Linus supports COVID vaccination and criticizes opponents

Linus defends vaccination

Linus Torvalds's anger is legendary, to the point that he was away from the development of the Linux kernel for a while to make an attitude adjustment. However, few are going to disagree with himthe cause of his new fit of rage.

Being as I am an off topic addict (I have been kicked out of various forums because of my tendency to get off topic) It would never have occurred to me to use the kernel developers mailing list, reserved for developers to discuss technical aspects, to spread conspiracy theories about COVID vaccines. But, it seems that there was who did it.
The following message was sent from an account identified as

And I know * many * people who will never take part in this generic human experiment that basically creates a new humanoid race (which generates and depletes the toxic protein spike, whose genetic sequence does not look like something natural). I am one of them, like all my family.

Linus defends vaccination

Torvalds, with the sweetness that characterizes him, I have no hesitation in expressing your opinion that the anti-vaccine comments are meaningless and should be ignored.

Save your insane and technically incorrect anti-vaccine comments to yourself.

You don't know what you're talking about, you don't know what mRNA is, and you're spreading idiotic lies. Maybe you do it unknowingly, out of rudeness. Maybe you're doing it because you've talked to "experts" or seen YouTube videos of charlatans who don't know what they're talking about. But damn it, regardless of where you got your misinformation from, I'm not going to let your nonsense go unopposed on any Linux kernel discussion list.

If you have questions about how mRNA works, Linus saves you from having to go to Wikipedia.

Just for your edification in case you're willing to be polite: mRNA doesn't change your genetic sequence in any way. It's the same kind of intermediate - and temporary - material that your cells generate internally all the time as part of your normal cellular processes, and all mRNA vaccines do is add a dose of their own specialized sequence that then makes your Normal cellular machinery generates that cutting-edge protein so your body learns to recognize it.

The half-life of mRNA is a few hours. Any injected mRNA will be gone from your body in a day or two. Nothing changes in the long run, except that natural "your body now knows how to recognize and fight a new foreign protein" (which then tends to disappear over time as well, but lasts much longer than a few days). And yes, as your body learns to combat that foreign material, you may feel like shit for a while. That is normal, and it is the natural response of your cells that spend resources learning to deal with the new threat.

Linus finishes his message with a kind recommendation:

So don't feel so comfortable with the fact that coronavirus cases have dropped a lot around you. Yes, all those vaccinated people around you will protect you too, but if there is another wave, possibly due to a more transmissible version, you and your family will be at much greater risk than those vaccinated people because of your ignorance and misinformation. Get vaccinated.

Stop believing in anti-vaccine lies. And if you insist on believing the crazy conspiracy theories, at least SHUT YOUR MOUTH on it.

This being a technology blog, we are not going to get into discussions about the merits and shortcomings of vaccines. In other words, I am going to personally delete comments that do so. I have written enough the last two years about how difficult it is to find the truth among the conspirators, the public relations managers of the laboratories and the politicians who look for any excuse to reduce individual freedoms and increase social control, as if to add more contributions to the general confusion.

Whether to vaccinate or not is your decision according to the information provided by your trusted doctor.

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