How to play Naddando on Linux. A new Spanish game for the C 64

How to play Naddando on Linux

The Commodore 64 is a mythical computer from the 80s. With him, some notable personalities from the open source world such as the author of this post and a certain Linus Torvalds got their start in computing. Although its production ended with the 80s, it is still alive in the form of various software projects that emulates it.. In addition, periodically a hardware project comes out that wants to resuscitate it.

Such is the fanaticism that the Commodore 64 generated in those of us who knew it, that Not only are there websites that allow you to download classic games, but there are those who continue to create new ones. This is the case of the person responsible for the portal Commodore UK qwho has just presented a new title called Swimming

.It is a reinvention of Commando, a classic first-person shooter title in which it was necessary to try to kill every enemy who came within range to rescue our fellow prisoners.

En Swimming you will have to rescue your fellow prisoners in a base located on the bank of a river. To find them you will have to walk the river through its different channels, throughout the day. As you do so, you must circumvent the enemy troops and their controls.

To try, You have three lives (and I assure you that you will need them) and you can get objects that will allow you to get some extras. But, there will also be traps set by the enemy.

The action, as we said, takes place at different times of the day.

  • Phase 1: The canal (Time of day: Morning - blue sky)
  • Phase 2: The river (Time of day: Afternoon - red sky)
  • Bonus phase: Regain strength (Time of day: Night - black sky)
  • Phase 3: The base (Time of day: Sunrise - yellow sky)

Keep in mind that This game was developed with technology in mind from 40 years ago. Therefore, the graphics and the loading speed of the different stages will not be the same as what we are used to. Nevertheless, in addiction he has nothing to envy to today's games.

Technical sheet

Degree: Swimming
Development and programming: Commodore UK
Music screen title: Commodore Spain (Time to swim)
Title screen image: Commodore Spain / Almighty God
Loading music: Narcisound (Swimming)
Music credits: Narcisound (Shadows *) (Only in .d64 version)
Gender: First person shooting
Engine: seuck

Download links

Floppy version

Cassette version


How to play Naddando on Linux

In the software repositories of the different Linux distributions there are several emulators that we can download. Some of them are

  • Vice: Emulator of various models of Commodore equipment. Can be downloaded from the Snap and FlatPak store
  • Z64K: A emulador for Commodore VIC 20, 64, 128 and Atari written in Java.
  • MAME: Emulator of different hardware models of the past. It is in the repositories

How to use VICE to test Naddando

Of all the emulators on the list, VICE is listed as the favorite among Commodorians. We can install it from the repositories of the main distributions or with the following commands

Snap format

sudo snap install vice-jz

FlatPak format

flatpak install flathub net.sf.VICE

Starting the game

  1. Once the program is installed, find the launcher for the Commodore 64 version. You will see the classic Commodore 64 home screen
  2. In the lower right part of the window you will see the word Joystick and two crosses, click on it and then on Configure Joystick.
  3. In Joystick # 1 and Userport Joystick # 1 select Numpad.
  4. With the keys from 1 to 9 you control the movement and with the 0 you will make the shots.
  5. Download the disc or cassette version from the links above.
  6. Go to the Files menu and as appropriate select Attach disk image (choose any of the drives) or Attach tape image. Find the directory where the downloaded file is and click on it.
  7. When the game's initial screen appears, press the 0 key to start it.

I want to end by congratulating Commodore Spain and those who collaborated with him for the excellent work. Spain was known to be a leader in the development of software for home computers and its technology magazines were of a quality comparable to those of the United States. No doubt, Naddando would not have been out of tune at the time.

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