The Macbook Air works best with Linux

MacBook Air

It seems that Linux has once again proven to have the best operating systems in the world. The folks at Phoronix have picked up a Macbook Air and been doing a few experiments regarding performance of this team, taking the operating system Mac OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan and comparing it with some operating systems with Linux Kernel.

The chosen systems were: Ubuntu 15.10, Fedora 23 and Antegros in the factory configuration. The Macbook Air they have used has a processor Intel Core i5 4250 U, 4GB Ram and an official Apple 120GB SSD hard drive.

The Phoronix test results are pretty clear, all Linux operating systems, they have better performance than the Mac OS El Capitan in most respects. If you want to see the study in more depth, you have here.

The most curious thing about this is that the Macbook Air are computers that have been created exclusively to work with Mac OS X, that is, in theory they are computers for which andApple's system should be highly optimized and run much better than any operating system.

Apple has been somewhat portrayed in this test, since it has been found that its operating system is not as good as it seems, losing even in tests with their own computersIt seems that Apple is no longer the leading and leading company that it was and that now exclusively lives off its brand.

With the issue of the brand I mean that Apple continues to use the prestige pricing business strategy, which is working for him. They take a computer with hardware valued at 500 euros, put the apple logo on it, create their own operating system and sell the computer for 1500 euros and people buy it because they associate the high price with the quality.

I wonder how much Apple would sell if it didn't cost so dearly. From my point of view, the only justification for buying a Macbook is the bragging about having a MacFor this reason, despite many tests that are taken, they will always have loyal customers.

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  1.   Javier said

    well oor that there are fanboys the same thing happens with vulkan and dx12 no matter how much you tell them that vulkan is better for being multi-system (I include windows) it seems that they will always defend windows and what I get, no matter how bad it is (for the record, I have order cn windows1 and the truth is I like my xubuntu better and the steammachine that I am mounting)

  2.   Jesus Ballesteros said

    I speak like a good Linuxero that I am and I have a Macbook Pro. Things must be said as they are, in my case if I feel better performance in Linux than in OSX, I miss Linux a lot the repositories and the customization that any Maquero or Windowsero would envy, on all in OSX that if you have restrictions to customize it. But to say that people buy a Macbook to "show off" is a big lie, in my case I bought it because I hate Windows but in my new job I depend a lot on Microsoft Office, Skype (not the Linux version) and GotoMeeting. I use LibreOffice to make personal diagrams and manuals but when I receive documents from clients and have to exchange them I cannot afford to risk having compatibility problems and the only thing on the market that allows me to have a Unix to which I can install the Most commercial software available on the market is OSX.

    I still think that Linux is the best there is in OS, I use it on my other PC and it works very well but OSX is not bad at all, I have never had problems with instability, low performance, etc.

    1.    azpe said

      Libreoffice allows saving in .doc extension. Also you can install office on linux using wine.

      1.    Jesus Ballesteros said

        I work with LibreOffice for personal documents, but make no mistake. If they send you a .doc letter made in MS Office you can open it without problems in LibreOffice, but if they send you an .xls with macros and customizations you are going to have serious problems. At work I can't afford to adjust files to make them look good. I've been working with Wine and Office for a long time but it's not going as well as I'd like. The only way to work Office under Linux in an optimal way is by virtualizing Windows.

  3.   Alejandro Oyervides said

    I have a core2duo .. A mac back in 2007./ little dinosaur that despite the fact that my pc continues to be updated it is already too slow .. Of course the machine is old and I understand it. So it is not difficult for me to try a right-hander to see if it works better

  4.   Ruben said

    It is a real shame that Apple does not invest more money in optimizing OS X considering the limited number of models and above all the huge margin they have. Although from there to conclude that "the only justification to buy a Macbook is to brag about having a Mac" is at least ridiculous. But neither could you expect much more from a seven-paragraph article with such an incendiary title.

  5.   Luis Caballero said

    Apple prices are somewhat inflated, but not for 500 euro you do not find anything similar, an i5 with 4 or 8 GB of ram yes, it is achieved, but if we want some additions such as a high resolution screen, very good battery life , and that does not weigh 3kg we have to look at brands such as Asus and Dell and their prices are close to those of Apple. I say this from my Lenovo of 700 euros with 8gb of RAM and an i5, but if I had had 500 euros more at that time I would have bought something with a qhd screen instead of hd, that lasts the battery up to 10 or 12 hours instead of 4, and that weighs half a kilo less, things of no importance for some but those of us who want those characteristics have to look at equipment between 1000 and 1500 euros.

  6.   Alexander said

    Where are the sources ??? I do not see link ...

  7.   Alexander said

    I portray myself ... I'm an old man in blue

  8.   jsa said

    Here desktop linuxer and laptop macquero. The ease of use of Mac OS for a simple user does not have Ubuntu, where sooner or later you have to open a terminal. For other uses we can discuss it, for those who want a computer where things work the first time without having a clue, Mac certainly. And if you don't leave the apple ecosystem (iphone, ipada, macbook), you need two neurons and you have one left over.

  9.   Lucasjurado (@lucasjurado) said

    Uffff that's why I bought a Toshiba ChromeBook, I can't afford to change computers every year as Apple intends. In fact I even sold the iPad Mini, which looked like it was going to break, I didn't like the Apple product experience at all. My desktop is a Compaq with W10 cleanly installed with original license and it's doing great. It should be said that the Chromebook pulls with the YouTube HD like a champion and the instant start is amazing.

  10.   chris said

    The article is a trolley ... It is clear that Macs are not the cheapest computers on the market, but with the same technical specification, the prices do not go much. In addition, it is known that they are well-made computers, which last a long time. MacOS is a stable and quite secure operating system (more than Windows). I only have Linux mounted on Asus laptop and Intel NUC, and I'm not going to buy a mac, but from there to say that they "live off marketing" the stretch between truth and lies.

    1.    Joseph said

      Don't talk without knowing what you're talking about. Although I hate Windows, Windows is infinitely more secure than MAC. First that windows fixes bugs not like apple ones that for what they charge they could work a little more ...

      Here you go, so you can learn something today:

  11.   Frankie said

    Hi, I'm a computer reseller, and I disagree on the issue of price. If someone compares a Mac with a Windows of the same size, same ram, configures it with a quality SSD disk, adds office automation, video editing and music editing programs, in the end the difference is no longer so much. Of course, if you start to download the software illegally, things change. But Apple, when you start your computer, you already have software to start working! It is not that it is better, but it takes away your worries and it is operational at the moment. Indeed, with Linux, the hardware is luxurious, but with a traditional Intel PC, it is also better than Windows.
    A greeting.

  12.   haeo said

    From the first line of the post they are already lying with fallacies. Record.

  13.   wytzklaw said

    The interesting thing would have been that the comparison had been made with Yosemite (a more finished and proven OS) instead of El Capitan, which is known to have a large number of irregularities, so many that there are even those who wish to reverse and return to Yosemite (see evaluations on the App Store).

    Regarding the rest, personally I have had the opportunity to use the 3 OS's (I was a Linux-only user for more than 1 year), and of the 3 I prefer MacOS and then Windows. This is for the comfort of the user.

  14.   Luis Padilla said

    As a Mac user, thank you so much for indirectly calling me an idiot for buying a device for just having a lighted apple on the lid.

    Leaving this topic aside, sorry but your article is leaking everywhere:
    "The Phoronix test results are quite clear, all Linux operating systems have better performance than Mac OS El Capitan in most aspects"

    What are those aspects in which you win? I miss the graphs, the explanations of what each test means and if these data are really significant or not. Show that you've done more than just read the headline of the other article and post an incendiary article here.

    “By branding, I mean Apple continues to use the prestige pricing business strategy, which is working for it. They take a computer with hardware valued at 500 euros, put the apple logo on it, create their own operating system and sell the computer for 1500 euros and people buy it because they associate the high price with the quality. "

    You fall into the mistake of anyone who has no computer idea and only looks at the processor and RAM. What about the screens? And the SSD disk? And the trackpad that nobody has managed to imitate? And the material that is used for its manufacture? And the battery life? Tell me a single "normal" laptop of € 500 that is close to the performance of a MacBook Air like the one used for the test, which by the way, and for your information, is priced at € 999.

  15.   Percy salgado said

    But what is Linux good for? I can't run iWork, iLife, Adobe, Maya, iCloud, etc, etc

  16.   Enrique Romagosa said

    Be careful, they say it performs better, but at what price? because if you take the hardware bareback and dedicate yourself to running linux (or the system you want) based on removing all the features that OSX offers ... well, what do you want me to tell you, I prefer to perform less and have a computer a few seconds slower in processing namely that, to a faster team. I prefer OSX than with any version of linux no matter how retouched and customized it may be.

  17.   Jesus Suarez said

    I use Linux Mint in the top grade (Web Application Development), a MacBook Pro Retina 2014 (Apple's best laptop to date and not the last shit I wanted to sell) and I also use Windows 10 on my desktop (in a mid-range pc) And the Linux OS is not better at all, look at the school teachers are obsessed with Linux, but don't take MacOs El Capitan away from me, they have optimized performance a lot, it doesn't freeze at all and it's very intuitive and beautiful the OS. While in good Linux ... it is not bad, it is not necessary to lie, it is a good system, but not at all flashy in its interface, and the only good thing it has is that it is free, but I prefer to pay something of quality and well worked to something that is free and is not implemented so well. Linux is true, it offers many facilities to start programs from other Systems (such as Wine) but as a daily user of the three Operating Systems, I definitely prefer Mac. And not for being a fanboy or shit, I choose the best of moment and in my opinion it's Mac

  18.   Aloe said

    Pufff !! Very very fair the post. To begin with, what you call OS Mac, as is known by anyone who understands computers minimally, is a Unix, UNIX !!! Point one. Point two ... Comparing a mac computer with any other is just stupid. I have had an Air for 3 years and the casing has never been scratched, metal by the way. The battery is new. The screen of a Mac gives 3000 kicks to any laptop, the same as the cam ... The charging cable jumps when there is a pull, because it is magnetized. You can remove a screw 50 times that the head is not eroded. By the way, it should be remembered that it is the manufacturer of the OS and the hardware, and all its products are easily integrated. A Mac is just another league.