Microsoft gives more reasons not to use Windows

Microsoft logo and Intel, Qualcomm and AMD chips

The news has come to us from the Microsoft blog, which indicates that «Going forward, as they are introduced newer generations of silicon, these will require the latest Windows platform at that time to be supported. […] Windows 10 will be the only supported Windows platform for Intel's Kaby Lake, Qualcomm 8996 and AMD Bristol Ridge silicon. ".

Windows 7 and Windows 8 will continue to be supported by MicrosoftThis is not what this Microsoft blog post refers to, the reality is even worse, and it implies that to buy a new microprocessor you must update yes or yes to Windows 10 or the next Windows they launch for that hardware to support to the operating system. So the new chips from Intel, Qualcomm and AMD, I do not know if any more will join, they will not support previous versions of Windows to force you to have Windows 10.

To have a Windows 7 or 8, you will have to stay with the older hardware, otherwise, in the new generations of microprocessors it will not be supported. This is a new burden that Microsoft imposes itself to force people to follow increasingly absurd rules and in order to gain market share with its Windows 10, that OS we are talking about. And Intel's Skylake will be the first to stop supporting past Windows to focus only on Windows 10.

In my opinion, this not the fault of AMD, Intel or Qualcomm, since they do not gain much from this movement, on the contrary, they can be harmed by a drop in sales if users want to maintain previous Windows platforms. Therefore, it leads me to think that Microsoft has made some kind of agreement ($) with them to force them to take this measure and thus boost Windows 10 as it may. Microsoft's latest moves bring it closer to the world of open source, but this honestly reminds me more of the measures taken by Apple and its planned obsolescence ...

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  1.   Jose Luis said

    It's bad for Microsoft, but good for Linux, so the news is good.

    1.    Oscar Pinones said

      An excellent opportunity for Linux ... make the most of it.

  2.   Julius miguel said

    We enter here to read about Linux, if you want to write about Microsoft go to a Microsoft site.

    1.    mircocaloghero said

      The title of the post says it clearly, it's about Microsoft, if you don't want to read the note, don't go in. I love linux and I do not drop anything for reading some microsoft, and if I am not willing to pass the note ...
      Your comment does not contribute a damn ...

      1.    Mariano Rajoy said

        a Taliban always jumps ...

    2.    Rodrigo said

      moron, is it that you can't understand that the news IS relevant for linux users?

  3.   Victor said

    The news is bad, what Microsoft said is that there will be no optimizations for the new processors in Windows lower than W10. Eg you buy the latest "AMD Zen 999" that includes a set of instructions "X128" you will be able to install W7, W8 but they will not support these new features; They are going to use it with the classic "X64", if they are going to have security updates and their programs, but no, updates of new features that include the new hardware. The idea that everyone goes to W10 and only keep a Windows.

    1.    Michael said

      Very true companion, this article has no head or tail, since I have a skylake processor and I can perfectly use window 7

      1.    Isaac PE said

        It is not about the Skylake that have already been released, but the ones to come. The current ones are supported, of course. Also, take a good look because in the article it says that Kaby Lake will be the first generation to stop supporting these chips. Intel follows a tick-tock strategy and the Skylake microarchitecture will be improved in the Kaby Lake version (although it is still manufactured in 14nm due to the problems that Intel has been having with the manufacturing processes) and later it will be changed to 10nm for Cannonlake. Obviously your Skylake (not Kaby Lake) is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and whatever you want ...

    2.    Isaac PE said

      First of all, what is the use of having Windows 7 or 8 or any previous version of Windows and buying a new generation of chips that are not optimized ??? Spending money buying the latest model from Intel, AMD or Qualcomm and then not being able to take full advantage of it is stupid, even if you can run Windows. Why a processor with a% less performance? So if it's as you say, it's still a gaffe on Microsoft's part ... And what you are implying about 128-bit extensions (which has nothing to do with x128, that term that I know doesn't exist, a thing It is the ISA x86-64, AMD64 or EM64T instruction set whatever you want to call it, and other extensions like SSE, XOP, FMA4, AVX, etc). Do you know how much penalty it would mean not to have these extensions? Worth? I do not think so…

      1.    Al.R. said

        You say:
        «First of all, what is the use of having Windows 7 or 8 or any previous version of Windows and buying a new generation of chips that are not optimized ??? Spending a lot of money buying the latest model from Intel, AMD or Qualcomm and then not being able to take full advantage of it is stupid. "

        What is the use of buying a new generation of chips if the linux drivers are going to be crap ... at least windows 10 will have full support and the drivers will be optimized for use in win10, it would be stupid to spend some money on chips that linux does not support not even AMD does lso linux drivers and Intel goes on and on stuck in OpenGL 3.3, Nvidia barely and with jobs serves the linux users who are few.

  4.   andreas said

    sons of bitches want to make you use your "operating system" whatever it may be ……… .. what will happen next? the drivers, the rest of the hardware?

  5.   Al.R. said

    It will be good for Linux as long as it has decent drivers.

  6.   charles caesar said

    With linux you have no problem keeping the OS updated with windows you have to pay is the difference

    1.    Al.R. said

      Linux breaks the OS every time there is a new update the system can be screwed

  7.   luis rojas said

    The Windows monopoly is over. That with his tricks he is collecting money by the handful.

    1.    Al.R. said

      It's about time Linux released decent Linux drivers.

  8.   Ashitaka emishi said

    high arch is coming now

    1.    Mariano Rajoy said

      you're beautiful !!! : P

  9.   Angel said

    And what's worse: they don't let you use it even with windows 95. Can you believe it? Microsoft doesn't want us to use windows 95!
    What a nonsense article, for God's sake.

    1.    Matias said

      A pity I am not going to be able to use my intel core i15 at 48ghz with 1024gb of ram with windows xp, damn windows I flatly refuse to upgrade to windows 10, that's why I'm going to opt for some of the 1000 million linux distros where I lose arto performance and where you can not find decent drivers and applications, that torture.

      1.    aesirkony said

        Losing performance? Not finding drivers? Decent apps? gnu / linux is safer and has more performance than windows, in fact my arch linux started in less than 8 seconds and it does not fragment like windows, and its speed is much better, of course one of the reasons is that windows uses a file of incremental pagination which is odiously fragmenting the disk, while gnu / linux uses a well placed swap,

        If you cannot find drivers, it is because you are bad layer 8, I have not had problems with that,

        and on the applications it depends on what you really speak to program, for example, I find better native tools than in windows, and for the rest there are always some that do the same job, only with desktop recording, or others.

  10.   cata said

    I think it is the first time that I comment on a blog or news or whatever, from my point of view windows is better than linux simply because one of the things that linux cannot do is run games, since it has no support whatsoever for that, windows is everywhere while linux has a smaller community and it only seems good to me to hack wifi and to watch movies, if it has good performance but if you have a good computer and know how to use windows you don't have any performance problems or drivers or anything, also windows 10 is better than the rest of windows needs fewer resources than all and I do not think it is a bad thing that everyone updates to windows 10.

    1.    The PowerOfTiamat said

      Do you know what the steam machinge is based on? on SteamOS ?? that is linux, or install steam there has a lot of variety of games, it seems that steam supports linux or and that is steam a game store so they have support for linux games what you say.

  11.   Jim Rodriguez Leon said

    Hi Ashitaka Emishi: Arch Linux is a very good distro, I use fedora, fedora is a very good distro, let's change the subject. Microsoft pressures Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10, why does it do it ?, so that the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA further invade your privacy without any court order still setting user privacy, why Do they think Windows 10 is "free"? Free, but in exchange for your privacy. Unfortunately, there are many Windows users who do not dare to make the leap to Linux, but it is a matter of trying it with a live without modifying anything on your PC. ps how beautiful you are .. :)

  12.   Golden Chameleon said

    I have participated in the use of linux for very little 2 years. I have downloaded and installed many distros and I love the diversity (because my team is very noble in its hardware), which I have ended up accommodating with Linux Mint, Open Suse, Peppermint and Zorin. My machine currently has win7 and Linux Mint, and I only return to that when it is already very indispensable (photoshop, damn). Perhaps habits are what force us to keep a Windows installed, and in other cases because people are hard to give themselves the opportunity to experience something better, just because when they feel comfortable using a Windows, it gives them what they need. . But the point is, how far can we allow a corporation to acquire rights over us? In my case, I got to win7, and for now, I don't want to know about 8.0, 8.1, 10 or 10.5, or win15 (or whatever version you like). The truth is, they no longer contribute anything to my life, and yet, from Linux every day I find something new ... and the best thing, I am more productive ...