Hackers: are you one of them?

Finally, Thursday arrived and with it the results of the very complex: razz: survey from last Tuesday. And the answers are, just as they had guessed:

1 B

2) b (if only it were true, and we could shed stereotypes ...)

3 B

4 B

5) b (and no, it's not c!)

Now, let's see your answers.

You will have noticed that at no time among the questions was any type of software, OS or other issues mentioned, they only dealt with the stereotype of hacker that we all have "prerecorded”In the head because that is how television, movies and the mass media sell it to us. Notice that the crackers They came to the party uninvited.

Let's be honest: in terms of masses, the term is often used hacker to name people who indistinctly steal passwords, take your credit card details to make scams in your name, find out the code of the cashier of your checking account at the bank ... No sir, no ma'am. These people are called criminal, No. hacker.

A hacker on hackers

I copy a small portion of the Hacker Manifesto written by The Mentor.

This is our world now . . .

The world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.

We make use of a service that already exists without paying, because it could be ridiculously cheap, if it weren't in the hands of profit-hungry gluttons, and you call us criminals.

We explore. . .and you call us criminals.

We search behind knowledge. . .and you call us criminals.

We exist without color, without nationality, without religious prejudices. . .and you call us criminals.

You build atomic bombs, you make war, murder, cheat and lie to us and try to make us believe that it is for our good, now we are the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal.

My crime is curiosity.

My crime is judging people by what they say and think, not how they look.

My crime is to be much smarter than you, something for which you can never forgive me.

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto.

They can stop this individual, but they won't be able to stop us all… after all, we are all the same.

This is how he sees himself The Mentor. He recognizes his own intelligence, his search for knowledge, his curiosity. He is making use of a paid service for free, which in itself constitutes a crime (and the boy admits it, I fear that this is the crime for which he was imprisoned ...), but he also leaves us a very important idea: there is no face, no stature, color or sexual distinction: only the hunger for knowledge. It does not speak of a practical end. Access to knowledge through the means at my disposal (my pc, my intelligence, my desire to investigate, collective knowledge).

You will excuse me, I am a curious girl, but I do not need to "try" to get to see CIA files to satisfy my curiosity ...

Levy on hackers

Steven levy, a journalist specialized in computer science, security, cryptography and other matters, established some guidelines of the hacker culture, its ethics and some principles to highlight in his book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution.

1. Access to computers and anything else that can teach you how the world works must be unlimited and total.
2. All information must be free.
3. Distrust authority. It promotes decentralization.
4. Hackers should be judged on their work, not on irrelevant criteria such as titles, age, race, or position.
5. You can create art and beauty on a computer.
6. Computers can improve your life.

What simple concepts, right? If they are even familiar to me. We all commune with these principles. We all want to be free, access the tools that provide us with knowledge, share what we know, appreciate the beauty of knowing. And if we aspire to the same ... Can we call ourselves hackers then?

What is a hacker then as far as I know? A knowledge seeker. I like Levy's idea of ​​hackers in general more, because at no point has he asked me to be smart, not young, not male, not renegade, or to break the law. He just tells me that I should wonder.

I consult you then ... Are you hacker? Yo other.

PS: the glider will be left for the next time, I think I extended a bit :)

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  1.   Claudio Rodrigo Pereyra Diaz said

    I totally agree, and I am also a Hacker

  2.   laura077 said

    Wow, if it's just wanting to know, then yes I am. : P Who was going to tell me ...

  3.   N @ ty said

    @ffuentes: Exactly !! Thanks :)

    I was surprised to read the principles of the hacker culture that Levy mentioned, because after all they are SL ideologies and they became very closely linked to Linux ...

  4.   nitsuga said

    To all those who do not want to comment on anything, because they are afraid that they will be caught by the CIA or I-que-se, know that being a hacker is nothing to be ashamed of, but quite the opposite. It is not synonymous with criminal, far from it. It is also not synonymous with nerd or geek, although, to be blunt, most hackers are nerds / geeks. Now, if you like to learn about anything, be it computer science, art, cooking, etc, and you think you are very good at it, then you are a hacker. I consider myself a computer hacker. You could be a hacker of another type.

  5.   L0rd5had0w said

    For me, a hacker is any person who is an expert in programming, networks, operating systems and computers in general, but who of course has the desire to always continue learning to be better every day to fill his brain more with useful things as Nitsuga says Being a hacker should not embarrass you, it is not a crime, it is a blessing, because it means that you are intelligent you can discover vulnerabilities, problems, build solutions, etc. the computer that more than someone approaches me and tells me you are a hacker ... but for that I have to wait hahaha lol XD

    "Give me 10 hacker and I will rule the world"


  6.   keogh said

    mmm but I think that Hacker goes beyond good and evil, there may be ethical hackers and unethical hackers, so those who steal passwords and things like that are also Hackers, therefore there are both "good" and "bad" hackers. , selfish and altruistic, etc.


  7.   f sources said

    They make a mistake when they inseparably link the word hacker with computer scientist.

    Modify something to suit your needs, put my hand on something to make it work the way I want it.

    The great thing about Linux (and I suppose that's why N @ ty touches on it here and not elsewhere) is that it allows you to potentially make every one of those changes. We can also adapt Windows to our needs but we are limited (in fact many of those Windows hacks are illegal).

  8.   zamuro57 said

    excellent post, and as I have always said the mind is a disk of infinite capacities and knowledge is power, a power that depends on the use you give it can save or destroy it depends on the use you give to that power ,,, Long live the thirsty and hungry for knowledge, because theirs will be the world and what is beyond its border :)

  9.   Corrupt Byte said

    1.- A computer expert, a programming expert, an IT security expert and a hacker are completely different.

    2.- Anyone who calls himself a hacker is not.

    3.- Someone is only a hacker only if a hacker says that someone is a hacker and the community supports him / her.

  10.   N @ ty said

    There it seems to me that I am going to disagree with you, I mean with Corrupted Byte and Reoba, because:

    * The fact that I say that I am Napoleon Bonaparte does not mean that for you it really is;

    * That 1000 people say that I am Napoleon Bonaparte does not mean that I am either;

    Consequently… everyone knows what it is and what it does; Let others judge me as they want, nobody better than me will know my merits, my failures, my capacities and my limits. No one other than me is going to tell me who or what I am;)

  11.   Maverick said

    Well, the truth is that I partially agree with both mentions, namely The Mentor and Levy.
    It happens that if we are going to call any curious person a hacker, it would no longer make sense to invent a word to mean the same as another that is well known, don't you think?
    On the other hand, it is the current context in which the word Hacker has been put, which makes everyone want to be one, and well, if with the definition you put in the post, the requirements to be one are more affordable, well congratulations, I call myself a hacker. The hacker, by policy, does not call himself (in all respects, that borders on pride),
    But I think that is not the case at all. It is true that a hacker is a curious person who goes after knowledge, but let's say it like this, he is a curious person at another level, at a much higher, more specialized level. Just because I like to read about funny things or take my computer apart to overclock it, that is not going to turn me into a hacker. The hacker experiments and goes where others normally cannot (and I'm not talking about the fear of doing it, but the ability to do it). I have always criticized that a hacker is seen as a criminal because that denotes the misinformation that people have because of the media.
    But hey, I suppose that in the matter of defining this word there is no unique position, right?
    Greetings from Peru.

  12.   rheoba said

    100% Agree with Nitsuga and sources.

    I agree with the second point of Corrupt Byte, I do not consider myself a hacker, I think that is decided by the people you live with.


  13.   rheoba said

    Well ... the truth then if I consider myself a hacker xD: P ... Well, if you are right N @ ty.

    Thank you N @ ty .. I was worried that they would give me encouragement xD hehe


  14.   zerosoul13 said

    We are all hackers, the simple fact of being hungry for knowledge and starting to look beyond what they give us automatically turns us hackers!

    I fully agree with the manifesto.

    Greetings from Mexico, very good blog!

  15.   Paul said

    I really don't think it is. But for the fact that to be a hacker you have to know a lot. At least I see it that way. It is true that he is also capable of wanting to learn everything, but beyond that I would like to learn everything. I don't think it's there. It is true that espereotypes usually kill because they pigeonhole you in something that people do not know. And it doesn't get hot to do it But hey, there was always that of trying to make everything fit to say that he understood. I would die of soul for being a hacker, but it must be difficult.

  16.   apple said

    Wow, a long time ago I did not stop by the blog and I was not here for the survey xD.

    I remember that somewhere, I read a type of definition which said "Anyone capable of modifying a system (or something) to make it work as they want." Here we would already be talking not only about computers but rather something else in general. Although the truth is that I do not remember how he said exactly.

    And yes, most of the people do not know a differentiation between crackers and hackers.

    Very good entry.


  17.   George said

    I bet I'm a hacker too

  18.   layman said

    So yes, I am, and I think that it doesn't matter what OS you use, or what language you know, or what brand your computer is, I just think that what makes us the same is that we feel that feeling of freedom and curiosity.
    Hackers up!

  19.   MD & 7 said

    I think that the fact that you feel interest in learning does not mean that you are a hacker, there must be action, I mean that it is good to put what you learned to the test and investigate more and more with greater enthusiasm, and that in addition to saying that knowledge is free , share and encourage interest in learning, all without affecting others. That is my point of view, the problem is that with so many points of view and minds that think differently, it is difficult to agree with a clear and concrete idea. Therefore I believe that the true concept of the word "HACKER" will remain hidden for a long time, that is if you can agree with so many people. For example; "Those who know how to use programs made by others and for that alone call themselves hackers."