of logistics and resource allocation of its IT teams.

Furthermore, Accenture and broad sectors of the IT world believe that it would be a shame to waste all the time invested in the LIMuX project, which is what the Linux distribution of the Munich City Council has come to be called, without also forgetting about all the experience gained in this time. But despite this mentioned report, there have been several voices that in recent times have been raised in the German city in favor of abandoning Linux, and their work seems to have paid off since consumer and citizen associations have indicated that They hope to return to Windows as soon as possible, despite the fact that it is known that turning everything back will also imply a significant outlay.

This is how things are at the moment, and although the decision is already made and the definition date is approaching, we will still have to wait a bit for it, since it is expected that it will not be until after November, since that is the expected time to determine the final cost of the transition back to Windows.


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  1.   Martin said

    What good news!

  2.   ruffian said

    There was a cannon shot of money at the government and the occasional talkative citizen, knowing how Microsoft is ready for business ...

  3.   George said

    And the usual thing happens, the OS itself can be the best in the world but if the programs do not run natively or directly it does not, it ends up being a defining factor, and it is even something that Microsoft itself is fighting against, For this reason, the Windows 10 vs 7 quota still fluctuates, because although the hardware support has improved, there are programs that throw bugs in the new edition of the system.

  4.   Joselp said

    All this happens due to the poor adaptation of users to the environment of the operating system and its applications. As for the alternatives to the applications that they could have in Windows, if in their day they saw the change as positive, it is assumed that this setback should already be considered at the time of implementation.

    It smells more like straightforward business, and favoritism in exchange for a few thousand euros ...

  5.   Adrian said

    Maybe it was something to be expected. Unfortunately, when it comes to keeping the OS up-to-date, in Windows it means downloading the updates, installing them, rebooting, and continuing to work. In Linux, it means backing up all the programs in use and their associated files, installing the new version, and finally reinstalling all the programs that were in use and their associated data. In other words, a job for specialized personnel and the machine out of use for a whole day. Hopefully, all the hard will work as before. If not, we will have to look for the drivers for the new OS, or worse, compile them from their sources, with which, the machine will no longer have a certain date to work again. In a state like Germany, perhaps this way of working does not go down very well.

  6.   Gaston said

    Adrián Anyone your comment you never used Linux it seems .. in Ubuntu the update is done daily and you have support in long-term distributions for 5 years !!! And it allows you 5 to update the distribution without uninstalling anything!

    1.    Juan said

      Hello Adrian,

      How long have you not done a linux update? Have you ever updated a linux?

      What a misplaced comment, shows a total ignorance of the current state of Linux distributions.

  7.   Luis said


    You do not have the most fucking idea of ​​Gnu / Linux better do not misinform that you can confuse beginners.

  8.   Mirko said

    Ufff that bad dear Adrian, you have not been anywhere near working in a station with GNU / Linux and I imagine that not even in a dream in an installation with server; opening your mouth without having an idea is free, thinking a little and even better than that, learning costs a little more, make the effort.

  9.   junior fabian garcia said

    I am a Network Manager in a department store chain in the Dominican Republic. Since 2010 we have migrated more than 90% of our workstations and servers to Linux, specifically to Ubuntu and CentOs. The biggest challenge of the project was the users' resistance to change, but after they got used to the environment, everything went wonderfully. We considerably reduced the technical support for users, 0 viruses, or driver installation, etc ... ..

  10.   Joseph said

    Adrian, I don't know what Linux you've used ... but you're totally wrong about Linux updates, what's more, you can go to a higher version and not lose any data.

    On the contrary in Windows with the famous Falls Creators Update, which brushes several Apps from the system ... very practical yes.

    I have been working in the IT sector for more than 12 years, plus as many in defense, with Linux for about 15 years ... and I do not put a computer in my house with Windows, nor with Adrian's money this

  11.   Miguel Mayol i Tur said

    One "unimportant" fact MS has been donating to the opposition campaign until they have won.

    The rest, trifles.

    But if the cost increases substantially, in Germany, they will be denounced for embezzlement of public funds, and there the justice is not like the Spanish.