Microsoft Edge comes to Linux

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Microsoft has taken an unusual measure in them, since with RemoteEdge we can run the Microsoft Edge browser on Linux

Today something unusual has occurred, since the Internet browser Microsoft Edge has been announced will reach Linux operating systems, and it is not using Wine, but it works thanks to the RemoteEdge tool.

This tool is like a virtual access to a Microsoft Edge browser, which we will access from another Internet browser. This will allow us to use Microsoft Edge on any operating system, be it Linux or MacOSX.

Microsoft Edge until today, was an exclusive browser for Windows 10, something that with RemoteEdge will disappear, since we can access from other operating systems even in a virtual way.

This is achieved thanks to is based on Microsoft's Linux operating system technology, that is, in Azure. RemoteEdge has many of the features of the Windows 10 browser, such as HTML5.

I know this news seems absurd, since you may be thinking that why you want a Windows browser on Linux. The answer is simple, since this browser is geared towards web developers.

Microsoft knows that not everyone uses Windows 10 and has therefore wanted everyone can develop Microsoft Edge extensions even if they haven't installed a Microsoft operating system like Windows 10.

Thanks to this they get more developers wherever they come from and incidentally manage to advertise to your browser, hoping to get more users for Windows 10. However, the browser not ready yet, since the official version will not come out until the end of this month.

Although the truth is I do not know how attractive it could be to develop extensions for the Successor browser to the nefarious Internet Explorer. The truth is that I have never used Edge so I would not know how to give a personal opinion about it.

And you.. What is your opinion of this measure by Microsoft and its RemoteEdge? Do you think it will favor them or is it absurd?

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  1.   luizja said

    The good thing would be to be able to do it with IE to be able to use it in sites that force you to use that particular browser, such as government institutions in Mexico, Spain and I am sure that in more countries or web portals of companies that use SAP or similar and that sometimes they let you enter with Firefox or Chrome and sometimes it is impossible to do it but with IE in any version using the compatibility mode it does work.

  2.   Isidro said

    I have only used Internet Explorer out of obligation for years, when there is no other option. I've never used Edge, and I hope I never have to. I just don't like Microsoft putting its hands in Linux, it gives me a bad feeling.

  3.   George said

    I also distrust that Microsoft puts so much hand in Linux. I hope everything turns out to be something positive for the Linux world

  4.   Jimmy olano said

    Sometimes one as a web developer needs, AT LEAST, to test how it would look in Microsoft Edge (previously called Microsoft Internet Explorer), just curious because if you start doing something for that browser you should start throwing away what you know about HTML, CSS and even JavaScript standards ...

    The world is very big and we all fit, we have to give them a chance taking into account that we do not have to install anything (I hope).

  5.   Andrew said

    @JimmyOlano please inform yourself before posting such nonsense. I use Chrome most of the time and I also use Edge, and I am a web developer. Edge is a totally new browser and it has NOTHING from IE, it is very fast and stable and supports all industry standards, sometimes better than Chrome or Firefox itself, so throwing away Html5, Css3 and Javascript it is a tremendous fallacy.

  6.   Arthur said

    lol virtualizing microsoft's edge browser.
    In truth, this is a joke for the entire community, in case they believe us ignorant. : /
    Let's keep letting microsoft give us just crap.

  7.   unsigned char * said

    Thank you but no, thank you ... leave this nonsense for your users ... the rest of us want to see real programs ... and not semi-applications with cryptonic technologies to cover covers offering garbage.

    If what you want is to see how your page looks in a certain browser, you have services on the net that will give you screenshots in all the major browsers and in their most used versions ...

  8.   MZ17 said

    Well at least it is not native linux, so much Microsoft-Linux is causing me more mistrust every day.

  9.   abaddon sinnerman (@ abaddons555) said

    I invite you to switch to freebsd, Linux will soon be from Microsoft.

  10.   TheCommentDeleted said

    Azure is not based on Linux, TONTUX.

  11.   Joan said

    If Microsoft really cared that the developers of other platforms develop for Edge it would have made the multiplatform browser and it would not give us crumbs.

  12.   webmaster said

    @Andres Please inform yourself before insulting anyone. Edge may be "brand new" (which I highly doubt) but it seems to inherit old problems and old "quirky" ways of interpreting code that internet exploder already had. You just have to see how pages made with pagebuilders that strictly follow the HTML5 and CSS3 standards look perfectly and are interpreted the same in all browsers (all non-microsof, it is understood) but when you run into Edge the problems begin, elements out of square , misplaced, or just not showing. In the end as always you have to end up doing the work in duplicate and creating a version of the special page so that it looks good in Edge.

  13.   Alexis said

    I am a Linux user, but I have been using Edge on windows as well as MS SQL and .net on linux ... they are well practical and the browser promises well ... nothing to do with explorer, I have tried the android version and it also convinces ... now, if you want a reason to use Microsoft's browser on linux?… the same reason we use chrome

  14.   Juan Rincon said

    Today, almost 2019 Microsoft has left more than one with their mouths open xD It turns out that Windows 10 each update is better, more stable, consumes less resources and is more intuitive and faster as well as flexible. As for Edge, it also surprised me, it is that I have seen mostly positive reviews about the browser that "I have used" and as a web developer I can say that it even gives me less headaches than Safari and Firefox, even Chrome. Research, read and see how it has changed. Additionally, it should be noted that it still lacks some maturity, such as the extensions "that it has but is missing" and other little things.
    And about Microsoft / Linux :) If you go to github you will see that Microsoft is the company that contributes the most to the development of free software "even if you don't believe it".

  15.   John Zamora said

    Currently (2019) the same news has been given regarding the launch of Edge but with a Chromium engine, which will come directly to GNU / Linux. I feel that Microsoft's interest in Linux is increasing every time, I consider from my perspective that it is good for the industry.

  16.   Eng.Alchemist said

    The first version of Edge was a fiasco - like almost everything at Microsoft. The new version of Edge is based on Chromium (Google Chrome's open source project). In other words, once again Microsoft copies the good things of others and makes its transformations like IIS (copy of Apache HTTD), Active Directory (copy of OpenLDAP) ... It was to be expected that the new version of Edge will work on Linux.

  17.   terror 1980 said


    Every time I install a Linux distro, I'll remove the disgusting Firefox and instead… Edge, along with Microsoft Teams and Skype and voila.