Many people think to denounce Microsoft for Windows 10

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Microsoft has a new problem. The countless errors in Windows 10 have made some users collectively report them.

It seems that Microsoft is mounting problems with its new operating system. Some users are complaining about the poor performance of Windows 10, which is why they propose to perform a collective complaint against Microsoft. The idea of ​​the lawsuit was started in a Windows forum, if you know English you can see the thread here.

Windows 10 promised a lot, however as we can see here it is not so bad if we compare it with Ubuntu. The other reason is that for people who have migrated from other systems (especially Windows 7), a lot of problems are happening that Microsoft tries to correct as best it can with patches, but that they do not cope.

Reasons for the possible lawsuit against Microsoft

  1. Lack of privacy: You surely remember when I told you that GNU classified Microsoft as Malware. It is known to all that Windows 10 is going through the lining of the privacy of users (the one that is free has a price), being the opposite of Linux, that is, a spy operating system. This, although some of you are the same, many are quite concerned about this issue.
  2. Poor performance and errors: Especially to people who have migrated from Windows 7, Windows 10 has caused a drop in performance with many errors, noticing only that it starts faster.
    1. The seeker is a potato: Admittedly, the internal Windows 7 search engine was pretty decent. In Windows 10 it suffers slowdowns and often refers only to the Bing results.
    2. Cortana and Explorer don't work: Every so often, the computer freezes, when you restart it, this message appears and you have to restart it every little bit.
    3. You don't know what system it is on: On some occasions, when turning on the PC, the Windows startup sound sounds 7 and he thinks for a while, taking longer than necessary to start up.
    4. Essential things stop working: Things like Wi-Fi, the app store, Cortana… They stop working when they feel like it.
    5. Applications stop working in Windows 10: I remember when my father stopped working Norton Antivirus when updating. Many applications and games stop working well when migrating to this system.
  3. It is not so bad: As I mentioned before, the operating system is not really as huge a breakthrough as Microsoft preaches. If we do a real performance comparison with Linux systems, the system is portrayed. If we compare it with Windows 8.1 or with Windows 7, the performance is the same or worse in most of the cases. The convergence promises also come to mind, in which they promised a mobile system identical to the pc, which they have not fulfilled however
  4. It really is the same: Although in theory they have changed the kernel, it is really the same but with the name changed. Working with the Windows Kernel has no point of comparison to that of Linux, which is in continuous improvement despite having less budget. In Windows they just recycle the one from the previous year and change the name, but it really is always the same.

In conclusion, Microsoft should somewhat imitate the work that Linux people do, who spend day and night working on their operating systems despite being poorer. The case of Ubuntu comes to mind, which release a version after 3 days they are already starting to work on the next. In Windows, they have been limited to taking a 2-kick system, that the only thing that changes is the name and that it has a lot of bugs.

As for the collective complaint, if it is done, I don't think it will change anything (Microsoft is a multinational with money to spare). However if that they should listen to users since one day they will lose them.

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  1.   otidki said

    It seems good to me that whoever wants to report should report it, but the comments criticizing the operation of windows 10 and comparing it with ubuntu is irrelevant and saying that it works better, no, it will be the version with unity, it seems that some have not liked that Windows 10 works really well and they criticize it without more, and to tell you that I do not agree with what is stated in this article, nothing to do with the reality of what it is and how it works Windows 10 and one tells you that you have a computer that is more than 10 years old with windows 10 working wonderfully and ubuntu mate installed.

    1.    azpe said

      Unfortunately, many comments are based on my experience.
      I have in one of the Windows 10 computers (for the games) in dual boot with Ubuntu and the truth is 7 was much better. And before you criticize the team tell you that it carries an Intel i5 with 8 GB of ram.
      I haven't even tried Cortana (it asks for a location and I'm not willing), but the fact that the explorer freezes and that the system doesn't even know where it happens to me more often than I would like.
      As soon as the steam catalog grows enough, I say goodbye Windows, and it's not that I disgust them (I liked Windows 7 to a certain extent) but I think that Windows 10 is a monumental failure mainly due to the rush.

    2.    Wilfredo mendoza said

      I agree with you, even though I have a low-resource PC, I'm doing great with just a few installed programs that are necessary to work on a home production PC.
      Characteristics of my laptop PC:
      Hardware: Brand: Dell INSPIRON 6400, 1.60 GHz dual-core processor, RAM: 1 GB, 75 GB hard drive.
      -Office 2007 enterprise,
      -360 full security,
      -Foxit Reader,
      -Google Chrome,
      -Drivers of some devices such as: Blackberry, Android, among others.
      -And some programs ´by default that brings the OS Windows 10 Pro 32 bit last compilation 10586.17.
      For me an excellent OS I do not complain at all from Windows 98 to Windows 10.

    3.    Archangel said

      It is not for desir is good or bad but if you saw how my pc is, until you can complain that it is an i5 with 4 video card and 16 ram

      1 I fail driver 2 I cannot return to my old version of windos 8.1 because I get error 3 I have to save all my 1-year break to collect $ 50 to go to a technician and restore my operating system from my pc but to the You see one is afraid that the pieces will change or not of what are original pieces I will change it for tricks
      Now I am missing a driver, my screen is small, which is 40 and 60 inches since I updated to windos 10
      It only lets me put a screen of 800 by 600 so it can't be done because there are complaints now none of my games gives me or gta 5 does not give me wowcrafts legion nor everything that is heavy games does not give me the screen is small
      Who is going to play and with a mini screen that does not give now when I enter a game black screen of what is already
      If I had put a warning saying you have to get the drivers before updating your pc to windos 10 it would not have been updated because I do not have the drivers on my pc but if you want to pass me there is no problem so they charge me less when I take a technician For me there is no problem as you say that it works 100% for you so we will help each other because as you have no problems so you can help 1 who has no money but I connect to the internet with my cell phone through my pc I do not have so much megabytes for that If it helps me to return my winfdos 8.1 if I get that put0 error that I always get when I try to return to windos 8.1 I would appreciate it friend because in my windos 8.1 the drivers are complete, I do not lack any for just that error it won't let me go back to my windos 8.1

  2.   hitt said

    I was testing it ... but unfortunately I was very sad, it sometimes ate 100% of my RAM (I have 8GB), also from my point of view the processes continue to run in some programs in the background, even after uninstalling it. I remember when I was giving a programming exam (JAVA) I had the ide in win10, just at the moment my consumption was full and suddenly warnings began to appear and I did not want to restart to save time. That day the Ide was closed when it had the code almost completed and without compiling.
    Well now I use Manjaro (here I have the black arch installed) and sometimes Windows 8.1 for Games (FIFA15, BATLEFIELD 4, AGE OF EMPIRES).

    1.    azpe said

      Really looking at the comments I realize that Windows has market share for three reasons.
      1.Games: many of us (myself included), we only have Windows to play, since Linux still has work to do in that regard.
      2.Unknowledge: People are not familiar with Linux, so they are scared when they see one. Not to mention the lack of knowledge in something essential in Linux, which are the commands.
      3. Support from manufacturers: People think that Windows is free, since it comes pre-packaged on computers, but they do not realize that it affects the final cost.
      I wonder what would happen if a user, instead of giving him a pc for 400 euros, was told ... You can choose between paying 300 euros and putting Ubuntu in or paying 400 and putting Windows in, because it really is, only that they have eliminated the Ubuntu option ...

  3.   m3x6 said

    I bought a machine with w10 ... a tractor costs a lot! As soon as I got home, perticione and install debian ... and there it was ... very bad the truth ... okay I did not buy the big machine I recognize it but it starts with 1,5 - 1.8G of ram almost ... rough bad ...

  4.   Amir Torres (@amirtorrez) said

    Nothing to report, who sends them not to read the service contract.

  5.   asd said

    If you don't like it, don't use it, it's that simple, who the hell does the staff think it is to report? Microsoft is a company and as such it can do whatever it takes and not to satisfy a minimum user quota of Linux and 4 cats that then depends on it (along with other large corporations)

    If you want to complain the best way is NOT TO USE IT. As simple as if Linux cared about privacy, you just have to see the proprietary programs that are inserted and that does not let you remove it since it would affect other things. Win 10 has its pros and cons, it's that simple

    1.    yo said

      I like the video of your girlfriend , they edited it in windows

      1.    asd said

        great culture yours

  6.   TT said

    A friend told me it is gnu-Linux, ubuntu, I have never liked it, I prefer should or fedora,, my nephew who plays, is happy with Windows 10 all the games run unlike 8, which asked me to uninstall it a week, even though I bought it as soon as it came out. I think gnu-linux is not any wonder, it consumes the same resource on the graphics platform (a decent one),

  7.   E.Galarga said

    you can see the malaleche in the note…. coming from a linux site …… what can you expect….

    rather they should worry about making a distro that really works, is attractive and modern ... of the thousands (I exaggerate) of distros it seems that there is not a single good and definitive one ... ..

    I use windows7 / 8.1 / 10 and I'm really happy with them on my computers….
    I also use Ubuntu… and without wanting to make controversy…. I have many problems with the ubuntu team…. the processor boils, the ram memory not even…. and it's not worth all that with performance, it's not even superior to windows.

    but each one talks about how it is going at the fair….

    the ubuntu team is a core I5 ​​3Generation, 8 GB ram….

    I like more how it works from windows…. And I clarify that it does not mean that windows is better than ubuntu or vice versa… ..

    points of view nothing more….

  8.   Dionysus Light Speed said

    Really, Windows 10 as both Ubuntu and Linux are not the same Windows 10 has errors caused by the same creators and sometimes it can give errors but that does not mean that one does not denounce Microsoft for something like that and sometimes that Windows 10 does not It works correctly but there are some errors that can be corrected Linux or Ubuntu do not have any errors therefore they do not make them different from Windows 10 the problem must be due to some type of program that We Install on our Computers with Ubuntu Linux or Windows 10 since They could possibly give us many errors I am not a fan of any of the 2 but I just want to make something clear Windows 10 Ubuntu or Linux Windows 10 has more than one clear error is not the best operating system that we have tested Redmond gave all their effort to make Windows 10 something better thanks to the Billions of users who said and criticized that Windows 8 was a disaster and it is not true but I have 25 PC with Windows 10 with an optimalSame operations with Ubuntu and Linux, everyone can think of Windows 10 Ubuntu or Linux the same not everything is perfect azpe calm not all operating systems are perfect Ubuntu or Linux have not given errors yet ... :)

    1.    azpe said

      Put a semicolon, because I get dizzy reading you.
      Reporting clearly seems to me to be excessive, but it is true that they would have to listen to users to fix those errors.
      If it is true that if you do clean installations or migrate from w8.1 it does not give as many errors as when migrating from 7, but of course, it still gives enough errors despite everything.
      Many of us preferred w7 because as you say, 8 is a disaster and 7 is the best operating system that Microsoft has made. The thing is that with that of the free update, many of us went to 10 because to try it a little and out of curiosity and of course, it seems that they have not made any effort for the users who came from w7.
      And we don't even talk about the issue of privacy, I have most things disabled but as a precaution I try to use Windows to play and little else.


        No operating system is perfect. None are bug-free, just as none are 100% safe and reliable. The difference is in how the creative company is in removing patches and solving the problems and security holes that they find. The advantage of Linux is that the correction of errors and vulnerabilities does not take long.

  9.   arangoiti said

    I confirm it, I do not touch Windows even remotely, but my 17-year-old son with a last generation I7 laptop and a spectacular NVIDIA graphics has returned to Windows 7 because the games in Windows 10 according to him are much worse, and I assure you that He is a regular game eater.


    1.    Miguel Litran said

      I am 100% in agreement with the post, windows 7 is the best they have done, the useless windows each time make the Operating Systems more for "fools" which would not seem bad to me if they continued to let the user choose what they want, which that's what any OS is supposed to do, because the Windows ones let you do less and more and do what the OS wants. Example: you can't choose how to install the updates, it installs all of them completely automatically, if you don't want to install any or you don't want to install them at that moment, you're screwed because the OS does what it wants and not what the user wants. Well, with everything, less and less customization (you can only change the colors of the app boxes and the bar with great difficulty, while in windows xp you could change colors of absolutely everything including the texts of the windows etc ... It seems very outrageous that Microsoft does what it wants and does not listen to the user, or at least does not apply logic because most things make them worse instead of improving and it seems that instead of forward they go backwards ... the subject from the search as the post says, a garbage .. while in widnows 7 it was the milk .. anyway .. that windows 10 is garbage and above all they force us to install it because the new processors only work if you have windows 10 : S extremely indignant and at the same time a microsoft user because it is what one is most accustomed to throughout life and they take advantage of that .. if not I switched to linux or mac, but we have to eat it with potatoes or at least report and complain to see if it's any use ...


        In Windows XP these changes only worked with the classic theme. If you were using the Moon theme, you had to limit yourself to the three colors: blue, olive and silver.

  10.   Thomas Andres Gajardo Gutierrez said

    You forgot to mention that Windows still has another great disadvantage: backward compatibility and its great contribution to programmed obsolescence… it cannot be that an S: O request requirements without having more options than a single desktop manager… many thought that the system would run well in their 32-bit computers ... but the reality is very different since you hang them as there is no basic desktop model, they make it almost impossible to work with it, unlike 7 that if it has a retro compatible version (Thin pc) and that it is also stable in 32bits.

    1.    azpe said

      Of course, this has happened since a long time ago, when I had to run old games in virtual machines because it was impossible to run them in modern versions of Windows.
      We all know about programmed obsolescence, since Windows is a great friend of all computer manufacturers, and they agree that every 3 or 4 years you have to buy a new laptop instead of every 10 years.
      Although on the other hand, I see computing somewhat stagnant, seeing how cheap computers are still worth more or less the same as 3,4 years ago. People throw away their PC with 2 GB of 2 GHz Core2,5Duo RAM to buy a 2,2 GHz Celeron with 4 GB of ram and a core, thinking that they have bought something better but it turns out that it is worse, since 25 euros, they could have expanded the ram.

  11.   Oscar said

    I installed Win 10 on an old noteb dual core 2g 4 g ram, it works mmmm, decently, but a few little things happened, the toolbar mysteriously disappeared and returned to the Win 7 menu bar, the sound has been disabled, I tube that reinstall that driver, during updates the OS slows down noticeably (almost unusable), the beautiful appearance of Win7 with its transparencies and theme management doesn't even come close to it (the default theme is horrible, even scary), it doesn't have variety either of sounds to choose from as in Seven, both IE 11 and Edge have nothing to do with Chtome or Firefox, there are no games, no gadgets, VirtualBox no longer works, many of my favorite games either, sometimes it starts with sound of Win 7, it is noticeably fragmented, and the issue of privacy is a separate point, out of all this let's say it works

    1.    azpe said

      It is that the upgrade from Windows 7 is honestly disastrous. They say that on computers that had the w8.1 it does not have so many errors, however, since Windows 7 it is too big a leap that they have not bothered to perform correctly.

  12.   rsdn said

    I do not know why they bother to publish something from windows on a linux page criticizing is just what these people do

  13.   mircocaloghero said

    Report? I do not know how it will be in other countries where you can report false advertising, but where I live, if you buy sports shoes for example and then it does not meet your expectations based on promises, you do not have many options but to admit that you chose to see an advertisement and not for informing you about how good the product is.

    It gives the impression, I can be wrong, that people tend to buy in a hurry to have "the latest", when in reality it is always advisable to wait at least four months to see what the "testers" in a hurry say, that applies to whatever, even to the GNU / Linux distros, or they will tell me that an ubuntu, a fedora, etc. never went wrong from the factory.

    You do not have to be impatient, you have to inform yourself a little and then not cry that they sold me something that was not promised

  14.   Zaskaburcio said

    250 people worldwide are not many either. And according to the wiskipedia, the NT kernel is already on version 10 (July 2015) and in 2012 WinRT was added for ARM processors, currently converted into Win 10 Mobile ARM. Regarding dual boot, Windows 10 reassigns the letter C to its boot partition for application compatibility, so if you start with Win 7 it reassigns C to the Win 7 partition, which implies that the scheme is changed each time dual boot (text to graphic). Cortana, for it to work, you have to adapt it to the language and region you want. Come on, Win10 has problems but not as exaggerated as you say.


  15.   louis camargo said

    I love Linux, since Fedora Core 2.0.

    I am redhat Certified and LPI III

    I am MCSE since Windows 2000, and I can tell that the person who wrote this article has no idea what he is talking about.

    By the way, Microsoft today has broken its historical record in market capitalization.

    Fruit of his catastrophic work I imagine.

    Kid before writing such statements you have to have more criteria than a PC for games.

    By the way, why Ubuntu?

  16.   arangoiti said

    Hello nice. I love your titles in Redhat and Microsoft, let me introduce myself. I am a Systems Engineer in the largest multinational in the world of Steel. 20 years of experience and knowledgeable expert on Windows, Unix and Linux systems for that they pay me. I will tell you that the company where I work around the world has more than 200.000 computers with Windows XP, of course thousands of servers, thank God, few with Windows and many with UNIX and Linux, but this is not the case. The issue is that a few months ago we started with the migration of computers as well as the operating system, in this case Windows 10, result, shit. All problems turned back and with Windows 7 that at least performs better and is more reliable. And that Microsoft makes a lot of money, and when it has stopped doing it, hahahaha, you get commission, I think not, anyway it is normal when millions of licenses are covered by the obligation to pay them when you buy a new pc, obliged to have a operating system that you may not be interested in. I do not know the criteria that the one who wrote the article will have, but I assure you that I do.

    Greetings nice.

  17.   George said

    I agree that the system is not a marvel and the truth is that the vast majority of these problems are solved with a clean installation, that proposed upgrade from 7 to 8 / 8.1 and later 10 never worked out as it was proposed.
    If there is something that I must highlight as a failure of that system, it is its low privacy and hardware-related failures, from one moment to another the sound would be lost or in worst cases with a new update the PC would stall with a blue screen .

  18.   Meltron said

    Windows 10 only problems with almost everything, (software and hardware). I have it from Windows 3.1 onwards, and it is almost like a Windows Millenium.

  19.   pygant said

    Look at me, I do better with Gnu / Linux, the unity, no, that one is very heavy, but Fedora or Open Suse is better for me than with Windows 7 or 10. I think Microsoft can improve and refine Windows 10. You just have to give give him a chance. The only thing stopping Linux is the proprietary thing. there is a field in which it cannot be demanded.

    I just turned from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Gnu / Linux. Windows crashes in mysterious ways and can easily make you angry at times. Now if as the emergency cabinets say. Use only in cases of E.

  20.   Pilar Diaz said


  21.   Untilloswebdeguindou10 said

    windows 10 is the biggest operating system trash in history, my computer is new, it's 4 days old, there are folders that it won't let me access, it's my fucking computer, I paid for it, microsoft hasn't given it to me, download updates, I have cortana disabled and I see that it is running in the background, it gives me problems with the antivirus, it takes time to start the innumerable number of processes that it starts to steal until the last data that I can track, then we will see the shit of Bill Gates doing charity work, they have changed the BIOS, now it's called UEFI, RETURN TO WINDOWS 7 Or ubuntu an adventure, they should not only report them but take Bill Gates, put him in jail and throw away the key, they think the computer is yours, and I paid for it. SHIT SOFT THEY SHOULD CALL THIS PANDA OF HIJ.P, TA

  22.   Ana Mª said

    Well, I'm disgusted with this version 10. I was with 7 until now and I had no complaints, they lower 10 (I don't remember having downloaded it myself), I see that it is LIKE THE ASS, it slows down my computer, installs updates, paralyzing everything what I'm doing, when I feel like it, makes me go much slower. I have 10 for a couple of weeks and after that time I decide to go back to version 7. I go back to 7 and… .flex, I RE-INSTALL 10 BECAUSE IT COMES OUT OF THE C !!! when I just told him that I am not interested and that I want the 7 !!! Come on, many of you will be great, but my experience is dire, and I have a 7-year-old professional i2, huh? so why the equipment is not enough is not.

    Yes, I would denounce them. Or at least I would demand that they leave me alone, if I want to keep 7, that they take over my computer and my decisions by doing things that I do not want and I have indicated that I do not want to.

    1.    Laura said

      I totally agree, I am in the same situation. The anger is monumental, I can't use the computer to work because it works awful and it's new! OF SHAME

  23.   Laura said

    I would also love to report them since the system was installed automatically without my authorization, and now my computer is fatal, slow, crashes .. impossible to use the computer, it is desperate I feel scammed with this change when the computer It was great ... it's an i7 and it works awful, this is a shame !!!! I have bought a Mac and I don't think I'll ever buy Windows again !!!!! Instead of going forward they go backwards !!

  24.   jose said

    The issue is clear that windows 10 is unstable. You go to any company that assembles computers to your liking; Sea: Mountain, Mantis computing ... and they highly recommend windows 7 "for the moment" to mount it in their workshops. There must be a reason??

  25.   Jason Hermes said

    I WANT TO REPORT WINDOWS. I'M UP TO THE EGGS. Since I installed it, I have only problems. I get the blue screen, it installs things without my permission, it is also slow. A SHIT FUCK. And it seems that it does not allow me to restore to my previous windows ... it has me very pissed off

  26.   Gustavo Rocano said

    windows 10 is a mess full of errors many of my programs stopped working and
    My pc restarts every time I open it I have tried to update each one of them but the same weada microsoft continues to happen in its version windows 10 it is a fucking scam …….

  27.   Gustavo Rocano said

    Microsoft in its Windows 10 version is a fucking scam
    My programs do not work even though I update them and my pc restarts every time I try to open them… .. see if the batteries are already put in and solve our problems or at least give us the ease of deactivating it and going back to our previous version of windows 8 which is more reliable and works better than this crap….

  28.   Fatima perez said

    Since I installed windows 10 on my desktop computer, the internet is always intermittent, it comes and goes like this continuously and yet I install windows 8.1, it is the one that brings my pc from the factory and it works great but I reinstall the windows 10 and it fails again, I don't know what to do, I took it to fix it because it's under warranty and they tell me what a problem with windows 10 that they can't do anything

  29.   Archangel said

    My problem
    1 Since Update does not give the games it is super slow
    2 I had to change my internal card of my pc because it does not give my video card
    3 my screen is small that I use a 40 and 60 inch screen I had to buy a mini screen
    4 windows 10 is incomplete
    5 should be synchronized with the drivers from windos 8.1 to windos 10 all the drivers that had 1 but it is incomplete I am missing a driver, there is a drivber that is not working
    6 now I can not go back to my old systems until now to windos 8.1 because I get an error when trying to return because it worked at 100% and it was not slow like now
    7 when something is updated they will see how my pc is and it is i5 with 16 of ram and it is super slow this shit now I check with ctrl alt sup and all my ram is consumed now if I go to a technician he will charge me $ 50 it is a lot depending on the Country can someone tell me how to return to my old system without making an error if I want to get $ 50 I would have to save my 1 year recess I can not do or play any games now I can I have to put up with playing nitento games of the old on my pc I just need someone to tell me how to go back to windos 8.1 with all the drivers activated that I had without getting an error when I restore as indicated in a yotube and I get an error I can't go back to windos 8.1 until now

  30.   Manual said

    Disappointed with this operating system.

    Windows 10 creates temporary sessions for me, causing me to have lost all the information on my computer. Which has meant loss of employment information, loss of money because I have had to fix it and work time.

    The worst thing is Microsoft's customer service, you call the number and in none of the options you have customer service or claims, so you decide to dial technical support. When they tell you that they don't attend to that, you ask them to turn you over to the claims service and they tell you that they can't… .sorry that a company like Microsoft can't do that…. shameful.

    I will think a lot about buying products from them again.


    The first time I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Windows 10 worked like shit. I have an i5 4460, 12 Gb of RAM and the integrated Intel graphics and the OS was extremely slow, heavy, clumsy, it would freeze many times and I had to restart the pc from the reset button, the System processes would sometimes consume the mod amount of 7 Gb without doing anything, blue screens with different codes and without knowing where the problem came from, whenever I got up from the pc and left it still for about 15 minutes, when I returned, it was completely blocked, that was why I moved the mouse and it moved slowly, I checked the task manager and the RAM consumed 100%, I did not understand, because when you left it still it consumed 100% of 12 Gb of RAM. Modern UI applications also used up all RAM in an hour or so. The first time it happened to me with the Groove music player that consumed 10.7 Gb of RAM. At the moment, the image on the monitor went crazy and boom, jump blue screen. I returned to Windows 8.1 a week later, which had always been perfect for me. Returning to 8.1, 0 blue screens. So, it was not my hardware error.

    In January of this year, my boyfriend upgraded his pc to Windows 10, he told me that it worked much better than Windows 7. His pc is from 2008, a Core 2 Quad, 4 GB of RAM and a GeForce 9500 GT. I went to see and indeed, his machine was much more fluid with 10 than with 7. I dared to give Windows 10 another chance, but this time, I downloaded the ISO from the Microsoft website and installed it clean . And I was pleasantly surprised that now if I was facing a more mature OS, it no longer consumed so much RAM, the system process consumed by a lot about 50 Mb of RAM, Modern UI applications already worked as they should, 0 blue screens, a system very fluid, although Windows 8.1 still seems more fluid. In short, the moral is not to run to install the newly released OS. You have to wait at least 6 months before migrating, and the most optimal is 1 year or when the first Service Pack appears. The Windows 10 November update polished the OS a lot.

  32.   popopo said

    I personally think that windows 7 (the system with which my pc came as standard) worked much better than windows 10 ... I updated it thinking that it would be better ... but when it was updated it seemed to me that it worked more with a tablet or with a mobile that with a computer…. shortly afterwards they began to develop bugs, windows 7 programs stopped working due to many compatibility options being adjusted automatically or by selecting them. then the updates of windows 10 and I have 3 the last a few days ago the previous ones spent months one from another ... every time it is updated it goes slow or freezes for a couple of weeks in which a message appears daily or every two days in cortana it needs to be restarted to work ... after a couple of weeks it is still going like a tablet (at the operating system level, but it works) and at the same time it asked me to update and the same thing happened ... THERE ARE GAMES THAT WITH WINDOWS 7 worked and Not with windows 10, in addition to other programs that give me errors, especially those of performance improvement such as tune up.

  33.   sam said

    The screen looks terrible with Windows 10, the blurred text, the variable sizes in each program, the altered colors, with each attempt to fix it the situation worsens. Go shit, the most basic thing about a computer is that it looks good. Teras of memory and RAM and it doesn't look good. Shit Windows 10

  34.   ivv0 said

    I have tried to update several computers from Window 7 and Windows 8.1 and in none of them have I been able to finish the update. Why have they created that stupid gray intermediate system to get to the same place? Instead of making a more visually worked system, if at the end of the day the improvements in operation are minimal with Windows 7 or 8.1.
    It is clear to me, I will continue with Windows 8.1 until they release something worthwhile.

  35.   Arianna said

    Sinsemente windows 10 is the worst shit that miccrosof invented I do not understand anything, how these stupid can go backwards, I recommend that you do not install windows 10 it is very unworkable that is why I go back and repeat to shit windows 10 fuck you microsof

  36.   MARK said

    Basically I would like to say that it is a fucking and fucking shit I have fucked the fucking work of physics and chemistry by this fucking aberration called Microsoft, so from me bill gates I wish you the fucking ruin along with all these people who are screwed by your fucking program, a kiss

  37.   fabio said

    The themes and colors are crap, there is no way to identify which window is on top of another, there are no divisions between frames, it really stresses me, and the worst thing is that the option to return to windows 7 has disappeared

  38.   marion lafihama said

    windows 10 bad

  39.   Alberto guevara said

    Well, look, I am a systems engineer and I have an unbeatable team in processing speed and physical memory, and I can say with all knowledge that windows were and are good ONLY IN NEW EQUIPMENT WITH THE OPERATING SYSTEM IMPOSED BY MICROSOFT every time they change the name from windows 3.11 to windows 10. all have minor and major flaws, that's why they are the patches that you have to download to update.
    Personally, what hits me the most is that I can't use windows update and all the programs ask me for it, that the crappy browser doesn't have compatibility with official government sites and that it won't let you return the versions or the windows or browser, but more than FORCED ME TO DO WHAT MICROSOFT WINS, IF I BUY WINDOWS 7 ORIGINAL, WHY DOESN'T IT GIVE ME SUPPORT FOR SOMETHING I PAY?
    I look for a solution on the net and it sends me to the microsoft forums where they tell you nonsense and a half and not a single one solves it and you can check all the complaints in the forum. and the most frustrating thing is that you want to send your problem or your complaint and it does not allow you to redirect you to an automated page where you are left without a solution
    This is purely commercial regardless of the customer, the user, so that you have to buy new equipment.
    Personally, if a provider of any kind, tries to deceive me, shows his bad intention towards his clientele, who in this case does not give a damn to the provider (microsoft). unfortunately you have to resign yourself to the fact that every time they want to, you have to buy a new computer
    For me in Windows it is a good system but very unstable, since when it pleases it it does not obey commands, programs, sometimes some things work well and others not as it should and the worst is that every time you change its disgust of OS you lose compatibility, you have to start your learning again, only to realize that it is the same vomit of SO
    Because what other qualifiers you can use that are not rude to someone who sells you their product and then sends you to hell with everything and their product.
    really angry and annoyed because microsoft does not provide solutions and also seems to make fun of its users
    that little …… no?….

  40.   Tony said

    For me, the most surreal thing about W10 is that it updates and restarts when it feels like it without you being able to do anything to prevent it. I have 7 computers with w10, one with w7 and one with XP. The best, fastest and simplest, XP without hesitation and it is an I3.
    It is followed by the W7, on an I5.
    The W10, installed on 7 computers with I7 processors, is just more complicated for its own sake, and slower than XP. I have had to relearn where things are that I used to know where they were and to do things that I knew how to do before. A spectacular waste of time.
    If it starts to restart (up to 1 hour it has been updated), it leaves you unable to work until it ends.
    I have paid a w10 for each of the 7 computers and there is no way they will stop wasting bandwidth and my time on bullshit, such as the fact that it connects with other computers or with microsoft for updates or simply, for theft of personal information.
    It is complicated, cumbersome, ornate and far-fetched. Nothing practical and full of births that are useless. As an operating system to work with, it is the worst of all windows, and whoever says no, is that it has not really worked with w10. Because it takes just one meeting to screw you up for a shitty update to agree with me. For God's sake, what helplessness ...

    1.    Martín said

      Yes, totally true. I have 2 notebooks with Windows 10, one with an accelerated processor and the other with I7, both are extremely slow, with each update more and more programs stop working. I really like music, I used Windows Media Player daily and since the last update the player throws me an error in the server execution every time I want to play music, I have no choice but to listen to music with Groove because Spotify It also does not work in Windows 2, when I try to open it, it not only takes time but the notebook freezes and I have to restart it by force, losing 10 minutes to start again. I would switch to Linux, but I heard that there are programs that I use daily that in Linux might not be compatible yet, so I have to handle myself with my cell phone or tablet and hopefully if the notebook wants to work. An operating system disaster. The worst in the world

  41.   pp said

    Well, yes, the truth is that I am not an expert in systems management, but I am up to… w10.
    a lot of shit and little effectiveness, it seems that you have to comply with the wishes of this system…
    I don't trust him at all.

  42.   diego hector said

    I have the solution !!! Put Bill Gates in Elon Musk's car and send him to the Sun so he recycles.
    The new compus do not allow win 7 because it works well, they are malicious, enough of microchot

  43.   Alvaro said

    With w7 I had no problems sharing files or connecting applications on the network, and with w10 many cannot connect and do not share files, I did a lot of tutorials and they don't even connect point-to-point. So I have less functionality compared to a w7 and I need more resources to do any of the shit I did with w7. And not to mention that I have to disable all the spy features they have. You see, I have no confidence that it is a secure system. I keep using it just for the games. That they do not walk in Ubuntu. When I can format it and go back to w7 Cracked. Paying for w10 was a mistake and I'm not going to put another dollar on windows. I don't know why Windows buys everything and makes it worse. He did it with skype, with windows live, with hotmail. Instead of improving the shit.

  44.   Catalina said

    Hello people, all my OneDrive information was stolen, Windows does not work and no one gives any answer. It is a scam, I have the synchronization of the account blocked, where you can make a complaint.

    1.    Martín said

      I am looking for the same. Where to report Microsoft

  45.   FELIX said


    1.    Martín said

      Excellent your opinion Felix. I used Windows XP for many years, then I bought a notebook with Windows 10 since the PC with Windows XP broke the monitor. Since I started with Windows 10 I have not stopped having performance problems and programs that in Windows XP worked in Windows 10 stopped working. It is proven that Windows 10 is the problem because if my desktop pc reached 6 years of age with XP in excellent condition and my 1-year-old notebook I can no longer use it because it freezes for everything I want to do. I'm without a computer because of Windows 10. Everything I do I have to do on the cell phone or tablet because from the notebook it is impossible or if possible it takes me hours to do what I do with the cell phone in 2 minutes. Terrible Windows 10

  46.   Carlos said

    Tomorrow for lunch I have macaroni with tomato.

  47.   i don't use linux distros said

    w7, the only successor worthy of XP until today, cries the callcenter of w10

  48.   Martín said

    What the article says is very true. Everything that the article indicates happens to me. And I find those who say that Windows 10 works fine I find unpleasant. From the first day I released Windows 10, it always worked badly for me, errors of all kinds and constant. As a user, I join the collective complaint and I hope Windows 10 disappears or rather Microsoft is founded and we start using the beloved Linux. Thanks for the article. Excellent explanation!

  49.   Carlos said

    A real shit on windows 10

  50.   markit0s said

    An old man will never use the PC like a young man (the vast majority). If you are going to play or program .. Don't give it more laps, IT'S SUCK.

  51.   paco said

    Well the truth is Windows 10 or is it as good as they say
    From the great update, many bugs are coming out ... programs that were deleted, others that do not respond, some remain half and more ... and the funniest thing is you expose the problem, someone who has no fucking idea answers everything with scannow and the truth is that it fixes little or nothing I have asked a thousand times because I do not get anything at the beginning of the task manager and they have no idea

  52.   Parker said

    Good night,
    It seems to me a lack of information who wrote the article. Windows 10 gave problems ??? Nobody complains because I do not improve. The lawsuit is for ruining a pc. In my case a notbook and a pc. those that I update out of obligation. It deleted all my work and my backup.
    A year speaking well and nothing. I will file a complaint because it was a lot of damage.

    I try to put and buy a good Linux. I hope they advise me. I now. I just need to work and I've been like this for months. Thanks .

  53.   The Justice said

    Windows 10 has been a fusion between a 7 and a window 8, they have given a revolt to everything where my pc used to be, now it is this computer, a labyrinth to end up realizing that you better stay in 7 apart from some customizations that are they miss, and some others that work poorly, apart from having the feeling of being spied on and controlled by microsoft, which invites us to definitely try other operating systems such as zorin or ubuntu for example. Not everything is negative in windows 10, its most positive side is that it works very well on old computers, in my case a Lenovo IBM that even managed to install drivers that I did not find even on the official Lenovo website

  54.   Abel said

    upgrade Windows 7 to 10 and it's a crappy operating system, more than an hour installing a game

  55.   Luis said

    Most of all, because of the large number of problems that the Windows garbage had, I went to the world of Linux. The first one I met was Ubuntu 18.04, it seemed a bit complex to use at the beginning, but thanks to its community and the Ubuntu manuals I was able to learn and today I use it with pleasure. If I prefer to be a pirate and download the pirate Windows to support a company as bad as Microsoft.

  56.   Pablo said

    It is the most absolute disaster, I have an HP computer, with a decent amount of RAM, it seems that this crappy operating system there is nothing that pleases. It is poorly designed (registry and size of the sectors) A waste of resources, but of course, how are we who finance the life of this tormented Gates ... who cares? Any.
    I use virtual machines where I have copies of this thing and Linux, when I raise windows, the machine dies. Having the two running side by side, Linux beats it by far.

  57.   Lucia said

    What I can't stand anymore is the constant harassment I get from an unsolicited news pop up. The harassment is such that it causes me stress, terrible for one of my illnesses. I have asked for help, no one answers anything. Unfortunately I am a very old person and I don't know how to block them because I know very basic computing. I must protect my health, so as soon as I can I will ask a technician to remove the INFAME Windows 10 and return me to the very low Windows of my old computer that I had to change because there was no solution. I think they send and annoy so much with their pop ups that one buys a product to eliminate pop ups. CUTE BUSINESS!!!! Microsoft Windows 10 and its pop ups is worse than the worst virus. REALLY STALKING.

  58.   Tuscan Nuria Diez said

    Bill Gates has set out to extort money from users when he decided to declassify XP and 7.

    I understand that you want to continue scamming with your junk programs like 10 and 11 to be the richest in the world but you should go to jail for fraud.

  59.   Daniel gomez said

    The saddest thing of all is that support for windows 8.1 is just about to end and intel had already decided not to make intel u hd graphics compatible for both windows 8.1 and 7 from the seventh generation, which is totally unfair because its support is not even had finished yet:

    With regard to windows 10 and all its nefarious things, it can only be said that every time windows 10 consumes more space in the ram memory, even deactivating all the functions as well as services, the RAM memory in each version is increasing, and although there is hidden ways to disable windows update, you will never get the performance you had with windows 8.1. Yes, I can't deny that performance management has been improved in windows 10 and 11, but to notice these improvements you have to use a super expensive processor, practically a recent i9 or i7.
    Even so, despite having better performance management, I can safely say that if only the performance improvements in Windows 8.1 had been implemented without consuming more RAM, this operating system would be on top of Windows 10 and 11. .
    It is enough to open an internal system component in windows 8.1 or 7, to notice that its speed may be lower than in windows 10.
    When opening the file explorer in windows 8.1 it is easy to notice how the scrolling and opening of folders is carried out with a higher speed than in windows 10.
    And no, it has nothing to do with RAM memory because I am using a computer with 8 GB of ram and I have Windows 10 fully optimized, although those of us who really know are aware that the optimizations are false.

    As if that were not enough, Windows 10 and 11 already use the task scheduler for both the search box, the start menu and the navigation through the configuration and network manager interfaces, which, far from accelerating system performance, it makes it worse. It would have been better to put each executable in separate processes than link them in the task scheduler.
    Many of us preferred to remove all tasks from the task scheduler, or we preferred to disable it in order to optimize performance.
    Now we necessarily have to have it enabled to make configuration changes in Windows 10 and 11, or to change the network or to be able to write in the interface.
    What does all this mean, because if there are reasons to sue because Windows 10 is looking for a way to not be able to take advantage of the best consumption of resources, unless you buy something expensive, which is totally unfair and discriminatory.
    It cost them nothing to make a basic and simple system with each process separately and without the need to depend on another unnecessary thread like the task scheduler.
    Yes, people will see it very nice, but it is such a disastrous and superficial way of thinking, that is, they are people who have not the slightest idea that a better design and more animations and widgets will always require a greater consumption of resources.