Navigating the heart of Windows

As I told you a while ago in this other post, one of the most frequent topics of discussion in my workplace is that of Web browsers.

Today I was just commenting with one of my best friends (and co-worker) that one of the things I hate about my PC is the fact that, generally, when I have to do tests I have to use the Internet Explorer instead of other better browsers («more left-handedI know how you like them»He told me) as the Safari or my last spoiled the Google Chrome.

Of course I kept arguing and ranting against him. IE, to which my friend told me «the day one of your browsers starts faster than Explorer, it haswe blame… And he was right. I spent the day opening browsers all the time while I was working and I have to say that IE really starts up the fastest, followed by Chrome :).

I also started to think and realized that my first little step towards software non-Microsoft i did when i downloaded and installed the Mozilla Firefox. Quite a step forward, taking into account that, for many people, even today, the Internet is precisely the Internet Explorer. I don't think I should even mention that it was a resounding change, I fell in love with the Firefox, and I wanted to blow that hideous browser off my PC.

But let's hope: How did Internet Explorer become synonymous with the Internet?

Let's see what Wikipedia tells us about it:

Windows Internet Explorer (Formally Microsoft Internet Explorer, abbreviated MSIE) generally abbreviated IE is a web browser produced by Microsoft for the Windows operating system and later for Solaris Unix and Apple Macintosh, the latter two discontinued in 2002 and 2006 respectively. Microsoft spent more than $ 100 million (USD) a year in the 1990s, with more than 1000 people working at IE in 1999.

There it is explained perfectly. Internet Explorer is Microsoft's browser made for Windows. It is logical that, when we start using the Windows PC, we associate browsing the web with Explorer, it makes perfect sense.

It was created in 1995 after Microsoft's acquisition of the source code for Mosaic, a browser developed by Spyglass, and was then renamed as Internet Explorer.

Look at you, gosh, they didn't do it ...

It is currently the most popular and widely used Internet browser in the world, greatly surpassing existing competitions, even though some of these have increased in popularity in recent years. Its popularity is due to the fact that Internet Explorer is the official Windows browser, and it is included from the factory in said operating system. Being related to the Windows File Browser, it is not possible to uninstall this application in a standard way.

What are these good people trying to tell me? Internet Explorer is not included because they are adorable in the windows package, it is heart fiber Windows. It is the web version of the File Browser Windows. When browsing the web, the interface differs (especially the menu bar and tools, obviously) but it is very similar. Hence, its use is so friendly.

We can say then that Internet Explorer is "tied" to Windows. There is no one without the other. Or at least, there is no Windows that works properly without associated Internet Explorer. And making a simple deduction: if IE is tied to Windows, and we are tied to Windows ... Sounds pretty restrictive, right?

Don't use it, don't look at it, don't recommend it, but do not delete it. They're going to kick Windows in the stomach if they do, yes ... but they're going to have to put up with it while kicking too: razz:

Unless they have the Windows installation cd to restore the system, like me.

LINKS: Internet Explorer on Wikipedia (very interesting, I recommend it).

Author's comment: this writing is 100% free from Internet Explorer, written purely and exclusively using Google Chrome: D.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here.

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  1.   I am said

    hehe… the babel fish has been raging lately. Thank you ninai for stopping by, for reading and adding us.

  2.   I am said

    Bagu, I managed to convince my girl of that. Now she uses FF and is choppy, but she does not want to accept that I was right.

  3.   hard stone said

    I don't know which version of IE they are referring to ... but IE7 starts (and obviously works) slower than Google Chrome .. or Firefox (I put as an example a Sempron 2800 with 512 ram, or a hp pavilion dv8000 laptop). Maybe IE6 lift much faster ... although I prefer the CTRL + T to open the next tab with my firefox than having to open ANOTHER and ANOTHER and ANOTHER window in IE6.

  4.   Andres Vasquez said

    hehe I remembered something that happened at the university where I studied, they made a new computer room, and installed ubuntu on all the computers, but since most of them did not know, they had to rename the launcher and put "Internet Explorer" on it.

  5.   I am said

    This plugin is not new enough to interpret that as chrome. I think it was because chrome uses I don't know what from Safari.

  6.   I am said

    You had a very busy day at work bachi, right? lol timing explorers !!

  7.   bagu said

    What your friend seems to ignore is that although iexplorer starts faster than any other on a Windows system, it is by far the slowest to render pages. In spite of the fact that it opens a little faster, if later I am going to navigate more slowly than with any other it tells me that it is the worst of the browsers.

  8.   nitsuga said

    This is the reason why IE starts faster: IT IS BOUND TO WINDOWS! When the system starts, the browser is preloaded! What can be done against something that IS ALREADY loaded in memory?

  9.   master666 said

    That it can load faster, but it is because part of the code is already in memory, however, when browsing it remains compared to the others.

    Everyone I show firefox immediately changes their browser, and only uses it where necessary because the pages are made for IE, eg: pages of public services or government agencies where you have to fill out forms or make inquiries.

    The way it is distributed is the only reason why it has that reign over other browsers, you cannot eliminate it completely and if you do, you lose functionality or compatibility with certain sites.

    I could say that it is a necessary evil, you have to have it just in case, right now I am using safari and if I enter a hotmail account, some things are lost, but I am not going to use IE for that, I use Firefox.

  10.   nitsuga said

    Huh? I am using Google chrome on Wine (Windows XP) not Safari 525.13 on Mac OS X! (wish I had a mac)

  11.   Paul said

    It may be an advantage, but how many are you eating? I say ei does not show a million pages accordingly. You commit security horrors that are unthinkable. It is the official toy of those who learn to violate the security of a machine. And not only that. But if you search you will find a lot of reasons to see that it is the opposite of what your friend says. Be careful, it can serve her much more. But from there to that it is better. I think it is a serious mistake

  12.   f sources said

    On IE there is not much to say, it is bad but with desire, on Chrome I have something to say. I have been trying for a long time not to use Google products so much, their hunger for data scares me and I still remember the mistakes that were made at their launch. So I wouldn't use Chrome.

    Now that I read my comment it seems very LAW. Worth being said by Stallman. : /

  13.   I am said

    Welcome back Nitzunga !!!!
    darkhole, I think there is some of that over here:

  14.   bachi.tux said

    I want to comment on it and I hope nobody misunderstands me:

    1. Google Chrome is a "verse" from a "Who is intended for" point of view. It is made (supposedly) 100% of Free Software, that is to say: any individual with good programming knowledge can improve it under the same name and thus add features. But the question of why it is a «verse» is that if it is Free Software and it has been a lot more than a month since it went to «the cloud»: How is it possible that there is still no version that can be installed in the standard OS of the SL, Linux? How is it possible that Wine is used to run it on Unix-like platforms? How is it possible that it is only available for Microsoft or Mac platforms when in fact they should have released it from day one also for Linux? They are inexplicable things, as inexplicable (although not so much) is that ALL the products of the Google company are Betas, and they will never be Finals. But it is a matter of business, to keep the market "attentive and on" waiting for a Final, and since I do not understand the business world very well, it is better to move on to my other question.

    2. "IE is faster." Well, but here, if we want to be very, VERY strict with technical tests, in addition to knowing the "heart" or what these browsers are made of, we have to do tests on different platforms and with different architectures. Once this battlefield is raised, let's put the armies in and see who wins.
    On my computer with a Core 2 Duo, 2 GB ram, OpenSUSE as OS, it takes 1,8 s to start Firefox. (taken with a stopwatch, believe it or not). But on the work PC (from where I am writing), with a Dual Core + 1 GB ram, it takes a long 4 s., IE 2 s. and Chorme 1,3 s. That's why it's important to review what creators, users, and "neferms" like me are saying with a stopwatch in hand.

    We also have to take into account what the users of a browser are looking for, and the most interesting thing is: we are NEVER going to agree. Some are looking for speed, regardless of whether the browser is sending Private data to a server. Others seek stability and security, others personalization, others do not care about the startup speed, but forget about a sudden drop in the «Barquito-Web». There are for likes and for dislikes. In my particular case, I prefer to wait half a second more to open a browser, customize it to your liking and pleasure, being agile and fast at the browsing level, and not "spying" on me (but it is a lot to ask when the speaker has an account of mail in Google and Feeds Manager in the same company, and blog, and ...)

    3. "Everyone in love with Chrome." The only thing that attracted me is its easy use, the handling of the Tabs as individual Processes to the Browser, the option of «Ghost Browsing», and (obviously) its quick start. But the BIG drawback is the Non-Linux Support (for me that is inexcusable).

    And I'll tell you a little secret: Life has taught me on many occasions that from love to hate there is a tiny step.

    And if there are wars of operating systems, why not wars of browsers ...

    Each one use whatever you like. Also, the more they are, the more choice and less Monopoly (although with Google I don't know what to think).

    Uff, I extended… sorry :(

  15.   f sources said

    @ bachi.tux: The wealth of a blogger article is in the comments. And if they are good (like yours) what does it matter if they are long.

    Nitsuga came back!

  16.   bachi.tux said

    Esty: always keeping a close eye on everyone… I didn't time them at work, just that when Chrome came out I took the trouble to do it at home… I'm just freek.

  17.   N @ ty said

    They got excited hitting the Explorer, how cool.

    I was just limiting myself to commenting that (for those who did not know) IE is part of the OS and, badly enough, it is a non-removable part of Windows.

    When I wanted to uninstall, I did not know and so it was for me too.

    If you give me a choice, my favorite browser is exactly the one I'm using right now, Konqueror. But when I use Windows, I use Chrome without hesitation.

    Be realistic, if it weren't for the lack of tabs, IE6 wouldn't be sooooo bad ...

    I left accents in Windows, that's why they are missing. A kiss for everyone

  18.   dark hole said

    Well, I think we have to limit something .. Chrome is not yet for Mac OS .. or Linux ..

  19.   LJMarín said

    "We can say then that Internet Explorer is" tied "to Windows."

    Enquistado is the correct word, and that it is faster than FF umm, I don't know, I have not used IE for a long time, they have already said it above, maybe it is faster but from there it is better than FF ... that is another story.

    As I read in a forum, IE is only good for one thing, to lower FF.

  20.   f sources said

    I'm going to be the devil's advocate, IE 6 served me a lot when I had to work with an old man, I never dared to install the red panda on him. Not everything is so bad.

  21.   Caesar Salad said

    I think for the common user, usability, customization (themes, etc.) and trust are the basis for choice. I can't trust IE because no one knows how it's done (except Bill) and its vulnerabilities are expanding second by second. When I want to trust software, I listen to the experts, and there are a lot of those. When someone criticizes or defends IE they do it only from the user experience (and if from that perspective they already think that it is bad ...) since they will never be able to evaluate their code, but when I read the criticisms of firefox I take them seriously, since also of the user experience, there are people who can comment on its structure and technology. Comparisons are simply not equivalent, the same is not being compared.

    I'll sharpen the fox's teeth.

  22.   zamuro57 said

    totally agree with bachi. tux, with LJ Marin and with cesar
    If explorer starts quickly, what does it do for me if later it gets stuck when browsing, another observation every time you are going to download certain content in explorer or you are managing something in hotmail with explorer it asks you to install the idex control, if it is so necessary why
    Say @ '· $% $ && /) (,. blos and excuse me the expression is not installed by default and you have to get that stupid window of pupops all the time

    I know that suddenly it is a silly observation that I make but tell me if you do not mind that your browser does that in terms of chrome, I am a fan of certain things in Google except for your browser, although I think there must be diversity
    that's what the power of free software for teamwork and variety cuztomization rests on
    and opportunity for all, otherwise it would be monopoly and dictatorship

    As for explorer, I only use it when I work on editing web pages to see how the work is going there and monitor the final image for explorer, the same I do with other browsers, it is something that must be done by law, you never know how It will be seen in the others or if there is a detail left, of the rest in the personal aspect
    I think the same as the friend marin explorer only serves me to download firefox. Greetings, excellent page :)

  23.   Juanman said

    Very good blog, original, trained to read ... It's already in my rss ...
    Objectively, IE should not even be compared with other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Konqueror, etc), it should be in another category ... It is clearly bad in everything, except for 2 points in favor: it starts faster in win ( xq is already preloaded in memory; in linux with ie4linux it takes a long time to load -even when the wineserver is up-) and there are pages that only look correctly in this browser (many government pages, which is sadder) they designed so that they only work in the ... And of course, people are used to it, IE is the classic example of most people using what they are given and not trying alternatives, because they simply are not interested, they just want to check the mail and nothing more…
    An objective comparison shows in graphics what it said (it is not chrome, but it uses the same webkit engine as safari, so it can be assumed that it will be similar to this):
    (and that compares to ie7; ie6 would give even more disastrous results)

  24.   shaggylish said

    as Nitsuga and master666 say, the reason IE loads faster is that it is already in memory, wasting time at system startup :)
    the worst thing is that people who do not understand much, look at these things, such as my own father! Hahaha
    I installed chrome at work, but it crashed a lot and was slow, so I stopped using it.
    the best thing about free software is the freedom of choice and that there is so much diversity to choose from

  25.   rafael hernandez said

    It is true what you say in the article. But IE I need to use it at work, because reality demands it. In consulting firms, when you make a web application, they require (a fundamental requirement) that it at least works in IE, as it is the most widespread browser on the planet. Then, if it has to work in other browsers, it is optional.

    For my personal use, I use Firefox or Opera. And instead of using Windows Explorer, I prefer the Free Commander.

    Each one has their predilections and chooses what best suits their needs, tastes or way of working.

  26.   rheoba said

    IE was originally created as a vile copy of Netscape, Netscape was the browser that originated the Internet that we know today ... Look for the Documentary on the history or war, I don't remember well, of the browsers ... really interesting. They showcase Microsoft's shameful tactics against its enemies.

  27.   Nacho said

    Well, I don't know the linuxers around here, but I assure you that having to use IE (Explorer Attempt) at work makes me nervous. In a way that is not half normal. Opera, firefox or iceweasel. For me the best (Konqueror seems slow to me). And used to that, trying to use something like IE, which takes time to load, gives problems, does not have tabs, if you do not configure or update it you cannot open more than one window ...

    The IE for whoever wants it.

    N @ ty, tell your friend that when she finds a browser that has fewer vulnerabilities, tell you too xD
    Already put to see the good ... that also see the bad xD


  28.   I am said

    It is that you have not commented for a long time

  29.   I am said

    Aaaa !!!!!!!! …… .odneitne aroha !!!

  30.   nitsuga said

    @esty and ffuentes: how did I come back? where did i go?

  31.   nitsuga said

    Ah haha, I didn't have much to say ...

  32.   nitsuga said

    And above my comment came out in the post !! : D

    PS: Very good about the notification of comments to the mail, they can do it or the same but by RSS? Thanks: D

  33.   nitsuga said

    @esty: haha ​​I can't stop reading about Nitzunga xD

    In case someone did not notice, read my nick backwards (it is Nitsuga with Nitzunga) and you will know why it is like that.

  34.   nitsuga said

    an error: where it says is Nitsuga with Nitzunga I meant it is Nitsuga NOT Nitzunga

  35.   Javier said

    I realized that this fundamental part of windows about 8 years ago when I was still in school and by mistake I wrote a web address in the folder my music and it took me to the site with only a few small changes in appearance, it is more today With IE7, doing the same exercise closes the explorer and opens IE /

  36.   He said

    IE vs the rest. Viruses that attack the explorer.exe do not attack the Gecko kernel. One reason not to use IE :)

  37.   OMA said

    @ 36 Indeed, that happened in IE6 (that the file browser becomes Internet Explorer when entering a web address), but it no longer happens in IE7. If you have IE7 or higher installed, the file browser is independent of the browser and does not transform but simply launches a new IE window if a web address is entered. So now MS no longer has the excuse that "it's a fundamental part of Windows" to continue to include IE with Windows.