Mac vs PC vs Linux: just a question of money

Mac vs Windows vs Linux

To the discussions between saying Linux to refer to the kernel or the complete operating system instead of using the designation GNU / Linux, this new battle that comes from afar and has led me to make this reflection is now joining. And it is that in many video game websites, such as Steam, or software, distinguish between PC, Mac and Linux…. ?

The first thing, the distinguishing between PC and Linux is a huge mistake, but very common in the world of video games, since they are not different platforms. A PC (Personal Computer) can have both Windows, as some system based on Linux kernel, BSD, etc. The correct thing to do would be to distinguish between Windows and Linux, but never between PC and Linux.

But there is something that has me even more intrigued, and it is the distinction that everyone seems to make between Mac and PC. Before at least used PowerPC microprocessors instead of Intel's x86. But now even that doesn't differentiate them. And PC as I say, is the acronym for Personal Computer, what happens that Macs are not personal computers? Perhaps in the past it made some sense, something that has been diluted over the years.

Un Mac has an Intel microprocessor Like any other PC, it has AMD graphics cards like any of the non-Macs you have at home. You can install a Linux distribution and even Mac OS X can be installed on a PC…. Then? Why differentiate them?

If they used another family of microprocessors (SPARC, the disappeared Alpha or the PA-RISC, the fashionable ARM, the PPC as before, ...) or if they had a completely new architecture, perhaps it would be justify them differentiate them from a traditional IBM PC. But without these differences, it seems to me that it is a mere tantrum by Apple against IBM and for making its products more "exclusive".

In my opinion it is the perfect excuse to “cascarte” thousands of euros or dollars for a technology equal to the other cheaper alternative. Because if there is one thing that distinguishes a Mac from a PC, it is in the high price of computers on the block. The rest? Pure marketing and deception to make users pay more.

In addition, luxury sellsAlthough it may seem strange, if you put two products, one at a low price and the other extremely expensive, you will probably be surprised that the expensive one sells more ... Maybe the cheap one reaches the masses who cannot afford anything else, but let me explain .

I don't know if you have ever seen these experiments that they do at the foot of the street where they give to taste two supposed wines (or another product), one of better quality than the other. Those who give to try usually carry out this study by indicating to the tasters that the bad (cheap) wine is more expensive. The surprise is that almost everyone chooses the supposedly expensive wine as the best without knowing that they are actually choosing the worst of them. Why? Well, ask who prefers to buy a Mac over a PC….

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  1.   juanjp2012 said

    Ha ha ha ha ... after pulling your hair out, wallowing and screaming to prove that macs are also PC, read this beauty, «Why? Well, ask who prefers to buy a Mac over a PC… ».

  2.   Asturel said

    Good article, absolutely right. For what a macbook is worth, you can buy a much better ultrabook from another brand and put GNU / Linux in it

  3.   Mariano Rajoy said

    I know professionals who change to Mac OS from one day to the next and when you ask them they tell you: because it works ... it's pure laziness;)

  4.   marc said

    I had always thought the same as what I read in this article. But last year I bought a Macbook pro and the only thing I can say is that I don't understand why I hadn't switched to MAC OS before. Yes it is more expensive but the experience is brutal. It has things to improve of course.

  5.   Alexander Lawrence said

    I do not fully agree with this article. With the paragraph of «In my opinion it is the perfect excuse to“ cascarte ”thousands of euros or dollars for a technology equal to the other cheaper alternative. Because if there is one thing that distinguishes a Mac from a PC, it is in the high price of computers on the block. The rest? Pure marketing and deception to make users pay more. »It is clear that you have not used or appreciated the positive things of a mac and you are an inveterate linuxer, I personally would differentiate a mac from a pc because basically it is the fusion of hardware and the best-made software, and with a magnificent user experience (nothing to execute fucking commands or the terminal to fail you) in addition to, for me, the best build quality. It is true that apple raises prices more than normal, but it is worth it for its great stability and intuitiveness of the OS and now everyone says that it is a cheap copy of freeBSD… ..

    1.    Isaac PE said

      1-I have used Windows and Mac OS X because to criticize you must first know what is criticized. I also think that everyone can learn from everyone and Apple has two great things: design and hardware-software optimization as you say.

      2-In Linux you can use commands or GUI, not just text mode. And when you use it, the terminal does not usually fail ... so I don't know what you mean.

      3-As for prices I do not say any nonsense. An iPad or an iPod or an iPhone or a MacBook,… they have crazy prices. You pay brand, nothing more. And if you do not look at how much it costs to make them and how much they sell it for. And I think you may like Macs, each one is free. But I think that users of Apple products do not have to be iBorregos who pay and close the peak, but you should protest against the abusive prices.

      3-And while a MacComputer or an iDevice does not shop and wash clothes or win the lottery, it does not deserve to be called differently from a PC. What is this article about? Many more differences have other non-x86 computers and they do not flee from the PC designation.

      But everyone is free to use what they want ...

      1.    Ruben Garcia said

        The iPad compared to other tablets of the competition would say that it has a very, very competitive price. Not only do you have to buy the last one, you could pay for the mini 2 which is quite cheap and works very well.

        I would also add the benefit of iOS and OS X the existence of stores, especially in iOS and a culture dedicated to the average user, of simplicity and productivity that also makes it easier to spend money, as well as because they tend to have more money, yes.

        This gives a magnificent ecosystem to develop apps and one of the environments that best facilitates the emergence of small entrepreneurs with good ideas, seriously, the amount of OS X and iOS applications and their quality is unmatched and all thanks to it being that way. closed and integrated.

  6.   cabof said

    I am not a Troll, making this clear I must say that I am what they call out there an advanced linux user ... that is: I started using GNU \ Linux in 1996, and I have used GNU / Linux exclusively on my PC since 2003, obviously my work revolves around servers, storage, virtualization, etc. Over time I have certified: LPI, RHCSA, RHCE, etc. 3 months ago I requested new equipment where I work, I did not ask for a particular brand, I only gave specifications: SSD hard drive, 16 GB of RAM, battery that lasts at least 6 hours, etc. The purchasing area surprised me a month ago that the equipment they found that covered my requirement was a 15 ″ MacBook Pro and that was delivered to me; 8 hours later I already had an Ubuntu 15.04 installed. Here the story begins: after a whole weekend dedicated to tuning, it was not possible to reduce the power consumption to less than 18W. I started with 32W. The HW support was almost complete, only the webcam was missing and that is not vital, however, that the battery lasted just a little more than half an hour, and that the equipment was dangerously hot, I did not like it. The issue has to do with the video card and in this model the switch to the second video card must be made from the EFI, that is not fully supported and obviously bumblebee does not work…. Anyway ... I put the Mac OS X Yosemite back to start from scratch and wait a bit for the compatibility to be complete, meanwhile I believed that I could send and receive emails with this Mac OS, use the shell to enter via ssh to my machines and do my job, etc.

    I must admit that I was quite surprised, I have not converted much less, but we must admit that this operating system, on this hardware work better than I expected. In general, everything is simple and I was never intimidated by compiling and adjusting scripts when necessary, in fact, I installed ported Linux software on this Mac I have had my good times, but it must be recognized that a concept prevails behind these Macs, and they work, and they do it well and fast. Of course they are very expensive, this device is out of my budget, and if it was not for the company I would never have experimented with one of them, but now I think it is worth it and that there is a lot to learn from how they do things. Veterans in this religion say that before everything was better, I can't imagine this. It makes me a bit sad to have to virtualize linux inside mac os, but for now I have no alternatives.

  7.   viddeveloper said

    Good article.


  8.   aitech said

    Very low article. It does not consider many factors such as the quality and durability of mac devices (that costs money) beyond the os (which offers a lot).

  9.   giuseppe ferreri said

    Mac is shit, in which all the idiots fall who want to impress their friends and acquaintances by saying buy me this, which is milk, but they have no idea what to do with it. There are millions of idiots who spend more than € 2000 on an apple just to surf the internet and have no idea what else they can do in that pot. Another thing Linux and OSX are based on the UNIX kernell, that is, they are children of the same pope.

  10.   Abraham said

    MAC devices have deliberately programmed obsolescence, just like EPSON brand printers, and although it is a quality brand with good finishes, it does not cease to belong to the world of consumption, marketing, extreme and impious capitalism that contributes to environmental pollution in the third world and child exploitation for the extraction of coltan ... Can anyone imagine NASA or scientists from CERN or the University of Berkeley using MAC machines. In scientific and engineering fields, PCs or other systems with non-Intel processors that do not belong to the consumer environment have always been used. Are there MAC clones? No Are there PC clones with components from thousands of brands and from all categories? On the obsolescence of the MAC world, you just have to see the following documentary ...

  11.   richie_b said

    The only valid reason to buy an apple device from my point of view, is if you develop applications for these types of devices, paying the apple price for an iPhone or iPad is ridiculous considering that iOS is the most stupid mobile operating system on the market If you don't believe me, try sharing files between 2 applications such as PDF files between Adobe reader for iOS and Foxit reader… Of course you can't, you need to have the same files on your device twice and many people like to try different ones types of applications for the same purpose, as in this case pdf readers, to do this on iOS, you need to copy the pdf files to both applications instead of copying them to the device and that the applications can share them. It's just ridiculous. I use an iMac in my work, because it is the equipment that the company provides us, but as a web developer, I work virtualizing Debian or Ubuntu server. Speaking of mobile devices I think that Android, Windows mobile (on smartphones and tablets), Firefox OS and Ubuntu mobile despite being young, are a much better alternative for mobile devices especially if you use windows, and on desktop computers or laptops, any Apple product will always be more expensive than it is really worth, I consider that they are of excellent quality, but they are not worth the price, there are those who say that the quality of assembly and hardware, that the quality of using OSX or any Apple system is what is worth so much, other than customer service and finding an Apple Call Center in almost any medium-sized city, I have an answer for those people: Buy a mid-range Alienware. Although Alienware is characterized by being a computer range oriented to gamers, it is precisely this that characterizes them for having excellent hardware including peripherals such as keyboard, trackpad, audio, screen, etc. Windows 10 is not a bad system and the best thing is that it is young, it still has a lot to grow which is always good and if you prefer any other operating system that is unix-linux based or you are anti windows just because you want to be contrary and you hate windows and you were traumatized with windows vista or windows ME, you can virtualize or do dual boot to have windows and ubuntu or linux mint that I consider 2 linux distros comfortable and friendly to the standard user, and regarding customer service, Alienware belongs to Dell and is run by them which is a great advantage to Apple, Dell in my experience has much better customer service and there are also Dell centers everywhere, their prices are much more reasonable and all this although if It is expensive because Alienware usually has high-end equipment, it does not compare to the ridiculous and irrational price of the 15 ″ MacBook Pro Retina, not to mention that its specifications are much lower than those of any Alie nware.

    1.    Marc guitart said

      Alienware weighs 3 kilos and consumes twice the size of a macbook pro… keep trying

  12.   mingus66 said

    Criticizing Mac without ever having one is common. I have the bare ass of programming on Unix machines when graphical environments did not exist, I lived for many years with DOS and Windows and I saw Linux grow. Mac Os X was a blast and a breath of fresh air Mon. Apple PPC machines too, although sometimes they failed, like everything else. But lately ... I think Mac is starting to become what many criticize. A mediocre product, made in such a way that it is almost irreparable (like many other ultrabooks) and with an operating system with more bugs than Windows Vista made to show off a current account.
    And it's a shame, because the good old days of Mac seem to be over, they are no longer those bomb-proof, well-designed and efficient machines. But above all, with a wonderful operating system that they are determined to transform into iOS.
    Thank goodness that now making it work 100% in any hackintosh is within the reach of anyone, and in a machine better than any Mac Pro, another thing is if it will be worth it or if it will be better to return to the Unix of a lifetime.
    Another issue is that of Macbook laptops. They are what the market offers us, be it Apple, Dell, Asus or Toshiba, the prices do not differ much.

  13.   euticc said

    Do not even say it. I have used apple products, unlike many crazy apple fan boys who say that those of us who criticize apple have never had an apple product, I have tried apple and it just sucks! ipads, iphone, ipods and macs have passed through my hands, I was programming web pages on an imac for about a year in a previous job I had and now a week ago I acquired a mac mini, for the simple and pure reason that I want to benefit financially from the apple ecosystem, especially developing for iOS.

    But like every good geek I analyze everything that falls into my hands and this mac mini was no exception, I found out that the processor it has is a processor from 2013 (luckily for me I have as a reference a PC that I assembled from the same year) my PC has an AMD processor contemporary to the mac mini the A10 5800K black edition and in the benchmarks the AMD kicks the backside to the Intel that brings the mac mini, considering RAM they are tied both have 8Gb at 1600Mhz. In graphics, despite the fact that the AMD A10 brings its own graphics far superior to those of the Intel i5, I managed to put an independent graphic, the AMD hd 7750 and in the benchmarks this graphic of my PC triples the score of the graphics Intel iris 5100 and in the storage section my mac mini has a 1Tb hard disk at 5400rpm, while on my PC I managed to put 2 disks, a 512gb HDD at 7200rpm and a 120gb solid state one.

    Now comes the interesting thing, my mac mini cost me approx. $ 860 dollars and my PC assembled two and a half years before the purchase of my mac mini, it cost me $ 430 dollars. How can it be that apple sold me a computer with half the performance of my two and a half year old PC and for twice the price! did not happen to believe :(

    I feel cheated and stupid, they educated me and taught me that the one who gets more for less wins and shows more intelligence, with Apple I feel assaulted, but anyway, I just have to settle and learn to develop for iOS and be able recover this "investment."

  14.   barechu said

    osx is had its moment. Today it begins to look like a linux stick without any imagination, in fact it is like having a smartphone stretched out in desktop format. Grab a smartphone, pass a rolling pin over it and you have the cocoon or handsaw.

  15.   dwmaquero said

    Well, I think that MacOSX applications (without being a fanboy of any) have a better design than those of GNU / Linux (see Garageband and imovie)
    To cite an example, the Rosegarden for GNU / Linux has a gui like the 80s / 90s Atari cubase but in color and the Garageband, well, who doesn't know it? It has an intuitive, easy-to-use gui and some instruments that make the midi not sound like junk, and it is usually an APP that comes when you buy a pre-installed Mac and with the restoration disk it puts it again if you have to format.
    For my GNU / Linux it would lack a Garageband (alternative) that has the same simplicity of use / nice style and an imovie (that openshot was implemented something like the Imovie themes) with that I could already migrate to GNU / Linux (for that for the instruments I already have the crisis sf2 3.1 that even occupying 1,5gb sounds pretty good)
    And to finish another of the things that I do not like about GNU / Linux and its applications is that the Qsynth (Fluidsynth interface) takes and loads the SF2 into memory (everything), how much does it cost to load the list of instruments that do you have and ask Rosegarden / Qtractor / Muse what instruments are loaded in the midi and use exclusively those?

  16.   Pedro carmona said

    Stop misinforming, trolo