Riding the AI ​​and ChatGPT wave: when a tool is used well and/or for good

ChatGPT from YouChat

What a scandal it's been mounting everywhere since Chat GPT available. I have to admit that I don't pay much attention to trends, or not until they've been around for a while and I see that it's useful for something, but when I read the first articles about this famous AI project, I simply passed on it. I thought what I always think: if it's worth it, it will continue to be talked about in the future, I'll use it and we'll see what happens.

And what has happened with me and this chat has been a bit that we have found ourselves after a rebound. It turns out that Vivaldi has recently added, I think in the v5.6, a new search engine called you.com. As I try to use Google as little as possible, I did some research to realize that, although it's been a few years now, it's just getting started, it offers results more of a response type than anything else, and it offers a service called YouChat… based on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can help you solve any type of doubt...

... or almost. When I started chatting with YouChat, I saw that he responded with a very natural language, so I investigated to discover that it is based on what for some is "the new God", in the same way that until now Google is a saint. At first, my intention was to analyze You.com and write about it in an article that might interest you, but I decided against it when I saw that they had the idea, but practically everything is in beta phase.

In beta is YouChat, with which I spent about 20 minutes chatting asking normal questions. After a while, and having left other jobs for later, I remember asking him if he wasn't worried about people getting hooked on a chat like YouChat, to which he replied, first, that he can't feel concern as a person, and then no why is here to help us solve doubts... but that, like everything, you have to consume it with your head. And that's what I've been trying to do for the past few weeks.

Is it better than Google?

We can ask this question more to YouChat than to ChatGPT, since the former also offers a search engine. His answer is no, that Google is better for finding content, but that You.com offers results more responsive than search. You can also ask him many other questions, and, at least, we will have fun. For example:

  • Is Google Translate or DeepL better? Answer that DeepL, which uses Machine Learning and AI to offer better results. In theory Google also does something similar, but DeepL is ahead of it, he says.
  • Would you use Google or Start Page? He recommends using Start Page, since it uses the same engine and does not track us or save information.
  • Is my aunt's ex-husband my uncle? He answers no, our bond was born from the relationship with my aunt and, after the relationship ended, he is no longer my uncle. But let's make it more difficult: what if they had children? In that case, yes, he is my uncle because there is still a relationship: he is the father of my cousins.
  • Do you think Tanos was bad? (there, putting the machine to the test). Although he tries not to offend anyone, his answers on moral issues are often shades of gray. Although at one point he makes it clear that what he is doing is clearly bad, he also explains that, from his point of view, it is the only way for existence to prosper, therefore it is good (from his point of view). of the).
  • And by the way, Darth Vader and Sergeant Asher (Doom, 2005): of the first he said that his ambition got the better of him and he succumbed to his fears, and that it happened in part out of love. He also remembers what he does with the emperor, something key. Of the second, he tells us about determination, and that he always acts for the good of his team and humanity in general, that what he does may seem questionable to us, but he applies military laws, even if he has to give up his own life.
  • An alternative of X way to Y service: You may be asked to offer us alternatives to programs, web pages, etc.
  • Use of language.
  • Translations, including writing code in another programming language.

These are just a few examples.

ChatGPT is a great tool if you are a programmer

What I like the most is that it can propose or correct you code. Recently, in an application written in Python that I made for practice, I asked him what a line did, because I couldn't remember, and he gave me an answer that was not what I was looking for. Right after I asked him if it would be used to start a variable, and he explained that it was, and what it did (for the second time). What's more, you can be asked for complete functions, and they usually go well.

A little over a week ago I had to make a simple page to show some information, but it had to be 100% private. When they told me, the first thing I thought of was something that I knew would be easy to cheat, but I started to ask: "If I add an input to a page and if you don't put a password it doesn't let you in, is it sure?". I knew not, but when he told me that by going to the developer tools you could see everything, I gave it a try. Yes, it is enough to be fast with the keyboard to see it all. So I asked again.

The solution to something like this goes through a login, or something that, at the very least, happens on the server side. So I used my notes from PHP to do something as simple as if the password is entered, an "echo" will print the information; Yes No No. In this way, the information is on the server until the condition is met, so the content is safe (unless the hosting company is hacked).

And he knows a lot of languages. If you describe what you want, in a moment you can write the most complex of SQL queries.

Test it. On You.com they do not ask for registration

The truth is that it is a totally recommendable tool, but you have to use it wisely. In the same way that we cannot ignore any medical article that we find on the internet as something safe, we also have to take into account that an answer may be wrong, either because we did not formulate the question correctly or because it is somewhat obsolete, but it works. for a lot.

To be honest, it's been a few weeks since I no longer use any search engine for some queries. An example: there is a metal band that came out, if I'm not mistaken, in 2018. I listen to them from time to time, and I wanted to know what the singer's name was. If I look for it on the Internet, I have to search in a language I know (Spanish, English...) for the name of the group, which probably leads me to Wikipedia; inside, I have to find the link to the group, which turns out there are two (one lasted a very short time), enter, scroll to the members section and, finally, see the name. This using ChatGPT is ask a question and receive an answer. If I recommend YouChat it is because it is part of the service and does not require registration.

Now, what I don't like is that it is being used to do jobs, because how do we know if someone knows how to do something or not? With all this, anyone can pass anything if they do not take the face-to-face exam. But as a tool, or as another type of search engine, I hope it's here to stay.

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