HP Specter + GNU / Linux: the laptop of your dreams

HP Specter

ASUS, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, ... there are many firms that mount portable computers. But among all of them there is one that stands out, and that is Apple. Like it or not, the firm from the block creates quality equipment and above all with an impeccable design. It makes me angry that the rest of the manufacturers do not move a single finger to compete with the Macs, since putting a little more effort in their products to improve the materials and also to offer a somewhat more attractive design is not something that is alone within reach of the Cupertino company.

What would it cost Acer, Dell or any other manufacturer to use a polymer or other type of material of a different color to the classic gray that we see in most laptops? Well, the truth is that there are already certain models in which they strive for design and quality, such as in the ASUS Zenbook or also now we see the fantastic HP Specter. Without a doubt, these ultrabooks are of very good quality and the design is quite well achieved in both cases.

In the case of the HP Specter, we see a quality product, with an impeccable design and they have become the finest laptops in the world. It is true that they cost more than 1000 €, but Apple equipment you will also find for prices higher than this. Unfortunately, these computers come with a pre-installed Windows operating system, so those of us who do not like Microsoft's operating system are forced to pay the full price (which includes the Windows license) and then remove it ...

But it is definitely worth buying an ASUS Zenbook or an HP Specter and having a quality equipment with our preferred Linux distribution. The combination of quality, design and mobility such as those offered by these products together with a good operating system makes them excellent work or home computers that have nothing to envy the best Macs. Don't you think? The only thing I'm trying to say with this article is that you can have a quality team with a decent design without wearing the Manzanita logo ...

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  1.   Fabian said

    It is clear that you have never had "Alienwere" belonging to Dell, and I can say it with complete security far above Apple's Macbooks, you have to investigate well, and fall into the game of consumerism and brands, because you end up allegory to certain products that I do not claim are good, but the only fact that they come with better components and their own operating system which by the way is only for people who do not understand, for example my grandmother, who handles Macintosh very well.

    1.    Isaac PE said

      I know the Alienware perfectly, their hardware is very powerful ... but in design they are quite poor. They have a design aimed at users who like gaming or who are into modding. But they are certainly not elegant.
      And as for investigating and not falling into consumerism ... that comment is funny. Since we have not received anything from HP for the post and I do not have an HP, since I currently have ASUSs. So before pointing, you should think about who your finger is pointing at.

  2.   nacho hrm said

    It is like that, in fact I have always used high-end laptops and with GNU / Linux. And by the way, better than the Specter range is the HP Elite, whose finishes are just as good but also carries military certifications that make it super resistant. And very easy to disassemble and expand.

    The problem is when the kernel does not support all the hardware of the computer well. For example with the HP Elitebook 1020 the touchpad did not detect me multitouch, and that made it go back to a decade ago when it worked without a mouse. Right now I am with an Elitebook 1040 and delighted.

    1.    Isaac PE said


      Of course. You are right about the Elite. But I'm talking about design and I honestly prefer the one in the article or even the Zenbooks.


  3.   Juan said

    Asus has the best ultrabooks on the market that DO compete with apples for many years, in my opinion of course.

    I have the Asus ZenBook UX21 ultrabook with 5 years of life already, running with Ubuntu 16.04, battery still at more than 80% and it is the fucking envy wherever I take it, I already speak from my own experience because being in coffee shops they have stopped me / Asked for him and when they see the theme, working, etc more than one is cool.

    To top I have it with MacBuntu theme, ale! envies fans apples.

    1.    leonardo ramirez said

      How lucky you are to be able to take your gear to the cafeteria. In my country, no crazy person would do something like that.

  4.   Sergio Uribe said

    In system76 they have long made fantastic computers, fully configurable, that cost a third or half of a computer with the same characteristics other Windows https://system76.com/laptops/galago

  5.   sdada said

    Y? This note is disrespectful to the one who reads it. What did they want to write? Has no sense.
    They did not even put technical specifications of the equipment, not even in comparison to the Zenbooks or something similar.
    Filler article without a doubt.

  6.   Firulais said

    Slimbook also makes ultraportables but specifically built to work well with Linux. Although paying 700 parrots for an “ultra” laptop with less power than a normal 450 laptop still seems like a scam to me. But there each one, as if they want to pay 1.500 for a MacBook

  7.   Daniel Uruena said

    I worked for years repairing equipment of all brands and I can assure you with complete certainty that apple products are the worst quality on the market, materials so weak that it is noticeable that they take more care in the tightness than in the durability and quality of manufacture They are literally the perfect example of programmed obsolescence ... Regarding the design issue, I think it is not possible to say anything because, for example, I translate that word "clean" into simpleton, it is too basic, for me a trunk has more design freshly cut, I like designs that express something, colors, shapes, textures, designs that make you experience something new and different, however I understand that others find it "beautiful".

  8.   Knarf said

    Thinkpad, is all I have to say.