Ksnip: probably the best alternative to Shutter on Linux


As in practically all Linux software, to take screenshots on penguin's systems we have many options. Personally, I usually stick with the default application to take screenshots, using Kubuntu's Spectacle right now, but this is only for taking these screenshots. There is something in some programs that seems more important to me and by this I am referring to the editing of the captured images. So far I have used Shutter, but I think this is going to change and I will start using ksnip.

I don't really know why (it's rumored because of dependencies), but Canonical decided to remove Shutter from its official repositories. To install it, we now have to search for its installation package or, better still, install its repository. The option that is available right now in the official repositories is Flameshot, very good for capturing but very weak when it comes to image editing. By editing I am referring to what is known as "marking" or making annotations. That is, to me, Shutter's strong point and something that Ksnip seems to be above.

Ksnip, a modern Shutter

As for the functions of the Ksnip editor, we have practically the same as in Shutter:

  • Selection: we will use this option to select and move the elements.
  • Freehand to draw without any limits.
  • Numeration: this is something that I really like. Pressing on the «1» of the editor and clicking will add a 1, but the second time it will add a 2, the third a 3 and so on until we switch to another tool. What I don't like is that the numbers are always the same. I wish I could make them bigger. Yes you can make the circle bigger.
  • Marker: allows us to make a mark as if we were using a marker. We have options of rectangle, ellipse or freehand.
  • Text: Guess what? To add text.
  • Arrow: we can add a normal arrow, with a double head or a straight line.
  • Blur: well, I like the classic pixelized one better, but with this tool we can also cover up information.
  • Rectangle or Ellipse.
  • For almost all the options we can choose thickness, color, etc. For numbers, we can choose which number it starts with.
  • possibility of resize images.
  • As an option, we can also upload the images to Imgur, which is especially good if we want to upload screenshots to social networks or forums.

Same options and some extras

Another thing I like about Ksnip is that, by default, add a little shadow very visual both to the text, to the numbers and rectangles / circles. Shutter leaves all this very "flat" and gives the feeling of having become a bit outdated.

In terms of screenshot options, Ksnip is not much different than many other applications. If we choose the rectangular selection option, we will see an enlarged crosshair to make the selection more precise. We will be able to take captures of rectangular selection, full screen of all monitors, current screen or active window. What is different, at least in terms of Shutter, is that As soon as you take the screenshot, you will enter the editor, which saves us from having to do it manually.

The bad thing is that, at least for what I have looked for, no repository available that allows us to have Ksnip always updated. To install it we will have to go to your web page, download the version for our operating system (it is also for Windows and macOS) and perform the manual installation. I think it is a lesser evil if what we want is a modern tool to mark up our screenshots.

Personally and after a long time using Shutter, I think i switch to ksnip. Taking into account that both are obtained from outside the official repositories, I prefer to stick with an option that has a more modern image than the option I was using until today. What do you think? Do you prefer Shutter or Ksnip? I ... removing Shutter and its repository ...

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  1.   Diego German Gonzalez said

    Shutter can be installed on Ubuntu 19.04 from ppa: linuxuprising / shutter. Of course, the tool to capture websites does not work due to a dependency problem.
    Anyway, from your article Ksnip seems much better. I'm going to test it.

  2.   Andreale Dicam said

    It's a shame about Shutter, since I can remember Linuxera had always been there. I dare say that a good part of the screenshots observed in blogs dedicated to GNU / Linux of all languages ​​were made with Shutter.

    It's time to install it in Gnome that has the void. In KDE there is the fireproof Spectacle and its KolourPaint plugin that go very well and are always up to date. The advantage of the monolithic model of the K desk.