If Windows couldn't be hacked, 40% of users would use Linux

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If Windows couldn't be hacked, Linux would have almost 40% of the market share in desktops. This reflects a recent study by the University of Oslo

A recent study by the University of Oslo has shown that the share of desktop Linux users it would go from 2 to 40% if there were no piracy in Microsoft Windows. You have the original link of the study in this link which you can see if you know English.

This study shows what many of us suspected, that piracy, something Windows has struggled against for years, it really benefits them, because thanks to the fact that you can get this operating system for free, fewer people use Linux.

If you look closely and have used Microsoft's system for years, you may realize that it doesn't really matter that much to have an original version of the operating system or a pirated version, since using pirate triggers like Kmspico and by downloading the updates you want manually, you can have an identical license to the original in almost everything.

The bad news is that there are still many users who are afraid of change, who prefer to continue using pirated Windows to try a Free, legal and free Linux operating system. Although it is true that operating systems like Linux Mint have done a great job in terms of familiarity and adaptation to the new user, there are still people who are scared to switch to Linux.

In addition, today Microsoft's policy has changed, which They have gone from charging you 100 euros for a Windows XP to giving you a Windows 10, something that happens even if your copy of a W7 or W8 is pirated. However, as we saw in this article about Windows 10, everything has a price and many users who appreciate their privacy do not want to upgrade to Windows 10, preferring a pirated version of it

In my opinion, you should start teaching people to use and appreciate Linux, because even if a pirated Windows replaces the original quite well, it is always risky to have an unsupported system, something that does not happen with Linux, in which you will always have free support.


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  1.   Carlos Senero said

    Only 40%?

  2.   NarM said

    Already. And if my grandmother had wheels it would have been a bicycle and my grandfather would have saved a lot of money on subway tickets. If windows could not be hacked, each one would keep the windows that came pre-installed on the computer they bought. Microsoft would lower prices to almost free or free at all. Microsoft's biggest revenue comes from pre-installed windows and the universe around its OS. The rest is speculating on hypothetical parallel universes. And if the handsome and rich died, I would have better luck with women ... sure ... as if I were watching it ... well ...

    1.    azpe said

      The thing about the pre-installed Windows is true… People think it is free, without realizing that the price of the computer would be cheaper if it did not have the Windows license. Now Microsoft has changed its policy, the other day I installed a pirated Windows 7 on a laptop that I acquired and without having pirated or activated it, Windows is offering me to switch to Windows 10 for free, on a pirated Windows.
      It seems that more money is made selling data than with licenses.


  3.   mircocaloghero said

    »Piracy, something Windows has fought for years»
    Does it look like Microsoft will fight piracy of its own OS? All they care about is making deals for entire teams to get away with their system, but afterwards I never felt any real action against piracy.
    Perhaps it was not said there. " I prefer that they have pirate win to that they have another OS »?

    "The bad news is that there are still many users who are afraid of change"
    Users afraid of change? will not be users not interested in the change?
    If they are comfortable with their original or pirated OS, why would they be afraid? They should be afraid of closed systems vulnerabilities, or unsupported in case they are pirates, but they are not afraid of that.
    You are not interested in linux until you are fed up with win, but as long as they feel comfortable they will not be interested in linux

    "Teach people to use and appreciate Linux"
    Teach to appreciate linux?

    1.    azpe said

      Yes they are afraid of the new friend. I see people complaining about how bad Windows is, that it crashes, that it is expensive and yet they don't jump with excuses like "I don't know how to use Linux", "that's very difficult", "better known bad … ».
      And I say it to appreciate Linux because really free software is something very great, something that we have for free thanks to the altruism of many people. In my opinion, all of this should be appreciated and valued in the most appropriate way possible.

  4.   JUAN said

    I believe in my humble opinion that people stay for windows because there is more advertising and programs specific to the environment of that OS. Most of them stay with windows and not with linux, not because they don't know it, but because of the fear that this leap gives, people in general go to the easiest and what they know. To be fair it must also be said that all OS have their strengths and weaknesses. I think it is best to diversify and take advantage of the strengths that both Windows and Linux have.

    1.    azpe said

      Better known bad ... That's what people say. I use both (Windows almost always to play games), but I am more of Linux obviously.

  5.   Leonard Mora said

    fatan games + and more mmorpg for linux

  6.   g said

    azpe according to which free applications exceed the proprietary versions in windows at least tell me 5 and why thanks

  7.   ventroyx said

    Ways to expand the use of Linux, find niches, the rest will eventually. Deepening the relationship with Steam and the quick release of the Linux-based Steam OS and offer linux in government and business systems. The rest will come in time.

  8.   Morgan trimax said

    I doubt it a lot, a hacked win is equal to one validated with the existing tools on the network, now well and in my case I bought win 10 licenses at 10 euros from legal places and the licenses are legal and recognized by mocosof if gnu has failed on the desktop it is, in my view, the demacia offer of OS that are folks of folks of folks the impossibility of running a windows program at 100, the excessive use of the terminal (and that in many places there are the necessary commands but they rarely work) and as you can see in YT there is now a distro that is an exact copy of windows with its cuts, of course, but why do we want a windows folk if we want to experience something new, when understand that you no longer have to program new distributions and if greater numbers of applications equal to or greater than those of win then only then will the GNU quota increase on the desktop