Install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04 and enjoy this gaming platform

Steam for Linux

Steam is a multiplayer platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to distribute games and related media online. Steam provides user with automatic installation and management of software on multiple computers, community features such as friend and group lists, and in-game voice and chat functionality.

Steam has become one of the great applications for Linux, so much so that it even has its own Linux distribution.

Valve via Steam have made the gaming market expand its borders, leaving aside the limitations for Linux users when it comes to enjoying game titles, in addition to the fact that most of the games that exist for Linux exist thanks to Steam.

Thanks to this we now have a large catalog of games where we can find free ones such as Dota2, tuxkart just to mention some of the best known, as well as great titles which we can acquire at quite reasonable prices unlike physical formats.

And not only that Steam also usually offers great deals, promotions and discounts With which you can keep an eye on your favorite titles just by adding them to your wish list and Steam will inform you by email or notifications to your phone if you have the application installed when a game on your list has a promotion.

System Requirements

Although this part may seem exaggerated to run Steam games, they must have a dual-core processor running at least 2,8 GHz, in addition to having 2 GB or more of RAM. You will also need an nVidia GeForce 8500 / 9600GT or an ATI / AMD Radeon HD 2500/3600 or better graphics and their latest drivers.

It must be taken into account that the minimum requirements for the operation of Ubuntu 18.04 are being taken as a basis and in addition to this, requirements are added to be able to have a gaming experience without lags or poor graphics.

Although, if you can play with less than what is public here, your team will have it working hard.

How to install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04?


In order to install Steam on our system we have two ways to do it, both quite simple.

  1. The first of them is supporting us with the Ubuntu software center where we will find the application ready to install with just a couple of clicks.
  2. The second method is by using the deb package that Valve offers us directly from the official Steam page.

We only have to go to its official website and in your download section we can get the deb package.

Once the download is done we can install Steam with the file just obtained we only have to use our preferred package manager or we can use the terminal for it.

We open the terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T, we position ourselves in the folder where the deb package is and we execute:

sudo dpkg -i steam*.deb

And with that we will have Steam installed on our computer. After that we can search for the application in our application menu and run the program.

I run Steam on my Ubuntu installation and on another machine with Kubuntu which Ie gave a runtime libGL error: unable to load driver: the same thing happens to them, this can be solved with this command:

find ~/.local/share/Steam/ \( -name "*" -o -name "*" -o -name "*" \) -print -delete

The moment we run the application a process of downloading additional files will begin, this process may take a few minutes as it is highly dependent on your internet connection.

After this process you will be able to log in with your Steam account to be able to download your favorite games from your library that will always be available. Without further ado, it only remains to start enjoying your titles in your new Ubuntu installation.

We have also shared various tutorials Of how improve your Steam experience in your system.

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  1.   Gregory said

    Just out of curiosity, what desktop environment (Unity, KDE, etc) works best in games or is there hardly any difference between them?

    1.    David yeshael said

      There is no difference, only that you must take into account that the execution of these is independent of your environment, the only thing that could affect is that you allocate emaciated resources to the execution of these, for example putting it as a priority, putting it as above normal .

      1.    Gregory said

        Thanks for the reply. Currently I have plenty of resources to play at 1080p, if there is not much difference in performance I will stay with the most pleasant one to my tastes. I am currently with Linux Mint Cinnamon, I like it because of the simple but elegant appearance, I know that this falls into personal tastes, but others like KDE I see them very loaded and both Xfce and Lxde somewhat faded. Ask about problems that Cinnamon gives me with some games like Trine, although I may be blaming something that may not be a desktop thing but the distro, Trine did not give me problems when I installed Ubuntu Mate for a while to browse it. I said thank you for responding, greetings.

  2.   Oliver said

    You just saved my life, steam was not working for me by any means until I ran your code,
    I thank you very much: D

    Greetings from Ecuador Good Blog.

  3.   Paul Espinagosa said

    It gives me a fault of

    error: processing archive steam * .deb (–install): cannot access archive: No auch file or directory Errors were encountered while processing:
    steam * .deb

    Let's see if you could help me and part of that, thank you very much!

    1.    uwuwuuwuwu said

      the same happens to me