Install Chrome on Linux

Would you like install chrome on linux? Google Chrome is definitely one of the most popular web browsers in the world no matter who likes it. Debian is also a great Linux distribution and one of the pioneers in this world of free software.

For this couple of things, both the Google Chrome browser and the Debian distribution they are used a lot(Although many of us prefer other browsers such as Chromium, Opera, Firefox ...).

For all this, today I bring you a something different item what we are used to, since instead of news I bring you a small tutorial, to be able to install Google Chrome in Debian through the command line.

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Steps to follow to install Chrome on Linux

Install Chrome on Linux

  1. We open the terminal of Debian.
  2. Let's download Google Chrome package first directly from, for this we type the following command:
    1. It tienes 32 bit:

      wget -c -O chrome32.deb
    2. If instead, you use 64 bit:

      wget -c -O chrome64.deb
  3. Now let's unzip the package that we just downloaded, for this we type the following command if you have 32 bits(If you have 64 bits you will have to change Chrome32 to Chrome64 and it would be the same:

    sudo dpkg -i chrome32.deb

The truth is that it is a fairly simple task and the browser that we have downloaded has been tested and works perfectly. In case there is a problem, I have prepared a video which you can see at the top of this article, in which I personally enter these commands in a Debian virtual machine and check that it works correctly.

This method also works with GNU / Linux distributions based on Debian, such as the famous Ubuntu and therefore Ubuntu-based ones too. In other distributions the commands to download, unzip and install Chrome and other packages vary depending on the distribution, but the rationale is the same.

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  1.   Javier V.G. said

    I know it is not the right place, but let's see if you find out what the administrator password is when you install SteamOS because I wanted to install just chrome and I couldn't because of that :(

    1.    azpe said

      Try the generic ones like root, toor, 1234 ... to see if you are lucky.

  2.   Jimmy olano said

    In the "wget" command, the output file option "output" is the lowercase letter "o", although it can be dispensed with by pressing "dpkg goo" + TAB so that the shell completes the full package name .deb

  3.   Wine said

    The 32-bit command comes out with "permission denied". What could it be? Thanks in advance for your time

  4.   Charles Albert said

    When I put this command in Terminal
    wget -c -Or chrome32.deb
    it tells me that it does not recognize HTTP error

  5.   David said

    I get
    dpkg: dependency issues prevent google-chrome-stable from setting:
    google-chrome-stable depends on libappindicator1; However:
    The package `libappindicator1 ′ is not installed.
    should i install that package? If so, how do I do it? Thanks

  6.   Andrew J. said

    In the step of putting «sudo dpkg -i chrome32.deb» it gives me this message «bash: sudo: the command was not found», what can I do? Thanks.

    1.    JesusC said

      Friend, you don't have the "sudo" package installed put: apt-get install sudo or else enter the synaptic package manager and download it from there

  7.   ficher said

    I tested it on Debian 9 64-bit and it works perfectly.

  8.   Technological Venezuela said

    Once the package is 100% downloaded, it throws me this message: The architecture of the package (amd64) does not correspond to that of the system (i386)
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    chrome64.deb What can I do?

  9.   jose said

    i386 indicates it has 64 bit, so you need to choose 32bit or 64bit to install google chrome

  10.   Fabian said

    Hello, very good contribution, but to date, the request gives error 404 not found ...

  11.   sarha said

    Hello, I also get a 404 error, please, who can advise with this? Thanks

  12.   CyberSec777 said

    it worked great for me on kodachi bro just change x64 and voila based on ubuntu debian

  13.   vanessa said


    I'm totally new to Linux and I don't know how to download chrome. Where are you writing that?
    thank you very much

    1.    Diego German Gonzalez said

      Hello Vanesa
      download it from here
      And install by double clicking

  14.   David said

    I installed it and it looks horrible. How do I get it out? : '(

  15.   campa said


  16.   Edgar said

    Thank you for your contribution, it helped me to update chrome.