Microsoft Office for Linux: could be imminent

Microsoft Office logo next to the Tux mascot

Everyone knows the project to create an edition of Office for Android and other interesting projects that are still rumors, which after all is a Linux-based operating system. But Microsoft could go further and create a version of MS Office for Linux. We are talking about being able to install Office natively on any Linux distribution, without the need for Wine, PlayOnLinux or any emulator or virtualize Windows for it ...

Si Microsoft If you started porting your software to Linux, that would be such shocking news that it would catch all Linux users unexpectedly. That would mean full recognition of the greatness of Linux by Microsoft and possibly drag other companies to do the same. Who knows if one day we will see programs like Photoshop for Linux.

That video game companies are already looking favorably on Linux is no accident, and major software companies could start to do the same. The rumor about an Office for Linux spread in Brussels (Belgium), at a European open source conference (FOSDEM). There Michael Larabel spoke of the appearance of an Office for Linux in 2014.

A native version of Office for Linux it would be great for all those who depend on this office suite and that this ties them to Windows. Now they would no longer have an excuse to stop using Microsoft's operating system. But ... is Microsoft willing to do this? The truth is that Microsoft would even sell its mother if this brings money to the company.

The question to know if there will finally be an Office version for Linux or not is based on the product profitabilityIf it were profitable, do not doubt that it will be. The truth is that there are already many users who use Linux, but there are still more companies and large corporations that use it and that would be delighted to have a product like MS Office running natively on their Linux systems.

Honestly it would be good news, unfortunately both LibreOffice, like OpenOffice They have not reached the level of maturity of MS Office and it must be admitted that the Microsoft suite is one of their best products. Some of the options and tools of Office are not available in the alternatives for Linux and everyone knows what happens when opening an Office document in LibreOffice or OpenOffice, it is totally deconfigured (although less and less ...).

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  1.   Sergio said

    I do not understand the article well, or what it says is not related to the title. Is there anything new that Microsoft Office for Linux could be a reality soon, or is the idea to speculate what would lead Microsoft to make the decision to launch the product?

    On the other hand, I don't think it is a profitability decision. Sometimes a company maintains a product just because it reinforces another. I think that making an Office for Linux, even if it is more profitable for the sales of that product, Microsoft could greatly weaken its ecosystem, harming other products and benefiting Linux and other alternatives, which could even make them lose money and market.

    1.    axi85 said

      Hello. Of course that can weaken other Microsoft products, especially the dependency on Windows, but we have seen Microsoft do unexpected and unpredictable things for a handful of dollars and then have caused serious problems for the company. But they seem to move by impulses of ambition more than reason and logic… So it wouldn't be so weird.

      As for the title, it means that it is a rumor but it could be known soon, possibly throughout this year.

      Greetings and I am sorry that the article has puzzled you.

  2.   Gregory Swords said

    And the source of the rumor?

    1.    axi85 said

      Hello. The rumor has spread on the Internet and the focus where it originated was in FOSDEM and the cause is Michael Larabel (founder of Phoronix).


  3.   AnSnarkist said

    Personally, the use of Linux will be reinforced blablabla… .but what will happen to the entire Libre / Openoffice community?

    1.    axi85 said

      Nothing ... these suites are also available for Windows and coexist with MS Office. And that? They are alternatives that now could have one more rival, each one who chooses the one they prefer. The more competition the better for users.

  4.   federico said

    an acknowledgment of the greatness of linux? LOL. do not make me laugh, friend you are crazy. If windows does it, it is because there is simply a demand from users, like me, who would buy it for my Linux Ubuntu 14

  5.   adel said

    frankly I don't like free linux suites and use microsoft office from wine either, so for 1 year and a half I opted for the third option: wps office

  6.   7i11h4x0r said

    I've been a linuxer for a long time, I don't like windows, but something I do know, free office suites suck ... they suck a lot ... and really if windows can get a linux version, but obviously it will be a binary which will ask for serial, therefore it It is very obvious that Microsoft wants to take advantage of those users who do not pay for windows but will get them to pay for their office suite since they themselves know that we lack a good office suite we linuxers ...

    PS: Personally, I use the google office suit :)

    1.    megajavisan said

      Use WPS office is the most decent thing in Linux as office automation, it is almost a clone of MS Office.

  7.   mx0023 (@ mx0023) said

    The million dollar question, who is going to pay to have MS Office on Linux? Most Windows users surely have a cracked office, I find it very difficult for a Linux user accustomed to having free and free programs to pay for having more office

  8.   megajavisan said

    Libreoffice is not 100% compatible with MS Office, the document covers with logos move and look horrible, apart from Calc has the names of the different sheets in flea size. LibreOffice is crap, garbage that hurts anyone's retina. When a person migrates from Windows to Linux that is the first (and most devastating) hit. I once wanted to crop an image pasted from a browser in Writer, never found the icon, I ended up with guts, it is a complete lack of vision and common sense. Surely the people who use LibreOffice and who defend to the death that it is better than MSOffice dress badly and are disheveled without taking care of personal appearance. But it is also true that the people who work at LibreOffice are volunteers, many of them for the love of the shirt. And here comes the first structural problem of Linux: they have failed to make it profitable. Open source does not mean free, things cost or is it that these programmers are given things as gifts. How many of us would be willing to pay for LibreOffice in exchange for a 100% MSOffice-compatible Office with a renewed and friendly interface? If we are waiting for the MSOffice for linux, to pay for it (because we will not be able to use the crack) I think we are going to fall for it. That was just baseless gossip. We are 2015 and neither signs of the liar this nor of the native Linux Office. For my part I am using WPS Office and I only hope that a stable version completely translated comes out to buy it, although it lacks in terms of performance, it is the one with the best compatibility with MSOffice (that everyone uses in my office) and it is nice in sight.

  9.   walter cahun cen said

    Well, we are already in 2016 and nothing .. :( I'm sure it will never come true: '(:' (: '(:' (

  10.   jc said

    try wps ...

  11.   Jose Orrego Mir said

    I have worked with Libreoffice, I use it frequently and I have not had problems of any kind, except when it asks me to save a document, I do it in Windows Office simply because of something very important: if I want to print said document in an establishment type Fedex Office the machines They are configured for Windows Office and I would not recognize the file saved in LibreOffice. In addition, the developers of LiberOffice as well as WPS and all open source programs deserve all my respect, because thanks to them, who are volunteers, they do their best so that we ordinary users can use it freely. At least a bit of gratitude towards those people would not hurt from us, don't you think?