How about a cyber café with Linux?

It took a long time for me to have an Internet connection at home and for years my only approach to the Internet (although I always liked it a lot and it was useful to me) was either school or the cybercafé.

A cyber

Curiously, and despite the fact that Internet penetration is massive today, cybercafes far from dying, multiply, now serve the function (on their own scale) of public telephones. But those of us who frequented these places in the past, in the past and now, know that they have things that bother us and that we would not suffer at home.

Sometimes it happens to me that I go to a cyber, because I am on the street, although I use WAP a lot, it is not enough for what I have to do or it makes it very uncomfortable. I ask for a PC, I sit down and put the pendrive where I have the Firefox Portable that helps me to have all the sites that I frequent at hand. I start typing and I realize that it is slow, it doesn't matter which cyber I go to, it's Windows and I feel out of place, I do what I have to do, every once in a while I get an error, that depends on the maintenance level of the local, I hear someone who is about three seats away say: "Excuse me but this PC does not connect", I do not continue listening, I have to go, I take out my pendrive, pay and go.

Since I have Linux, I go into the home PC and immediately see the viruses on the device and delete them. If I hadn't had Linux the infection was safe. In the best of cases, the infection occurred in one out of every two visits to an internet café.

All this, I suppose, takes time, quality of life and in the long run money from the owners of these places.Why not use Linux and end the mess at once?

Linux internet cafe seems like a good idea, but it has a couple of problems:

The first of these problems is that it is clearly feared that new customers will be spooked by an unusable platform, which could be impossible to learn in an hour (and sometimes less). Imagining only this many would abandon the idea immediately, but why not camouflage Windows so that people do not feel surprised. If at first we try and people do not want to learn, it would be better to make them believe that Linux is Windows XP.

With the exception of the players (who I will talk about below), people come to do simple things on a cyber like go to the photoblog, check Facebook, chat on MSN and some with GTalk (the least) and surf. It also happens that people are received who have to print curricula or school assignments made with Word.

You do not have to be an expert to determine that all this can be done with Linux, with whatever distro. There are only a couple of things that can cause difficulty:

1.- Know how to access the pendrive and the local folder (the / home) where the files are downloaded or where the OpenOffice files are going to be saved.

2.- That the programs are objectively different, although they fulfill the same tasks.

But all that can be fixed:

1.- There are themes for Gnome and for KDE that perfectly resemble Windows XP (with the background Teletubby included) XPGnome It goes to the level of tricking the user by explicitly telling the user that they are still in Windows and making it easier to access the folders as we need. In the case of KDE the imitation I found is not at that level but KDE Looks has an alternative to make KDE look like Windows Vista.

2.- Choose the messaging client that we are going to use for each PC deserves special attention, it has to be as friendly as possible with whoever uses the original MSN. The aMSN It is the most similar to the original and with the aMSN2 project they are working to make it even better and faster.
Another case is that of Microsoft Word that while it is replaceable by OpenOffice, more than ever produces format exchange drawbacks that can annoy a customer. With cross over linux It would not even be necessary to go through that dilemma.

Manager software for Internet cafes with Linux there is also like CBM that has a version for Linux. Also exists Cyborg.

And what about the Gamers?

Before writing this article, I was arguing with Esty, she told me that everything I said was not worth it because Internet cafes are for Gamers y I started to cry I replied that Wine could make a difference.

And the famous Call of Duty, in its version 4, it works in Linux, the owner of the cyber, would simply have to make it start with Wine directly after following these steps to install it.

It is just an example, all the other games are a matter of googling "name of the game + Linux" how they are installed and simply run.

To finish, I show you the video of the cybercafé that could:

See also: CiberLinux the GNU / Linux distribution for cybercafes

The image belongs to shinyai who graciously gives it to LXA! everyone under Creative Commons

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  1.   Dark knox said

    Excuse me…. I am wandering one of the bloodiest ZIP 2 games to run on windows since Ubuntu is slow to play….

    That that the owners of cybergs do not even know how to format and install windows that is very simple to do ps I several times and used this ... x ahem I carried my pendrive and stole my porn videos, music, and that time I did not I got the gta cds and I stole it from hai, also when I needed ntdlr I went and stole it from the cyberg machine (and incidentally deleted it from them) when in more-two I started sending messages to all the PCs hehehehe I did not aucerod as it was done, it was very much.

    Also once I crack the admin login with the Cia Commander on a floppy disk and when I hiva lar and start it and restore the old password hehe

    I think that later, since I'm freaked out here with windows, I'm going to look for some ocsas and make an AIO to hack windows (steal the admin account, steal the connection, make the machine a http://FTP...)


  2.   shaggylish said

    Very good idea, really. Especially for showing a familiar appearance to the majority user (as much as it hurts: P)
    Another idea that I have seen in some cybers in Spain is to use deep freeze that it is software that 'freezes' the hard disk of the computer, losing any change in its restart. these changes could be configuration, downloaded files, anything is lost when restarting.
    Once I was testing, and it is good when you have to try to install many programs, and you do not want the registry to fill with garbage

  3.   Menthol said

    I think it is an excellent idea, since you would not have to be buying licenses for each machine, free software has many advantages but you could also put a note in each cubicle on how to access the home folder or put it on the desktop and tell it that it is the same as my documents, simple

  4.   kernel_panic said

    The reason why linux is not used in cybers is because many people who manage cybers do not manage them or anything ... they are simply a front-end: p

    3 cybers that I know well near my house, the 3 are exactly the same situation: it is a lady who does not have the slightest idea of ​​what she does beyond giving "clip" to things to give the internet and now: p, what is behind is one of those "technicians" whose panacea is the C: \ format. I am sure it is the common denominator.

    If what they know how to do is that, and for them it is much easier to format every month and install everything ... so that life is "complicated": p

    I think they don't care about giving a good service, but getting money and nothing else… although that practice seems silly to me because the better your service is, the more people will want to use it and the more money to obtain.

    That in the case that you manage your own cyber, in case it is one of those "front-end" cybers, who does maintenance on the PCs, it is convenient to call him every half hour to ask him to format them because they are full virus, and for nothing in the world are you going to give up that secure income.

    It is another of those cases where being mediocre pays more money than doing it the right way: p

  5.   rafael hernandez said

    We forget a very important thing, and that is that the one who risks money for a business is not us, but the owners of cyber. Having a Linux culture is not easy yet, which is why Windows is an option for most people.

    Another point to keep in mind is that the PC's of a cyber are used
    by many people, and each one destroys it to their liking. In our homes we pamper our computers, what we install and use. It is like a car rental company. If you rent (for example) a Mercedes or a BMW, after a while, these cars will be much more destroyed than our private car.

    Using Linux on a cyber is an interesting idea, although it requires a lot of time and effort to maintain. On the other hand, as a business, you must satisfy the needs of your customers. If most of these demand Windows, they will go to another cyber. I think the most convenient thing is to have, for example, 75% Windows and 25% Linux, and as you see how your clients are distributed, adapt the user quota.

  6.   Dark knox said

    If I think it's true, it's like an insult as good OS as Linux is to try to downgrade it to windows, of course all that as long as we don't talk about gammers, regarding them I remember reading about a special unattended win for gammers that almost didn't consume resources but it had everything very limited because it was focused on gammers.

    it is true that in linux there are good games…. but I miss GTA Vice City and I suppose that GTA IV will also come out only for windows and with that win I don't know that to imitate the apis and be able to play I don't know…. if that is imitated we would also be vulnerable to windows viruses, right? I prefer to have a dual boot when I have a decent machine with windows gammer and debian or another distro

  7.   Dark knox said

    I forgot, if anyone knows any GTA-type game for linux ... they already know who they have to tell ....

  8.   Apache said

    Linuxero fanatic….
    fool the user?
    that's unethical
    how little yours

    better your linux make it friendly, understandable, standard, each linux goes where it wants
    make kde not have so many crashes, and you are not so pedantic or superior, and then linux would have a chance for the end user ..

  9.   bachi.tux said

    Do not bother…

    Apache is a flamer!

  10.   zamuro57 said

    I find the idea of ​​linux excellent within cyber cafes and schools, libraries and others, it seems to me a very important step forward, for our friend the penguin,
    Of course this is a personal opinion with which I do not agree very much is with disguising it as windows, I do not know if due to the fact that I like to treat the systems by their name, in the aspect that I treat mac as mac a linux like linux and windows i don't even treat it hehe

    And I think that disguising them as something that in itself does not work, we do not make ourselves known rather we do good publicity for what that does not work in the case of people with little knowledge who see a pc with linux and ask, what windows is that?

    eye is a simple personal opinion nothing contrary to promoting the entry of linux in cyber

    but I am one of those who personally annoys me to see a linux with a mac or windows cover
    For me it is as great a disrespect as putting my grandfather's clothes on my grandmother and sitting him in a gallery

    but anyway, nowadays that is common they have a pc with linux they put a mac or windows cover on it and if they have an iphone they want to put linux on it
    or you have windows in your work by obligation and you put linux cover to feel comfortably cheated

    but that goes into the subject of between tastes and covers

    I hope the world recognizes us for who we are and what we offer and not for wanting to appear to be windows for the comfort of ill-accustomed eyes

    I hope not to bother with my comment :) long live the kutux-clan :)

    I don't know about you, I haven't seen my friend Nacho around here. Could it be that a "windows-clanero" kidnapped him? :)

  11.   gabriel said

    Good idea, I understand that there are some working with UTUTO in Tucuman or Jujuy. It surprises me that we confuse the aesthetics of the desktop with the operating system. Giving it an xp or mac look is not a hoax, it is a matter of taste if it is personal, it makes things easier for those who believe that the desktop is the operating system. I used machines in the press computing center of the 2005 world forum in Porto Alegre and I only realized that they were gnulinux because I began to spy that there were, the hundreds who used them those days had no difficulty.
    It is clear that it is only ignorance, if the owners of cyber knew that they would save money and maintenance work, they would not doubt it.
    It still seems more serious to me that the state continues to use m $

  12.   Alan Rodriguez said

    Puess ... that same idea I've been shuffling for a while, setting up a cybercafé with linux.

    Although due to people's ignorance and what Internet cafes use for (download music from fucking Ares), I think the most convenient thing is to have both OS on the cyber, but encourage the use of Linux among users.

  13.   kernel_panic said


    With the comment of the deep freeze you made me remember this article from another blog (very good, by the way)


    Fedoreando! again, congratulations

    @ Rafael Hernamperez

    I don't think it is a higher cost to use linux (not at all, much less maintenance), however, I totally agree with you on this:

    «If most of these demand Windows from you, they will go to another cyber. I think the most convenient thing is to have, for example, 75% Windows and 25% Linux, and as you see how your clients are distributed, adapt the user quota. »

  14.   f sources said

    @Alan Rodríguez: On Ares there are alternatives in Linux

    It occurs to me that following Rafael Hernamperez's idea we could put those PCs with Windows and Linux, charging cheaper to use the PC with Linux. Thus there would be a tangible incentive to use it.

  15.   bachi.tux said

    Games are the ones that need to make the move to Linux. The rest of the free software is already prepared for the basic functionalities of a cyber-cafe.

    Definitely, when the games are adapted to Linux, this is going to be an excellent 100% efficient alternative for a cyber-cafe.

  16.   Caesar Salad said

    I do not see the difference or difficulty in the use of windows or linux for the standard user. Moving the mouse, double clicking, using a word processor, msn, surfing the internet, etc., is just as simple on windows and linux. Remember that the logic of a PC is always the same, the orders are linear and logical.

    I want to see linux in cyber, companies and the public sector !!

  17.   kernel_panic said

    @ Cease

    The fact that it is no longer called "Outlook Express" but "Mozilla Thunderbird" or instead of "Microsoft Word" is called "Open Office Writer" is reason more than enough for users to call out the names of satan in the various languages ​​they know : p

    I know it because I have lived it firsthand (T_T) and from the experience of several friends who have tried to implement gnu / linux in the pcs of their respective families (being a case even the only OS available!: D)


    The theme of games is getting a little better every time: D

    Valve confirmed its NATIVE client for steam for linux: D

    @ everybody
    I suggest that cybers install the XP theme, change the names of all applications, as described above (OO Writer-> M $ Word, OO Impress-> M $ PowerPoint, aMSN-> MSN Messenger), Urban Terror is installed and advertised as Counter-Strike, and just to guarantee the ILLUSION of using windows, that the pc every half hour of a blue screen of death !!!!! : D: D: D: D

    alternate illusion: every 10 minutes a warning appears saying "virus detected, click here to clean"

    What do you think of my idea? :)

  18.   Paul said

    It's a good way to try to do it. The truth is that I love to see that there are several cyber who have this type of thing. But it is true in some things that are said. Do not fool anyone that it is not linux. It's linux, whether or not you like one problem. People are usually afraid of all. But it is a matter of getting rid of that fear and seeing and trying. Nobody is going to come with lawyers to see if you have to pay a license. Because they do that in business cases. But it is true that it is worth seeing that there is a better option,

  19.   Snead said

    I hate that they compare windows with linux .. I think that if you want to play, just use windows, and if you want to use linux, use the real linux, it does not look like shit from microsoft .. there are free games made for any linux, If you like them well and if you don't use windows and nothing else .. that's why I think if you dedicate yourself to a cyber, you will have to sell windows, but always showing the possibility of linux, it is good but complete linux ..

  20.   josyla25 said

    Well, that seems like a good idea to me since Linux is more stable than Windows and since most use Windows, it would never get used to Linux, but hey, I'm a cyber administrator and I think it's a good idea since Windows gives many problems and runs too much slow

  21.   ggam30 said

    Hello If it works .. we have 2 cyber ... one 90% ubuntu, and the other 40% ubuntu .. and people get used to it .. I don't like that of "simulating" a Windows ... with that we are still imprisoned to the same thing .. there what to tell customers with all their letters ... THIS IS LINUX man ... and take the system to your home if you wish (iso image on desktop) ... of retreaded ubuntu ... obviously you have to buy me the DVD that if .. :) ..

    a hug to everyone and let's continue promoting the free SW (although I have Ubuntu with a third owner but all legal).

  22.   mrbygg said

    This seems excellent to me. As the camera guy said, who pays for 20 or 30 Windows licenses? Nobody, but it is easier to be illegal than free.
    For now I'm about to try with my old man in a virtual machine, to see what happens with Unbuntu, but I'm sure I'm going to migrate to free hehe

  23.   alband said

    The truth is that 30% of the people who go to cyber understand little or nothing, if you teach them mozilla, skype and amsn they would already have to march on wheels! and to write any text editor will serve you. or in this case the OO3.
    It is not necessary to camouflage the system, it is already friendly and very easy to use, you just have to stop reasoning as a robot and open your mind.

  24.   fernando said

    WOW Dark Knox !!! you are a hacker !!! go to study salami, at least learn to write before….

    As for cyber, my old woman uses Linux and she already likes it more than Windows… It's just trying it, I've only used Linux for years.


  25.   Krist said

    CBM does not have an official version for linux, it only has a version for windows and they tell you that you must run it with wine so that would slow down the ekipo, and cyborg because it is very complex to install for novice users who want to mount a cyber with linux so they should Read and test a bit when making comments, however I am already working on the development of a native cybercafé control tool for Linux. I am developing it with gambas2. If anyone wants to collaborate, write to me.

  26.   cyber Reyna`s said

    I wanted to put one but there is not much technical support or rather, there is a lack of drivers for some PCs and it is in Chinese allar the drivers that it does not have in the linux os, it is special if I put it in a PC of mine but I do not find some audio drivers, video, etc, so I chose to put with microsoft operating system, something uncomfortable but working with all the drivers for the different PCs that I have in the cyber

  27.   jortecus said

    For LAN FPS are generally played, Urban Terror is a great option, it is also free and free so you do not have to pay anything [they are based on advertising on your page, I think], WoW also runs well, the one that torments me is the warcraft with garena, garena of wednesday

  28.   ardalus said

    I believe that it is not necessary to deceive the user, indeed, it is a low and vile practice.

    Linux should be used for convenience, it attracts me to give new life to my old PCs, for me that is the advantage of linux.

    The issue of viruses and maintenance is the least of it, a well-updated windows pc with a good antivirus does not give problems. Of course, all equipment that is used frequently requires maintenance, that will not end when using linux, however, the difference is in knowing how to give that maintenance to the pc. A pc fails due to lack of maintenance, that's all.

    Now, Linux is free, Windows is paid, but if you use licenses from old versions, it is almost free. I use windows xp, it is very cheap at the moment and it goes perfectly with old and new equipment. THE difference of not paying anything in linux, and paying a little with windows xp is almost nil, the truth is I prefer to pay in order to give my clients the product they are looking for, instead of cheating them in order to save a few pesos.

    And that is, Linux is supported under the economic pretext, but you have to be very elbow to go with that incentive. You have to invest in cyber, like it or not, not because it is an ostentatious expense, but because our clients are worth that investment.

    I mean, I pay for my premises, appliances and personal expenses, and even so I have excess profits to invest in the premises. Isn't it a good idea to invest a little of that money in our clients? Can't one pay them a windows or office license to use their files without the need for any additional act?

    MMM…. I like linux, but for my old computers, to learn about operating systems and learn more about computers, and to play for a while to experiment with my pc hehe. Outside of that, I don't see any real advantages compared to windows.

    A cyber with linux is fine, to spread this system, but not because it is better than windows, which is not. Knowing how to handle both systems you will not have problems, neither with viruses in Windows, nor with games and other programs in Linux.


  29.   Doc Brown said

    Excellent contribution ardalus.

    Thanks for your comment!

  30.   Erick said

    Well, I tell you that I have already been 6 years old with 2 Cyber ​​Cafes running, one of them is close to a Superior Technological and in that I have 10 PCs for clients, of those machines 7 have Linux Ubuntu 10.04, and the other 3 have Windows 7 Professional, in this case the Linux computers are with a native Linux desktop, the fact is that most of my users are students of that Technological and are delighted with the service, because in all the time that I have been with Linux, they have never complained that the equipment is encouraged, the machines are locked, that they cannot download such a thing, that they cannot open this, etc ... On the other hand, the other machines I have many problems and complaints, although I cannot get rid of them by some users and applications.
    This is a sample that if you can offer a quality service with Linux.
    In my other location, I have all my computers with Linux Ubuntu 10.04 and I have no complaints from users, and both my regulars and new customers like me, and when they need to know where things are I only help them from my Control team using the VNC, and they are happy, because I do not have a virus, although it is true that average users only search the Internet and within this they need to use Facebook, YouTube, download music, Messenger, email and simple things.

    As for the office suite, I have and it works great for me, almost all my clients use it, I also installed the cross-over to do an Office 2007 installation for those who cannot live without it.

    In short, I have had more profits since I use Linux than before, because people complain less and work more comfortably.


  31.   MAVERICK (COLOMBIA) said

    Since we got into this topic that only format c I do not think I am a technician with 10 years of experience and that is not my policy personally I like to leave the computers that I repair very well arranged so as not to have that problem of coming every day and every time to look at why that or that, now linux I do not discuss with anyone that it is the best operating system in the world but we must bear in mind that it is the minute details that make the difference, for example the messenger interface is very beautiful that is what It makes windows have so many followers, its ease of handling quotes even a 4-year-old child would do it my son Juan Manuel installs games from a usb memory that gives him that same test I did it with linux and the truth is not the same.
    So it is not easy for people a bet as big as it is to change from one side to another or they are going to tell me that they were not afraid the first time they installed linux which by the way it took me almost 4 hours downloading and installing repositories and packages

    thanks and this is my email pr if you offer something

  32.   / home better than C: said

    Well, this topic is excellent, because I have a cyber, and the truth is I am tired of the fatal and very popular GINDOS that actually seems slow in functionality compared to my very favorite linux,, with respect to cyber linux I am implementing a Linux in my cyber and the truth is that people have liked it a lot and also they tell me that it is better and faster than GINDOS .. I recommend using linux in cyber and thus we do not make the MS richer, also due to viruses and functionality it is much more reliable LINUX YOUR PAPA

  33.   Fabian said

    My friends, I will tell you that I have been using Linux for 3 years and the truth is the best there is, people have adapted very well and I have no problem, other than telling them how to put at and simple things. I can put the machines that I want 1 or 100 or more if I want, it is very simple and really that people work very concentrated on their things browsing and doing their documents, playing online, etc. I use UBUNTU 11.04 and with cyberlinux, also one with BRLIX with the appearance of Vista. I myself made an administration system using GAMBAS, with a server application so that users can instantly see their consumption in each terminal. I also have a CORE2DUO server with TCOS to manage and also for navigation with old PIV machines without hard disk and using only 256MB in ram. Everything works with proxy server with UBUNTU 10.04 set with rules for delay for youtube videos and downloads. I tell them that I only use Windows for videoconferencing and something else in dual boot and I am going to get another internet without having to worry about doing something outside the law. So long live Linux and I invite you to do not hesitate and move forward, there is a lot to gain and learn using free tools, I will continue to do all my systems forever with the best technology has today and in the future.

  34.   Cyber ​​Hacking-Lab said

    Hello how are you, just to comment that indeed if it is possible to mount cyber with GNU / Linux, we are Cyber ​​Hacking-Lab in the state of Querétaro, Mexico, and since 2008 we have begun to mount cyber 100% with GNU / Linux in particular and free software in general. In 2009 we formalized this project and from then to date (2012) it continues to operate. Our experience is encouraging for those who wish to venture into this little-explored area, and of course, we must leave that dependence on corporations ...

    Our site:

    In our blog we have an article about our experience:


  35.   J. Shelter Juarez said

    I have been using linux in my cybercafé for 6 years, it has its pros and cons, it is false that clients go to another cyber when you have linux, that has not happened to me, what I do complain about linux is because of the drivers video, there if linux lacks a lot, but it is solved in about 80%. having new equipment, with good memory capacity for graphics, at least 512 GB of dedicated memory for graphics. I'm from Monterrey NL Mexico