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WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging servicesto mobile, now owned by Facebook, most popular in recent times. Millions of users around the world use it compared to other competitors such as Telegram, which despite being an excellent alternative, does not seem to have penetrated the collective like this famous app for mobile devices. However, there is also an option to run WhatsApp beyond your smartphone.

WhatsApp Web is an online service that allows you to use the application from any operating system from the browser. If you want to write more comfortably from the keyboard of your computer or you simply do not have your mobile device and want to use this application, from your favorite browser you can now use it in a simple way. In this article we explain how to do it step by step, so you don't miss any details.

The first thing you should know is that WhatsApp Web is an extension of the account you have on your phone, that is, the messages you send or receive, both on your computer and on your mobile device, will be synchronized. Therefore, they are not two different accounts. You should know that if you take an action on WhatsApp Web, it will affect WhatsApp and vice versa. Once this is known, we will explain what the requirements are and how we can start using this service in our Linux distro.

In order to use WhatsApp Web you need a series of requirements, such as having a mobile with the Android operating system, iOS 8.1 or higher, Windows Phone 8.0 or higher, Nokia S60, Nokia S40, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. Of course, it goes without saying, to use WhatsApp Web, you must have an account of Active WhatsApp and an Internet connection. Regarding the browser requirements, you need to have an updated version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Whastapp Web QR Code

Once you make sure that you meet all those requirements, we are going to explain step by step how we can use Whastapp Web so that they are in contact with your loved ones even from your desktop computer:

  • The first place is access the web from your browser de whatsapp website that we offer you in this link.
  • Once inside, take your smartphone and open the Whastapp app. This may vary depending on the operating system you use, but you will well know how to do it since you will have done it thousands of times ...
  • Inside Whastapp go to the menu, you know, the icon of three dots that appears in the upper right part of the main screen.
  • There you will see that there is a option called WhatsApp Web, click on it.
  • A utility opens to scan the QR code, which also tells you how to scan it properly aligning the sensor of your camera correctly. Press "OK, I understand" when you are clear.
  • Now scan the QR code that appears on the Whastapp Web from your mobile phone. You will see a line that goes up and down scanning, when it is finished the screen will disappear and you will return to the initial screen of Whastapp, do not panic, it has been a success.
  • If you look at the web of your browser nowYou will see that the Whastapp Web screen appears ready to use, with your contacts on the left where you can click to continue the saved conversation from where you left off. You can see that they are updated with everything: text, images, emoticons, ...

By the way, one more detail, as indicated from the Whastapp Web page, dYou must use a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device when you are using Whastapp Web. That is, connect your smartphone to the same network that your desktop computer is connected to so as not to waste your data rate with synchronizations, etc.

Whastapp app menu

And now you wonder what happens if you close the web and want to continue at another time. Well, I have been able to observe that if you do not close the browser, you will only have to go to the Whastapp Web website and the communications interface will appear again, without having to repeat the steps and scan the QR code. If you have multiple computers or multiple browsers, you can have multiple sessions at the same time. In fact, if you go to the Whastapp app on your mobile, in the menu and Whastapp Web, you will see that all open sessions appear and that from there you can close whenever you want.

I finish with one more notes, I have tried clear cache, history and cookies in the browser and the session is lost. Likewise, if you have configured your browser so that this data is deleted every time you close it, the session will be lost. Something recommended for security reasons. To reopen it, just repeat the steps that we indicate ...

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  1.   masked whatsapp said

    Wow, they have discovered the garlic soup xD That people have been using whatsapp web on linux for more than half a year!

  2.   mmmmmm said

    I thought it was connecting from the OS, but this is something typical of browsers and WhatsApp, nothing new.

  3.   Alexander said

    My hatred for Linux is already known but I'm here to see if one of their fanboy can help me is that I want to try shakra os and the live does not start I did everything right and well, I can not initial

    1.    Jose e. gentleman said

      If it starts to boot and the screen stays black, it is because you have video driver compatibility problems that happens with some amd cards on the start screen and selection of linux boot option, choose advanced options and look for where the word splash says delete it and type nomoprobe and go back and start and see how well it will work.

  4.   Alexander said

    by the way whatsap web is an insult a barbarism I would not bother to try that nonsense
    that they have a native desktop whatsap and there is no infamy that is whatsatp web

    1.    jony127 said

      I also agree that it works fatal, I often get a message after being connected to wasap web telling me that the connection with the mobile phone has been lost and that the Wi-Fi signal is perfect.

  5.   juanito_26 said

    A while ago there has been an unofficial whatsapp web app called whatsapp for desktop and one for facebook messenger.

  6.   Ruisu cordova said

    It is a can watsap web and a watsap load in general I do not know how telegram does not take off in the masses, it is easy to adapt in any environment it can be in multiple devices at the same time and has multiple advantages

  7.   jony127 said

    It is simple, as the saying goes, he who strikes first strikes twice. Wasap was the first to take off and it is the one that everyone began to use, so Telegram is in the background even if it is better. Sure all the people you know have wasap but they don't have telegram, that's the problem.

  8.   leonardo said

    And to think that I unsubscribed from WhatsApp and deleted it from my mobile. It's that I get tired of seeing all day that you talk to someone in real life and they are only in their crystal world and they forget the humane treatment.

  9.   Arthur Mtz said

    How can I prevent someone else from having access to my information? is it a way to check my data?

  10.   Lorena Sánchez said

    How can I get a history of the times that I have been connected by webwhatsapp?

  11.   Josias Serrano said

    It seems to me that the WhatsApp Web address that is given as a reference has a small but significant error, the address is

    1.    pablinux said

      Hello, Josias. Thanks for the warning. The web was fine, but the article is from when WhatsApp Web came out and the error was because it detected “http” as insecure. We have updated the article (with "https") and it works.

      A greeting.

  12.   luis enrique said

    on my mobile it appears that someone has connected to my whatsapp account through linux, and I have neither watsapp-web nor linux on my pc, does anyone know if they are jaking me? what can i do?

    1.    pablinux said

      Hello, Luis Enrique. If what you say is happening to you, the only thing that occurs to me is that either you or someone else has connected to WhatsApp Web on a Linux computer and you have forgotten. Well, it also occurs to me that you also have it connected to a watch app, which is usually a version of WhatsApp Web but designed for smart watches.

      Whatever the case, you can disconnect from WhatsApp Web from the phone, from Settings / WhatsApp Web / Close all sessions (or only the ones you want). From what you say, you do not remember ever using it, so it is worth doing this and forgetting about the problem.

      A greeting.