How to install the Atom code editor on Linux?


Atom is an open source source code editor for macOS, Linux, and Windows with support for plug-ins written in Node.js and built-in Git version control, developed by GitHub. Atom is a desktop application built using web technologies.

In terms of appearance and functions, Atom is based on quite a few features to the Sublime Text editor which is a very popular but closed source text editor that is preferred by programmers. In fact, Atom is not the only text editor that is inspired by Sublime Text.

Between the main features of the editor we can highlight:

  • The ability to modify your user interface with CSS and the ability to add new features with HTML or Javascript
  • Node.js integration
  • Cross-platform support: Windows, Linux and OS X.
  • A built-in package manager
  • Smart autocomplete
  • Split Atom interface on multiple panels
  • File system browser
  • Find and replace
  • Support Topics

Atom is based on Electron and is written in CoffeeScript and Less, Atom can also be used as an integrated development environment (IDE).

Between the programming languages ​​that Atom supports Using default plugins, we find the languages ​​compatible: HTML, CSS, LESS, Sass, Markdown, C / C ++, C #, Go, Java, Target-C, Javascript, JSON, CoffeeScript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Shell Script, Clojure, Perl, Git, Make, Property List (Apple), TOML, XML, YAML, Mustache, Julia & SQL.

How to install Atom on Linux?

Due to the great popularity the editor has gained in the Linux community the editor can be found within the repositories of some distributions, although not in all.

So to install it in our system we may have to add some extra repositories.

Atom text editor

For the case of Ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives we can install Atom with the support of a repository for it we must open a terminal and execute the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/atom

Now we proceed to update the repositories:

sudo apt-get update

And finally we install with:

sudo apt install atom

For the case of Debian we must download el next deb package to install it with the following command:

sudo dpkg -i atom-amd64.deb

While to install Atom on Fedora 28, openSUSE, CentOS and derivatives or any distribution with support for rpm packages, we must download the rpm package de this link.

And the we install with the following command:

sudo rpm -i atom.x86_64.rpm

In the case of Arch Linux, Manjaro and derivatives we can install the application from the official Arch repositories with the following command:

sudo pacman -S atom

For the rest of the distributions if we want to install the editor we must download the source code of this and compile it in the system, we download it from this link.

Also cWe have the possibility of being able to install the editor with the help of Flatpak We only have to have the support for this technology in our system.

To do this simply we execute the following command to install it from Flatpak:

flatpak install flathub io.atom.Atom

Done the installation if Atom is not found within our application menu, To be able to execute it, they must type the following command in the terminal:

flatpak run io.atom.Atom

And that's it, we can start using this great, highly customizable code editor in our system.

I must emphasize that this editor is configured in English by default so if we want to use it in Spanish we must do the following.

How to put Atom in Spanish?

We have the possibility of being able to put the Atom editor in the Spanish language for those who find it more comfortable to work with him.

For this we must go to Packages -> Settings View y select option "Install Packages / themes".

Been there let's look for the package atom-i18n y we will install it.

Done the installation now we are going to go to the menu in "Settings" and there we change the language From English to Spanish, done that now we will close the editor for the changes to take effect and we will open it again to see that the editor is already in Spanish.

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