Linux vs Windows. Basic differences

There will always be the battle between good and evil, between Windows y Linux. Who is good and who is evil? Is Windows easier than Linux? Or is it not so much?

We are going to comment on the basic differences that exist between Linux and Windows and from there we can go laying the foundations to draw our own conclusions.

Differences between Linux and Windows

Installing the operating system ...

  • To install Linux you have to make relative efforts, although each time it is an easier task, but you can completely customize the installation.
  • At the time of installing Windows you can hardly configure anything (four basic things). Of course, the installation of Windows it is very easy and comfortable.

Hardware Compatibility ...

  • Windows is generally more compatible with all kinds of hardware which Linux. However, each time they are getting closer to full compatibility, which would be desirable.
  • Thanks to Linux enjoys high popularity, offers high compatibility despite not being behind any commercial house. It also offers frequent updates.
  • Windows is part of Microsoft, and due to its great economic power it tries to offer a high number of drivers, since the companies of hardware create their own drivers.

Let's talk about Software ...

  • Linux has less in some sectors, and has less acceptance in the business world, although thanks to support from companies such as Sun Microsystems (acquired in 2009 by Oracle) or IBM important advances were made in recent times.
  • Windows owns a lot of , since it is the operating system more used in companies (mainly for its ease of use) and this makes developers focus more on it.

Other considerations…

  • Linux It has always been characterized by the robustness of its system, since for example we can spend months (even years) without the need to shut down or restart the computer. On the other hand, if an application crashes, the computer does not totally crash.
  • En Windows always (sooner or later) it is necessary to restart the system when any configuration of the system is modified or updated. In addition, it can be blocked when executing some seemingly simple operation, forcing us to restart the computer.

Last conclusions…

So much Windows as Linux have their advantages and disadvantages, you will find reasons to use (or not use) both one and the other. What is true is that technically speaking, Linux comes out winning.

And you do you think?

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  1.   Germán said

    Wow! I am aware of the robustness of GNU / Linux, but I would never have imagined that you could have uptimes of the order of the year @ _ @!

    I'm going to leave my computer on until the apocalypse turns it off in 2010;)

    Good post! Greetings!

  2.   Daioms said

    Sun Microsystems. This smells old. Among other things, long live Linux.

  3.   Doc Brown said

    Daioms, a small qualification has been added on that subject.
    Thanks for the note!

  4.   paco said

    Hmm ... those differences are from the last century, or at least the beginning of the last decade.
    Regarding the installation, nowadays it is easier to install almost any GNU / Linux distro than Windows. In addition, you have to see if it is an installation on a computer with a previous operating system or not.
    As for the robustness, I can say from experience that since Windows XP the applications that crash do not crash the system, Windows today is quite stable. On the other hand, on the GNU / Linux side, unstable distros (beta and versionitis) abound today that are not characterized by their robustness. Like desktop environments, such as KDE4 and Gnome, they are not the most stable, even though the base GNU / Linux system is.

  5.   DanielZ said

    Well, in my opinion windows is going to be obsolete, in a market where everything is going to the cloud, the old enemy (windows), is going to have to reinvent itself in an environment where linux has been in for a long time, it is going To happen the same as with Windows Phone, in my opinion the old proprietary software system is losing its xD touch, with the growing arrival of mobile devices, and well Windows is an operating system that has its little things, but Linux is…. Linux :)

  6.   xbian said

    Well, the truth is worrying what is happening with Linux day after day, they release many distros and everything, but the support it has from pc users is very little, it has always been like that, but now it is worse, since as we all know, games are a great disadvantage that linux has always had (I like to play a lot) and software, well, it is difficult for those used to windows to change it ... Salu2.

  7.   Doc Brown said

    Hi fxbian, thank you for your comment.

    In line with what you comment, check out our last post, which revolves around a video game for Linux:

    A greeting!

  8.   anti-windows said

    Linux is good, Microsoft is from the devil and you have to defeat it anyway

  9.   Nyctea said

    Each one of the apple that wants to eat xD.
    Well, if the choice depends on you as a person, do you want to make an effort? Linux, do you want to be the typical guy who scratches his balls? Apple and if it is not enough for you, then microsoft xD, Like everything in life the decision of a system will depend on what you want to invest and what you hope to obtain.

  10.   andreina valentine said

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  14.   PAUL 15K said

    I from what I read this page is specially made for (LINUX) and for the software comparison. for the info I read they gave more chanse to Windows than to Linux

  15.   portuguese wrestler said

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  16.   HECTOR said


  17.   Suarez said

    That is not exact that of years without restarting, in linux mint 1 of 4 updates requires restarting, and of course it crashes. And let alone the terrible problem of flash memories and their assemblies as read-only, or as a root owner ... And I clarify that I have been using linux for a long time but I just know the basics, and yet I prefer linux.