Github Copilot: Humans? What if an AI can do it for?

Github Copilot artificial intelligence

La artificial intelligence (AI) it advances by leaps and bounds. They are getting smarter and have more applications. Sooner or later they will end up occupying a multitude of jobs that are now held by people. Professions like programming or hardware development can be done with one of these algorithms as Github Copilot has shown.

Machines can program as this system has shown that draws on GPT-3, a new OpenAI language model used for deep learning to produce texts that simulate human writing. However, in Github Copilot They have gone a bit further and made it capable of generating source code completely autonomously, thus helping developers save time and be more efficient.

Many wonder where could i go Github Copilot or similar projects in the future. If they are already capable of that, AI in a few years could make many professions obsolete, although it is also true that it will generate new ones that are currently not known.

As you know, GPT-3 generates text from a previous training, simulating that it is a text written by a human. This project is able to converse and write in a very convincing way, which gives it a multitude of practical applications. One of them is this, making the AI ​​write code as if it were a developer.

It looks promising, and Microsoft, current owner of GitHub, advanced that it will integrate it into its development tools. Something that will not replace programmers at the moment, but you will be able to write portions of code automatically, make suggestions, and make development more efficient and faster.

It is even capable of convert comments to code. The programmer would describe the logic they want to implement and GitHub Copilot would generate the necessary code. You can also autocomplete, like many IDEs today, but in a more advanced way, or show code alternatives.

More information on GitHub Copilot - Official Web

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  1.   Haylem Candelari Bauza said

    Very interesting, but another way to speed up development and that would be quite comparable is to create ultra high level APIs, for example, copilot would take a comment like "connect to the database and show ages over 50" and this would generate the correct code or in each execution would generate a different code each time, but if we had some standard function that is native to the language itself, such as show_database_result ("midatabase", SHOW_AGE_GREATER (50)); We would have this same functionality in a single sentence and it would be equivalent, if we put macro functions like this in current languages, it would be very straightforward to bring an algorithm to the PC, for example with a fictitious language

    var db of type String and val "mibase"

    connect_to ("")
    extract_regs_where ("ID = 24") and store in result
    list (result)
    close (db)


    var cube type Cube3D

    show_cube (cube)
    colorize_face (2 to 3) with color RED
    delete_face (1)
    thread (rotate_animate in axis x (cube) with INC 0.5)

    show in console ("I'm rotating a cube")

    if (is clicked THE cube.face (6))
    stop_rotation_of (cube)