Linux or Windows

It is the eternal question, the eternal debate (Between good and bad? who knows!). Linux or WindowsThat is what many ask themselves when they begin to discover a little more in depth the world of Computing and the Internet. The truth is that deep down it is like trying to debate between who is better, Real Madrid or FCBarcelona. Not because they are both very good or one is better than the other, or the other way around, but because the fans of a team will tell you that theirs is the best, and vice versa.

In this case exactly the same thing happens; for users of Linux, this is the best operating system, Windows is the worst, you have to end it, and all that kind of thing. While for Windows users, Microsoft's operating system is a thousand times better, prettier, easier to use, and Linux is evil… this debate has always existed and will continue to exist.

Linux or Windows. The eternal debate

Linux or Windows. The eternal debate

Actually, if we focus the debate on technical issues, both Linux as Windows they have arguments to defend themselves as Operating system reference, since both have evolved a lot and are currently on par in many things (security, performance, reliability, robustness) although it is also true that both have arguments to show the opposite in some situation.

It is also a reality that users who have an average knowledge of Computer Science have on their computers both operating systems coexisting without any problem, and both are useful for depending on what situations and perfectly compatible and / or complementary. Of course, we are not referring to users pro linux (o pro-windows) neither anti linux (o anti windows), since those only live by and for your beloved operating system (either Linux either Windows) and do not mention to the other that their whole body starts to itch and there are red spots on their skin from the allergy.

As this is a linux blog, we will try to sweep a little more for home and we will logically defend Linux above all.

In the past, certain users did not want -or did not dare- to use Linux (or even try it) because they made the excuse that it was too complicated an operating system to use, that they had heard I don't know what about compile the kernel, command console, and I don't know how many more things. At present, that excuse continues to be made, but it is no longer an excuse that has an alibi, since there are distributions such as Linux Mint -for example- that make the task of migrate from Windows to Linux, since its interface is very reminiscent of Windows, and also does not offer any kind of difficulty for a user who knows Linux for the first time, on the contrary, it is all very easy and intuitive. Applications can be installed with a single click, since thanks to the official repositories it is not necessary to search for applications on the net, or download them, or run installation programs. Just look for them in the application manager and install them with a single click. That is a big plus for Linux.

By the way, Linux Mint It has been the Linux distribution most used by users for several months now, so it is clear that people are looking for simplicity and ease of use, without losing reliability and robustness in the system.

In what logically Windows will never be able to compete is in a matter of licenses, since as we already know, Windows is proprietary software (what would our friend say Richard Stallman) and you have to pay for its use, while Linux is Free Software and we can use it for free, in addition to modifying it if we want to. And since almost everyone uses Windows at home illegally (pirate versions), they should know that if they used Linux they would not be doing anything illegal, since Linux is free.

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  1.   linuxmanr4 said

    Use a little Linux Mint, and it is still a green painted Ubuntu, it has good things but a bug with Chrome made me abandon it.

    Ubuntu is being too innovative and too many changes may not be properly assimilated.

    I stick with Ubuntu.

    1.    John Charles Michael Monteear said

      Well, not all questions have answers, and this is living proof of it. What is the best distro? Well, everyone will defend the one they use and consider it superior. LinuxMint is Ubuntu painted green…? Well, knowing that both systems are based on Debian, we could say that Ubuntu is Debian painted purple and brown and that Back_Track is Knoppix painted black. Come on guys, every distro is based on another and in the end they are all unix daughters. Regarding the fight between GIMP and Photoshop, it is better to open your eyes and know that PS is superior to GIMP in terms of functionality, but we must recognize that GIMP is free, I have been a free software user for 5 years and I have never been able to free myself from windows, for certain things it is still necessary.

  2.   albert said

    and where do you get that linux mint is the most used linux distro?

  3.   lxa said

    albert, from here:

  4.   BIC said

    In truth, the choice of an operating system only depends on the needs of the user in question. Personally I love Linux and I actually use Fedora (Lovelock) and it is great for me to carry out my tasks and also to play but I will not tell anyone to switch to Fedora if this person does not need such a complete and free system; - )
    The answer to the question Windows, Linux or Mac Os, is simply the os that best meets your needs and desire using a computer.
    Greetings and very good article !!! ;-)

  5.   lxa said

    Ferran, those problems you mention are foreign (or should be) to Linux. I have used LMDE for a long time and I have never had any kind of problem, and I have a computer that is already somewhat old for what it is today. And about Gimp, well, there will always be debates, but Photoshop has nothing to envy, and even in some aspects and functionalities, it is one step ahead.

    A greeting!

  6.   Miguel said

    I think it's the best I've read on this topic in the last 10 years.

    My congratulations to the author for his good judgment and common sense.

  7.   jose said

    Mh, sorry but every time I see someone who says that gimp equals photoshop .. Do you work in the world of graphic arts? because a designer throws the pc at your head as you tell him he has to work with it. Or say that inkscape is better than illustrator, or ardor better than protools or logic audio. Let's be a little serious and not so fanatic pls

  8.   Max said

    I have always been a W user and not because I have decided, but because the vast majority of PCs have that OS installed.
    Once again I try to permanently use linux, this time with xubuntu 12.04 and, for those of us coming from W, it is quite complicated.
    I understand that linux is different from W, but what I cannot understand is why they had to make it difficult for those of us who are coming to linux. Imagine then how difficult it will be for generations that have barely understood anything of W ...
    What bothers the ignorant poor people that we must google most in the face of every difficulty that comes our way with linux is the arrogance with which the "linuxers" treat us and, especially, with the systematic denial of problems and complications that distros present. Of course, Linux has a thousand things going for it with respect to W, but they will not shine by themselves if a battalion of Linux Taliban closes more and more in their impregnable gettos.
    Remember that not all of us are willing (and / or have no time to) explore, investigate, complete trial-error cycles, etc.
    I insist: that linux is different should not necessarily imply that it is difficult.
    And regarding the superb "linuxra", I NEVER found a forum or tutorial that teaches us from scratch and easily how to use linux. Something always appears that leaves you out and, therefore, no longer wanting to continue trying to understand.
    I think that people who have my degree of difficulty with linux would appreciate a very easy to operate distro and that its developers take into account that the vast majority of pc users only use W. I do not ask you to make a W from linux, but rather Contemplate reaching an OS.
    I think that following this premise, Linux would become more and more massive so that the illiterate who come from W can enjoy the freedom of free OS.


  9.   Oscar said

    I think that in all public and private offices they would have to have a dual boot on their pc, allowing the user to choose LINUX or Window $.
    It is a simple opinion that should be governed.

  10.   Diablo said

    For those who see it so complicated, how is it possible? Where is the complication?

    The truth is that I don't understand you.

    It is not more complicated to look for a program where Christ lost his sandals (which may take you three hours to download and the rar has a password) and then if you put the keygen or the registry or block it with the firewall so that it is not connect etc etc ...?

    It is not about being better or worse, it is about that I command, if I install something it does not come with browser bars that are installed without permission or adware of any kind, I do not want you to change windows for linux, I do not even encourage you to that you try it, if you are not interested in anything, tomorrow the sun will rise anyway.

    But someone telling me that xubuntu 12.04 is complicated is like saying that it is difficult to make a phone call with the mobile.

    The dilemma is that it is a monopoly like any other, and thanks to Linux, people without great resources like Microsoft will be able to contribute their work and may be equal to or better than those of the competition.

    To give an example, if only those who had a lot of money could learn to sing, a lot of talent would be lost, applying this to all branches I think the truth is that it suits us.

    Now the million dollar question ...

    The first time you saw a pc, didn't you find it complicated?

    I suppose you would not be born taught already.

    I think the difference is between people who don't care how it works as long as it works and those who wonder how it works.

    Then you will come to me with the roll, is that I can not play the latest games etc etc etc….

    The console commands, (what commands?)

    Because it is a linux do you have to carry it with the console open?

    I don't know about you but I don't open it for everyday use, only if I don't feel like opening the software center (which is extremely simple) and I want to install gimp, for example I write it in the console and in a few seconds I have it, but that doesn't It is no odyssey or anything like that, but hey if you see it like that, then nothing, to continue with windows, why complicate it, right?

    And when it comes to drivers, please don't even mention it.

    How is it possible that a whole windows 8 in all its majesty and splendor does not recognize the network card or the wify usb if it was made for windows? , but not for windows 95, not for Vista and 7.

    Everyone is free to use the one they like the most.

    In which are you more comfortable?

    So don't change….


    1.    Carlo Vincent said

      Hello Diablo, I think it has been the most successful answer of all: use the one that you most want to carry out a certain task.

      However, I want to make a couple of notes; You always talk about Ubuntu as if it were the only distro and the truth is that there are more than a thousand circulating and in most of them you still need to open the console to do certain things; generally, to solve some problem such as the recognition of the Backlight value so that the brightness control of my laptop recognizes me, which Ubuntu has not recognized me since the last version.

      On the other hand, the driver problem is not the fault of Windows or Linux, but of the manufacturer. For some devices there are no drivers for Windows 8, but for Linux, there are no drivers for many, many devices, which we are not going to discuss now, because I repeat, the fault lies with no one other than the manufacturers.

      People want everything to work the first time, as it should. Many are not interested in the how or why, but simply that it works. For some it is Linux and for most (unfortunately) it is Windows, for others Mac OSX.

  11.   bitch stilt said

    For my windows it is a burden that I have to use by force because I can not install iTunes in Linux mint. Neither with wine, nor with playonlinux or anything (you can call me clumsy: p) and that's what I do. I have windows for the exclusive use of iTunes and everything else in mint. Regarding the debate between the distros, I have only been a user of Ubuntu and Linux mint. The second I met him a year ago and since then I have opted for him. The new ubuntu desktop does not quite convince me and I am left with the lovely mate.
    It is sad but true the existence of fear in people when you talk about Linux. But it is scarier to install an operating system and leave you with the drivers hanging.