In defense of Brave. The dangers of fundamentalism

In defense of Brave

Older Linux users remember what it was surfing the Internet up to 15 years ago.

Internet Explorer reigned over the web, and, Due to lack of time, interest or budget, the developers only worried about making the pages compatible with the Microsoft browser.There is a story about a server manufacturer who wanted to have as a client the Norwegian company that then developed the Opera browser. He lost the sale because the evaluator found that every time he tried to access the configuration web interface, he received an error message and the suggestion that he install Internet Explorer.

Linux users did that often. Pages that required some complexity used proprietary Microsoft components and if they detected that you were using Firefox they showed the fatal message.

At that time we had two partial solutions. Install the aforementioned Opera (which had a Linux version) or change the browser settings to make the web believe that we were using Internet Explorer. Anyway, it didn't always work

The new kids from the neighborhood

An old Internet maxim holds that there are two kinds of people; customers and products.

Microsoft made money selling software licenses and was a leader in that sector. Google needed another business model if it wanted to compete. And, he found it in advertising.

But to sell advertising you need people to see it. And, that a possible competitor cannot block you. If Microsoft decided (as it later did) to get into the ad business, it could well cause its near-monopoly browser to block Google ads from showing.

This quasi-monopoly had to be broken. And that's where the Mozilla Foundation came in with its flagship product Firefox.

Google was for a long time the main financial supporter of the Mozilla Foundation. It was impossible to enter the search engine without suggesting you install Firefox. The thing turned out so well that Over time Google decided to launch its own browser. Chrome.

Thanks to Google's immense promotional power, Microsoft's lack of reaction, and the Mozilla Foundation wasting time on failed diversification, Google Chrome became the new de facto standard for websites. Much helped your competition start experiencing problems when users pretended to use other Google services such as YouTube, Docs, or Gmail.

The infamous Mr. Brendan Eich

First of all, a clarification.

Like all human beings, I have opinions on many issues. Those that have nothing to do with technology have nothing to do in this blog, and, any deductions about them that they intend to make based on this article, they will surely be wrong. They just need to know that I believe that freedom of expression is a right that should not be restricted and that harmful ideas are like vampires. In the sunlight they destroy themselves, in the dark they grow.

Brendan Eich, the head ofl Brave project was Javascript language creator, one of the tools that made it possible to get rid of Flash. He also headed Mozilla's research and development division for 10 years. and briefly became president of the foundation.

He had to resign because someone found out that he had made a donation to the NO campaign in a referendum for the approval of gay marriage in California. It should be mentioned that there is not a single complaint of discrimination against a gay employee and that disagreeing with gay marriage and campaigning on the issue is a position protected by the United States Constitution.

However, Eich had to resign and there is a small but very active sector of the world of technology that hates him.

His new project was create an open source browser that would bring together positions between content creators and surfers. The former, to create quality content, need an income that allows them to live. The seconds have the right to navigate without their movements being tracked or having to close annoying pop-up windows.

In defense of Brave

Brave (based on Chromium) blocks all types of tracking and cookies. Its private mode uses the Tor network and not only blocks advertising from websites, it also pays you to see non-invasive advertising if you activate the option.

And, the navigation is very fast and smooth.

But, what makes it interesting is that allows you to reward content creators using a digital wallet and their own cryptocurrency.

It was this that made Mr. Eich sCreate new enemies. Companies that sell Internet advertising and large content providers. The former know that ad blockers are inefficient in the long run and that not everyone knows how to install one. The latter don't want anything that puts individual bloggers or small media outlets on an equal footing.

It was then that the Brave developers they screwed up big and the people who hate him came out to beat him up.

One user discovered that when I put the address of a cryptocurrency service, this was completed with a referral link. The same happened with 3 other sites in the same industry.

Eich gave a technical explanation.

We made a mistake, we are correcting it: Brave by default autocompletes the word "" in the address bar to add an affiliate code. We are a Binance affiliate, we refer users through the opt-in business widget on the new page, but the autocomplete should not add any code ... The default autocomplete was inspired by the customer's attribution of the search query they do all browsers, but unlike keyword queries, a typed URL must go to the named domain, without any additions. Please excuse this mistake - we are clearly not perfect, but we corrected course quickly.

Let's nuance things a bit

  1. Even assuming it was a mistake, there are mistakes that are criminally stupid.
  2. The error occurred with services with which Brave has affiliate agreements.
  3. The referral code addition was made on sight and corrected.

What also seems to me to be criminally stupid is that many users have decided to uninstall Brave and campaign against its installation.. What Brave brings to users is much more than what the "binancegate" hurts. If their model works, it is the possibility for creators to make quality content without depending on the whims of a search engine's algorithm. And hisNavigators stop being a product to go back to being what they should never have stopped being. Clients or users.

And, let me tell you, if you never had a great idea in your head at work that resulted in a monumental fiasco in practice, it is because either you have a pride greater than Everest or your parents continue to support you.

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  1.   john doe said

    I did not need the scandal of the reference to leave brave. I don't like brave. It has too many options that I don't need. And he spends his time making connections to brave servers every so often, without being able to avoid it. And connections to addresses that are not even addresses.

    If I want security I use firefox with ghacks-user.js and a vpn. If I want convenience I use ungoogled-chrome with a vpn. If I need the tor network I use tor-browser.

    1.    usud said

      Opera does the same with affiliate links from amazon and nothing has happened.
      In the end, these types of companies have to make some kind of profit from their products

  2.   Omar said

    Excellent browser! It is my favorite!

  3.   Arturo Alvarez said

    It's incredible that a free software blog supports homophobia. This man should not have any advertising and less free. And this blog that I followed, I have already deleted it from my list. It is unfortunate to read that. Homophobic blog.

    That said, it is also incredible with all the darkness that Brave has in terms of its credibility, due to the interference with people's privacy, among other dirty practices, that there are people who continue to defend it. Some people like to bang their heads against the wall.

    This new dark episode of Brave is another new occasion to reaffirm the use of Firefox, or any free browser.

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      The blog does not cover anything. The article bears my signature. And I didn't have an opinion on homophobia.
      What I do protect is the right to freedom of expression.

    2.    Alejandro said

      This crazy girl did not like that Diosito only released 2 types of hardware with their respective firmware. And I use Internet Explorer at work; because the system is only compatible with IE in the middle of 2020. In my house at least, Safari.

    3.    Marty said

      Where is the homophobia? I think rather that the radical is you. Let others have their likes and opinions. Mr Eich has the right to have his freedom to decide and express his opinion respected. And the blog has limited itself to narrating facts, it does not defend a person per se, it defends the browser.

    4.    01101001b said

      Another one who does not tolerate that they do not celebrate him as wonders any gay jerk.

      A lot of yelling "homophobic" at others when the guy himself is a "heterophobic."


  4.   Guille said

    I am against homosexual civil marriage, just as I am against heterosexual civil marriage, because the State should not know whether or not someone is married, living together or separated. The objective of the State "knowing" if you live with someone is an intrusion on privacy, and giving you more or less tax advantages for it is clearly an extortion to do one thing or another. Another thing is that there are minors or dependents in charge of parents, children, guardians, caregivers, ...? In that case, the only thing that the State should have pointed out is who each person in need of support depends on in order to give those tax advantages and legal obligations to those who have to take care of them. Any data such as sex, skin color, religion, marital status, etc. should be removed. that are not the responsibility of the State.
    Another thing, it is not that Chrome took over the market because of Firefox's neglect, no, Firefox took over the market because of MS IE's neglect, but Chrome took over the market because it has most of the systems (mobile phones ) and because it was the first to have its entire office suite in the cloud, which, in the style of the operating system, can have extra functionalities and advantages when viewed from your Chrome browser.

    1.    Claudia said


  5.   alberto666 said

    this is a world of needs and nothing is totally perfect what is perfect for you maybe we are good for me i on my pc i have several browsers opera firefox seamonkey maxthon and you will measure because unless google there is no perfect technology or program if i dont know They could disassemble for repair or improve so Brave is an excellent browser with a new way of browsing for me, each browser is excellent, I enjoy its browsing characteristics, they are not perfect, I know that and that makes them more fun but you can customize them with your application that you like the most and you will see how excellent it becomes