Linux forums and fear

For some, walking through a Linux forum is like going through an alley

One of the biggest fears to enter Linux is knowing how to deal with the Linux forums, many fear them and avoid taking the leap by feeling lonely beforehand. Linux forums are scary.

Since the Internet came into the hands of the general public that forums exist, and before them the «BBS«. If what is created in a forum is a community with its own rules and its own codes, what the new linuxers have to do in this case is adapt, and adaptation is not easy ... because it depends on two parts, the new linuxero forero and old community users.

The forum linuxer usually has two great characteristics of the ku tux klan:

You want to demonstrate your knowledge in a practical way (This is why there are so many Linux blogs of a technical nature that although it is not bad in itself it is also indirectly used to hoard)

Consider the operating system as an end rather than a means (The Windows user considers the OS a medium).

This is the first culture shock. The average Linux user considers that learning to handle the operating system is a value and the more difficult the distro, the better. There the ego plays a fundamental role and that is present in many forums.

The classic linuxer ku tux klan wants to go from one distro to another, because, according to him, going from one distro to another, which is always more difficult than the previous one is necessary because we have to learn (hinting that all we must go through that process). They could not do it without help and that is what many Linux forum users are for, to climb positions and be able to test who has it the longest.

In the middle of that fight of egos is that the new linuxer arrives, which has nothing to do with this fight of egos, he only wants to make his system work, that the driver of his card finally works, that his Firefox has flash, etc.

My video card does not work for me in Ubuntu

Answer 1

But how can you not know, that's very easy, recompile your kernel with the new driver nv238556-i386.tar.gz.

And isn't there an easier alternative? I'm new.

This bobuntu brings us pure idiots to Linux

Answer 2

When you learn to Google well, come back.

I am not going to put the new linuxero always as good and always the old as bad, there are also terrible dialogues caused by newbies, but due to rudeness.

I know of a Linux forum (of a specific distro) that specifies a whole protocol to learn to ask, they ask you to read it with the welcome email, some ignore it and even ask arrogantly.

Why are there pushy newbies?

Admittedly, many new Linux users are risking something by discovering Linux and installing it on their PC, many, I can say with certainty, they install it at the wrong time, without investigating enough and many others install it by sharing the PC with a family member and they must show "that they could do it" or they may have a hard time, some do not share it but feel that others in their home or environment are watching them, like someone who goes out to do the American dream and does not want to return home poor. And so many others are simply impatient from birth that they can hardly stand themselves.

The frustration has been brought to the Linux forum.

Teach how to fish and not give the fish away

The philosophy of many Linux foreros, especially those specialized in difficult or moderately difficult distros, is that newcomers do not want to learn and want everything served. The problem is that the fact that the new Linux server does not have the necessary cognitive tools to find the information necessary to learn that the old ones have is obvious, that is to say, an old Linux user only needs a tutorial to do something new or the data from a friend, but the new one may need three tutorials and perhaps in one of them one or another step where the entire operating system or part of it can be loaded, for example, to learn how to reconfigure the system to see the effects of Compiz .

You have to teach how to fish, but teach well. If I give you a rod, the hook and reel will not be enough, maybe you'd better see how i do it the first time explaining each step from when I mount the line on the rod and look for the right place to how to throw the fish that has bitten the hook.

How do I ask in a forum?

If you are going to ask in a Linux forum, you should be prepared to answer questions back.

  • Think about what is wrong and remember what you did lately, what could have caused the problem.
  • Google it first. Sure you find some background that will shed light on your problem, but it takes time (depending on the popularity of the distro and how common the problem is).
  • If nothing works properly, enter a forum and before asking, check your internal search engine for your problem or similar problems.
  • Only if there is no solution (assuming you tried everything you found on Google that applied to your problem), post it in a forum, specifying at least the version of the distro, architecture (32 or 64 bits) and everything that find out about the problem by including the links where you found clues about what might be causing your problem.
  • Answer everything they ask you
  • Don't be offended if they can't find the solution

If you follow these steps and are still treated poorly, you can be sure that it was not your fault and that it may not be a good place to resolve concerns.

What should a Linux forum be like in your opinion?

Is linuxist elitism going to end?

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  1.   I am said

    Yes Paulo, it was a joke. Here's another one:

    What does a woman have to put in her ears to conquer a man?

    1.    Pat said

      Rather it is just the other way around, there are many new users who have been demanding help because he or she is worth it, used to their Windows pringaos and then says they leave because they have not treated them well (or rather they have not been mat rija).
      Of course, there are also people who believe they are penguin gurus, but if you left him to run into one of them, it was clear that you were going to run back to Windows at the first stone you encountered.

  2.   pacovr said

    As I read the other time in a blog:

    If you ask in the forums 99% of people will answer you with "RTFM" (Read The Fucking Manual), "look at the man", or "search in Google".

    To avoid that and taking into account what the post says. Linux users are self-centered ... you have to play with that.

    So a very good trick is to go to the forums and say directly (for example): "Linux sucks because you can't find a file as easy as Windows". Quickly, the Linux fan-boys will answer you, indignant, explaining the fastest and most effective method to find that file.


  3.   Jonathan said

    It's strange. I do not deny that it is annoying to ask something in a forum and that they answer you conciously, but it is still like a barrier that you have to go through to be a Linux user, since in Linux you have to deal with commands, and above all with google searches, So understanding that for Linux you have to be self-taught takes time. I see it more as a litmus test that must be passed, otherwise, the forums have to be just a little friendlier.

  4.   Mike said

    Well, I started with Ubuntu, I now go with OpenSuse, and I have never had a need to post in forums, since EVERYTHING is achieved by searching well in google .. now, if you are lazy, you go straight to the forum.

  5.   Paulo said

    it's a joke, right? are you serious?

  6.   rheoba said

    hahaha the technique mentioned by pacovr is not bad xD.

    Well, it didn't happen to me as much as this, because thanks to the fact that I study Computer Engineering, at school I use Linux every day, they use Mandriva, there I started to take my first steps, over time I installed it at home, but Mandriva At that time it gave me many headaches, and for the same reason that I did not know what was going on, a teacher recommended Ubuntu to me, and thanks to her I got to know Ubuntu, due to the classes at school, I almost never asked in forums, apart from I already had some experience searching in Google, (there is always a user who has your problem), but I do remember that I got to ask in a forum and some topics never had an answer, more than from users who had the same problem, being the If my problems were not simple things that with a command would be fixed, the one I remember the most is about my battery that there was no way to show the charge percentage, in the end it seems to be a sensor that has already died.

    Cheers ;)

  7.   N @ ty said

    Testing testing…..

  8.   Caesar Salad said

    I of the clash of cultures is real. They are totally different ways of understanding the use of the pc. And the problem is that neither Linux users have the necessary empathy to stand in someone else's shoes, nor do newbies have the ability or predisposition to learn some things that may never interest you again in life.

    But like I said before, people don't need to learn from their pc, they need to use it to perform tasks. If you want to learn from him and be a "hacker" then it is your option but no one else should carry it. You have to understand that Linux is an excellent OS ... for whom? It depends, if it works for you or not.

  9.   Gabriel said

    I rarely consult the linux forums but until now I have never had dramas, at most some of them answer as if the answer was the most obvious thing in the world, but it does not happen that

  10.   bachi.tux said

    It is the price that the Distributions that "sell" them as easy must pay. Some users do well, they get 'nasty', and others jump overboard into chaos.

    Ubuntu (as you have put in the example) has a high percentage of acceptance of new users, and that is how it sells. Therefore, it has a higher percentage of users who "did well" in the move, and it is generated as a cry of "hey, here is an Operating System that if it works ...".

    I think you have said it, and I want to emphasize it because it is the most important of all this:

    You have to learn a little before entering Linux, be it in a Forum, in the management of a Distro or in the knowledge of the concepts of Community and Free Software.

    If there is no prior knowledge, it will be difficult for those who try "first and foremost."

  11.   zamuro57 said

    jejjej esty the answer I think it is the knees jqajjaaja good joke

    Now talking about the serious issue, today there is an endless amount of information that is updated every day with respect to not only one but many distros and speaking from my own experience I believe that the information that circulates today in terms of solutions and answers Regarding linux distros is a field in which I can say with faith that linux has won

    Well, asking for a solution on mac or windows is sometimes something almost a secret cult you have to wait for morpheo to write you through a console like in matrix 1 and tell you what to do what to believe and where to escape

    On the other hand, in Linux you have both free manuals, guides, informative magazines, solutions in google, in forums, and even in forums on the official page of each distro, tutorials on both blogs and YouTube, I mean zero excuses
    What there is is as friends say here is to have a little patience, know how to ask and keep in mind that formatting or going back is not the solution :)

  12.   f sources said

    @ N @ ty It took me like 8 hours to understand your comment hahahahahaha

  13.   Paul said

    It is true that there is a lot of that bad aptitude of treating new people badly. Above all, it is a matter of seeing on many mailing lists. I lived it in person. But it is also true that what he usually complains about in many cases is something very basic. There are certain labels that if they tell you, "read these rules to be able to make the relationship of the people on the forum more bearable", and there a lot of guys jump out who are going to violate that. And they shit paying attention. For example, it happens a lot in the mailing lists that usually tell you, Most of the problems you have and someone had them. And what's more, more than one I fix it. And there you jump those who do not read shit and ask when before they could have searched. Those people are hit badly. But it is true that this aptitude of wanting to demonstrate what they know and not putting oneself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing. It is a difficult thing to deal with. But hey are things that are difficult to solve.

  14.   Bill said

    What a good post Fuentes, excellent.

    Reflects reality as it is from most forums and advanced linux users.

  15.   Miguel Gastelum said

    It is true that it is a barrier that for the less able to compute disappoints them instantly and they throw in the towel, but those who are self-taught and want to learn something new strive, it is true that the first step to enter GNU / Linux It is an easy distro, with use you gain confidence and try something more complicated, but that is what it is about, the first thing is to break with our own barrier that we bring from the world of windows with everything at hand, although it is also It is true that many just want to use the computer and not know it but it is a good opportunity to find out what we have in front of us and that others a little more alive do not rip us off saying that they have fixed the world for you because you did not realize it and you had a viruses or little things like that. regards

  16.   Rafael Hernampérez Martin said

    I think for color tastes. Variety is the magic of knowledge, and each forum can specialize in something. If you are a newbie, there will be forums for newbies. If you are an enteradillo, then the same. If you are a guru or want to be, welcome to gurublog.

  17.   laura077 said

    Um, I never subscribe to a forum, except when I have tried everything and there is no other choice, I am more of a search for it myself.

    Well, once I have subscribed, I take advantage of and answer the questions of others, whenever I have time, and I respond as best I can and explaining everything, with very long paragraphs, I have never told anyone "RTFM", never.

    Regards :)

  18.   vincegeratorix said

    weno… I've been wanting to try for a long time, but I was nagging… and a few days ago I started up… reading I saw that the easiest thing is Ubuntu, so I downloaded it, my cousin recommended me liked, (without much research) KDE)) Fox and downloaded it, tbn Kubuntu: D
    and the last 3 or 4 days I've been researching famous forums (come on, uptdown, softonic: DDD) and there really are guys asking
    "I installed ubuntu and I put KDE with this manual and why does it now say" Kubuntu "if I installed" ubuntu "" hahahaha I died laughing with those comments: D, although they helped me a lot, post of 7 pages or more than one guy with many doubts who does not google, then you see it all together: D
    and I have made a folder with saved pages, so when I put ubuntu, I will open the pages and follow the manuals: D
    so when I free memory to vacate a partition (160GB of hard disk and with effort these days I have vacated 15GB more less, dps I have to "cut copy" to free a partition (the smallest 35GB) so I have several days more still to read xDDDDDD

  19.   vincegeratorix said

    hey !!!
    I use Chrome on Windows XP: S
    What's up?
    pq says "safari on Mac OS"

  20.   f sources said

    @vincegeratorix: An old bug from an old plugin, now fixed;)

  21.   Rodolfo said

    Excellent post. In fact, one of the things that made me want to try Linux is that point of elitism that many of its forums exude. I have come to read comments like "Linux is only for sensitive people" or nonsense like that, where it is evident that the operating system has risen to a mystical level only suitable for a select few ...

    Nothing could be further from reality, as the Junta de Extremadura demonstrated, where Microsoft's licenses were replaced by the Linex distro, from the same regional government, so that now all Extremadura officials use Linex, regardless of their « computer sensitivity ».

    Linux is above all that: an excellent work tool, which fortunately is on the side of the OpenSource movement. If his only virtue were that halo of mysticism that they bestow on him there, then it would be worth little, and neither the Junta de Extremadura, nor many other government entities, would have considered it as a serious alternative to replace Microsoft licenses.

    Congratulations on this good article.

  22.   Alan said

    Hello, they told me that at the UB they are going to give a course on Linux and Christian Benvenuti will be a lecturer as a lecturer, such a capo on this subject, does anyone know anything? I appreciate any info, Thank you

  23.   tbsisl said

    Computer Maintenance Madrid

  24.   Pat said

    Rather it is just the other way around, there are many new users who have been demanding help because he or she is worth it, used to their Windows pringaos and then says they leave because they have not treated them well (or rather they have not been mat rija).
    Of course, there are also people who believe they are penguin gurus, but if you left him to run into one of them, it was clear that you were going to run back to Windows at the first stone you encountered.

  25.   kikorivera said


  26.   Javier Enrique Carcamo Alfaro said

    Hi, I'm new to GNU / Linux, although tech-savvy, I have an Asus Ryzen 5 with an AMD RADEON Vega graphic… I currently have both Windows 10 and Kubuntu installed and it gives me some problems apparently from the graphic I understand. Someone who knows if there is any distro that is more compatible with my graphics. Thanks